Zhan Long Chapter 1050

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Blood incarnadine maple leaf forest, causes to become on the blood red maple leaf redder.

The hoofbeat is rapid, one group of people are the injured fawn are likely ordinary in the jungle, is fleeing recklessly, the mail-armor and helmet of this crowd of cavalry soldier whole bodies almost damaged could not withstand, many people even lost an arm, or the body inserts arrow arrows, the blood is spattering in all directions flows on the horseback, horrible to look , the flags in their hand did not know the trace, now only remaining probably escaped.

„Surrounds them!"

A Han deep pool order, palace guard gathers in the surroundings, quick, these 3000 + people of defeated troops were encircled completely in shield, conflicts repeatedly is unable to run out, gave up the resistance, look that shows waits for death dejected, in crowd, raises in the person eye of steel knife to pass the anger, said: „Must kill kills, to the happiness!"

Lin Qiongti the sword is walking to go forward, asked: „Who you are, courts death simply!"

On the shoulder of this defeated troops military officer also wears Yorozuo long military rank symbol, on the face several sword cuts, but is having the stubborn color as before, said: „Father is flood dragon armed forces Yorozuo long Liu Jun, must kill kills!"

„Liu Jun?"

I in consternation, walk to go forward, visits him lightly: „Liu does Jun, you also know me?"

Liu Jun fixes the eyes on looked that immediately a face is panic-stricken: „Li...... On Li general......"

The forest arched Ha Ha said with a smile: „Now incessantly is on the general, was the empire marshals!"

Liu Jun knees down rapidly, begs for mercy saying: „Marshal...... Looked in some once is in the palace guard multitude of people long share, forgave my life, I was also involuntary!"

The Han deep pool violent anger said: „You betray the general, directing mighty force truly to attack to kill the palace guard, was also involuntary?"

The summer leaf draws out the long sword of belt blood: „Has not said with this rebel villain anything, let end a sword result he!"

I actually shake the head: „Stop, do not kill him!"

Xia Ye is stunned: „General, why?"

I am narrowing the eye, said with a smile: „I have the conclusion."

Saying, looks to Liu Jun and his behind one crowd of defeated troops, I said: „Liu Jun, you have fought many battles, is the rare general's talent, provides leadership, not to fear bravely, looked in you once also to the empire loyal and devoted share, I put your this time, looked in your face, the other defeated troops did not kill, you led them to return to Port City!"

Liu Jun kneels again and again kowtows: „Many thanks Li Shuai, many thanks Li Shuai......"

I looked at a Tantai feather, said: „Tantai general, draws in the defeated troops in the same place, making Liu Junling they return to Port City, the person who we kill also sufficed many, do not make to kill the evil."

The Tantai feather holds the fist in the other hand: „Yes, Li Shuai!"


Is less than 10 minutes, altogether 7000 + Port City defeated troops drew in the same place, has given the horses, this group of people then under Liu Jun's leadership progress on a road that since we let loose retreated to three blade edge mountain directions.

Puzzled of Li Mu face: „Can Xiao Yao, why put this Liu Jun? Were you head are kicked by the donkey, how can this villain put?"

I smile: „This talented person can recycle waste! You also saw, this Liu Jun military rank is Yorozuo is long, but more than 7000 defeated and dispersed soldiers mileages that we released a moment ago his military rank is highest, two Yorozuo steadily by the Han deep pool with chopping, such came this group of people to return to Port City is the main army, according to the rule of system, this Liu Jun will soon turn into the Port City first commanding general, has fellow who timid as a rabbit such, not bravely not sought, when Commander in Chief Port City, the clear pupil does develop black ink and maplewood is drunk can also count in the NPC army?"

Li Mu Ha Ha has smiled, has compared to the middle finger: „This move was too inexpensive, by inexpensive, I am inferior to you......"

I: „......"

However the distant place spread the unfortunate news, Liu Jun has led one crowd of defeated troops in retreating unclearly one round is killed on Q-Sword on the way, has killed half, was good the remaining people was escaping because of Liu Jundai as before successfully, Q-Sword has almost gone bad me „important matter".

Then was the army retreated, the Tian Ling Empire NPC army retreated with great speed, shield NPC army that the player camp about 200 thousand people retreated fighting, but the distant place, has captured the highest heaven city player in antiquity palace wall not to idle, the demon mountain, the purple bagpipe and 7 K team and the others led the troops to wait and see our China , India to fight from afar.

Until withdraws Wu Shenhe time, finally was safe, the palace guard and vault of heaven armed forces two armies erect the dragon crystal artillery, the hot crag artillery and crossbow car(riage) to build the defensive position in the riverside, the player in Indian war zone also naturally stopped the impact, they are not silly, not in vain brings death.

But this fought us truly is won total victories, has surrounded and exterminated the Port City about 50 thousand NPC armies, but own loss less than 10 thousand people, 10% battle losses, what was more important, in the threes day after Port City will not have the edition Shua Shinjouike military strength, even if were the clear pupil develops black ink and maplewood to be drunk prepares for war again is impossible to collect to more military strength, 10 thousand people at the most, but this NPC military strength has not threatened to our what, the NPC army on dragon crystal artillery and other heavy artilleries, the next round country has not fought the clear pupil to develop black ink on not to defend a city., Sharp weapon of attacking a fortified position, solely depended upon player the flesh and blood, perhaps hard to bring about important matter!


After having arranged stationing of numerous NPC army, I also finally relaxed, around 4 : 00 pm times returns to Tian Ling Empire, on the street, two prison van walk under transporting of soldier slowly on the city main road, inside carries the cloud to be floating and xing fire, cloud floating clothes armor was flaked all, only kept the personal clothing, looks like some „rainstorm night of hundred flowers are very remnant" feeling, the xing fire no longer the arrogant stance, the hair has hung loose, on the face, full is the scar, even the back was being poked the half arrow arrow, nobody gives him to treat, I want the vehicle. Stops to find the person to treat for him, but thinks that he sooner or later can die, does not need again the hen.

In the imperial palace, after the shallow forest obtains the news, opened temporarily toward the meeting.

The Han deep pool and dragon whetstone two brave generals send under custody the cloud to be floating personally and xing fire, took a step to enter the main hall with me together, the civil and military whole body of ministers were placed the two sides, I stood in the front line, side was standing Lin Wan Er, she was the hot cloud princess, controlled a main city, the real power should be is next to the day plume empire my, should have this position.

A shallow forest face happy expression, said: „Battlefield spreads the victory report, shallow forest thanks politely Li Master, for my Tian Ling Empire except a heart big trouble, snort, the hot lion armed forces, the dark blue navy and flood dragon armed forces these rebels died a worthy death finally!"

I said: „Yun Piaopiao, the xing fire had been sent under escort, your majesty punishes personally!"

A shallow forest nod, looks to the xing fire, gets angry: „The xing fire, orphaned Wang had written the correspondence to you, ordering you to lead the hot lion mercenary soldier to bow the head to profess allegiance to the empire, recently rose you to command for the empire, establishes the hot lion armed forces, but your graciousness Qiu Bao, occupies unjustly Port City unexpectedly, supports the soldier dead weight, can you know the crime?"

The xing fire looks up to the shallow forest, cannot bear smiles: „Joke, to become Wang defeats invader, said that many pompous words have any meaning, must kill then kills, my xing hot real man, does not fear death."


The shallow forest sneers: „I bestow you dead!"

Saying, his steps was leaping unexpectedly from the throne, „clang" drew out the sword of King, around the sword blade edge reappears the inferior god strength, the white light is flashing through, xing fire god level BOSS has been unexpectedly decapitated, but also in this moment, the shallow forest has displayed the inferior god level the strength, this boy cultivated the step really quickly!

The audiences , the Tantai feather and Qu Hu, Ou Ye will cry and the others are the look one cold, their strengths under the inferior god, are astonished martial arts unexpectedly such high of Emperor in! But in one group of military officers, the only Lin Qiong look is tranquilest, he was two star god level BOSS, the strength has been higher than 2 Level compared with the inferior god, naturally cannot dread the strength of shallow forest, this was also I sends Lin Qiong in the reasons of three blade edge mountain interception xing fires, the xing fire was inferior god BOSS, in the Empire Armed forces military officers only Lin Qiong has the superiority of crush to him.


Looks that the xing fire the breaking neck leaves is spurting the blood crazily, I am somewhat helpless, puts out a hand, said: „Comes the person, drags out the corpse of xing fire."

Wish the sea route: „With ease bypasses him?"

I asked: „Is sea male what kind of?"

Wish the sea route: „Comes the person, drags to feed the dog the corpse of xing fire, punctures his head above the lance, sets upright warns others against following a bad example in the Tian Ling Empire city wall, pours to look that also which rebels has also to dare to defy one's superiors!"

I knit the brows, has not spoken.

Shallow Lin Guanren in every way possible, asked: „Li Master, you do not agree with the sea male procedure, right?"

I: „xing fire, although is guilty of the most heinous crime, but one of the people dies, all good and evil wrote off, in my opinion might as well enjoy his entire corpse to bury!"

Wish the sea to sneer: „Li Master holds spear greatly, is the palace guard commands, unexpectedly also such womanly compassion?"

I have also sneered: „I launch the war to pursue a world series, but for pure slaughtering, Tian Ling Empire to the unification world, can not win popular support with kindness, but is not the dependence such cruel attitude."

Wish the sea also to say anything again, the shallow forest has actually ordered saying: „Drags out the corpse of xing fire, buried."

„Yes!" Two warriors are dragging out the corpse, a warrior holds the head to get down.

Then, was one's turn the cloud to be floating.

Her pair of bright eyes look at the shallow forest, in the eye the eyes like the water, truly is a rare beautiful woman.

The shallow forest looks at the cloud to be floating, said: „Sister Yun, can you once regret?"

Yun Piaopiao looks around xing fire killed bloodstain, in the eye is passing a listlessness, said: „Regret? What good regret has? All are I choose, your father dies, I lost the man who most loved, I must take revenge, I must occupy that in the Tian Ling Empire above man massacring!"

She is full of the hatred visits me, in the eye is having the anger: „Li Xiao Yao, I make trouble will not let off you!"

I visit her silently, said: „You cultivate the behavior I do not fear you, did you make trouble have been able to take me to be what kind of?"

Lin Qiong and Han Yuan almost laugh together.

The shallow forest beckons with the hand, back passes away, the form appears dreary incomparable, said lightly: „Drags, executes by beheading, the skeleton approval buries into the imperial tomb, buries by father's imperial mausoleum......"

Wish the sea also saying: „Yun Piaopiao leads a promiscuous life, is a full cheap person, how can bury into the imperial tomb?"

I knit the brows: „Wish the sea, your majesty manner is generous, do you everywhere force the matter that he is him not to be willing to handle? Tian Ling Empire you is a sovereign, is he a sovereign?"

Wish the sea one startled, knees down hurriedly: „Your majesty, micro feudal official not non- feudal official's heart!"

The shallow forest shows a faint smile, has a look at me who turns around to feel grateful, said: „Was good, disperses toward...... Came the day to seal to enjoy active feudal official again!"


The cloud was towed to execute by beheading floatingly, I do not have the scene that the interest looks at to behead, what especially cut is a beautiful woman, even if the cloud floatingly again many are not, after all this scene is unattractive.

Then, waited for the country to fight.

But the shallow forest also in growth step by step, more and more likely was a king, the homicide fell the last family member, this was the testimony that he grew, for the world, for the throne.

Emperor, being doomed is lonely!

Zhan Long Chapter 1050

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