Zhan Long Chapter 1057

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„It is not good, got down Fan Shu City to discard again like this passively ahead of time!" The fire in Li Mu hand burns on sword full is the blood, the complexion is very unattractive, in the inferiority, people is not too happy.

I looked at a situation of wall, indeed is not considered as good, the galvanized iron was burnt red by the dragon crystal energy, cannot support to be too long absolutely, needs to give them at least one hour of cooling Cooldown, otherwise truly the western city wall possibly wanted the avalanche.


I look to Li Mu, said: „That convenes all melt god cavalries and scarlet fires rides, then I assemble the certain amount of palace guard and Cliff Dragon Cavalry, after 10 minutes, we kill Going out from south and northern two gates, recoils, forcing them to leave, received exchange for the wall at certain price cooling Cooldown, immediately on office!"

„Good, on your words!"

Li Mu goes excitedly, but I also immediately give Chi Yu Han and Han Yuan, Xiao severe and other military officers to order, heavy cavalry who this time we must use approximately total in 13 thousand about, are not many, but is elite, moreover in the city Mu Xuan and Han Bei Song also expressed that will kill Going out meeting from the west gate, the total number of people can definitely over 40 thousand, these elite players force to draw back our present matches sufficiently.


After ten minutes, the north-south city gate opens, the Full Moon City player who outside the city besieges a city stares first, but in this, me has also raised the sword belt the dense and numerous melt god cavalry and palace guard heavy cavalry to clash Going out, in the top of the head has the dense and numerous Flame Hawk Archers shields, the butterfly sword [Tempest Sword] has wreaked havoc in a flash the crowd, cleans up a no war zone directly, Old K and Meng Yao and the others proceeds to clash with me crazily, meets no resistance.

When most powerful military strength is Cliff Dragon Cavalry, has I 120% attributes, attack power was high somewhat scary, almost swept the crowd of player by the potential of crush, the result surrounding south gate several Full Moon City intermediate guilds has washed out rapidly, in short Cooldown presented the potential of rout, follows the player who went out of town to be getting more and more, we already grasped on own initiative.

Gathers round the city wall to kill, butterfly sword and Zhen Yue Blade destroy the hardest defenses, swept away the tactical situation most intense western city wall front, the city gate opened, [Appearance Alliance] two beautiful woman vice- Guildmaster Wild Beauty, fell the wild goose to progress, Han Bei Song also brought the [Blood Contract] riding war to be the player flushed, after tripartite meeting, immediately started the frontage fight, just liked has rushed our matches tidal.

The dead ahead, impressively is the French war zone first Guild [Dawn] Guild position, is being guarded by Guildmaster Hand of Waterloo personally, and on the arm of Hand of Waterloo reappears the regiment system to command the level the symbol, thinks that behind NPC army is his individual regiment, but that all trades artillery of great artillery also Hand of Waterloo establishment.

Raises the sword blade edge high, in the Hand of Waterloo eye is passing the angry glow, said: „Our trivial can't Fan Shu City take? Do not make the American laugh, the brothers, [Assault], destroys completely them fully!"

With the Hand of Waterloo hand signal, he behind [Dawn] Guild at least 2 thousand stone tiger - rode has also drawn out the pointed weapons, my goodness, stone tiger this mount had the petrified attribute, every time under attacked 10 times to have the goal that time 100% probabilities petrified strike, continued for 5 seconds, had the same effect with speeding away of melt god cavalry, but speeding away force were obviously many, so long as the speed achieved over 50% to have 30% to knock down the goal, high-speed effective!

However, Hand of Waterloo has collected 2 thousand stone tiger cavalry, this boldness average person can compare actually, moreover showed from the material that Hand of Waterloo is relying on these quantity not poor stone tiger cavalries with its special effect, has defeated in the guild contention of Full Moon City besides smile all matches of outside [God of Thunder] Guild, this also showed that the stone tiger cavalry becomes the fearful place after scale, our [Zhan Long] also 100 + stone tiger - cavalry soldier, but the quantity looks young for one's age the inadequate lethality, already melted god cavalry eliminated.


„Came!" In the Wang Jian eye the flames of war ascend, the coming face to face with an adversary formidable victory, meets so many stone tiger - rides actually not the timid color, wants is this boldness!

On the sword blade of butterfly flies upwards golden six glow stars, I laugh saying: „Melt god cavalry [Assault], making them know that anything is called the top heavy cavalry!"

Li Mu and Old K and the others waves pointed weapons, but another side, Han Yuan, Xiao severe, Dragon Xing, Xia Ye are also instigates the warhorse to exude the low roar, Xiao severe, Dragon Xing, Xia Ye are also inferior god level BOSS, but Han Yuan has evolved is a star god has challenged, this cultivates to let the player sufficiently is frightened out of one's wits, at least I am not willing to face such match in the group wartime alone!


The sword blade edge pasted the armor to pass over gently and swiftly, I started 19 levels of [Combo] effects continuously, 4 struck to kill a stone tiger cavalry, drew out the sword blade edge of belt blood is a [Strength of a Thousand Men] combo effect, 178 levels of Knight that will immediately come puncturing thoroughly the second have killed, Ancient Heavenly Tiger was also summoned, roared to tread [Burstfire Raid] in the crowd, in the frontal line, melt god cavalry in abundance by pointed weapons entertainment match, stone tiger cavalry 11 dizziness, however this most did not make Hand of Waterloo desperate, the melt god cavalry most fearful place was most of them is the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den regiment system player, had. [Blade Spin] skill, but [Blade Spin] back and forth shuttles back and forth in the crowd, can trigger the dizziness effect of speeding away, therefore the stone tiger cavalry is almost Large expanse of by the dizziness, did not have the strength of revolt.


On the face of Hand of Waterloo full is the startled color, Jianfeng raises, the strength of starry sky surges, a star flame cuts to fall on a body of melt god cavalry suddenly, simultaneously left hand transfers the reins, progressed arc MISS to fall the sword wheel of melt god cavalry to cut, was a star flame attacks and destroys from the flank loudly, massacred this melt god cavalry second directly, simultaneously his behind one group of [Dawn] Guild elite players also together will start the sword air/Qi daybreak, will flush several melt god cavalries in front line to assassinate in the place.

What a pity, counter-attacking of small range cannot change the overall war, the Hand of Waterloo person in Large expanse of dropping down, pours in Li Mu, Wang Jian and under the Han Bei Song and the others sword . Moreover the speed of dying in battle goes far beyond our battle loss the speed, after all stone tiger Level, the step was too low was too low, no doubt the petrified effect was quite tyrannical, but ran into the melt god cavalry as if to run into the natural difficult adversary, petrified the special effect unable to hit to be massacred.

In fact this, the position advancement of [Zhan Long] is also smooth, but [Appearance Alliance] and [Blood Contract] certainly were blocked, [Blood Contract] vice- Guildmaster, the Healer Who's Blue face face was pale: „Was petrified the person who falls to be careful that be not massacred!"

However the [Blood Contract] player died in battle many people under the sword of stone tiger cavalry as before continuously, does not have the means that the positional warfare of this over 100,000 people ranks, the non- deceased person is impossible, the [Zhan Long] melt god cavalries died in battle much, let alone is other rides the war is the branch of the services.

Is good because, Han Yuan, the Xiao severe and other palace guard of military officers really brave, leading the palace guard heavy cavalry almost to push directly into, broke through the Hand of Waterloo behind Full Moon City regiment long spear camp, afterward entered the heavy artillery camp, killed these cannoneers recklessly, but advanced together also has Cliff Dragon Cavalry that with the palace guard, meeting no resistance in slaughtering, was a pity that points of Cliff Dragon Cavalry murder did not integrate under my name, otherwise was developed...... However, integrates the words under my name, perhaps the players of entire server must sue this BUG.


The people passage attack, until after 1000 + crossbow car(riage)s chopped completely has completed the task 50 + dragon crystal artillery and 300 + hot crag artillery of [Dawn] Guild withdrawal together forward without enough time, toward the front, Hand of Waterloo retreated again the ashes forest edge, has organized dense and numerous shield there, the rear area was many long-distance is a player, waited for us to bring death.

At this time proceeded to again is field operation, we less than the population of opposite party to going out of town have violated the big death anniversary, before if at this time continued to rush , the field operation that was courting death simply, but, was not all people looks like me to be so calm, for example Old K raised Axe to lead one group of melt god cavalries to wallop forward, at the same time shouted to clear the way lowly: „Do not retrocede, kills off them!"

This goods have killed to get angry, this is not the good news.

Wild Beauty is raising the lance, shows a faint smile saying: „Can continue to attack?"

Falls the wild goose to grasp the shield, said: „Hey......"

I look to her: „What falls the wild goose you to smile?"

Falls the wild goose to blink, says with a smile: „The front topography is quite low, we cannot see too many enemies, you look at overrunning of Hero Ran Min that strong winds, who knows that many Full Moon City hoodlums ambush there wait for the pain to be flat he!"

I smile, said in guild channel: „Old K, leading your person to come back immediately, all people, retreated to return to the city! Li Mu, having 2000 people to bring up the rear with me together, everybody retreats slowly, should not be flustered, otherwise they can instead [Assault] chase down us."

This old K has not said anything, after all in fights he also understood, in the domain of war strategy, he is well below me, at this time listened to the order to be quite good, otherwise Wolf and Fox definitely will turn down to friendship being on intimate terms that he arranges.

If heaven pities me, other Guild management player, even if also has the NC younger sister paper to deliver to the thousand li(500 km) again ugly, but in the [Zhan Long] guild management regulation system has clearly stipulated this aspect, the management player can not exploit power, can not for own girlfriend, ** and other arrangement guild positions, therefore...... Old K and Li Mu also list!


The garrison troops in Fan Shu City run out tidal, tidal diverges, the galvanized iron in our city wall cooled, the heavy artillery shell that but the Full Moon City NPC army has actually not necessarily can also bomb continually for several hours, such that just like also I expect, we retreat very slowly, the Full Moon City person does not dare to chase down, actually the southwest corner smile has been ready to make trouble, but should be Hand of Waterloo reports the news to him, [God of Thunder] Guild also almost holds troops.

Such has been supporting, has endured another night in game.

The star light sprinkles on silver Fan Shu City, the bloodstain of city wall edge, here also is really considered as on is a fairy tale beautiful city, I hold the sword to lean in the Fan Shu City crenelation, at the same time turns head to have a look at behind the body, the Full Moon City person had already offline much, it seems like it was offline sleeps to supplement that [Lullaby] went, but we actually do not dare to idle, who knows that the distant place can have Ze deep pool city and players in iron skull city to kill again?

Zhan Long Chapter 1057

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