Zhan Long Chapter 1053

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The city wall in Qingyan city is not high, but enough has resisted the invading enemy, in the city wall the dense and numerous archers are being one round fiercely shoot to the city, arrow arrow „flip-flop" falling on the s.h.i.+eld of Tian Ling Empire player, but I in arriving in first Cooldown under city wall order saying: „Summoned mount, the promotion resistance!"

Players summoned the warhorse rapidly, the next quarter, stood up from failure to start, in an instant under the city presented several hundred melt G.o.d cavalries to raise the s.h.i.+eld protection to resist the attack of archer same place, but in the distant place city wall, some Magic high Qingyan city Mage poured into six revolutions of skill icicle group peaks in abundance in the crowd promotes the lethality, a result minute of minute to have many people unable to bear such attack power dead in battle.

The city was encircled faced with the southern one side as before, the Tian Ling Empire player more gathers, whatever the day Han player on city were violent the output not to retrocede one step, we were waiting for the opportunity.

Again shortly afterward, Lin Qiong led NPC of vault of heaven regiment to come finally, airborne transmits a hawk cry, a flame piece transmitted, was very good, Chi Yu Qing brought Flame Hawk Archers to come!

„Forest arched, kills with me, opens the door!"

I shout one, a forest arched nature nod, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Respectfully follows the life of Li Shuai!"


My holds the arm of Old K, relies on the effects of thousand frost wings to circle in the sky, was saying to Chi Yu Qing of distant place: „Leads Flame Hawk Archers to s.h.i.+eld us, gate opens you to bring Flame Hawk Archers to retrocede!"

„Yes, Sir!"

Old K is in airborne, asked panic-strickenly: „What do you raise me to make?"

„Helps me clean up the defending soldier under city gate, uses up your skill, opens the startled day to go against again!"

This goods are the warhawk, hears this matter no matter also the risk, the nod said: „OK!"


Therefore, I jumped the leap city gate to arrive in inside the city instantaneously, lifted the hand to throw Old K, this fellow truly was a brave general, in the hand the greed hydra one cold barbarically jumps to cut to s.h.i.+ft the point of descent, MISS fell the majority of injuries, roared falls in torrents the player and in city on NPC Garrison troops [Whirlwind Slash], but I single-handed opened, Thunder Guang pasted in referring , the next quarter shook the strength of world turbulently, airborne was cloudy, the strong winds writings, Thunder dragon killed in the crowd, [Thundering Heavens] wreaked havoc.

After several seconds, Lin Qiongti the sword blade edge was already falling into the crowd, the sword air/Qi wreaks havoc, but I have not been idling, dives, [Tempest Sword] + [Seven Star Fragment Slash] erupts, airborne is the arrow falls like the rain, Chi Yu Qing leads one crowd of Flame Hawk Archers to suppress, although our population are the absolute inferiority, but about kills nearby the city gate ten thousand garrison troops not to have the strength to hit back in short Cooldown unexpectedly.


Some guild Guildmaster face s.p.u.n.k of Qingyan city, is raising the long sword, shouted to clear the way lowly: „The dragon crystal artillery, fires at airborne these flame birds, went too far! The squadron, [a.s.sault], drives away Going out them, the archer with [Scattered Shot] that Xiao Yao Zi Zai, protects the overhanging door spanner, hurry up, do not delay, otherwise must break the city!"

Not far away, four dragon crystal artillery turn around the muzzle together, to airborne is being a round crazy bang, immediately „bang bang bang" sound is unceasing, with the whinning sound of flame hawk, Flame Hawk Archers anything did not fear that only feared this high attack dragon crystal artillery, an artillery gets down on damage one piece, two artillery Coordinate superpositions can cause second of killing to harm!

Meanwhile, one crowd of Qingyan cities ride the war are the player are raising Axe, lance horizontally in my front, on the face is the colors of being unafraid of death, the front solar flag is really too loathful, Old K Axe one chops to cut horizontally on the according to spin fierce Axe skill, but I follow, Jianfeng surges in the crowd, 19 levels ride the wind to cut to erupt, the instantaneous second kills the dead ahead 6 people, simultaneously comes time [Blade Rush] again, numerous [Seven Star Fragment Slash] chops to the front, „bang" sound energy detritus spatters in all directions, when settles down, the field of vision was finally clear, city gate spanner on inner wall there, Is less than 10 meters from me!

„Forest arched, s.h.i.+elds me!"

I shouted to clear the way loudly, pasted flies to the spanner, simultaneously said in guild channel: „Li Mu and w.a.n.g Jian, the preparation has the person to clash from the city gate, I must open the door!"

In Lin Qiong the hand above the sword blade edge full is the strength of starry sky, sweeps away, the strength of stars crashes in the crowd in abundance, the player or NPC cannot resist, but their attacks to the forest arched is a drop in the bucket, can't two star G.o.d level BOSS possibly continually that injuries resist?

„Do not walk!"

In the chaotic crowd, Qingyan city Monk is raising the buddhist monk's knife horizontally in my front, abstention seal on top of the head is sparkling, 180 levels of Monk are really rare, in the hand on the s.h.i.+eld is flood the G.o.d light, JBN fights the net to rank the 11 th person, this should be first Monk of Qingyan city, leaves behind this type of sheet iron to defend a city, Frost Forest wants to result in may really be thorough.

Monk sneers is visiting me: „Thinks the Kaesong gate, my this pa.s.s/test had said again!"

Saying, in his hand buddhist monk's knife was transforming suddenly vanishes, five fingers, the golden ray surged in the palm, then lowly shouted to clear the way: „Fokuang peeps!"

„Little darling......"

My secret heart startled, this skill I know that Monk one of the seven revolutions of skills, can the physical defense transformation be attack power, creates the greatly strengthened piece killing evil to the front goal, but...... This skill clearly is the Tathagata G.o.d holds the first type!

Does not manage, gains ground was under the impact that Fokuang peeps, retrocedes suddenly several steps, fell 5 thousand + HP, my goodness, the physical defense transformation is attack power, this Monk physical defense suffices!

Fights the boots to tread to recoil, the under foot air/Qi glow surges, my without hesitation has given him [Strength of a Thousand Men], immediately the b.u.t.terfly sword shakes on the s.h.i.+eld, in Spark that spatters in all directions is also smuggling the injury digit







What is rare, he has not hung unexpectedly, bringing the remnant blood that 20% are not arriving at to raise the buddhist monk's knife to fire into me, Jinzhongzhao was scattered condenses without enough time, the overhead is a blade Mount Tai strikes, this time is the pure physical injury, 9000 + HP injured not much, but he lifted the arm, the green aura lingered, that was the singing in praise of the Buddha recovery skill, restored own 70% HP, this also?!

I open the hand instantaneously, the ultra short distance erupts [Great Realm of Desolation]!



[Great Realm of Desolation] can reduce 50% treatment results, the effect that therefore his singing in praise of the Buddha recovers significantly reduces, but I horizontal Zhen Yue Blade, not having Cooldown to accompany him to play here, the sword brandished continuously, erupted 6 cutting to attack instantaneously!


The blood spatters in all directions, the b.u.t.terfly penetrated this Monk breastplate instantaneously, it nail stiffly in city gate, but I also finally moved unimpeded, put out a hand to move inside the city wall spanner, „" a wire rope twisted, that heavy iron gate raised slowly, just raised was less than 0.5 meter, Li Mu, w.a.n.g Jian and One Second Hero and the others already the advance by creeping to crawl, probably for fear that I died in inside, after seeing me to jump for joy, immediately summons mount, raised the pointed weapons to defend in the city, after several seconds, Meng Yao, Yue Yao Yan, Dancing Forest and Xing Lie and the others entered in abundance, melt G.o.d cavalry. Also starts all, started in the resistance of player with the city.

The city gate broke!

Was less than five minutes, [Judgement], [Appearance Alliance], [Enemies at the Gate] and other Guild the players also in abundance emerges the city, Li Mu and w.a.n.g Jian and the others led the melt G.o.d cavalry to rush to the city to obtain the commanding point, the player in surrounding then started to climb up through the rope enters the city, a piece all over launched to the city inside slaughtering impact.

I slash dozens people, on the b.u.t.terfly full is the bloodstained, how long the country fights has not opened, [Kill for Blood] of b.u.t.terfly almost must fill, blames me to kill people the speed too to be really quick!


The blood drop on sword blade edge splashes slowly on the city wall brick, I turned around to look the Southwest, under the mountain of Qingyan city had the fight, right, the player in j.a.panese Korean War area has turned back in order to help friendly forces, at least the armies of over 500 thousand people were turning back in order to help friendly forces, but greeted their is the the entertainments about 200 dragon crystal artillery and 500 hot crag artillery about 200 thousand army and vault of heaven armed forces in Chinese war zone.

Qingyan city gate one broken, then also on only remaining slaughtered Cooldown, to turn back in order to help friendly forces the war outside city rapidly, we have almost implemented the three atrocities policy, in the city saw kills off in any hostile player and NPC who completely, because this time we wanted merely was the city, was not the captive in city.

Near two hours of street fighting, were known as „impregnable" the Qingyan city has integrated in the Chinese territory after system ting officially, destroys the person of king throne is Mu Xuan, but in this street fighting, counted her to kill people were most, crowds killed the magic to lose Going out, the player who j.a.panese Korean War area defended a city have had tears streaming down the face.


„Li Shuai, we took the Xiaqingyan city!"

Lin Qiongti the long sword of bloodstained, excited is bringing the convoy guard to arrive in the city wall to report to me.

I nod smile: „General Lin was laborious!"

„Li Shuai." The forest arched nodded the head, has thought that said: „Does not know how Li Shuai does plan to process this Qingyan city?"

I already had the idea, said: „General Lin leaves behind 2 thousand vault of heaven armed forces to guard here, I will leave behind 2 thousand Flame Hawk Archers to coordinate the defense again here, and...... We kill Guangshan the words under of the group of Qingyan city aborigines, they will again probably not have the idea of Qingyan city, after all, Yi Shounan of Qingyan city attack them to be clearer than anyone, does not have the enough formidable strength or is enough many flight branch of the services, gave up any idea of that storm Qingyan city, we know."

„Yes!" Lin Qiong said with a smile slightly: „Such being the case, when under after the mountain war ended, end transports to come up the defense 100 dragon crystal artillery to the mountain the further orders wise and able scholar soldier!"



The recuperation moment, leading the melt G.o.d cavalry to descend the mountain, starts the main battlefield under mountain to fight a decisive battle.

On the player face of j.a.panese Korean War area is bringing several points of exhausted, more is angry, they do not think that we will have the idea of Qingyan city, this secondary lord city was their final fortresses, lost the Qingyan city also to mean that they degenerated into the vagrant player officially, did not have including the place of final staying.

Zhan Long Chapter 1053

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