Zhan Long Chapter 1058

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About 9 : 00 am, the second round country fights first day only remaining final 3 hours.

I by in the inside of city wall, on the lower lid fight, the small tiger crawls side me, called the sound, was an obedient airedale has rubbed rubbing on my arm likely generally.

Touches the head of Ancient Heavenly Tiger, I look to nearby Yue Qing Qian, asked: „Did Qing Qian, pry the information warhawk to ride to search the news?"

Yue Qing Qian shakes the head: „No...... We sent out 100 + warhawks to ride to search You Yi in the wilderness and ice hot wilderness, was over half to be killed by tall Kongji!"

„Does high air attack kill?" I in consternation: „Also has with me same has the flight skill player?"

„That actually."

The Yue Qing Qian sip sip red lip, said: „Is a falcon, in the iron skull city domain, war sharp knife blade Guild has two player stations, in a station also has hawk nest building, recruits the falcon specially, now at least had over a thousand falcons, the falcon is the airborne bird of prey, rides to search to have the greatly strengthened aggressivity to the warhawk, basically 2-3 falcons presented the warhawk to ride to search together are not the matches."

„Is the sky rose?" I am somewhat silent.

Yue Qing Qian nods: „Right, is she...... Develops a black ink more fearful match compared with the clear pupil, she tames that many falcons, this was must make our intelligence systems lose heart, can only obtain the information from player there, but the American players the tactical situation that was not necessarily able completely to grasp us to need, and might give us the false information."

I stand up, have a look at the Full Moon City player in distant place, said: „How that iron skull city and was fight between Ze deep pool cities conducted?"

„The truce, reached any agreement probably once more."

„Should be Full Moon City cannot capture Fan Shu City, therefore they felt our threats."

„Um, should be this, Brother Xiao Yao, we what to do?"

„Does not know that continues to send out more warhawks to ride to search again to reconnoiter the enemy to gather intelligence."



Has endured noon, the Full Moon City player had not started to attack as before, but the population more gathers, has the scales of over 600 thousand people once more, spheres Fan Shu City three, four sides is the surface in the Tian Ling Empire direction, is guarded by the palace guard and crazy Lei Jun's NPC, this is our key communication lines, cannot fall into enemy hands absolutely.

The highest heaven city direction spreads the news, the red rock city fortification fight as in continuing, the both sides players lose seriously, is assumed personal command by Fang Ge Que and Q-Sword, obviously the demon mountain cannot ask for any advantage . Moreover the system has also disseminated news several times, Fang Ge Que will massacre the demon mountain place next 12 gods one after another in 3 people, Q-Sword also will have massacred 2 people, added separately of beautiful woman Knight LuLu , HBN 7 K seven gods fought the net fourth person, thinks that Q-Sword was also the heavy hand destroys the flower.

However, the highest heaven city loses so seriously, which the Chinese war zone also very to goes, it is said Lu Chun Yang, Sword Tears and Enchanted Painting died in battle one time, even [Prague] Guildmaster Yan Zhao Warrior also had been massacred one time by demon Shan to strike, was good fights because of the country did not die one time unable to get online, but the death price turned time.

The Port City direction, the rumor led some players in day imperial book repository to give up attacking a city, the extension has attacked the red rock city to go, in addition this pressure, the highest heaven city somewhat could not support finally, but I was worrying as before faintly that the clear pupil developed the strength that black ink and maplewood were drunk to be released, so long as they with the demon mountain said in private can fit in easily, when the time comes around two big influence unions the converging attack, perhaps the day imperial book repository army must be surrounded and exterminated in the red rock city gets down.

Thinks of here, I could not bear to Lin Wan Er have reported a news: „Wan Er, cannot sit by and do nothing again."

Girlfriend reply: „Um, how wants me to do?"

„Dispatches the fire Yun City NPC army deploys troops generally in Huoyun the city and in the Port City border, then the drum gets angry on Unseong-ri China player also chamfering demarcation line to pick a quarrel stirs up trouble, like this could constrain the clear pupil to develop the military strength that black ink and maplewood are drunk."

„Um, I manage immediately!"

„Some of your on hand in how many military strength?"

„250,000 NPC armies go to the boundary, can the words of player, agitate to surpass 500 thousand probably?"

„Good, was enough, come on! Once the clear pupil develops the main force that black ink and maplewood are drunk to go to the red rock city to sneak attack, you seize the chance to sneak attack Port City."


„Arranged to eat the thing on offline, rested a meeting while convenient."

„Knows that you are also."



The country war plays too intensely, does not have with Cooldown of girlfriend attentive meeting continually, said that simply was too tired.

Finally Full Moon City does not attack, therefore my 2 : 00 pm time offline, the [Zhan Long] player were also majority of offline to rest, so long as the Full Moon City attack, we can call complete online, and Yue Qing Qian made everybody's cell phone tie up the guild circular system in game, so long as an elder level above player system group reported the news, everybody's cell phone can receive the information or the binding alarum, in awakening with hotel served similarly.

offline, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue two female both quickly boiled the dark pouche, looks the appearance that young girlfriend was utterly exhausted, I quite somewhat loved dearly, said: „After finishing eating the food, rested one."

„You hug me to rest together." Lin Wan Er pursed the lips to say.

I laugh in spite of trying not to: „East city in!"

Dong Cheng Yue shot a look at our one eyes, said: „Previous time I also, you am also not equally unscrupulous, ok, the age also arrived in any case, stealing food forbidden fruit anything most loved."

„We did not have!" Lin Wan Er blushes to say.

Dong Cheng Yue groans smiles: „Sooner or later matter!"

Saying, her was approaching us, on the simple and beautiful cheek is having the ambiguous happy expression: „Brother Xiao Yao and Wan Er, your first time? Wants me to teach you an experience?"

I visit her with a smile: „Yo, your probably very experienced appearance."

„Said anything, others are also the first time."

„Do you teach with what?"

„I hundred passed many postures......"

I almost must to this attractive female compared with the middle finger: „Theoretical specialist and being an armchair strategist, was the same with Zhao Kuo, is an armchair strategist ruins 40 thousand armies......"

Dong Cheng Yue is digging the small mouth: „I instruct, will be insufficient to ruin your 40 thousand armies?"

Lin Wan Er could not bear smile: „Will that ruin hundreds of millions armies?"

Immediately, I and Dong Cheng Yue have blushed, oh, felt instantaneously everybody is unchaste.

Therefore I said: „We did not say that this, after all we are that honest chaste people, moreover is the well-known players in game, we must maintain the glory honest image."

Dong Cheng Yue put out a hand a finger, being filled with righteous indignation said: „You first placing the hand on Wan Er leg put aside!"

„East city, Tang Qi has not gotten out of bed to eat meal, haven't you reported the news to him? Did not get up only to have cold rice."

„Snort, knows rail switch topic! Tang Qi that idiot had said again offline, the red rock city plays just intensely!"



In the kitchen, two chefs are bustling about, we request to the meals are not high, the country fights the period the meals must talk idly not to get angry, and nutrition can maintain richly the physical ability has sufficed, must place delicious secondary.

Crossed a meeting again, Tang Qi finally offline, on the face full was the feeling of weariness, like must hang.

I looked at his one eyes, saying with a smile of taunt: „Then continues for 24 hours online not to be good? On your this also Royal Air peak......"

Tang Qi shot a look at my one eyes: „Ahem, your facial expression is not quite not good, your such returning from the grave flame!"

I laugh, said: „Tang Qi, said, you enter in the game, after fierce fight, can feel that own entering step speed was faster than before?"

Tang Qi nods: „Um, effect of this game on the brain wave and quenchinged seems to be different to the former game, because fierce exercise in game, therefore I can that quick condensation cyclone."

„Was right, the tactical situation in red rock city how?"

„This......" he touches the nose, said with a smile: „Can not chat this?"

„Hits is not suitable?"

„It is not." He categorically denies, said: „Has not fought a battle to force a quick decision......"


He carries the cup to drink water, said: „Fight at first, we suppressed match, demon mountain 12 gods under are killed not remaining several by us, Guild of demon mountain also lost seriously, what made us not think, highest heaven city besides demon mountain, but also so many masters, the server in that city were too many were too many, killed one batch to come one batch, inexhaustible, this in the red rock city looked like by our fight falls to enter in the mire to be the same."

I asked: „Did the 200 000 antiquity demon soldier of purple bagpipe release?"

„Temporarily did not have......"

The Tang Qi somewhat worried rubbing forehead, said: „This is I most was also worried that the strength of antiquity demon soldier was probably equally matched with your palace guard, words that complete releases, our that 1000 thousand + people estimated that immediately must reimburse."

I show a faint smile: „True threat is the Port City several million Indian players, never neglect them."

„Um, this I know that right......" he has started to speak but hesitated.


Tang Qi touches the nose, somewhat awkwardly said: „Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han, Wang Ze Cheng and rumor these people quite have the weiled word to you, said that you grasped the entire Tian Ling Empire NPC army in the hand, did not apportion us, causes we attacked the red rock city time does not have the firepower to reenforce, this was also the reason that we could not capture."

I sighed, said: „Good, after waiting to get online, I issue order, the Yorozuo long rank above player can dispatch own military strength voluntarily, looks at the office, polished in any case is also own loss."

„OK, I will officially inform one with them."

„Hopes that you a bit faster overcome red rock city, do not tow to be too long, a Fan Shu City small town is going against the pressures of northern three first-level lord cities."

„Knew, I they will say with Q-Sword and Fang Ge Que."



Zhan Long Chapter 1058

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