Zhan Long Chapter 1062

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The country fought the 3 rd date, around 5 : 00 pm, innumerable are many time repelled three big servers has fiercely attacked, Fan Shu City just liked is already the heat coal, the galvanized iron of all around city wall already red, the entire city covered in the smoke cloud, the city high and low in all directions was the corpse, especially in the city gate front, the corpse almost stacked several rice to be high, the waiting system was renovating slowly.

Under the mark time the city wall, Li Mu grasps the bloodstained long sword to follow close on me, said: „Xiao Yao, hits again like this, our 10 hours are also not necessarily able to defend, the western city wall Wanamiki wall has produced the crack majority, so long as Ze deep pool city and iron skull city sends out a wave of giant to attack again, possibly the Fan Shu City city wall directly collapsed."

I nod: „Yes, Fan Shu City is not the first-level host city, only then a barbican wall, the city wall broke killing of their vast stretch of flat land to come. But we do not have what means that understrength, the battle loss is serious, can only wait for the victory of highest heaven city."

The Li Mu corners of the mouth raised passed over gently and swiftly to sneer: „Fang Ge Que and Q-Sword they hit in the highest heaven city actually jubilantly, gave us small Fan Shu City the pressures of Western three big main cities, what meaning was this?"

I inspired, tranquil [say / way]: „Fan Shu City is our foundations, has Fan Shu City also to mean that we must shoulder this responsibility , to continue to prepare to meet head-on, over 30 minutes they do not start the next round to attack."


I raise the butterfly to continue, distant Xiao Liwo the long spear is grazing to come, said: „Li Shuai!"

„City wall restoration is how is it?" I asked.

Xiao Li complexion is not very good: „Not too wonderful Fan Shu City barbican wall damaged altogether 113, damages 7 seriously, especially south city wall by one that incorruptible giant Axe breaks out, has almost left uncultivated completely, our artisans are insufficient, many people were killed in the process of restoration city wall , the stone material reserves in city was serious, sending out the person who collected the city wall fragment to the city outside also to be killed, this way, we can only defend one pile of ruins."

My moral nature trembles, asked: „What news does the Tian Ling Empire direction have?"

Xiao Li holds the fist in the other hand: „Shallow forest your majesty has ordered Qu of legendary Emperor Yu armed forces to protect to command to send under custody large quantities of artisans, stone material and grain and fodder reenforces Fan Shu City, and brings this at least 100,000 armies, what a pity, they just crossed Wu Shenhe to encounter the attack of iron skull city adventurer regiment, the grain and fodder are burnt down most, at present, the domination of destiny bateau-bridge fell in the hand of iron skull city."

I deeply inspire, the situation was getting more and more bad, the sky rose naturally is not a fool, her military strength absolutely above me, can therefore send for interrupting around Fan Shu City all supply routes calmly, at present, we have been fighting single-handedly.

Looks in the city the player and NPC soldier weary back , shortly after Cooldown hundred taste mixed Chen, my this holds at heart greatly the spear just took office, must in this country did fight loses own city?

Opens the good friend to list, has sent a news to Fang Ge Que: „A bit faster the war of conclusion highest heaven city, Fan Shu City could not support, Fan Shu City falls into enemy hands, Tian Ling Empire exposes under [Vanguard] of three big main cities immediately, you look at the office!"

Fang Ge Que had not said that is only a few words: „Gives me again 5 hours!"

Switches off communication, I am utterly confused, steps the city wall, looks at the rocket beacon-fire of distant place, the Tian Ling Empire NPC soldier who on the fire god mountain range stations in lit the beacon-fire in abundance, is that is also what kind, in NPC army majority of guarding in Tian Ling Empire, cannot leave at will, but the hot axe armed forces and flame Long Jun, the strong wind from afar armed forces and others were also dispatched many troops to go to the highest heaven city by Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword, Yan Zhao Warrior and the others, leaves the military strength that I can deploy to be really few.

Airborne, is circling dense and numerous falcons, that is the special branch of the services of iron skull city, they are trying to control the Fan Shu City airborne domain, but I guard Flame Hawk Archers in city to lose seriously, connects the fierce battle, quantity insufficient thousand, perhaps sends to meet whole army has been annihilated again, does not dare to take risk.

Yue Qing Qian raises the dagger to walk arm in arm side me, looks up the airborne falcon, said leisurely: „We ride to search including the warhawk now did not have, no one could exit."

I have hugged her shoulder, said with a smile: „All right, we have not lost!"


In this time, suddenly airborne of distant place is actually reappearing several huge forms to come, with intermittent Long Yinsheng, the great shade sweeps across the Fan Shu City sky suddenly, that is a crystal dragon, one crowd of iron skull city falcon Mashangchong the calligraphy stroke struck in the past, how the crystal dragon body to circle, Long Xi emits, immediately the falcon becomes the ashes falls all, and quick second and third appears until the tenth largest dragon sky over Fan Shu City!

Finally, cold uncultivated land Dragon's den reenforced us!

The blue radish is grasping the long sword, has pressed down the main item of crystal dragon, arrives at sky over the city slowly, visits me with a smile: „Dragon Rider the Sir, you may be really miserable enough, Fan Shu City so was attacked unexpectedly, really makes the human regret!"

I could not smile, said: „Blue radish, how did you come?"

The blue radish said: „Frost Sir sends me to lead 9 Dragon Rider soldiers to come to here to reenforce you, said that Fan Shu City cannot fall into enemy hands, otherwise the day plume empire lost the gateway of West."

Saying, the blue radish blinked, said: „Frost Sir added that hopes that you can cure a cold uncultivated land Dragon's den one time immediately, an extremely important important matter waits for you to adjudicate."

„, What important matter?"

„Does not know that military aircraft important matter, my this young Chief Dragon Rider did not have the qualifications to know"

„Good, I knew!"

Looks continuously gunsmoke that on Fan Shu City hikes up, I said: „The defense of that this Fan Shu City gave you, before I came back, cannot make Fan Shu City fall into enemy hands at risk of life!"

The blue radish eats to smile: „Sir you felt relieved that here gave me!"

Therefore, I also said the sound with Li Mu, Yue Qing Qian, Mu Xuan and cold Bei Song, Enchanted Painting and the others, making them guard Fan Shu City, but I must cure a cold uncultivated land Dragon's den one time, One Second Hero that in the [Zhan Long] group team leader, died in battle is only responsible for in the player who Tian Ling Empire calls reactivates, then attempts to seize the destiny bateau-bridge again, makes a connection with the Fan Shu City life passage!

After arranging all, immediately thousand frost wing soaring heavens, the blue radish asked by far: „Sir, wants me to kill a road for you?"

„Does not use!"

I was categorical, jump to fly to the northeast, falcon of one crowd of iron skull cities encircled immediately, was actually flown [Tempest Sword] to give to wash out by me, their flying speeds could not compare me, could not block me to depart.

Near a half hour of flight, front already was snow expanse, gigantic snowflakes were unceasingly faded and fallen, cold uncultivated land Dragon's den majority of Cooldown was snowing throughout the year, now is no exception.


Fights the boots to launching a path in the ground, my steady falling above Dragon's den, distant place is caressing the Dragon Rider soldier of big dragon nape of the neck to turn around to look immediately lightly to me, said: „Sir, you came!"

I asked: „Frost where?"

„Frost Sir is in the administrative hall you!"

„Good, thanks."

Fights the boots to tread the snow, including overrunning of Ben Daifei, when I layer on layer open the front door, sees Frost and child Queen Shu and Aodiliya several cold uncultivated land Dragon's den important personages there, and encircles behind the giant black wooden desk, I cannot bear somewhat am astonished however: „, In?"

„Closes." Child Queen Shu said.

My convenient goalkeeper takes, asked: „How?"

„Xiao Yao, you a bit faster come, see a person." Frost looks to me.

I stare, the mark time goes forward, actually saw that their three people gather round a person unexpectedly, but this person of complexion is pale, the clothing of upper part had almost been ripped completely, an arm agglomerates the atrophy, only the remaining wooden club thick or thin bones, the skin continually on the bone, looked like horrible to look.

„This is"

I think her face, panic-stricken that is filled with: „Seurre! How can you here?"

Seurre opens a pair of scarlet red beautiful pupil, she knows me, but shows a faint smile saying: „Li Xiao Yao, do you also come?"

I startled asked in consternation: „What's all this about, Seurre in cold uncultivated land Dragon's den? Frost, why don't you butcher her? She has killed murderer!"

Frost muttered: „Now the situation is different."

„What's the matter?" I asked: „Seurre, why you will appear here, how was?"

„Blood deep pool, is blood deep pool" on Seurre's face cannot conceal to startle different.

„What is blood deep pool?" I asked.

Child Queen Shu said leisurely: „Do you know? In the Hybrid Demon territory, 15 kings, Seurre is 6 th, Sif is 3 rd, Dahlen is 2 nd, but the first almost nobody in this legend has seen, that is because among thousands of years his deep sleep has strengthened the strength in the purgatory deep place, the heroes of antiquity called it blood deep pool dark blue billows!"

Frost said: „Dark blue billows person, has his mark in my memory deep place, but is flooding slaughtering, this is a murder, murders the god such as the demon god of hemp, once superior god all Shen had half dead under his sword, before various gods died, gathered the supernatural power to live its seal, now the dark blue billows will soon break the shell rebirth, perhaps also nobody can resist him again."

I look to Seurre: „The rebirth of dark blue billows, what relations also has with your injury?"

Seurre smiles bitterly: „Dark blue billows , to break the seal completely, on need many death strengths, but the death strength of Hybrid Demon territory was strengthened similarly by him, therefore, the dark blue billows planned that sacrificed me, silver, Sif and the others the lives to strengthen the death strength, you see, my left arm was regarded offered the sacrificial offering."

My moral nature one cold: „Do this dark blue billows link you to dare to kill?"

„He was the god of death, from being anybody." In Seurre's eyes has filled desperately, said: „I, Sif, silver, Dahlen and the others have signed the contract with the death, deriving of our inescapable dark blue billows, perhaps waits till the dark blue billows broken shell rebirth that moment, our these kings must die, cannot escape."

Nearby, child Queen Shu has offered a sacrifice to built up the dragon god essence, is curing the arm of atrophy for Seurre, that arm also gradually had the scarlet, the speed slow full, full, but as the price, the complexion of child Queen Shu actually becomes dark green Bai Qi.

I under being implicated, am holding the sword hilt of butterfly, asked: „Seurre, do you come cold uncultivated land Dragon's den certainly to have the matter to request?"

Zhan Long Chapter 1062

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