Zhan Long Chapter 1051

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In the afternoon, several famous doctor labor suture Yun Piaopiao the head and body in the same place, afterward shipped the imperial stele forest and truly buries in together, dies hundred, this time shallow forest womanly compassion, the hatred has not filled up Yun Piaopiao the soul again, is unable to melt, keeps this woman only to damage the entire Tian Ling Empire future.

Until around 7 : 00 pm times, holds the conference in the main hall once more, Feng Shang participated in the fellow regiment commanders and meritorious military service outstanding whole body of ministers of struggle of antiquity palace wall.

Ye Lai, Q-Sword, Fang Ge Que and Jian Feng Han and the others also came.


Near the sand table, the shallow forest is raising the sword of King, military might uncommon standing there, complexion indifferent saying: „Heavy will put down a rebellion active, as long as above the Yorozuo length senior general complete officers rise first-level, the Tantai feather promotes the town country generals and Qu Hu and Fang Ge Que promotes protects the country generals and Ye Lai to promote south the town the general and Liang seal to promote the town country generals and North Star winds to promote protects the country general, General Lin of Qiong vault of heaven armed forces personally leads the troops to capture the xing fire and cloud to be floating, the meritorious military service is outstanding , to promote for on general . Moreover, Li Master maps out strategic plans in an army tent and commands the overall situation, really holds Ge Mingzhi to turn over to greatly, the military rank also promotes the supreme general, other departments, will promote respectively, Ministry of War meets 11 to provide the token."

Cooldown, many people have been reinstated, secretly feeling pleased being a cinch.

However, three military officers one of the from Jiu Li City, the farm tractor armed forces commands a few master positive actually face not indignation, said: „Your majesty, the farm tractor armed forces, the navy same is also willing to go through fire or water for the empire, but Li Shuai actually dispatches not to turn over to the sea to defend the border us, we lost the opportunity of rendering meritorious service, but also looks at your majesty wise judgment!"

The shallow forest shows a faint smile: „Few General Master does not need to be irritable, thinks that rendering meritorious service naturally has the opportunity, the full moon empire and Ze Yuan empire eye covetously, ride to search have repaid, they are preparing for war, will then start the expedition to Tian Ling Empire, relax, the war came immediately, so long as general laughs in the face of death for Tian Ling Empire, the empire will not forget you!"


Conference quick has dispersed, what disappointing Ye Lai, Fang Ge Que and Jian Feng Han and the others is commands the position that not to come back, but the player has the natural advantage, we will not die, thorough will not be deleted, therefore only needs to continue in the position that in vice- commands is treating, which day was commanding to hang, was one's turn itself to be put on regular status.


Night, started from the country war already less than 72 hours, the system confirmed that the second round country combat generals later 12 : 00 pm punctual opening three days, this our superiority as before will not be obvious, even it can be said that did not have the superiority, although won Port City in NPC army, however the player actually heart did not gather, although I was hold the spear actually only to direct NPC greatly, the majority joins the player in day imperial book repository to be dispatched by the political integrity yue rumor, this was also the Chinese war zone country fights the biggest variable, god knows the rumor will also make any silly matter.

Three days of Cooldown are also suffering.

First day, leading the [Zhan Long] elite player to go to Shua a SSS level map, was Tang Xin, Star Blade and other people acquired a 1 Star -two respectively magical instrument equipment of star, vigorously recruits the player to join a [Zhan Long] minute of pledge, strength outstanding will verify to join the main pledge.

Next day, the Li Mu one person alone enters in the fire Divine Mountain deep place rock layer to practice the level to explore, had discovered in the underground grotto has new mount, is 164 levels of Divine Tier BOSS level mount, swallows the flame attribute weeds of bottom deep place, the whole body is sending out the black roaring flame, is called „scarlet hot horse", the appearance of scarlet hot horse big has made up our medium mount vacancy, in 24 hours, the [Zhan Long] use surpasses 3 thousand people to enter the underground rock layer search, almost pulls out spatially the fire god mountainous region bottom, finally obtained 1.7 thousand + scarlet fire Malaya substituted for original original Steel Blade to ride, has established 1.7 thousand +. The scarlet hot cavalry, the promotion of enormous degree [Zhan Long] has ridden the war is the overall might of team!

Meanwhile, Full Moon City spreads the news, a Full Moon City NPC army has the mutiny, the monarch sends the smile rate Guardian strength armed forces to suppressing to look, result that mutiny vice- commands to lead 2 thousand + person to take the warship to the northern boundary, went to Seurre.

The iron skull city, the sky rose takes attacks to make for the price together, has attacked and occupied iron skull city third Guild „spirit positive" a territory, and won has made with the third Guild spirit positive Guildmaster Xia Guo gambling, this also means that the sky rose unified major Guild of entire US war zone by the strength, becomes in fact the ruler in iron skull city.

Port City, the clear pupil develops black ink and maplewood are drunk almost use energy all strengths is recruiting the NPC troops, and whereabouts Port City monarch admonishes the emperor the request many casting dragon crystal artillery and hot crag artillery, what a pity Port City experiences for a long time the chaos caused by war, the state treasury is void, the household department cannot put out the unnecessary gold coin . Moreover the army organization system is deficient, the army that 3 thousand + zero hours that the main army is Liu Junwei to also command piece together, is incapable of supporting many dragon crystal artillery and regiment military baggage radically, Port City, basically the NPC strength had been fought the paralysis by us without doubt.

The highest heaven city direction transmitted the news, the antiquity palace wall is captured by the Guildmaster purple bagpipe of fourth Guild cold winter, the demon mountain refused to accept, when 4 : 00 am led 2000 + people to go to the antiquity palace wall to provoke, after result straightforward man entered the cold winter the city, about 2 hours came out, having their 2000 + people to retreat, did not submit to return the matter of ancient palace wall.

Third day, to prepare country war, I and Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue early have rested, at noon Lin Tiannan gave a banquet at home, asking our several people to eat meal, wants to come to the country to fight is from the beginning impossible to have any earthshaking war . Moreover the goal that Lin Tiannan gave a banquet was fights the inspiration to cheer for our second round country, therefore I also went, played knife and fork the later satisfactory restore, got online, preparation country war!



Appears in Tian Ling Empire, saw only country to fight the contact surface to open.

The surrounding player busy, dashes to interlock, some must go to the acceding state to fight the murder to seize points, some receive the warehouse stock thing the stall, for fear that in the country fought was injured accidentally , the treasure gives to explode completely.

Lin Wan Er distinguishes with me, reducing heat Yun City assumed the general situation, fire Yun City had at least 1000 thousand China players to move into, and NPC military strength has also surpassed 50 thousand, was our noticeable military strength, but Lin Wan Er was the lord of city, naturally also needs to do one's best has managed, did not need to think that now fire Yun City definitely sends out the innumerable warhawks to ride to search to pry the military situation, if Lin Wan Er were not, these military situations this report gave anyone, but she was not, was nobody can send the number commander and dispatching troops imperial enemy.


A news, came from Li Mu: „Xiao Yao, we what to do? That side the day imperial book repository had the sound!"

In my heart moves: „What sound does day imperial book repository have?"

Li Mu: „Rumor suggested that leaves behind 30% population to guard Tian Ling Empire, other main forces all rush toward Port City, does not have the opportunity of heavy artillery while Port City, regained to first Cooldown Port City, this suggestion obtained Bai Li Ruo Feng, Cang Cheng and war casualty , etc. over 50% festival yue, to raise the support of bit, Sword Tears, passed, the Fang Ge Que persuasion was also useless, Q-Sword has not joined the motion of day imperial book repository angrily, leading the [Hero's Mound] person to go to Wu Shenhe."

I smile: „Q-Sword looks actually insightfully, oh...... After all the power in our hands, I did not plan that makes the highest heaven city attack Port City first, exhaustes the Port City player strength we to begin again, finally the rumor renders meritorious service unexpectedly impatiently, this is rushes to work as the cannon fodder......"

Li Mu: „Our [Zhan Long] what to do?"

I: „Gathers our ally strengths, the more better, we hold troops first, if the players in western boundary three big main cities if as expected should already on road."


Li Mu said: „Except [Judgement], [Enemies at the Gate], [Appearance Alliance], [Blood Contract] and other big Guild allies, I have also related six palace cosmetics and other ally Guild, milk that Guildmaster of six palace cosmetics ‚violent walks' strength is good, recently also obtained two star magical instruments, the overall strength is considerable, you understand."

„Um, ok!"

What a pity, less than several minutes, Li Mu helpless sends in a news: „Milk that Motherfucker, the violent walks to me the face, had not said that person who is bringing her hunted, making our [Zhan Long] play, plays happily."

I: „......"


Raises the sword to jump to jump onto the city, receives the ice wing, looks to the direction of western boundary, cannot bear a moral nature sigh, there master were too many, the sky rose, smile, Hand of Waterloo and brown pupil, celebrity ID of this resounding through the skies, quick must become our enemies, but our main forces actually must develop black ink to fight to the death with the clear pupil in southeastern Port City.

Has thought thinks, reported a news to give Fang Ge Que: „Fang Ge, do you want to attack Port City really whole-heartedly?"

Fang Ge Que: „Um."



„Smiles anything, gave the low-down!" I turned on communication.

The Fang Ge Que sound conveys: „I gave the scenery the [Legend] 5 thousand + main forces completely, in fact I only brought 3 thousand + a minute of pledge secondary elite went with the day imperial book repository together . Moreover, [Prague], [Vanguard] and other, [Flying Dragon] and other Guild the snow has hidden at least over 80% main forces in Tian Ling Empire, our times attack the Port City total number of people not over 1500 thousand people, relax!"

I smile lightly: „Flickering political integrity yue that you comply in public but oppose in private like this, really?"

Fang Ge Que also smiled: „I am not willing to work as this person, but otherwise could ruin the situation in entire Chinese war zone, you felt relieved that in our essences is a deceptive attack, whole-heartedly, will then not look that the demon mountain and 7 K of highest heaven city had any trend."

I am startled: „What do you have to plan?"

Fang Ge Que: „Lures the enemy out of his stronghod, we trade a frigid battlefield by 1 level of 1500 thousand + China players, the demon mountain and 7 K of highest heaven city think certainly that we injure here seriously, by that time they naturally can turn out in full strength, either attacks Tian Ling Empire, either attacks Ba Huang City, but at that time, we can break up the whole into parts instantaneously, the accumulation surpasses 2000 thousand military strength direct attack highest heaven cities!"

I in consternation: „You...... Do you want to take the highest heaven city?"

Fang Ge Que: „Um."

I somewhat hesitate: „Even if you takes the highest heaven city by luck, the third round country does fight by whom guards the highest heaven city? Such one, the demon mountain and clear pupil develop black ink definitely to collaborate, how can our third round country wars hit?"

Fang Ge Que confident smiles: „Relax, I will direct toward the west side the flames of war."

I: „......"


Has not persuaded again, I know that persuasion is also useless, the Fang Ge Que idea has decided.

Zhan Long Chapter 1051

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