Zhan Long Chapter 1056

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, The Guildmaster smile of [God of Thunder] Guild raises the lance by far, on the spear blade edge flood the starry sky gloss, loud was roaring the order attack, for serveral days smiled also has definitely suppressed a lot of air/Qi, the God's favored one as British war zone, EBN fought the net first person, actually in the Wings of Heroes Tournament entire sports match, the country war and King will hunt for display have nothing worthwhile, even not budding, this inactivity to supercilious him simply was a shame, therefore the smile took a full victory to prove itself urgently needed.

Was a pity that wants to take [Zhan Long] Fan Shu City to prove itself as the price, he was perhaps disappointed.


On the city, an all trades dragon crystal artillery has aimed at the distant place the muzzle, the city wall and on Fan Shu City Linxi the city wall at least crowded has established over 500 dragon crystal artillery, completely is the weapon of palace guard, and rear area is the shell that prepares to fire, when we have the dragon crystal mineral lode of fire Divine Mountain are many, the shell reserves is very sufficient, said that sentence extremely arrogant words, was only the shell can being drown to death opposite party trivial 800 thousand people, our genuine matches were the 5000 thousand players in US iron skull city, although US total population also 300 million, but others were not short of money, the proportion of destiny player surpassed China far, India and other servers, 1 : 6, the trivial 300 million people presented about 5000 thousand players, online player at least 3000 thousand people, from the Western strongest match.

The Han deep pool raises the long blade, Yan Hanqiu must, awe-inspiring, laughs saying: „The dragon crystal artillery, aims at the front attacking a city instrument, the non- difference launch, with does not turn over to the sea the ice piece to cool the barrel from outside, so long as the barrel does not explode to fire off, does not need to be worried about the reserves of shell!"

In the city opened fire!

The next quarter, the crowd of mushroom clouds of dragon crystal artillery under the city in erupt, heavy artillery camp soldier battle efficiency Level of palace guard are very high, is also high to the assurance corresponding side of accurate, the attacking tower over a city gate car(riage), scaling ladder under city and other were exploded the smashing, but hid the NPC soldier in building car(riage) is miserably is howling is changing into pile of flesh and blood, the war just started on to be horrible to look.

The heavy cavalry who when the opposite party attracts the firepower arrives under Dacheng time, I fast have also drawn out Zhen Yue Blade, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Long-distance approaches the city wall, fully output!"

Therefore, the Dong Cheng Yue, Dancing Forest, Xing Lie and other [Zhan Long] players and [Appearance Alliance] and other Guild long-distance are the player takes place, falls in torrents the skill in the crowd, this harvests the points golden opportunity, when otherwise their long-distance departments also arrive under Dacheng, that must face is threatening.

Dong Cheng Yue is grasping Aiersha scepter, one time wields is a ruination injures, especially [Thunderbolt Finger] and other skills, got rid a little not to let the meaning that the person played, burnt Heavy Armor is the player even achieves six figures the injury digit, the [Flame Beast Burst Fire] skill was the piece kills harvesting the effect, the flame beast runs in the crowd, the Full Moon City riding war was the player Large expanse of start of drops down.

Several minutes later, a Full Moon City NPC army arrived under Dacheng, a front Yorozuo long draws out a javelin from the warhorse directly, will project Going out suddenly, will shout to clear the way lowly: „Death!"

I the body keeps off in front of Dong Cheng Yue hurriedly in a flash, the butterfly sword standard keeps off, „clang" flew violently this javelin, oneself received 3 thousand + injury, NND, this, if shoots on the chest of Dong Cheng Yue, that must!

Dong Cheng Yue also stares: „Not, dear, you have rescued my poor life, did not marry you are not good......"

I unemotionally: „Wan Er here, do not restrain a point East city, the surroundings are the [Zhan Long] ally, you must create an upright and never stooping to flattery Guildmaster image for me, otherwise my image on avalanche......"

„Good, Brother Xiao Yao, protects me, I output."


Dong Cheng Yue is in the city is strongest the long-distance output the player, even the supernatural power output is slightly better than Mu Xuan, provides my this rank Heavy Armor is the player protects her also should be, my goal obviously is not the pure protection, five-star magical instrument butterfly unceasing shuttle Going out, strikes thoroughly to attack the tower over a city gate car(riage) and crowd, cuts to massacre NPC and players, establishes 3 [Azure Dragon Crossbow] to promote the attack output on crenelation, 3 Djinn gods will roar are winning over even connected Nu the string, projects to seize the life advantage arrow trace, was fought points by my country Is insufficient to fall behind Fang Ge Que and clear pupil develops black ink and the others.


The war continues, the Full Moon City dragon crystal artillery and hot crag artillery also start to launch, times are shaking the Fan Shu City city wall, however in our city walls the casting the galvanized iron, was known as completely can resist the dragon crystal artillery high temperature heat degree the galvanized iron! Naturally, after receiving bombing of dragon crystal artillery continuously, galvanized iron many spots on wall have burnt red, no doubt can block the dragon crystal artillery for a while, but continues to be attacked, the avalanche of city wall is also sooner or later matter.

„Looks quickly, what is that?"

Yue Qing Qian points at the sky distant place to say suddenly that the people also looked at the past, saw only the horizon to present several dot, these were NPC, but after was nearer, everybody discovered that was not the dot, a that leader big dragon, the white big dragon, the build wanted compared with the crystal dragon, Red Dragon, Black Dragon impressively slightly, but compared to the warhawk, the flame hawk obviously is the huge monster.

„Full Moon City had the Dragon Rider gentleman!" Li Mu grasps the long sword to shout to clear the way lowly.

„Probably is NPC?" I said.

„Um." Wang Jian layer on layer nods.

The Dragon Rider gentleman is getting more and more near, altogether 11 Dragon Rider gentlemen, ride is the white big dragons, uniform Full Moon City BOSS level NPC, and name special old-style fan device, the imperial Dragon Rider gentleman, is carrying existence of glorious and tyrannical strength, is BOSS of inferior god level, the white dragon, although is the low-order big dragon, but the strengths of these Dragon Rider gentlemen compared with cold uncultivated land Dragon's den Dragon Rider gentleman inferior many, the inferior god level strength, according to my previous time have not found that cold uncultivated land the Dragon's den Qing Luo and other Dragon Rider gentlemen just rose star god level BOSS, thus it can be seen these 11 Dragon Rider gentlemen absolutely were the trump card of Full Moon City empire., Comes up on the use trump card, is that fights a battle to force a quick decision?

„Was careful!"

I raise the butterfly to stand on crenelation, actually felt that some are unable to start, at this time, the white Dragon Rider gentleman in front line glided , the sword blade edge changes into a ray to divide to cut in the city wall, „bang" gives to cleave in two a dragon crystal artillery, especially the strength strives to excel! Some of my instantaneous regrets arched stayed in the Qingyan city the forest, now summons also without enough time, such hit!

The Han deep pool raises the long blade to run in city wall, at the same time drinks greatly: „The Dragon Rider gentleman surrounding dragon crystal artillery of turns around the direction, gives me to rumble these evil winged insects!"

At this time another white Dragon Rider gentleman pasted the city wall to dive, the sword blade edge has swept, swept from the city wall one crowd of [Blood Contract] player, dozens players fell in the crowd outside city are certainly rapid are submerged, the Han Bei Song air/Qi resulted in the eye quickly to stare, walloped to jump high, the sword blade edge transformed the sword air/Qi daybreak attack bang at the end of white Dragon Rider gentleman, actually can only cause 3 thousand + damage unable to overtake.

„Brother Xiao Yao, you looks!" Yue Qing Qian points at the sky suddenly, white Dragon Rider gentleman overrunning of maliciously, goal here.

I deeply inspire, my goodness, is this must kill Dong Cheng Yue? Looked that including NPC the threat of Dong Cheng Yue is quite big, the output of this small girl fierce?

„East city, the space booklet leaps leaves!"

I shouted loudly left, in the backlash the warhorse changes into the ice glow condensation ice wing, the body overruns in the airborne spin, but a white Dragon Rider gentleman sword falls in the city wall outrageously, is good flashes before quickly because of Dong Cheng Yue, but several melt god cavalries were led to leave the city wall by the white Dragon Rider gentleman as before, is good to fall in the city, escapes dies.

Sword blade edge one horizontal, my speed suddenly to increase dive, the flying speed compared with the white Dragon Rider gentleman must, on the butterfly sword and Zhen Yue Blade surge quickly much golden skill brilliance, flies high will ride the wind to cut seal on the back of white dragon, immediately „bang bang bang" Spark spatters in all directions, whole person shell general hits to fall to leave with the dragon this white Dragon Rider gentleman together in the city wall, he has a big shock, instigates the big dragon to prepare to crawl hurriedly once more flight.

However the opportunity is written in water, I fly outrageously near, raised Zhen Yue Blade to throw Going out!


Whins with one of the white dragon, the meat wing of Zhen Yue Blade penetration white dragon, sewed his one side meat wing in the city wall stone flooring directly, to the handle, the one side, One Second Hero equestrian skill excellent passing over gently and swiftly, the body one slanting had not penetrated another end meat wing of white dragon the long-handled spear, the one side [Zhan Long] people imitated, Knight was the player regards the javelin to throw in abundance the lance, made the white dragon two wings fix in the city wall instantaneously completely, wants to walk cannot leave.

„Is him, trivial inferior god BOSS is wild, you work as this are one month ago?" Li Mu raised catches fire to burn the sword rush in the past.

Indeed, one month recently god level was resounding, but after was so long, player Level and equipment level large scale promotion, inferior god level BOSS selected is very as before strong, the words that but ganged up on some insufficiently looked radically.

Is less than 5 minutes, this named „Nider" imperial white Dragon Rider gentleman whins dead above the dragon back, but that white dragon also whole body is the blood, almost dismembered a body, blows out two inferior god levels both at the scene to divvy up, but the distant place, another white Dragon Rider gentleman is buried under the [Appearance Alliance] Mage group law collection fire, the distant place, a white Dragon Rider gentleman 7 dragon crystal artillery, had been rumbled continuously miserably howling, just likes is hit the fighter aircraft that same crashes to the city in addition a end, looked like also lives soon.

11 white Dragon Rider gentleman less than a half hours on the buckle 5, remaining 6 have been scarred, retreated in abundance, but probably have killed several thousand players to the damage that Fan Shu City causes, as well as have destroyed dozens dragon crystal artillery, have not injured and physique.


Dragon Rider gentleman BOSS family background Czech Republic, this has not made the Full Moon City players under city attack crazily, is falling in torrents the innumerable dragon crystal artillery shell actually unable to break through the city wall to the Fan Shu City galvanized iron city wall, they were anxious, we somewhat were also anxious, the galvanized irons of some wall spots the heat must start to melt, such rumbled to with the marble resist the shell again, that may unable to block.

Zhan Long Chapter 1056

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