Zhan Long Chapter 1049

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The sad hoofbeat from the jungle deep place transmits , the antiquity palace wall started Shua to be new, all NPC armies will be transmitted to map ZONE on, the Port City NPC army was roadless may go, can only retrocede, but the path that they retroceded had been closed off by us completely, and was the uniform dragon crystal artillery and hot crag artillery is serving along the way.


Han deep pool somewhat excited is grasping the handle of long blade, even the arm somewhat shivered, the eye looks at the distant place, said: „General, do we launch the attack?"

„Do not worry, when they came out some to say again that listening to me to order."


I behind, Lin Wan Er lightly is also caressing the silver dragon Little Bai nape of the neck, comforts this huge monster to make it do not flush Going out excitedly, this possibly on misdemeanor.

The Port City hot lion armed forces flag appears in the field of vision finally, front is the cavalry soldiers, over 30,000 cavalry soldiers ran out of the jungle, gathers in our front open fields, afterward starts to advance to the Port City direction, in the meantime, they start to emit the warhawk to ride to search to scout the surrounding situation, but already without enough time.


The butterfly comes out of the sheath, I lift up high long sword, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Attack!"

Surroundings „bang bang bang" sound is unceasing, over 200 dragon crystal artillery almost open fire together, the disorderly and crowded shell erupts in the open field, carries over shock-wave of shapes with burning fierce ripples, ripped the smashing one group of hot lion armed forces, this has not calculated that the palace guard has not gone to battle, but made the match suffer loss with bombing, finally has bombed continuously for nearly 20 minutes, the 3 thousand heavy cavalries of hot lion armed forces had already been not much left, several thousand people overran toward the right, was dark blue the navy, flood dragon armed forces and other regiment of following, their this was in escaping!

I launch the big map, looks route that they escaped, there similarly is a piece of jungle.

Lin Wan Er blinked, asked: „On the road that they escape also has the ambusher?"

I nod: „Flame Dragon Jun, the crazy Lei Jun altogether 22 thousand military strength ambushes there, the dragon crystal artillery provide over 200, this crowd of Port City army cannot run away, probably...... We kill these hostile NPC to have the empirical value reward and addition, can Wan Er kill one?"

„Wants, I call the melt god cavalry, making them come again, beats severely don't hit a person when he's down with us together."



I also raised the sword to clash Going out, ordered Han Yuan, Xiao Lidai the 4 thousand heavy cavalries and 3 thousand barbarian heavy infantries of palace guard starts the chasing down of getting a light from another light lion armed forces and dark blue navy, the butterfly sword dyes the blood once more, Port City NPC Level has been inferior to us completely, killed not to be but actually difficult, but Lin Wan Er knelt to sit in Little Bai dragon carries on the back, Dragon Xue fused later orders Little Bai frost Dragon Xi to wreak havoc in the crowd, the Yue Qing Qian lethality was lower, specially selects massacring of remnant blood to gain the experience.

Again shortly afterward, Li Mu and Wang Jian and the others leads 5000 + people of melt god cavalries to kill slantingly from the jungle, has killed 4000 + flood dragon rebel armies directly, these soldiers mostly are Yun Piaopiao the former subordinates, even the rebel of some previous letting go, they thinks that can run away the birth day, what a pity thinks too beautifully, the war of Tian Ling Empire to Port City just slightly was ahead of time.

In the fire, the infantries and flags of hot lion armed forces were roasted to roast the ashes together, flame Dragon Jun have commanded the Tantai feather to raise the long sword, leading the heavy cavalry to rush horizontally, cuts down while gets angry exclaims: „The xing fire, your this rebel also fast gives the head, waits for this general to chop you to be inadequate personally?"

In the hot lion armed forces flurried crowd, on the xing hot face burned black, actually as before brandishes the soldier who the long sword kills flame Dragon Jun, on the face completely is the hatred: „The Tantai feather, the boy of this being wet behind the ears also dares with this Shuai Weidi, to court death simply! The brothers, retreat to me, once returns to Port City, we will certainly stage a comeback, beheads the Tian Ling Empire mean sovereigns and his one group of running dogs completely!"

What a pity, the destiny of xing fire is not smooth, suddenly in the top of the head Dragon Howl, Lin Wan Er controls the silver dragon to arrive, a Little Bai yawn frost spits the rest/breath, has locked the xing fire directly!


The xing fire in great surprise, hurried spin body retrocedes dozens meters, finally the warhorse and one group of hot lion armed forces were frozen directly there, raising head of his face chill in the air looks at Lin Wan Er: „Hot cloud princess, do you also want to work oneself to death for shallow forest unenlightened ruler unexpectedly?"

Lin Wan Er shallow faint smile: „Who can work oneself to death for him? I just for my family dear working oneself to death."

The xing fire is angry, jumps, the long sword wrapped the strong flame to divide directly to Lin Wan Er and Little Bai, even if he were inferior god level BOSS, Lin Wan Er has not dreaded, the double dagger wielded suddenly continually, surges three cyclones to rumble Going out, „bang bang bang" carried over injury digit, the xing hot offensive does not reduce, holds up the sword to divide in Little Bai nape of the neck place, carried over 7 thousand + injury digit, but did not have the issue, the Little Bai tough at least 1 million ranks, could not massacre it for a short time, but could not massacre Little Bai also to mean that did not exist to Lin Wan Er any has injured.

The xing fire organization good second attack, I actually not to have killed from side, thousand frost wings behind are launching, the flying high whole body bursts out the fearful golden light, 19 levels of god level skills ride the wind to cut the eruption, „puff puff" the sword blade edge surges blood light on the xing barrel, altogether reaches as high as 15 sword edges penetrates the attack, the xing fire is inferior god level BOSS is also divided falls to return to the ground with the sword, „bang" knees kneel a gulf in the ground, looks up me, in the eye full is gets angry the glow: „Li Xiao Yao, is your strategic point we!?"

I am built on the airborne bird's eye view he, the corners of the mouth raise said lightly: „Your this villain, massacres as soon as possible quite well, is your xing fire is too mean extremely arrogantly, draws on the fatal disaster for your 200 000 hot lion mercenary soldier, this time I do not plan to indulge any person, I must make your person one not want to return to Port City, this forest lands were your burial grounds!"

„You gave up any idea of!"

The xing fire stands up, on the face full is the blue vein, gets angry: „Hot lion mercenary soldier will not be routed like this, you wait!"

„Yes, I wait!"

Jianfeng points to the earth the dense and numerous Port City armies, I shouted to clear the way lowly: „The Tian Ling Empire brothers, kill to me, does not remain!"

In the crowd, Yun Piaopiao the form also appeared, but the side is crowding around NPC soldier of one crowd of dark blue navies, for a short time cannot massacre her, therefore I fall return to the ground, leads the melt god cavalry to rush ahead with Li Mu, Wang Jian and Old K and the others progressing, as if the system also tacitly approved my encirclement to Port City to kill, the player massacred the Port City army also to obtain the meritorious value and empirical value, but did not explode equipment, but did not matter, this time bigger victory in the country pre-war paralysis Port City NPC army strength, such clear pupil developed inside black ink not to take advantage.


In the jungle the crackle of gunfire is unceasing, but almost is the Tian Ling Empire fire, the Port City dragon crystal artillery and hot crag artillery many transported to be unsuitable to keep in the narrow winding path, now can only trade this to use the flesh and blood to resist the price of heavy artillery, in the meantime, I related Mu Xuan, Ye Lai and Misty Clouds and the others once again, even also related Fang Ge Que and Q-Sword and the others, making them lead the guild members to rush to the battlefield immediately, did not use too for a long time, the clear pupil developed black ink and maplewood being drunk naturally to reenforce, if we early did not prepare, must degenerate into the clear pupil to develop black ink to lead the team to encircle the 110 thousand main cities of Chinese war zone ten million/countless. Army.

The melt god cavalry meets no resistance in the crowd, coordinates [Assault] of palace guard heavy cavalry, making the dark blue navy and hot lion armed forces as if fall into the living hell, but after a half hour, another Port City troops appeared in the field of vision, impressively was their palace guards, a senior general was raising the long blade, loudly shouted to clear the way: „Marshal does not need to be startled, end the future, officers [Assault], having made the Tian Ling Empire army taste the taste of Port City palace guard!"

This roar incurs fatal disaster immediately, Dragon Xing, summer leaf two palace guard Yorozuo long raise the pointed weapons immediately, shouted to clear the way loudly: „Palace guard, rushes ahead along with us, making Port City the group of palace guards know that anything has fought many battles, the invincible palace guard!"

The horse's hoof oversteps, corpse straight lying down that Port City that palace guard commands in full is in the lawn of bloody water, such dying in battle battleground.

The strong military strength adds on the heavy artillery to lead a cheer, Cooldown we had completely the superiority, the xing fires and cloud floating two people also finally gathered in one, crazy [Assault] broke through, after paying the heavy price, has broken through a gap from the defensive position of palace guard, stance that breaking through that 3 thousand + people went all out, behind 30 thousand + brothers did not want.

„General, do we chase down?" The Han deep pool asked.

I have a look at the distant place, said: „There is three blade edge mountains, does not need to go, Lin Qiong leads vault of heaven armed forces 10 thousand elite to defend there, the xing fire and cloud definitely could not run away floatingly!"

Han deep pool one astonished, said: „General gives to issue to Lin Qionglai to defend such important position imperial, does the general that trust Lin Qiong?"

I nod: „Um, I trust Lin Qiong, chooses a person does not doubt."



Again shortly afterward, is not as expected our, the clear pupil developed the troops who black ink and maplewood were drunk to lead to appear outside the Luming woods, the Port City player was dense and numerous, a sea of people piece, this killed also is really some unknown victories and defeats, but has erected many enough dragon crystal artillery in us outside the jungle well, that fire heavy bombing, to prevent them rescued the NPC army, did not hesitate the full output of shell, has resisted their close 1 hour, finally Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword, Ye Lai and Misty Clouds and the others led the Chinese armies to kill, immediately must evolve is a country fights.

Also at this moment, the distant place has heard a sound of conch suddenly, the dense and numerous heavy cavalries speed away to come, Lin Qiongti the long sword of bloodstained is walking in the front line, laughs saying: „Li Shuai, we won total victories in the fights of three blade edge mountains, captured alive the xing fire and cloud to be floating, has killed off their subordinates, then what to do?"

I one happy: „Sends under escort them to return to Tian Ling Empire! Withdraws troops, here fight already any significance."


Looks at the rear area again, after the legendary Emperor Yu armed forces and flame Dragon Jun, palace guard and other main regiments encircle, the Port City about 40 thousand military strength have been not much left, corpse everywhere, when my arms are holding Lin Wan Er, progresses to arrive in the forest land time, the Tantai feather leaps Ma Yang jian saying with a smile: „Holds the spear greatly, we basically killed off all Port City soldiers, but about 3000 + people of troops are still also running away."

„, Leading me to have a look."


Zhan Long Chapter 1049

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