Zhan Long Chapter 1061

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„Has not died gets up , to continue to fight!" I have swept Han Yuan one eyes.

His rapid carp hits very stands up, smiles: „General, the breakage of city was quite serious!"

„I saw, quickly has killed this incorruptible giant, do not make him continue to destroy the city wall."


The Han deep pool reviews to look to one group of palace guards, said: „Comes the human, gives me again a long blade!"

In the crowd, multitude of people long throw a handle rapidly including the long blade of optical scintillation, Han Yuan grip, looks at the knife edge, said with a smile: „Clear light is cold, good blade!"

In the city, the archer of palace guard projects the arrow arrow, the dark moon/month spirits archery headed by fine silks is extremely high, in addition behind in the archer's tower killing of Heavy Flame Archers, in the eyes of incorruptible giant inserted completely the arrow arrow, both eyes lose one's sight, closes the eye not to be impossible, but this giant actually likely is the injured wild animal, the beastly nature sends greatly, brandishes Axe to chop recklessly randomly, leaves behind deep ditch marks on the wall, continuation was hit like this by him, south Fan Shu City the city wall affirmative fought the day on to be torn down in the second country!

Is good because, Han Yuan and other NPC military officers output enough tyrannicalally, the long-distance output that in addition the [Zhan Long] player has kept, fierce falling suddenly of incorruptible giant, in an instant already to below 10%.

However, in this Cooldown, our attention was attracted the past, the Russian players in Ze deep pool city actually seize the chance to advance the city edge dozens building car(riage)s, Lou Chenei the steps tumble unceasingly, falls inside Ze deep pool city brave warriors in the city wall, this crowd of drop deads incomparable cut-throat starts to slaughter everywhere.

What awfully is, the palace guard in city wall falls into enemy hands also to cause the innumerable players to crawl short from the scaling ladder, in a Cooldown south city wall Chinese player and Russian player close 55!


Li Mu is holding up the long sword, holds on the reins suddenly, said: „Melt god cavalry, overruns with me together, eliminates, making the people in city come up immediately assisting, south city wall soon could not defend!"

One Second Hero and Li Meng Yao, Yue Yao Yan and other melt god cavalries have rushed ahead the past with Li Mu immediately, at this time [Assault] did not fear south city wall no longer is our.

In startled day whinning, the incorruptible giant poured under the city, simultaneously as if blew out some equipment, I a spin body flew immediately, airborne has fished the spoils of war that the incorruptible giant blew out, gave Yue Qing Qian this vice- Guildmaster to assign directly, the luck was good, left star magical instruments and two Divine Tier, the magical instrument was Pi Jia the wrister, gave an assassin, a Divine Tier also ROLL decision belonged.

Looks at the entire Fan Shu City East city wall again, the somewhat horrible to look at appearance, the city walls had been levelled directly, is having large quantities of Ze deep pool city NPC soldier and player crawls using the scaling ladder, in the city wall in addition huge Axe margin, shuts off corridor 5 meters in length, is unable the thing to pass through.

„Dragon whetstone!" I raised the long sword to look to the city.

Long Xing is gathering the military strength of palace guard, looks up to me: „General, what?"

„A bit faster assembles the artisan to repair the city wall corridor temporarily!"


Are defended the city wall gap by me and Dancing Forest, Dong Cheng Yue and other [Zhan Long] players with hardship, one group of artisans were rapid on the city wall, threw into the gap to fill the stone material unceasingly, very rough the city wall by the gap that the giant destroyed patching, Han Yuan dispatched the soldier to transport several Long Jing artillery to defend to the city wall, but the distant place, near a half hour of struggle, Li Mu and Wang Jian led the melt god cavalry also to give to seize the south city wall.

The city wall high and low everywhere is the dense and numerous corpses, the battle loss that we defend a city is very big, but the match inevitably is two times in us, both sides are almost the life that uses the player are exchanging.

Walks in the city wall, looks at the dense and numerous Ze deep pool city players like is insect climbing up in the outer wall, cannot bear somewhat is scared at heart, but on the city the heavy artillery of palace guard also in unceasing wreaking havoc in the distant place, flame scalding hot mushroom clouds erupts on the plain, an artillery gulf, but is unable to contain the match to attack the offensive of city.

It seems like the brown pupil became angry out of shame, does not want to be detained by a Fan Shu City such small city is too here long, therefore firmly decided to in short Cooldown attack and capture the city.

I progress to march forward at the same time, the butterfly actually flew, [Blade Spin] in the midair, like is blows the scalp the player in outer wall sweeps to fall, Li Meng Yao, Yue Yao Yan and the others also raise the sword shield to defend in the city wall edge imperial, Dong Cheng Yue is proposing Aiersha scepter, points was already full, in this fight the person who she massacres were too many are too many.

Forwards, I have passed through the southern city wall, is protecting me with Xia Ye with one group of palace guard heavy cavalries, had arrived in the western city wall, actually discovered that which city wall very to goes, the city wall high and low full is the player and crazy Lei Jun's corpse, a crenelation edge military commander is preying, made an effort to pull out from the enemy chest the long sword, is bringing the blood incarnadine the battle dress, actually also continually drew back several steps, on the shoulder inserts three arrow arrows, the plume feather is still shivering.

„General Ou Yeti!" Xia Ye calls out in alarm one.

Right, this person is crazy Lei Jun's commanding Ou Yeti, he is Demon Harvest step BOSS, several times in succession the strength of god, was struck the possibility that kills to be too big in this battlefield, after is not BOSS of each regiment has Han Yuan, Xiao Li and the others such strength and Pin Jie, Ou Ye cried fiercely is panting for breath, actually the corners of the mouth raised, crawled to hold the fist in the other hand to say from the ground: „End see Li Shuai!"

I think him, has a look at the corpse of surrounding crazy Lei Jun soldier, said: „For Fan Shu City, painstakingly you!"

In Ou Ye crying eye insists on completely, said: „The hero soul guard city of Duke Dean, Fan Shu City will never downcast, I and others can for the words that to guard Fan Shu City falls from the sky, this is we are the glory of serviceman!"

„Good!" Xia Ye walks to go forward, racket his shoulder: „Good brothers!"

At this time, Ou Yeti actually looked among one person skeletons, put out a hand to point out: „General Li Shuai Xu Yan his he died in battle!"

I am startled slightly: „Xu did Yan die in battle?"


Walks to go forward hurriedly, I actually noticed that Xu Yanwai pours in the city wall, an arm was cut away, the blood became burned black, the whole body altogether is inserting 7 arrow arrows, what is fatal is one on nape of the neck, was once crazy Lei Jun commands, because actually the cloud floating event was degraded to be assorted long, at this time did he die in battle as if is also the best home to return to?

Person this for a lifetime, unavoidably line of bad missteps, but can turn back on own road, is worth forgiving.

I sighed, said: „Post-war, if the empire has not downcast, Xu Yan the etiquette burial that commands by the empire, he had the glory dead in battle for the empire, being worth this."

In Ou Ye crying eye passed over gently and swiftly a respect, said: „Yes, Li Shuai!"

Makes an inspection tour four sides the city wall, my also moral nature secretly sends coldly, the offensive in three big main cities were really too violent, Fan Shu City at this moment has been scarred, was good defends the imperial player to be many in the city enough, died in battle one batch to come up one batch, and died in battle 1 level of player not offline, the majority gathered at Tian Ling Empire, the wait command killed again from the city, they from Tian Ling Empire to Fan Shu City also one hour, but the players in three big main cities hung actually at least to take over 10 hours to be able again, even if were Varelia quartz, but a that type of thing was too rare and precious, Absolutely does not have many, in this country fights the rank the city to fight, several thousand people of transmission anything do not calculate.

Inspects, crazy Lei Jun, the hot axe armed forces in total number of people city the sharp decline to 50%, the battle loss was very serious, the palace guard also at least damaged over 30%, making three big main cities for a long time unable to capture must pay the price.

Now only what I hope for is Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword and the others can a bit faster decide the victory and defeat in the Eastern battlefield, has won also well, lost also well, are many some people, we can go out of town to meet head-on, attack fiercely the military strength of three big main cities, but only depends on this in city not to be over thousand player total, exits probably also to bring death.

Has fiercely attacked 7-hour-long, both sides fiercely are also changing in the Fan Shu City population

Tian Ling Empire: 4718821 people

Looks at the semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate: 3122839 people

Iron skull city: 19283737 people

Ze deep pool city: 4717232 people

The population of three big main cities were too many were too many, and continuous also had the reinforcements, we lost thousand person, actually at least massacred 2-3 times in our people, was the players in iron skull city directly is only killed to surpass thousand person, but this as if did not affect the general situation, Fan Shu City in besieged a city by four sides as before, and their next wave of offensive certainly violent.

At this time, the distant place transmitted the combat report

【17 : 02】 Highest heaven city: The day imperial book repository team of Fang Ge Que leadership starts to attack the highest heaven city, Yan Zhao Warrior leads [Prague] to intercept the highest heaven city to turn back in order to help friendly forces the military strength in the jungle outside highest heaven city, destroys completely thousand Yu people.

【17 : 44】 Linhai city: The maplewood is drunk to assemble to exceed the military strength of thousand person to arrive in the highest heaven city and Linhai city boundary, prepares the attack highest heaven city at any time.

【16 : 01】 Fire Yun Cheng: Lin Wan Er dispatches troops, exceeds thousand military strength to arrive near Haicheng southwest, momentarily can besiege a city.

The situation was getting more and more disadvantageous to us, every step such as treads on Bu Bing simply, no one knows where the next quarter our road can move toward, no one knows how long Fan Shu City can also support.

According to news that Tian Ling Empire spreads, this Fang Ge Que iron core must wipe out highest heaven city trusted friend to contract greatly, is summoned in the player who in Tian Ling Empire reactivates majority of goes to outside the highest heaven city to continue to enter the war, the Fang Ge Que original words are: „No matter the players in highest heaven city resurrect many times, must fight a battle to force a quick decision forcefully the broken city, captures the throne!"

The demon mountain has agreement with me, but by such a destruction, this agreement became a mere scrap of paper, the war between highest heaven city and Tian Ling Empire has pulled open.

However has Q-Sword, Yan Zhao Warrior, Jian Feng Han, Simple and the others to be ready to accept assignment, Fang Ge Que really really may in three countries fought in the date to attack and capture the highest heaven city, if took the highest heaven city, that Fang Ge Que will further promote in the status of Chinese area, the genuine god should achieve the matter that others could not achieve.

However, what making me somewhat have doubts, has projected on the present, why purple bagpipe Guild has not used the 200 000 antiquity demon soldier, if uses, at least can let the player headache in day imperial book repository a while is right!

Ok, did not go to think, what I should think was how can defend Fan Shu City!

Zhan Long Chapter 1061

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