Zhan Long Chapter 1047

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1 thousand + melt god cavalry sneak attacks in the heavy artillery camp later rapid retreating jungle, is led to go with team meeting that Li Mu and Mu Xuan lead, Lin Wan Er by me and Lin Wan Er to ride „Little Bai" now combat, Movement Speed quickly is not only slow compared with the melt god cavalry, in addition the formidable attribute, is [Zhan Long] rare close combat master „dragon assassin".

„Point calculates the population." I progresses to dash about wildly while said.

Yue Yao Yan said rapidly: „What comes is 1.35 thousand people, the present is 1.17 thousand people, has probably hung the appearances of 1800 + melt god cavalries."

I nod: „Um, but can also accept, increases speed, the frontage of preparation main battlefield fought."



After dozens minutes, found Li Mu and Mu Xuan and the others, the melt god cavalry makes a flank attack from side, disintegrates 100,000 people of front line „prestige was shocking" leads rapidly, as if received the order shocking, the prestige bitterly led 1 million armies to return to the main battlefield to go, probably the clear pupil developed black ink to be also worried that we completely will eat their troops here.

Next strategy, meeting Misty Clouds and Han Bei Song troops.

March cautiously in jungle, soon after arrives to fight the most frigid road section, everywhere is the corpses of player, has the Chinese war zone, there is an Indian war zone, the [Enemies at the Gate] elite player was being led the player life-and-death fight with beautiful life Guild by Misty Clouds, but in the population occupied the absolute inferiority.


I calmly said that cleaned started the blood on butterfly, said: „Positional warfare, does not have heavy artillery, having a look at us to defeat a numerically superior enemy! [Judgement] person?"

Mu Xuan said: „[Judgement] also has at least 5 thousand + main forces, is chased down the Indian Remnants by Ye Pang the innertube in southeast, I have reported the news to pass, Ye Lai immediately comes, and we can build up some small guilds again, collects 200 thousand armies to develop black ink to fight it out with the clear pupil."

„This almost sufficed."

If plays the strategic scheme, we possibly are not the clear pupil develop the match in black ink, but in the frontal battlefield will not lose to her, by the words of hard strength, the clear pupil developed black ink to lose us to be too many . Moreover, what to us was a good news was, the maplewood was drunk to lead 400 thousand + people to engage in fierce battle with the highest heaven city 7 K Guild person east the Luming woods, therefore the clear pupil developed black ink here many also on 400 thousand people, the reinforcements that we 1 : 2 military strength, I summoned in addition, almost can win.


„Xiao Yao, when our does [Zhan Long] attack?" Li Mu looks that the distant place with the Indian player who we face each other across a great distance, as if somewhat could not repress, after all [Enemies at the Gate] and [Blood Contract] have killed one group with the match, but we like this waited and saw already for over 20 minutes.

„Waits again for 5 minutes." My sinking sound track.

Wang Jian said: „Xiao Yao elder brother, we in what?"

„Military strength that can subdue absolutely."

„This...... Is the Dragon's den armed forces?"


I show a faint smile, several minutes later, in the jungle already heard the hoofbeat, one crowd of whole bodies cover the cavalry in mail-armor and helmet to clash from the maple leaf forest horizontally, inferior god level military officer Chi Yu Han picked up by oneself is hating Sky Sword to lead [Assault], the Dragon's den armed forces in Fan Shu City to come, and in the quantity had the overwhelming superiority, Cliff Dragon Cavalry altogether recruited 52500, Flame Hawk Archers to have 64450 for serveral days, this was that many days the formidable military strength that stopped the revolution of Fan Shu City suppressing, but I had decided that was puts together the light these military strength also to by the clear pupil be developed black ink cherishing hatred antiquity palace wall!


I lift up high the butterfly sword, the player who immediately melts the god cavalry draws out the pointed weapons, overran along with me together forward, in the sky hawk cries, Flame Hawk Archers and Cliff Dragon Cavalry and we launched the attack together, 11 thousand + Dragon's den armed forces, have I over 100% attributes, enough made the clear pupil develop the black ink heart pain a while!

The roaring sound of warhorse is unceasing, killing when we threaten, at present players of one crowd of Indian Medium Guilds were scared, has lifted the chest the shield, has not been willing to look at our impact pictures, but the archer and Mage attack also appears somewhat feels weak, to melting the injury of god cavalry is quite small, was smaller to Cliff Dragon Cavalry, even broken defends, when Cliff Dragon Cavalry dashes in the crowd, has met completely no resistance, I to the front line, am kill intent to fly upwards, the butterfly and Zhen Yue Blade sweep away in the crowd, although the attribute is inferior to Cliff Dragon Cavalry, but I. The skill is really too many, dance of [Tempest Sword] and ghosts and gods, treads broken heavenly thunder, [Soul Army], [Seven Star Fragment Slash] and other pieces to kill the skill and skill occurred repeatedly sways, harvests points to be innumerable.


Li Mu to get angry loudly touches the attack skill of Zhoushan not to shake in the crowd, the sword blade edge anger cuts the duplicate sword to cut, is a [Blade Spin] attack effect, tries to escape the player who to cut one crowd of remnant blood to kill, One Second Hero, Yue Yao Yan and Li Meng Yao and other Knight are the player goes against the innumerable injuries to attack to divide in the crowd to chop.

Magnificent high level skill flies, [Zhan Long] player Level is too high, skill Level is also high, over 18 levels of skills occur repeatedly, the radiant ray has outshone the nighttime sky, in these skills, the position rapid rout of Indian, afterward was cut to disperse by Cliff Dragon Cavalry and melt god cavalry, defeat in detail.

Mu Xuan is raising staff, bringing Wild Beauty, to fall wild goose two beautiful woman vice- Guildmaster equally to the crowd, large-scale magics fall in the crowd, the bang results in the Indian players miserably howling unceasingly.

If [Enemies at the Gate] and [Blood Contract] that side is a frigid fierce combat, that here completely was one has slaughtered, the medium guild of Indian server radically was not a match!


The clear pupil develops black ink is not definitely calm, sends all Ben Leiqi rapidly completely on, assembled the Indian war zone several main force Guild riding wars is elite player together [Assault], then [Enemies at the Gate] and [Blood Contract] position officially could not withstand, they lost seriously, which could also withstand the clear pupil to develop black ink this type fiercely attacking that was having the revenge color.


A news came from Misty Clouds: „Xiao Yao, here could not withstand, the battle loss has at least surpassed 80%, if not reenforce, must die!"

I reply rapidly: „Withstands for 10 minutes, we turn about the direction to overrun immediately!"


Does not wait for everybody to kill enjoys oneself to the full, I draw the reins immediately, Jianfeng point to the north, said: „Kills, saves [Enemies at the Gate] and [Blood Contract] and other guilds, we go to develop the beautiful life of black ink with the clear pupil to talk directly!"

11 thousand Dragon's den armed forces help in the fighting, the [Zhan Long] player campaign is soaring, immediately raises the pointed weapons together to overrun with me, keeping off flees all the way, is treading a bloody road long jab beautiful life Guild abdomen, in shrubberies, melt god cavalry one after another stepping on to the wild animal trap of archer!

„Ka ka ka......"

Beasts clamped to grip the oppression of the people of warhorse, the Li Mu speed fell 0 points instantaneously, a face was speechless: „Do that many beasts that which here comes especially clamp?"

The Lin Wan Er left hand is pressing Little Bai back, kneels to sit in the dragon carries on the back, the right hand raised the dagger saying: „Clear pupil develops black ink to guess correctly that we will most greatly possibly attack from this direction, definitely has prepared to us."

Really, proceeded again is in one crowd of hands grasps the riding war of lance is being the player in waiting for us, was the player of beautiful life, Level also before 170-180 levels, at present was the top team, and this was the uniform lance cavalry soldier, was very big to cavalry soldier's [Assault] restraint, the speeding away effect of melt god cavalry possibly did not have the short distance to chop to pierce by the lance of match has attacked.

And, is also mixing with archers among the lance cavalry soldiers, Level also above 170 levels, in the hand is raising arrow Yakami is glittering the gloss of [Seven Stars Teleportation] arrow, this lineup restrains our melt god cavalry absolutely, and beautiful life vice- Guildmaster iron boots concentrate black ink to stand in the crowd front, in the eye is having the hatred, raises the lance, said: „Come!"

The people are all startled, this iron boots congealed black ink previous equipment almost to be exposed by Old K, quickly unexpectedly was also so bursting with energy!


„[Assault]?" Li Mu asked.


I jump to jump suddenly, the god fierce fine horse changes into ice magnificent to condense is a wings, I soar in the midair, was saying to not far away Chi Yu Qing: „Leads the Flame Hawk Archers firepower to cover!"

The Chi Yu Qing nod said with a smile: „Yes, Sir!"

I look to Chi Yu Han in ground, said: „Chi Yu Han , you lead Cliff Dragon Cavalry [Assault], must break through their defensive positions not at any cost!"

In the Chi Yu Han hand the sword glow dodges passes: „Yes!"

The next quarter, Flame Hawk Archers overran, in the lance cavalry soldier to tread is a round firepower fires, the lance cavalry soldier is unable the long-distance attack, only to come under attack, the casualty is in an instant common, but in the ground, the archer of beautiful beautiful woman estranged pledge is also rapid the [Seven Stars Teleportation] arrow projected, and distant place has transmitted the artillery sound!


A dragon crystal artillery blasts out in the sky, bombs directly in one crowd of Flame Hawk Archers crowd, the shell fragment attack injures to the flight is unit very high, dozens Flame Hawk Archers had been massacred by the second, although they have my defense and HP, but belongs to NPC after all, but with belonging to NPC the heavy artillery camp does not follow the attack and defense rules to their injuries, the system determination damn, that dies.

As soon as I nod, Chi Yu Qing leads part of Flame Hawk Archers to enter the jungle immediately, flows swiftly to fall the arrow rain behind the jungle, immediately an all trades dragon crystal artillery was burnt by the roaring flame to exploding the chest cavity, „bang bang bang" the fulmination sound is unceasing.

The clear pupil developed black ink indeed here to lay an ambush, but she has not thought absolutely I will send the Dragon's den armed forces in Fan Shu City to the front, the Dragon's den armed forces, although lost seriously, but destroyed completely her these ambushers not to have what issue.


After 20 minutes, the Dragon's den armed forces took paying at least 3 thousand people died in battle for the price, developed black ink arrangement near 200 000 allied armies here to chop torn to pieces the clear pupil, but [Zhan Long], [Appearance Alliance] and other Guild started the impact time, the defense battleline of beautiful life already the official rout, the clear pupil developed black ink to have at least 300 thousand Port City allied armies, actually 15 thousand players started the rout in our 11 thousand Dragon's den the impacts of armed forces and, this was the absolute crush in strength, is disparate that any strategy is unable to make up.

Zhan Long Chapter 1047

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