Zhan Long Chapter 1048

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The player in Indian war zone occupies Port City one month, various resources are quite deficient, the Port City scale is less than fire Yun City 50%, naturally is unable to provide to their plentiful practicing level resources, this also the clear pupil developed guild average player Level of black ink to lower 2.7 points compared with [Zhan Long], at this time can see the disparity, the beautiful life could not compare us, the disparity of small guild was also bigger, game tasteful was Level, the Level difference, hid the attribute to be suppressed, attack also easy MISS, the nature to have no way to hit.


After one hour, Ye Lai leads the [Judgement] person to reenforce, shortly afterward, Q-Sword will lead the [Hero's Mound] 4 thousand + people to reenforce here battlefield again, Enchanted Painting also came, bringing 1 thousand + [Legend] riding war to be the team, the war has continued to around 11 : 00 o'clock at night, finally, the player in Indian war zone will shrink seriously, the clear pupil developed black ink unable to strive to turn the tide.

However, routs the clear pupil to develop 400 thousand armies in black ink, causes us to lose seriously.

In jungle piles of bonfires in firing, in the ground lying this way and that full is the player and NPC corpse, I examined the Fan Shu City military strength contact surface, is out of control at heart a pain, Cliff Dragon Cavalry buckle 51%, Flame Hawk Archers buckle 67%, battle loss already more than half, how long suppresses that many military strength to want again?

However is unimportant, all sacrifices had the valve inevitably.

Looks at [Zhan Long], [Judgement] and other Guild again equally in a big way the players, the battle loss awfully, each guild at least battle loss surpasses 50%, we enter the war by about 200 thousand people, now actually only the remaining 70 thousand people do not arrive, but the victory is the Indian war zone surpasses the corpses of 350 thousand players to lie down here, the clear pupil developed black ink also to spell, has not actually thought not to spell, the beautiful life Guild remaining 1 thousand people, evacuated under her leadership to the Port City direction, Li Mu must lead the melt god cavalry to chase down, was prevented by me.

Has a look at Cooldown, the competition conclusion from antiquity palace wall also had 13 hours.

Ye Lai, Li Mu, Mu Xuan, Misty Clouds and Q-Sword and the others supports from the southwest corner enters the narrow winding path, then started to compete for the antiquity palace wall, but this premise wanted some people to guard the entrance here, this duty quick fell on the body of [Blood Contract], Han Bei Song by me and Q-Sword, Ye Lai recommended that for the leader of garrison troops, he was somewhat helpless, said: „So long as the clear pupil develops black ink to come again, the first blade definitely chops on my face, this is the multi- tragedies, or keeps a person to me?"

Finally Ye Lai and Misty Clouds were also uphold justice, keep at least the 200 000 military strength to give [Blood Contract], made Han Bei Song have the person to guard the entrance here.

However, the clear pupil develops black ink to call the troops at least also to have about 1 million people, in addition the maplewood is drunk also repulsed the enemy, two side population put together to have the audiences of over 200 thousand people, although said that is not big regarding the big main battlefield, but stakes everything on a single throw of the dice sufficiently has also made the Chinese war zone not feel better.


Night, I and Lin Wan Er, Yue Qing Qian gather round pile of bonfires, side not far away is also gathering dozens people of melt god cavalries, we have not participated in the fight of attack antiquity palace wall, there competition gave Li Mu and Wang Jian to be responsible , can [Zhan Long] attain this antiquity palace wall to look how they strove for success, as for us, more important matter.

Yue Qing Qian with dagger cautiously is moving the firewood under bonfire, said with a smile: „Brother Xiao Yao, we did not hit the antiquity palace wall, why stayed here?"

I said: „Saved you to know quickly."

Yue Qing Qian blinked, said: „Does Brother Xiao Yao want to intercept the clear pupil to develop the black ink next round by the NPC army the offensive?"


I commended had a look at her, said with a smile: „But had not guessed correctly completely."

„?" Yue Qing Qian opened Zhang Xiaozui, shallow faint smile: „Brother Xiao Yao was too bad, certainly has thought what worse idea slightly prepares to entertain the clear pupil to develop black ink, is?"

I laugh in spite of trying not to: „, Won't I be bad? Also, walked, the clear pupil develops the ribbon person to massacre our China area many people...... The number cannot count."

Lin Wan Er caresses Little Bai to crawl lightly in the side giant head, said: „If I have not guessed that wrong, pig this time does not want to capture the antiquity palace wall from the start, is?"

I nod, slanting dependence on behind tree, is resting the head on the butterfly sword, is looking at the starry sky, said with a smile: „Yes, what can an antiquity palace wall change? Port City was seized by the Indian, the 72 hours after antiquity palace wall contest must erupt the second round country to fight, Jian Feng Han, rumors and Bai Li Ruo Feng these people the person with highest heaven city were going all out, try to capture the antiquity palace wall, but captured to be also what kind, how did the next round country fight us to resist the attacks from east and west?"

Here, I thought somewhat bitterly and astringently, said: „Full Moon City and Ze deep pool city and iron skull city three big war zones are will not let off absolutely our, the second round country fought possibly just opened time Wu Shenhe to be threatened enormously, the day imperial book repository of rumor representative thoroughly offended the highest heaven city, was then good, if we cannot make the clear pupil develop black ink to lose the trump card in hand before then, we did not need to attack the second round country to fight."

In the Lin Wan Er beautiful pupil passed over gently and swiftly to be astonished however: „Do you think?"


I think her, shows a faint smile: „This time wanted really cruel and merciless, the clear pupil developed black ink to be too intelligent, uses up all the tricks, the second round country fought to attack fire Yun City inevitably, to preserve fire Yun City, I must make the Port City NPC army fought before the country completely lose the battle efficiency, but the struggle of this antiquity palace wall was a good opportunity."

Yue Qing Qian is stunned: „Does Brother Xiao Yao, you think?"

I smile, the surroundings do not have others, two beautiful woman vice- pledges, do not need to be worried about the secret leak, then said: „Antiquity palace wall with did not take importantly, but the clear pupil developed black ink and maplewood to be drunk does not certainly want to let off the 200 000 antiquity demon soldier in antiquity palace wall, therefore the clear pupil develops black ink certainly also to stage a comeback in the following 10 hours, but her chip mobilizes the Port City 500,000 people of NPC armies, made the suppressed progress using the heavy artillery, at one fell swoop before the final moment, captured the antiquity palace wall."

Lin Wan Er said: „Your idea?"

I am resting the head on the long sword, said with a smile: „My idea is very simple, after the antiquity palace wall battle ended, the map will drive away the player and NPC leaves, the player can City Return Scroll go back, but the NPC army is not good, I to hold the status of spear to surpass 110 thousand NPC armies Tian Ling Empire to build up greatly completely south of the great demon bamboo grove, so long as the clear pupil developed black ink to dare to make 50 thousand hot lion armed forces and dark blue navies dispatch troops to the antiquity palace wall, I must make their one not want to live going back!"

Yue Qing Qian opened the small mouth, in eye is surprisedly and likes, says with a smile: „Good, fights with Brother Xiao Yao together, always felt that has the appearance of security sense."

I nod smile: „Therefore we defended wait for the news here, the antiquity palace wall made them struggle."



Late at night, decided that has rested, reached agreement Lin Wan Er and Yue Qing Qian 9 : 00 am to get online, at that time finished also 3 hours from the activity, has sufficed, whose the antiquity palace wall was me not to care, what I cared was can fought before the country make Port City lose the strength.

That night rests actually comfortably, waking up time is next day around 8 : 00, immediately got out of bed, after having the breakfast, got online!


Presents edge in Luming woods as before, here distance antiquity palace wall 30 minutes of cavalry soldier traveling schedules, were not about near, but on the big map of distant place blood red, means that there was having very frigid battle, watched at the official forum of Chinese war zone again, combat report again and again, we not, when the battle of antiquity palace wall was too intense

【Combat report 1 : 04】: The highest heaven city first person of demon mountain leads the hammer of main member altogether 7000 + people [God of Thunder] to enter the narrow winding path, killed off the [House of Prestige] 3000 + people.

【Combat report 2 : 27】: Fang Ge Que uses diversionary tactics, the interception highest heaven city military strength on the narrow winding path, destroys completely 7000 people that demon mountain uo leads at the superior force of 2 thousand + person, the demon mountain leads 200 + people to run into the remote mountain.

【Combat report 3 : 41】: The clear pupil develops black ink and maplewood to be drunk to lead 240 thousand Port City players to dispatch troops, routs [Blood Contract] in the southwest entrance is the Chinese Team of head, and brought 500,000 NPC armies to advance to the antiquity palace wall with 100 + heavy artilleries.

【Combat report 4 : 12】: Fang Ge Que led 1 thousand + person to enter the antiquity palace wall, entered the palace wall main hall, temporarily obtained the antiquity palace wall property rights.

【Combat report 5 : 41】: The clear pupil developed black ink by the heavy artillery bombardment antiquity palace wall, and sent the cavalry soldier to sneak attack to massacre the 2 thousand + NPC army of highest heaven city, forcing Fang Ge Que to evacuate the antiquity palace wall.

【Combat report 7 : 22】: The day imperial book repository political integrity yue rumor assembles 300 thousand + China war zone military strength, routs the highest heaven city troops outside the valley thoroughly, the demon mountain rout, the 7 K Guild seven Son of Heaven is killed 4 people, the Chinese war zone wins total victories.

【Combat report 8 : 30】: On the narrow winding path has the fierce combat, [Zhan Long], [Appearance Alliance] and other guild players intercepts the player in Indian war zone headed by Li Mu, Mu Xuan and other player, both sides lose seriously, the Portuguese war zone first beautiful woman purple bagpipe of highest heaven city leads the 200 000 person to surmount the mountain range surprise attack to be successful, developed black ink and maplewood to be drunk and other Indian players to expel the antiquity palace wall the clear pupil, temporarily occupied the main hall ownership.


By far this fight imagines us must be more frigid.

In the morning about 11 points time, Li Mu, Mu Xuan and Ye Lai and the others, because lost extremely withdrew from the antiquity palace wall region in the serious relations, and Northeast welcomed the demon mountain to lead 200 thousand + highest heaven city troops counter-attacks of once more, the rumor, Fang Ge Que and Jian Feng Han and the others passed through the weary war to be utterly exhausted repeatedly . Moreover the demon mountain brought enough 200 000 + the NPC armies and 250 dragon crystal artillery, directly caused the day imperial book repository army disastrous defeat headed by rumor, was forced to draw back to the Ba Huang City direction.

Hence, the Chinese war zone competed for the war of antiquity palace wall to be defeated to conclude officially, but by the individuality of rumor thinks that will not submit easily, but leaves Cooldown of Chinese war zone not to be really many, less than 3 hours of Cooldown, wants to reverse the situation almost not to be impossible.


To around 1 : 00 pm time, competition of antiquity palace wall was as before intense, degenerates into the Indian war zone and fight of highest heaven city, but I have almost been waiting and seeing in this Cooldown, moreover completely Luming woods, three blade edge mountains and other maps unfolded in the Chinese Tian Ling Empire 110 thousand armies, waited for the fight to finish.

At exactly 2 : 00 pm, finally, a ting reverberation above the sky, the Chinese war zone and Indian war zone cannot bribe the antiquity palace wall


System Announcement: Congratulates the player 【Purple bagpipe】( Portugal) occupied antiquity palace wall to finish until the activity successfully, the antiquity palace wall officially became „cold winter" the Guild station, the player purple bagpipe won the Military Control power of 200 000 antiquity demon soldier, because this player subordinated in the highest heaven city, the antiquity palace wall region was included within the highest heaven city domain, the map is new in Shua, asking all players to withdraw from the map, in addition, player 【Clear pupil develops black ink】 Becoming MVP player of this activity, other players of rank soon will also obtain the corresponding reward!


My points rank seventh, does not need to think that anything rewarded.

Outside the canyon a silence, one group of palace guards ambush completely in the jungle, an all trades dragon crystal artillery covers completely under the thick vegetation, but shell already cocking.

„General, when will they come?" The Han deep pool asked.

I am cleaning the butterfly, confident saying with a smile: „Do not worry, should come sooner or later must come."


Zhan Long Chapter 1048

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