Zhan Long Chapter 1045

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A fiery red maple leaf forest drags in the autumn wind, the leaf dances to make noise, but actually hears the shocking war cries in the maplewood, is away from the woods to see that skill rays have spattered in all directions, to compete for the southwest track entrance of antiquity palace wall, Tian Ling Empire, Port City and players in highest heaven city were fighting in the Luming woods everywhere.

The [Appearance Alliance] 4 thousand people were encircled, although Mu Xuan called several guilds to take the helper, but these guilds came from the northern Tian Ling Empire direction, can only fiercely attack to try to open the encirclement ring in the north side, but the strength was limited, obviously for a short time is unable to break through surrounding of these 13 thousand Port City main force guild elite strengths.


The hoofbeat is stormy, I am raising butterfly, leading a troop melt god cavalry to walk in the front line, Lin Wan Er is grasping the dagger, said: „We directly clash, behind do not wait for the long-distance team!"


I used the sword back strong drive buttocks of god fierce fine horse, immediately the warhorse ate the pain full speed to overrun, Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K and Meng Yao and the others also in abundance increased speed, under the flying general effect, one group of melt god cavalries changed into flame colors to break in the jungle, not far away was the Port City Indian player, they have discovered us, immediately the shield shifted the direction, swiftly condensed one defense, was just good, the King will hunt for the conclusion not to be long, the new enmity old debt calculates together!

„Blocks them!"

Vice- Guildmaster of Port City some guild is raising the long sword, is riding the black long neck hair warhorse, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Mother, is Tian Ling Empire [Zhan Long] Guild, they hide in our unexpectedly, really damn, immediately develops black ink to be drunk to the clear pupil with the maplewood the news notice, the brothers, the [Zhan Long] melt god cavalry speed is fast, we do not have the opportunity to escape, coordinates long-distance to block their [Assault] to me, the [Zhan Long] person is also the flesh and blood, will come several arrow natures same dead in deep sorrow!"

Next quarter crowded arrow arrow came, but I to the front line, the overlord helmet disregard the deceleration effect that the dizziness effect and ice of fire [Seven Stars Teleportation] arrow roared, a distant hand was a [Great Realm of Desolation] effect massacres 174 levels of archers, instantaneous arrived at a shield front, the left hand wields [Defeat the Dragon] skill to catch that Guildmaster at present, has drawn out Zhen Yue Blade rapidly, the body week spatters in all directions the dazzling golden light, 19 levels of god level skills rode the wind to cut the eruption, rode the war together with his behind dozens this vice- Guildmaster directly is the player tears into shreds together!

Does not wait for them to fill a vacancy, I summoned Ancient Heavenly Tiger to enter on the rush, dance of + [Tempest Sword] ghosts and gods erupted in the crowd, conveniently in establishing [Azure Dragon Crossbow] promoted the output, favored in my person wakes up captures, the surroundings turned into a stretch of no war zone rapidly, but melted the god cavalry also rapidly to enter in the crowd with me shoulder to shoulder, „bang bang bang" the fierce hit in the crowd of opposite party, divided to cut the dizziness the Indian players, in echelon under [Assault], killed under him the horse.

The maplewood became miserably was instantaneously redder, after the melt god cavalry place visited was almost a piece sped away , the effect of dizziness, hit an Indian Guild temperament not to have, even including the opportunity of counter-attack did not have under we close persistently unreasonable [Assault], many people were directly to dying do not have the move slightest by the dizziness.

The scene turned into unilateral crush completely, even if the maplewood is drunk with the clear pupil develops the guild main force of black ink unable to resist full speed [Assault] of melt god cavalry, this crowd of second-class Guild are not no need to say.

When Dong Cheng Yue leads [Zhan Long] long-distance to be the team rushes, started the sharp advancement tactic, the place visited is infertile, everywhere is the corpse of Port City player, [Zhan Long] this time seems first time goes to battle at 7 thousand person scales, the player of main minute of pledge divides the work orderly, just likes master of the steel and iron same makes Port City several big Guild be utterly routed.


The skill gloss spatters in all directions together in the frontal line, the Lady Wa stone in Meng Yao hand was divided to cut to spatter in all directions innumerable Spark by 177 levels of Swordsman, this Swordsman IBN fights the net to place the first 50 players unexpectedly, the strength is good, several continual skills started, wipe out Meng Yao have reached as high as 50% HP, but this was insufficient, after Meng Yao drew back several steps, continually started the counter-attack, the ruling skill has hit to draw back the opposite party outrageously, but Old K raised [Whirlwind Slash] that the greed hydra was being one time slantingly in kills, not, when Swordsman fell to the ground, Meng Yao progressed to graze, but, the sword blade edge has chopped Dragon Renzhan, Cutting to massacre this also good match.

In the frontal line, various [Zhan Long] groups of heroes exhibitions the energy, the anger of Li Mu does not touch Zhoushan and match for ten thousand is almost roaring in the battlefield together, One Second Hero also raises the long-handled spear back and forth to rush ahead in the crowd, because my order [Zhan Long] first Cooldown has not entered the war, everybody waited to wait till the opportunity of this war for a long time finally, naturally did not keep the strength.

I also in the crowd, butterfly everywhere glitter, piece by piece cuts to kill a player, the melt god cavalry advanced swiftly and violently jumped about 300 meters, the front presented one to call that finally thoroughly point Guild „starry sky", Indian war zone fourth Guild, the literacy class has surpassed 15 thousand people, has been able to disperse into first three by the population in the Chinese war zone, strength of IBN Guildmaster starry sky fought net 5 th, reached 5 thousand + starry sky Guild elite player in our dead ahead arrays, just liked the double-edged sword, an blade edge was attacking the military strength that Mu Xuan was directing, an blade edge was waiting. [Assault] of [Zhan Long] melt god cavalry.

The crowd front, the strength of starry sky raises Axe to progress to stand, in the top of the head is reappearing the Guildmaster symbol, this person grows some demons quite, the person is actually very graceful, about 25 years old high and low, but the smiling face on face is really loathful, this is the smiling face that teased and plays with, seemed to contemptuous of enemy, likely was proud intent of the heart.


As soon as I shake the butterfly, the sword blade edge surrounding blood wields the powder under the spiral vigor in abundance, situated is always most repugnant the noble elegantly beautiful idiot the reason, I get angry from the heart, a Jianfeng finger, shouted to clear the way forward lowly: „Clashes forward, kills off them, does not remain, has complete adding on BUFF, did not need to consider to save CD Cooldown!"

Saying, my Zhen Yue Blade the ray was already radiant, changes into a wave of ray to sweep across behind, the surrounding [Zhan Long] player, [War Song of Zhen Yue] skill starts , to promote 6000 foundation attack power completely, but simultaneously, One Second Hero also wields the long-handled spear, the roar of Zhang Fei starts, for the surrounding player promoted 150% attack power, Meng Yao also to inspire the Lady Wa stone to mobilize Lady Wa to protect, promoted one to protect the shield effect for the surrounding [Zhan Long] player, the yellow loyal anger and Yue Yao Yan of Dancing Forest greed shield and other skills 11 starts, in the entire [Zhan Long] position a piece of radiant BUFF gloss, at the same time, the melt god cavalries full speed advanced forward. In the past, in this maple leaf forest the topography was smooth, was very good [Assault] battlefield, since this starry sky guild dares to choose here to take the battlefield, that must undertake the price that the select error brought!

Is distanced is less than 50 meters, in the crowd of starry sky guild also surges several in addition to hold the BUFF skill gloss, they same have promotion attribute equipment, after is the fourth guild of Indian war zone, on equipment, even if will be inferior in our disparity will not be big, but the coming face to face with an adversary formidable victory, they will be in addition hold many BUFF, same must die!

Before my this time has not flushed, maintains consistent with the melt god cavalry, almost and Li Mu and Wang Jian and the others hits together in shield of opposite party, repels the opposite party to ride the war again together is a player, I to ride the wind to cut to clear the way, Li Mu is the match for ten thousand + anger touches Zhoushan not to hit to draw back the crowd, the Wang Jian tactical simple violence, fights the spin of halberd to surge the surrounding crowd, takes advantage of opportunity 18 levels of [Combo] skills to kill 2-4 people continuously, again by the [Blade Rush] impact, consecutively for several ordinary attack speeding away dizziness goals, equally rapid crack.

„Blocks them!"

Looked the position of line of business meeting as if must easily accomplished has torn into shreds, „the strength of starry sky" completely calm, raises long sword one set of skill to massacre a melt god cavalry, completely is actually incapable of changing the overall situation, must get angry with clenched jaws exclaims: „Do not retrocede, our allies came immediately, repels them!"

The inspiration morale cannot change the strength to be disparate, [Zhan Long] penetrates as before rapidly, the melt god cavalry goes against the crowded firepower to clash forward, the breakthrough rides the war is the square formation, enters the archer, Mage, Musketeer camp, this is the true slaughter, the flying general + speeding away effect too I motherfucker A, the bowmen and Mage of starry sky guild had not responded that was divided to cut by the dizziness was same place . Moreover the [Zhan Long] melt god cavalry by Li Mu and Wang Jian training, such as the cavalry soldier in reality had been trained to be the same in fact, the ordinary player prolongs contact, the psychology of corrupt number of people rejected, maintains the [Assault] lineup, everyone one. Sword chops to chop goal along the way unceasingly, this can play the team biggest lethality and controlling force.

„Blocks to me!"

The sound of strength of starry sky somewhat shivered, under his hand several group teams leader and elders were massacred by Dong Cheng Yue and Dancing Forest and the others point one after another, has produced to his confidence vacillated enormously, but after is big pledge Guildmaster, he also has the card in a hand as before, Jianfeng wields, ran out of one crowd of whole bodies to wrap Knight in crag shield, it seems like it was the strongest cavalry soldier branch of the services of starry sky guild.

What a pity, when the strength of starry sky offers a sacrifice to the trump card, I suddenly together the radiant ray illumination four directions, somewhat are after death familiar, finally our beautiful woman vice- Guildmaster gave up to emit the trump card!


Eats delicacies to Tianlong, „Little Bai" was released, Lin Wan Er jumped to jump onto Dragon Bei, single Xigui in the dragon neck spot, according to the silver dragon Little Bai nape of the neck, started the order by the thought: „Little Bai, spits the rest/breath!"

The silver dragon is Dragon Howl, the yawn is one group of frost Dragon Xi emits in crowd that in the strength of starry sky just summoned, this crowd of cavalry soldier total over 1000 people, were not frozen over a hundred people instantaneously, again melted god cavalry clashes, turns completely brings death, the Lin Wan Er control silver dragon soaring , to continue dragon rests/breaths to sweep away the crowd sky over the crowd, how this is the god level BOSS pet, the thick-skinned meat is coarse, total HP surpasses 100 thousand, how many archer and Mage of long-range fire starry sky guild basic on not being able to wipe out HP.


Little Bai enters the war, the situation started to lean toward one side completely, bloody battle one hour, [Zhan Long] by the audiences of 7 thousand stiffly killed the starry sky Guild 5 thousand people over 80%, even the strength of starry sky also spat the rest/breath + Li Mu match for ten thousand to cut to strike by Little Bai frost killing, a starry sky guild held the flag Wei Lvling several thousand remnants escapes to go.

Zhan Long Chapter 1045

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