Zhan Long Chapter 1059

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Waking up time is the country fights around 10 : 00 pm, has a look at the information on cell phone, only then, came from Death God's Elegy: „Iron skull city and Ze deep pool city reached the agreement, after 3 hours, arrived in the Chinese war zone domain border region!"

That is around 6 : 00 information, now should also arrive?

Anxious getting out of bed, washes hurriedly, afterward ate with Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue optional hot spot thing has gotten online, the enemy from West, stood and waited for a long time direction Fan Shu City southwest Tian Ling Empire bears the brunt, and Fan Shu City has resisted looks at semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate player N to be long, over 100,000 strong Dragon's den armed forces, already were their eye-sores and thorns in the side.


The shape of character renovates slowly at present, I appear in the Fan Shu City city wall, just appeared only thought that front „whish" the scalding hot fireball raids together, draws out sword blade edge in addition to hold [Wall of Dou Qi] and [Frost Armor] Armor two big defense techniques hurriedly, the butterfly standard keeps off the front, „bang" was pounded by the frontage, fell thousand HP, but also is good, attacks a stone car(riage) from the hot torch stone that projects, outside the Fan Shu City west city wall, already was sea of people one piece, innumerable great artillery, stone car(riage)s to city wanton bombing.

Airborne, a leader warhawk is sounding fierce, and also the leader lion vulture bird of prey besides the warhawk, that is also the special product branch of the services of iron skull city, although the lion vulture bird of prey is inferior to big dragon such tyrannical, but actually be more savage than the warhawk, mount Pin Jie is the Demon Harvest step, but the quantity is not too many, moreover mostly is NPC mount, the player wants to obtain the lion vulture to pay not the well-known price as mount, can ride the lion vulture the player to be few in any case at present.

The allied armies that in the city wall, [Zhan Long], [Judgement], [Appearance Alliance] and [Blood Contract] four big Guild compose are counterattacking violently, on the city the fire continuously, archers, Musketeer, Mage reveal above the crenelation to output the firepower the body, not counter-attack under Gu Cheng pond.

Not far away, Xing Lie is grasping the fiery red flintlock, said with a smile: „Boss, you came finally!"

I asked: „Is situation how is it?"

Xing Lie said: „It is not quite optimistic!"

„Not, come on!"


I raised sword summon god fierce fine horse to fire into the right wing, there huge attacking tower over a city gate car(riage) was drawing close to the city wall slowly, once drew close to can Lou Cheli iron skull city NPC army losing altogether in the city wall, at that time the defense pressure became greatly, the opening thousand frost wings without hesitation, flew high to sweep the sword, rides the wind the god level skill ray that cut to bloom, stiffly cut off the building car(riage) around the middle, Lou Che the NPC soldier fell in abundance, one of them even grasped the long sword to fire into me, on the face full kills intent.


The air current revolves, I step on cool breeze to jump to jump onto the city, does not pester with him, starts to clean up other attacking tower over a city gate car(riage)s all the way, outside the western city wall almost is NPC and player of iron skull city, the American has acted as the attacking a city main force, fortunately our Long Jing artillery and hot crag artillery are sufficient, an artillery artillery rumbles the fragment the attacking a city instrument of opposite party, and in archer's tower that inside the city wall stands tall and erect, in each archer's tower is crowding at least hundred Heavy Flame Archers, this is 7 levels of branch of the services, has 95% attributes, the bow and arrow violent shot is also makes the players outside city want dead to want the immortal.

The Han deep pool leads the palace guard to defend on the city, the BOSS level palace guard military officers of almost all temple knight ranks have gone forth to battle, defends the attack that under the city the flying shuttle is coming with the Saint shield, at the same time cuts the bang to strike to kill these in the scaling ladder the Saint light to try to mount the player of city.

I looked again that the dense and numerous scaling ladders gang up in the city wall, causes the dense and numerous iron skull city players to climb the city wall, my goodness, just likes the crowded insect is ordinary, making the human look is scared at heart, but Fan Shu City is as before firm, the defensive player on city has not appeared tired, even Li Mu gathered one group of melt god cavalries to await orders in the city wall, momentarily can rush ahead these to rush to the American player of city, for a short time in Fan Shu City can be impregnable.

However, the strong defense cannot withstand the continuous attack, water-drop Shi Chuan, let alone is the Fan Shu City under trivial heavy artillery, the stone car(riage) and siege warfare hammer.

In the crowd, Yue Qing Qian raises dagger to walk rapidly, said: „Brother Xiao Yao, the situation is not wonderful"

„Um, said."

„The person who looks at the semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate shifted to the Fan Shu City Beicheng wall starts to fiercely attack, the Russian reached the agreement with the American, they sent out at least surely the player of rank in attacking the Fan Shu City southern city wall, the heavy artillery were many, and their population were too many are too many, all over almost arrived in the fire god one after another, the Russian probably thousand + person spread the East, has shut off us and relation of Tian Ling Empire direction, present Fan Shu City is almost an orphaned city."

„Um, I also saw"

Looks at the city to fight on the contact surface, Fan Shu City domestic China player only then trivial does not arrive at thousand person, mostly is the [Zhan Long] allies, some are the player of small guild, but the player organization of small guild is loose, the strength is also less optimistic, actually mainly must look at the [Zhan Long] ally strength, but reviewed the opposite party, the US war zone altogether sets out thousand player to enter the Fan Shu City within the boundaries map, looked at the semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate still left over thousand person, Russian thousand + person, they at least had thousand person in this big map, was our 6 times!

1 : 6 population is disparate, the difficulty of this weaponry could be imagined.

Yue Qing Qian is wrinkling the delicate eyebrows, said: „Red rock city has attacked, Fang Ge Que and Q-Sword continue to east set out, the next goal was the highest heaven city!"

„, Did the red rock city take?"

„Yes, a red rock city, has paid very serious price."

„It seems like Fan Shu City here could not count on the day imperial book repository, but, our population were too few were too few, this way sooner or later met the oil lamp to be completely dry."

„Um, what to do?"

„I said"

Turns on communication, the application and Fang Ge Que talks, after several seconds , the dialog connection, the Fang Ge Que calm sound conveys from another: „Xiao Yao, war about Fan Shu City?"

„Um." I said: „I know that overcomes the highest heaven city to be to us important, but Fan Shu City is withstanding thousand now + west fiercely attacking of boundary player, Fang Ge, day imperial book repository , if not send for reenforcing Fan Shu City, perhaps Fan Shu City must fall into enemy hands."

„The Fan Shu City situation I also understood, but, here needs the manpower, the entire night, under the red rock city we have almost surrounded and exterminated highest heaven city all main force one times, must follow up a victory with hot pursuit to kill under the highest heaven city, makes use at one fell swoop the main city income pouch that in this multi- country server gathers, otherwise the fight under red rock city in vain hit."

„That Fan Shu City really did not have."

„Relax, I have dispatched scenery to lead thousand + person to detour from Tian Ling Empire, most 2 hours can arrive in Fan Shu City, so long as you can support for 2 hours, scenery can bring [Legend] elite crashes in Fan Shu City to defend a city for you."


Switches off communication, I am out of control the knitting the brows head , the battleline of this war to draw long, from Fan Shu City to the highest heaven city, springs up everywhere, we do not have that many military strength to hit to connect the weaponry of dozens big maps in fact.

However but actually also surprises me, Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han, Yan Zhao Warrior and the others surrounded and exterminated the highest heaven city main force under the red rock city, demon mountain, 7 K and other teams were not their matches, has saying that Chinese war zone each generation produces talented people, probably the demon mountain now also really understands Chinese war zone was fierce.

But even if so, as before has departed from my initial tentative plan, collaborates the highest heaven city, captures the Linhai city, the present situation actually once more turned into us and world is an enemy.

Since has made into this situation, that step by step walks!

Continues to start the defense war, was less than two hours, in the Fan Shu City East fertile plain presented the dense and numerous Chinese player crowd, team that Enchanted Painting led, the Fang Ge Que manner was broad and level, disdains in making any mean deal, can use this war to consume Fan Shu City, but he actually dispatched Enchanted Painting to have the [Legend] main force to come, 8000 + kamikazes rode to arrive in full, this mind made the human admire.

And Enchanted Painting brings by far incessantly thousand person, she has captured from Tian Ling Empire, completely has actually brought the player who in Tian Ling Empire died in battle resurrecting, surpasses thousand person fully, had this group of new forces, Fan Shu City had strength of the war.

The iron skull city and military strength of Ze deep pool city starts to pass to the domain endosmosis of Chinese war zone, person who in Wu Shenhe, Tian Ling Empire, Jiu Li City appeared their, causes to gather round the Fan Shu City player to reduce from thousand + person to the actual thousand person high and low, stays behind mostly is elite, and distant looked at the past, war sharp knife blade Guild of sky rose as before still, immovability.

Although the Fan Shu City area is big, but accommodated thousand person as before appears some extremely in crowding, therefore Enchanted Painting reported the news to propose to me does not enter a city, making me send for aiding, then attacked the camp that looked at the semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate outside the city directly, probably hand of smile and Waterloo and the others have not thought that we will go out of town once more, thousand + person dispersed fan-shaped, covered from the East kills to go, thousand person who looked at the semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate appears frail.

„Jie Jie"

Airborne, the lion vulture knights from iron skull city could not repress to get rid finally, dense and numerous about 2000 + lion vulture knights flew together from west, in lion vulture bird of prey knight hand was holding up the iron (spear gun), projected furiously, „bang", the carbine changed into the giant light beam bang in the crowd, the lethality was full!

„Mother!" Cold Bei Song looks up the lion vulture knight group, clenches jaws saying: „Only hates us not to fly branch of the services!"

„No, actually has."

I am raising the long sword [Assault], while examines the big map, a piece has covered fiery red, airborne, thousand Flame Hawk Archers from Fan Shu City covers to kill, since the sky rose leaves the move, we can not meet to incur?


Lion vulture knight complexion with amazement, said: „Sir, what is that?"

Yorozuo of another lion vulture cavalry soldier long gets angry: „Is the flame hawk knight, gives on me, tears into shreds them, the trivial flame hawk also wants to fight with the lion vulture unexpectedly, courts death simply!"

One flock of lion vulture birds of prey killed the past immediately, the carbine projected, changes into scarlet light beams from the sky to explode, the fact showed that the flame hawk truly was not the match of lion vulture, lost in a flash seriously, but Chi Yu Qing did not come under attack the host who did not hit back, the thorn whip ejected, the lion vulture that twined a leader, Flame Hawk Archers shoots arrows together, turned into the hedgehog the lion vulture knight instantaneously.

The airborne blood falls like the rain, spatters in all directions rushes ahead on the ground the crowd.

Zhan Long Chapter 1059

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