Zhan Long Chapter 1046

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The jungle artillery sound of distant place, the flame shoots up to the sky, the air wave affects here in nearly ten seconds, blows the battle dress to fly upwards, obviously, some people have been using the dragon crystal artillery to help in the fighting, but obviously is not the NPC army of China, they were kept Wu Shenhe by me completely, has not come to enter the war, that was Port City or the team of highest heaven city.

That side fire rumble, here actually quite ease, one group of [Zhan Long] players in battlefield cleanup, after two hours of war, our buckle 1 thousand person high and low, but actually at least cut to kill the audiences of over 7 thousand people, the battle loss proportion 1 : 7, this is won crazily, but this was insufficient, we need to kill more enemies to change this fight the fit and unfit quality situation.


Front, Mu Xuan brought Wild Beauty, to fall the wild goose two beautiful woman vice- pledges to walk, her law robe was unique, likely was minute of general, to napes of the neck has saved from cotton material abdomen's completely, only depended on a middle golden silk chain to connect, finally revealed two attractive hemispheres, harmed my behind Old K and One Second Hero and the others breath shortness.

„Thank you, is small in!"

The smiling face causing the downfall of the nation beautiful woman on Mu Xuan face as always, this [Appearance Alliance] Guildmaster always not the deficient attraction, the hand grasps staff, arrives in front of me with a smile, another fork waist, character and style ten thousand types visits me, said with a smile: „[Zhan Long] promptly comes the reenforcement, perhaps [Appearance Alliance] must directly completely deliver here."

I show a faint smile: „Minor matter, reenforced the matter that ally must handle, the words said why [Appearance Alliance] will be sphered? If you with [Judgement] and [Enemies at the Gate] several Guild onset and retreat, definitely will not be together in a tight corner this."

„Who knows that perhaps that several are more embarrassed." As soon as she lets go, during the micro smiles the front hemisphere also slightly shivers, said: „Our China war zone time to compete for the antiquity palace wall has at least used the half of online player, over 3000 thousand people enter the war, but will not be most in southwest over 800 thousand people, therefore we in this direction comparison weak trend."

„?" I frowned: „Which did that main military strength invest into?"

„Northeast direction, they with the demon mountains and 7 K that crowd of person internecine strife of highest heaven city...... Ahem!" The Mu Xuan corners of the mouth raise, has saying with a smile of profound meaning: „Must know that our day imperial book repository political integrity yue understands the military tactics and mind military strategy, he thinks that must destroy completely the demon mountain the first power and prestige, the clear pupil develops black ink and maplewood to be drunk is just a piece of cake, therefore put in the main military strength into the highest heaven city that side."

„This idiot!"

I clench teeth saying: „Fang Ge Que and don't Q-Sword advise against?"

„This......" Mu Xuan cracks into a chuckle: „I heard actually the Fang Ge Que suggestion did not want the main attack highest heaven city, but rumor political integrity yue has not obeyed, thinks that the demon mountain did not die, the antiquity palace wall not necessarily belonged to the Chinese war zone, therefore......"

Saying, she visits me: „Is small, how do you see to the present situation?"

I with a worried look, said: „My view is unimportant...... I just some time ago went to the highest heaven city to chat with the demon mountain, had said the alliance hits the matter of Indian war zone together, we have the long-standing enemy with the Indian war zone, but with highest heaven city only not too small gratitude and grudges, if we attack the person in Indian war zone with large army, the highest heaven city is also not necessarily able to begin to us, the demon mountain together will possibly attack the Indian war zone, later competed for the antiquity palace wall with us again, such we were equal to that few competitors, where likely is the present this, good...... Now we were equal to that rushed to hold the hot potato in the hand."

Mu Xuan throws smiles: „Yo, but also the hidden bitterness, now what to do do you say should?"


As soon as I let go: „Did not have other means that [Zhan Long] turned out in full strength entered the war, was good, in Port City were most also 800 thousand people here neighbor, we assembled several friend pledges to meet head-on here, perhaps can also win, the northeast war gave Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword and Jian Feng Han they to take the trouble."



At this time, Li Mu raised the sword to walk, sinking sound track: „[Enemies at the Gate] Guildmaster Misty Clouds sends in assistance message, said that [Enemies at the Gate] and [Blood Contract] two big guilds united in 17 friend pledges the small guild altogether 50 thousand + people to follow the positional warfare in our northwest directions the Indian, but the Indian had the NPC heavy artillery, we did not have."


I mentioned the butterfly, said: „Immediately the fitting out members, find out the Coordinate, since they play a position game, we pass from their heavy artillery Battalion Sha, the topography in Luming woods is smooth, sets up except for the tree, the trees are also very sparse, here is the world that we melt the god cavalry, prepared to attack!"


Gathers the troops rapidly, is less than 10 minutes, about 6 thousand [Zhan Long] players gather completely with about 5 thousand [Appearance Alliance] and friend pledge player, 11 thousand person lineups, the Misty Clouds 50 thousand people, may fight in addition fully, but I asked the population of opposite party, entire 300 thousand, and captain was the clear pupil develops black ink, was simply scary, can only spell with them by the attribute hardly!


The sound of dragon crystal artillery the reverberation in jungle is as before unceasing, the heavy artillery impact air wave of distant place is also getting more and more frequent and scalding hot, the melt god cavalry clashes as in the front line, but my thousand frost wing flights reconnoiter the terrain and enemy intelligence in airborne, the clear pupil developed black ink too to be really intelligent, to such woman not careful was impossible.

However when I in airborne look as far as the eye can see, actually the discovery clear pupil develops beautiful life Guild of black ink to arrive in the frontal line to fight one group with [Enemies at the Gate], [Blood Contract] and other Guild, hits Misty Clouds and a Han Bei Song temperament not to have using the pressure of heavy artillery, but in an entire battleline, one group of people are hold troops, is defending in the beautiful life Guild rear area, protects rows of heavy artilleries.

Therefore, I fly back to the ground, said: „Who these main cavalry soldiers are the person of blue warhorse are, the quantity are really many!"

„This I know."

Mu Xuan sits above the Wild Beauty warhorse, Ben Hang while said: „Vertical intent frivolous Guild, ranks Indian area 7 th Guild, but the population are specially many, moreover Guildmaster is called ‚prestige to be shocking' the idiot, but the manner quite upheld justice boldly, liked becoming friends with the friend on network, therefore the reputation was good, the friend pledge specially were also many, what did you see?"

I said in a low voice: „At least over 1 200 000 person defends in the rear area of their battle position, as if to protect the clear pupil develops the heavy artillery camp of black ink, is headed by vertical intent frivolous Guild."

Mu Xuan deeply inspires: „That what to do?"

„Is the disposition of prestige shocking this person how is it?"

„Temper is quite anxious, moreover is obstinate, does not listen to advice."

„That was good......"

I turn around to look to Li Mu, said: „The brothers who a meeting, Li Mu you lead [Valiant Bravery] Battalion from frontal attack vertical intent frivolous Guild, after fighting for 20 minutes, immediately retreats on all fronts!"

„Why?" Li Mu is stunned.

„Lures the enemy out of his stronghod." I make a fist, „I will be having the main ambush of melt god cavalry in nearby forest, once the vertical intent frivolous people left the position I to be organic may take advantage, only took 20 minutes, the melt god cavalry can destroy these dragon crystal artillery, saw clearly the pupil to develop black ink also to have anything to be good to take advantage."

„Good!" Li Mu smiled: „So long as can make the clear pupil develop the matter that black ink this woman is not feeling well, I am willing to do!"


Divides forces rapidly, I lead 1 thousand + melt god cavalry to enter the jungle rapidly, is maintaining below 50% approaching speeds, the hoofbeat is almost unable to hear under the cover of heavy artillery, one group of melt god cavalries go forward in the jungle careful fumble, anchors from the opposite party position about 3 miles away, spreads out, soon, Li Mu and Mu Xuan and the others brought [Zhan Long], [Appearance Alliance] and other Guild the members to kill again to the match.

We calmly are waiting.

After fighting for 20 minutes, Li Mu has sent in the information: „We started to retreat, the prestige shocking is really an impatient person, it is said that he defies the clear pupil to develop black ink order, leading the person to pursue, the population were many, at least over 50 thousand people, but...... You possibly do not like this information, the clear pupil developed black ink to order several Guild to protect the NPC heavy artillery camp before several minutes."

„Has not related, you retreat first, withdraw 10 li (0.5km) to carry on the positional warfare."


I draw out the butterfly sword slowly, waited for a meeting again, judged vertical intent frivolous Guild to walk similarly with its ally, immediately issued an order, leading one group of melt god cavalries to overrun, the bosom held fire cloud princess Lin Wan Er, this sneak attack really needed her strength, strict, really needed Little Bai strength!

The melt god cavalry promotes 500%, is next to the kamikaze rides, the speed is not a lid, after several minutes, ran out of the jungle, the dead ahead, the Indian players who one crowd cannot withstand disorderly are organizing shield, this simply is once in a thousand years opportunity!

„Full speed!"

I drink immediately lowly, leading 1 thousand + melt god cavalry to clash Going out, the people have promoted the acme the speed in abundance, does not wait for the opposite party to respond that has rushed ahead, but I before most, the sword chaotic dance, kill the Indian to be utterly routed, one group of melt god cavalries also like is a pointed knife directly clash 500 meters remote, airborne, Lin Wan Er is riding Little Bai in dragon rests/breaths is emitting, making one group of Indians be panic at the news.

„Is now, destroys all dragon crystal artillery!"

The dragon crystal artillery has HP toughly, here altogether about 100 + dragon crystal artillery, many gun tubes were red, big reduced the toughness, the melt god cavalry has rushed ahead, a sword sword divided to chop above the steel and iron, caused tough little falling of dragon crystal artillery, quick „bang bang bang" piles of exploded the smashing, the steel and iron twisted, definitely discarded.

Is less than 10 minutes, 100 + dragon crystal artillery sur- 200 + hot crag artillery changed into the ruins completely, but, the thunder and lightning ray is glittering in the jungle by far, beautiful life Guild Ben Thunder rode to reenforce, was what a pity late.


My Jianfeng pendulum, leading the melt god cavalry to start to evacuate, uses our formidable mobilities to leave the battlefield, Ben Thunder rides the words that dares to pursue, is separated from the long-distance team we to be able instead to kill them.


„Ha Ha Ha......"

Old K raises full is being the blood and gunpowder Axe, said with a smile: „This clear pupil developed black ink definitely to irritate!"

I nod smile, this is the clear pupil develops the helplessness of black ink, she can calculate each slightest, but is actually not able to control the will of the people, the prestige shocking such player not, is similar to the Chinese players who others will control the rumor, Wang Ze Cheng, Q-Sword and Jian Feng Han and the others by me is controlled to be the same, this will be respectively the weakness and helplessness in war.

Some matters, unavoidable, can only , and line and diligently.

Zhan Long Chapter 1046

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