Zhan Long Chapter 1052

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Since the destiny has operated the clothing, although [Legend] has ranked guild wind and cloud list first arrogantly, but true points was actually pursued by [Zhan Long], even two's disparity already less than 30%, so long as [Zhan Long] fights a time beautiful country war again, can quicker pulling closer and [Legend] level Guild disparity, could perhaps surmount, points of [Zhan Long] palace master is too high, what is also big is the [Zhan Long] awarded marks, but [Legend] after obtaining Xue Jing actually lost Xue Rou, the overall strength does not increase instead reduces, at this time Fang Ge Que naturally wants to hit a full fight to elevate the guild status, but. Captures the highest heaven city, this is his plan, therefore, this time Fang Ge Que was everyone is unable to advise.

I naturally do not will think one can convince Fang Ge Que, does not want to urge.


Defends in the Tian Ling Empire city wall, the one side grasps the lance and imperial guard soldier in shield guard city wall not to look askance, does not dare to look at my this marshal one eyes, but my side links a guard not to have, as if no what deterrent force.

„Li Shuai!"

A shout transmits from the steps, a military commander progressed to rush to the city wall, was Lin Qiong, he stood up from failure to discontinue, with a smile walked, held the fist in the other hand saying: „End see marshal!"

„Does not need to stand on ceremony, General Lin what matter?" My strongest military officer to this Tian Ling Empire has the favorable impression, and Lin Qiong now is also on the general, with me same level.

On Lin Qiong the face brings to fight intent, said with a smile: „Li Shuai, the mounted scout reports, Full Moon City completely has the three services, killed from the wilderness, most over two days cannot [Enemies at the Gate], Ze deep pool city also turn out in full strength, were icing in the hot wilderness to march, do we want to intercept along the way?"

„Along the way, where?"

„Singapore of hot lion mercenary soldier!" Lin Qiongwo the armored hand, was saying with a smile: „If we are stationed in the soldier in Singapore, can hit their one to be caught off guard in the midway."

I deeply inspire, said: „Truly is good to count, but I have gone to Singapore by oneself, the city wall breakage is serious, is not solid, did not exaggerate said that a dragon crystal artillery can rumble to collapse their ten li (0.5km) city wall!"

Lin Qiong opens the eye: „, Does Singapore in legend such collapse at the first blow unexpectedly? Aha, when Li Shuai end was will talk nonsense, Li Shuai, when we went to battle, the 10 thousand brave warriors of vault of heaven armed forces have prepared momentarily to work for the empire!"

I nod smile: „In the soldier is at outside the city, momentarily the wait command, then perhaps the place that needs you to dispatch troops to is not two."



In 2 hours, the distant place has transmitted the fight picture, the day imperial book repository headed by rumor surpassed 1700 thousand armies to attack Port City, but this time I did not have the transmission to ban the soldier command, therefore they have taken away about several thousand NPC armies, heavy artillery also over a hundred, the majority was the military strength of crazy Lei Jun, hot axe armed forces, included Wang Ze Cheng the 1 thousand military strength of the hot axe armed forces carrying off, NND, Wang Ze Cheng seemed like iron core must mix with political integrity yue.

However, perhaps by the Wang Ze Cheng plans, quickly can displace, is that also his ultimate goal?

Let me be what is surprised, the clear pupil develops black ink not to go out of town to meet head-on, orders the player in Indian war zone to defend in the city, the player who on the city is responsible for defending is also two and three people, cannot be dormant as for a master completely, as if clear pupil developed black ink to completely understand the Fang Ge Que thoughts, in this country fought, Tian Ling Empire, Port City and in the highest heaven cities just liked the three countries is ordinary, united weakly anti- is actually the kingly way, was a pity that a rumor not too clear this truth, too already gave to expose own strength.

On the other hand, the highest heaven city majority of guilds are holding troops, the demon mountain, 7 K, spoliator and cold winter several large-scale Guild do not have the sound in the city completely, is the players of several small servers gathers on the contrary, pieced together about 1000 thousand + people to set out toward Port City, the intention was obvious, fishes in troubled waters, was counting on the Chinese area and Indian area was mutually wounded made use to capture Port City, what a pity probably did not have the opportunity, 1700 thousand people who the rumor took away were impossible to defeat the clear pupil to develop black ink.


Has waited till around 4 : 00 pm, suddenly Li Mu has sent in the news: „Xiao Yao, do you know the Qingyan city?"

„Knows that a secondary lord city, is situated between Port City and highest heaven cities, inside moves into, probably is Japanese Han players?"


Li Mu smiles, said: „Since our [Zhan Long] nothing, does might as well unite the ally to attack temporarily the Qingyan city? I just obtained the news, the day Han players in Qingyan city dispatch troops to Port City before one hour, now should go out was very far, we can go to enter to seize their den."

I laugh in spite of trying not to: „Oh, that is their final lairs, we such have wiped out the Qingyan city, can too not uphold justice?"

„Not, proper cannot."

„Good, immediately selects soldier to attack, I called a NPC army to go with us again together!"

„Good, called palace guard?"

„No, the palace guard must defend Full Moon City and attack of Ze deep pool city direction, I am leading the vault of heaven armed forces, Lin Qiong the strength you have also looked, absolutely does not have the issue."



Switches off communication, I took a step to move toward in the city wall to look out the forest of distant place beacon-fire immediately arched, said: „Immediately convenes the vault of heaven armed forces army, takes all dragon crystal artillery and hot crag artillery, goes to military god Henanan to settle down, waiting next order."

Lin Qiong is smiling: „Finally can go to war?"

„Yes, was the sword sharpening quick?"

„Very has been sharp, end the command!"


In the Tian Ling Empire square, starts to gather [Zhan Long], [Judgement], [Appearance Alliance], [Enemies at the Gate], [Blood Contract] and other Guild rapidly the players, the total number of people that we put together has also surpassed 200 thousand people, in addition 10 thousand vault of heaven armed forces, enough captured a void secondary main city! However for safety's sake, I summoned 4 thousand Flame Hawk Archers from Fan Shu City as before again, so long as Flame Hawk Archers , the air superiority were our.

The enormous and powerful crowd left Tian Ling Empire, I am riding the god fierce fine horse, is merry with Li Mu and Yue Qing Qian all the way, thinks that must attack the secondary lord city of Japanese Han, instead thought that the forum of Japanese server has been clamoring excitedly killing off „***", just can teach their while this opportunity, regarding other server, I am bringing benevolently, thinks to others' the game space of player survival, but regarding the Japanese server, is ruthless, this time again the Qingyan city seizing, them really did not have the way, can only, practice the level in the open country supplies, Even studies the skill to be a problem, this is also they have only self to blame!


After one hour, 200 thousand armies enter ask the day icefield, pushes onward to the Port City direction along Long Lake, looks like looks like the reinforcements in Chinese war zone, some people do not think our is going through extinguishes Guo, the true goal is Qingyan city!

In a half hour, the hoofbeat has trod the Long Lake original tranquility, when we run out of the jungle, a distant place green city stands erect in the mountain ranges, is the Qingyan city, the wall is almost comprised of the precipice, and city constructs above the mountain range, is several hundred meters highly, is quite important, no wonder Japanese Han players can the humble abode so be here long also nobody active to result in them, so long as keeps enough player to defend imperial, here is god level Yi Shounan who one man guards the pass Yorozuo opens attacks the place simply!


The warhawk whips the sound of wing to transmit, a warhawk rides to search to fall between me and Lin Qiong, holds the fist in the other hand saying: „Li Shuai, commanding, in the Qingyan city kept less than 10 thousand garrison troops, a substantial number of adventurers are guarding."

„Um." Lin Qiong nods: „Searches again!"


I look up to the palatial Qingyan city, said: „How do we attack?"

Li Mu hey said with a smile: „Perhaps the cavalry soldier did not have what function, we need to crawl to open the city gate."

Lin Qiongdao: „Um, this cold uncultivated land Dragon's den general words have not spoken incorrectly, Qingyan city Yi Shounan attacks, this is the matter that the entire mainland publicity, the cavalry soldier and military baggage are useless to the Qingyan city, this is also my puzzled place, why can Li Shuai let end probably bring the dragon crystal artillery?"

I: „dragon crystal artillery to not shell city, but to defend, is careful our."

Lin Qiong understands: „Young fellow understands."


Proceeds again, 200 thousand + armies exhibit under the city, the people raise head to look at the Qingyan city, is holding breath the cold air/Qi, this city just likes towers the castle above summit, has to plant the feeling of shrinking one group of hedgehogs and nowhere end openings.


I draw out the butterfly, said loudly: „Constructs the fan-shaped position, defends to outside, the elite strength prepares to attack a city with me together, although the mountain range is not good to march forward, so long as we kick the city, can summon the rush of melt god warhorse vast stretch of flat land!"

The people draw out the sharp knife blade, Ye Lai, Misty Clouds and Han Bei Song and the others also direct the player preparation of line of business meeting to attack, but Lin Qiong also leads one group of NPC heavy cavalries to overrun to the foot.

Arrives under the mountain time, discontinues in abundance, starts unarmed to climb up, I did not have thousand frost wings to bluff and bluster in the past, led the people to climb up together, on the city started to fire a gun, dragon crystal artillery fell in the emerald green colored precipices, exploded the crushed stone to spatter in all directions, but here field of vision was not good, can rumble the person who obtained quite to be also limited, but Yue Qing Qian obtained the latest news, player quantity not over 50 thousand in city, and was two and three players, this was our heaven-sent opportunities!

Full speed attacks a city!

When one group of melt god cavalries and I arrive under the city together, I enter the effects of thousand frost wings immediately, before welcoming the crowded arrow direction flushed, this tactic did not have other, as the planted agent, entered in the city, opened the city gate, making the melt god cavalry push directly into, this can make our battle losses fall to lowly, I needed the integrity of city wall, after all 7 days of countries fought are first day, I do not want to make the Qingyan city capture fall into enemy hands, that did not have what significance.

Zhan Long Chapter 1052

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