Zhan Long Chapter 1060

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Person too many resistances of Full Moon City, directly by us from the Fan Shu City north driving away northwest, above the earth full is the dense and numerous corpses, countless, innumerable equipment and potion fallen in lawn, wild sand, after 4 hours starts the battlefield cleanup.

The player in the cleaning up battlefield, I leads the main force of melt god cavalry and scarlet hot cavalry to deploy troops in the wilderness, the distant place, the war sharp knife blade of sky rose surpasses 10 thousand people ready in full battle array.

The war sharp knife blade, the iron skull city first guild, the literacy class surpasses 27 thousand people, above at least 10 thousand people who can online meet, was world top Guild, the Guildmaster sky rose was honored as the female war-god, put the eye bar skull city, can leave without any male player its right, was different to the Chinese area and Indian area and highest heaven city, the Chinese war zone can speak was not the woman, the first person of highest heaven city was the demon mountain, but the Indian area strength strongest person was the maplewood is drunk, the intelligence strongest person was the clear pupil develops black ink.


The person of war sharp knife blade is ready in full battle array, the heavy artillery and crossbow car(riage) has prepared, is waiting for our impact, but I do not plan to attack on own initiative, we have Fan Shu City to be the backing, does not need to be at outside the city with them the field operation, such has suffered a loss, and my behind person is not the Tian Ling Empire main force, too many main Guild went to battle along with rumor political integrity yue.

Receives the team slowly, about 500 thousand people guard in the east defend, to guard by four sides besieged a city, other people enter Fan Shu City slowly.

Again shortly afterward, the Full Moon City person goes, but duplicate, gathers at the north once more, forms three besieged cities the situations, but the offensive in western city wall is swiftest and fiercest, the sky rose that big patience, does not want to waste too many Cooldown on Fan Shu City, after all, their true goals are Tian Ling Empire, the Tian Ling Empire product and resources world first, nobody can not be jealous of this city.

Cooldown already at nightfall, the player and NPC on Fan Shu City hold up the flare, illuminates the city above just likes the daytime, but the iron skull city and players and NPC in Ze deep pool under cities and Full Moon City three big main cities city the torch light, the bird's eye view in the past, on the plain outside city full were the dense and numerous sparks, the population are really too many were also too many.

„They stopped attacking." Li Mu sits in fully is in the stone detritus ground, there has suffered direct bombing of dragon crystal artillery, has formed a low-lying uneven pit.

I said: „Quick will again come."

Yue Qing Qian said: „Ceases for one hour, should be was waiting for that the rear dragon crystal artillery and various types of military baggage are right, then their attacks perhaps very crazy."

At this time under general Wang Jian rode the warhorse to graze to come, to stand up from failure the training ground: „Xiao Yao elder brother, American secretly at least sends out 500 thousand above people from falling Dragon Linrao passes, immediately must arrive in east Fan Shu City, once makes them form the potential of encirclement, we difficultly hit."

Enchanted Painting stares, is raising the water deity halberd, said: „We quite have several million people to guard outside the city, what to do, to go out of town to continue outside to start, makes them remove?"

I hesitate, said: „Makes them all enter a city, this American definitely brought on the dragon crystal artillery, the field operation certainly must again suffer a loss, we rely on the city firm defends one wave again, so long as their first wave of attack has not overcome Fan Shu City, spirit no time we have to the opportunity that Going out counter-attacks."



Similar to general that we expect, shortly afterward, the distant place will transmit again soars to the heavens the war cries, the American players in iron skull city started the new round attack, the direct more than ten million people will start to fiercely attacking of Fan Shu City East city wall, but we will guard the player in surrounding in continuously to draw back into the city slowly, saw that they will encounter cover kill, will actually want to help but unable.

Around the city had been attacked, the sky rose and brown pupil, smile these people to affirm that discussed has attacked Cooldown, really difficult for them, for trivial Fan Shu City has made three big main cities turn out in full strength unexpectedly, actually the Fan Shu City domain is not big, can directly participate in the player not over 100 thousand people who the besieged city fights, the majority of players beyond hundred meters wait for the attack in the distance city.

„Bang thump! Bang thump!"

The battle drum sound of distant place thunders, in curtain of night, I narrow the eyes to focus to look at the distant place, said: „What is that?"

Dong Cheng Yue is grasping the long stick, suddenly the release dark night meteor flies together to the distant place, under that ray shines, is a giant incorruptible giant is dragging heavy Axe to come impressively, NND, is a giant of BOSS level, and subordinates the regiment establishment in Ze deep pool city, this is the city characteristics branch of the services, the Russian to attack and capture Fan Shu City, released unexpectedly the giants!

„182 levels of star god level BOSS, everybody was careful!" I warned the people, holds the Dong Cheng Yue wrist skill, leading her to fly to approach the giant to the city, must kill this colossus, the Dong Cheng Yue powerful supernatural power was indispensable!

The Han deep pool is holding the long blade, looks at the incorruptible giant in distant place, the anger shouts to clear the way: „What thing is that?"

„Is the giant, General!" Palace guard multitude of people long replied.

The Han deep pool clenches jaws: „Mother, how Ze deep pool city will have this monster, is really strange!"

At this time I led the [Zhan Long] elite player to catch up, immediately orders saying: „Han Yuan, lets the dragon crystal artillery aiming incorruptible giant on city, rumbles he, do not make him approach the city wall!"

„Yes, General!"

The cannoneers shift the calibration direction of heavy artillery in abundance, broadcasts „" the sound, the next quarter city wall shivers, the dragon crystal artillery thunders the eruption, shells accurate erupts on the body of incorruptible giant, but that giant extremely in the hugeness, at least 40 meters high, was almost really flush with the city wall peak, the body is wrapping one layer upon layer incorruptible, just liked has put on ice armor, the dragon crystal artillery fever melt ice layer not only, is actually not able the bang in short Cooldown to massacre this one-star BOSS.

„Continue!" The Han deep pool raises the long blade anger to exclaim: „Rumbles he, do not make him approach the city!"

But the dragon crystal artillery needs 30-60 seconds of cooling Cooldown, one group of cannoneers helpless looks at Han Yuan, but the distant place, that incorruptible giant had also been enraged, raised Axe to roar, each foot pedal as if carried over earthquake shivering in the ground, his footsteps almost made entire Fan Shu City shiver.


Was welcoming Dong Cheng Yue [Thunderbolt Finger] and Dancing Forest meteor arrow, BOSS that this fierce did not fear rapid raised the Axe both arms, outrageously was striking to the city wall!


The flame spatters in all directions, two dragon crystal artillery were pounded the scrap copper and iron instantaneously, dozens cannoneers departed the city wall under Axe, about 20 meters distance the crenelation of city wall in exaggerates together with city wall together uneven has sliced off, the crushed stone was mixing with the dragon crystal artillery and corpse departed the city, fell outside the city, the miserable howling sound linked up into a single stretch.


Li Mu holds breath a cold air/Qi: „This has also ruled by force......"

I am grasping the butterfly, thousand frost wings have fired into BOSS, at the same time shouted to clear the way lowly: „Can kill including blood giant Kyle, this star god is P, on, kills him together, the strength value of incorruptible giant is high, but Agility is not high, Movement Speed is also slow!"

Just like I said that incorruptible giant strikes the later body crookedly in the city edge, Axe extremely in the heaviness, perhaps links him to think that brandishes somewhat reluctantly, when he returns to the vigor, I already flew high to stay sky over his nape of the neck, Jianfeng one horizontal, the golden ray blooms in the nighttime sky, is very gorgeous, will ride the wind 15 swords that cuts to flow swiftly to fall suddenly, simultaneously chops to come time [Strength of a Thousand Men] five to strike again, when the incorruptible giant brandishes the arm whips me, Zhen Yue Blade one horizontal, „bang" a standard keeps off successfully, but this great strength looks like withstands great pressure simply general, body cannot help but. Stumbles to go backward, the hit in the city wall, the head has a dizziness feeling loudly, falls outside the city.

„Look, is the country fights MVP Xiao Yao Zi Zai, butchers him!"

Outside the city players in one crowd of Ze deep pool cities naturally cannot let off this good opportunity, dozens rode the war is player Qi Qichong, raised in the hand the pointed weapons, when has not released round imperial swordsmanship, [Battle Axe Throw] and other skills!

The surging ejection that golden barrier [Wall of Dou Qi] of my body surface keeps opens these attacks, big reduces to be hurt, shows a faint smile, the dance of ghosts and gods opens, [Tempest Sword] enters in the crowd, the butterfly is having [Combo] ray sweeping, in addition chopping of Zhen Yue Blade chops, kills several talented people to leave continually, jumps to jump to non-stop fly to the city wall.


The incorruptible giant is wreaking havoc as before, but the hair on shoulder was ignited, that is the masterpiece of Dong Cheng Yue flame stone, the red fox that Yue Qing Qian also seizes an opportunity grasps the long-distance bang to kill suddenly, simultaneously raises the dagger to retreat the attack of avoidance incorruptible giant backward, that Axe just likes magical instrument general dropping from the clouds, anybody is unable to resist!


A bang, Fan Shu City south city wall suffered the heavy losses, Axe solid dividing into about 20 meters, have looked like cut the watermelon to cut a large shortfall in the city wall equally, is good also has the galvanized iron package because of the wall surrounding, otherwise this axe must cleave in two Fan Shu City!

Han Yuan roared, raises the long blade to clash Going out, a foot pedal rapid fled on the shaft of giant, the next quarter long sword strap the golden supernatural power was rumbling Going out, although body inadequate contrast, but Han Yuan strength cancould be underestimated, after struck loudly , the chest ice layer of giant had been cut open, the skeleton disintegration, the blood flowed.

This does not calculate that the Han Yuan powerful place lies in the matter that can make others unable to make, brandishes the wound of long blade suddenly giant, a handle clumsy long blade likely is a handle full is the knife edge canopy is in his hands common, the whole person such has crashed in the chest cavity of giant, anything looks to disappear, sees a blood in spraying, the next quarter, „bang" a skeleton crashes to transmit, giant whins, the bone was pierced, the whole body is Han Yuan of blood kills to pass from the body of giant, the foot pedal supernatural power, is entraining the giant. The superficial knowledge is a step on treads vertical leaps, arrives at the nape of the neck place of giant outrageously, the long blade one cold, stayed behind in the giant nape of the neck place deeply did not see the bottom the wound.


In the whinning sound, the incorruptible giant received such wound not dead unexpectedly, was the left hand holds Han Yuan body on the contrary rapidly, roared is pounding it to the city wall!

„Bang" detritus flies upwards, in city wall had been pounded the ruins, in the crushed stone, Han Yuan one is the blood, the long blade has broken off, lying down that as if suffocates there, but the aura is gentle, saying with a smile that the corners of the mouth raise: „Happy!"

Zhan Long Chapter 1060

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