Zhan Long Chapter 1063

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Seurre smiles bitterly and astringently, but smiles to have her sores, has coughed fiercely several, after replying to be tranquil, said: „Dahlen, Sif, silver spear, Redding, Anna, Kate strength has tied up above the torch stone of blood deep pool edge to come to his rebirth to provide the death strength by the blood wave that the dark blue billows summoned completely, Dahlen, Sif, the silver spear accumulation strength has released me, hopes that I departed the dark blue billows the strength domain, coming cold uncultivated land Dragon's den to pray for rescue!"

Saying, Seurre looked to Frost, said: „Frost has the godship of superior Lord, is person who in the only strength or may resist the dark blue billows."

„Is may, is not certain!"

I am somewhat excited, the sound ice-cold said: „For your murders such as the king of hemp, can make Frost go to the blood deep pool to bring death?"

Seurre self-ridicules smiles: „Yes, in your eyes, our these Hybrid Demon kings are the crime do not have to be possible the amnesty devil, right...... I should not come to here, but......"

Seurre deep looked at my one eyes, said: „But do not forget, the death strength of Hybrid Demon king was most succinct, if the dark blue billows derived our strength rebirth, perhaps his strength also reached in the peak condition, if gave him insufficiently succinct death strength, the strength of that dark blue billows also by big weakening."

I narrow the eyes to focus: „Why to trust you?"

Seurre smiled: „You why must trust me, the strength of dark blue billows was vivid, you asked Frost, she was the god, the echo of strength is certainly fiercest!"

Frost is resigned-looking, is holding my hand gently, her hand is very icy cold, pair of bright eyes visit me spookily, said: „For serveral days, I did not have calm and steady resting to pass the night, the strength of dark blue billows looked like a spell lingers in the heart, I can induce to him soon came out, he also knows that my existence, he was warning me, he was threatening me......"

My pain: „That...... Then what to do?"

Frost said: „I think that I should go to a time blood deep pool."

I: „I and you go together."

Seurre looks to me: „You must go, because this matter is related with you."

„Is related with me?"

„Yes." She sighed one lightly, said: „I planned that provides the human soul to give the dark blue billows to derive, in this case, after the dark blue billows are the rebirth, the strength will also be insufficient formidable to in society unrivaled situation."

„Provides the human the soul?" I in consternation: „Is your meaning?"

Seurre has smiled, corners of the mouth raise, the beautiful appearance just likes the devil: „Makes me lead the Hybrid Demon army to conquer by killing Tian Ling Empire? Tian Ling Empire is populous, conquers by killing one time also to refuse stubbornly, moreover I will elect you after the war, when Tian Ling Empire emperor, how?"

„Is the emperor?" I also smiled: „Do not crack a joke, I do not want to suffocate in the palace daily, said again, when I the emperor who can take me? Was needless to say again, this proposed that I did not agree."

„You must agree, otherwise everybody dies together."

My heart is agitated, thinks that suddenly heart one bright, said: „If must slaughter humanity, that other does choose a main city? Iron skull city and Full Moon City, how is it?"

Seurre stares: „This......"

I make a fist, said: „If the Hybrid Demon army attacks the hammering skull city and Full Moon City, I am willing to work as the cutting edge, how is it?"

Seurre smiled: Words that „spoke...... Is our a cooperation?"


„Hee hee, has not thought that the solemn day plume empire holds the spear and solemn three services marshal to want greatly unexpectedly, when my this devil daughter's cutting edge, said that also is really honored!"

„At this time, how you can also smile."

„Dies in any case, I do not care."

I laugh secretly, Seurre can see through actually, but said also right, dies in any case, cares about to do, but I lead the Hybrid Demon army to sweep away Full Moon City or the words of iron skull city, can be scolded is the degenerate in player?

Ok, so long as can save Fan Shu City, shoulders this infamy to be also worth!


Crosses a meeting again, the Seurre's injured arm almost restored, she also slowly sat from the bed chair, said: „Cooldown is urgent, consciousness of dark blue billows was imminent, we a bit faster move!"


„But, iron skull city defends the imperial military strength to be too many, but the Hybrid Demon military strength that I can deploy is also quite limited, therefore we do not choose the iron skull city, attacks Full Moon City, how is it?"

„Also good." The Full Moon City player is the pioneer team that this country fights, is the first team that arrives under Fan Shu City to attack crazily, that conveniently wipes out Full Moon City, is good!


Left the administrative hall, Frost has left behind Queen Zi Shu and Odelia to be responsible for the high and low matters concerned in Dragon's den, in fact Frost was not absolute trust Seurre, the powerhouse who must leave behind the god level defended protection against the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, otherwise might very much on the intermediate total, but saw that Frost kept the person to defend a city, Seurre also smiled, has not said anything.

After several minutes, I and Frost, Seurre has flown into the snow and ice, non-stop flies in the snow curtain to the core place of north Hybrid Demon territory.

As if thought that my flying speed is too slow, Frost gently by side me, draws my arm to embrace her, my palm also immediately gently presses in her front, is full of the elasticity soft, the tender body of god level powerhouse is also actually same, but I did not have realized with enough time slowly that Frost accelerated suddenly, two person as if meteors fall to the distant place, NND, my full speed has sufficed quickly, however Frost full speed at least is my several fold, just likes the lightning is really ordinary, the Seurre both arms hang down, equally full speed with line, but speed as before compared with. On Frost, this is not the strength disparity.

Is less than 10 minutes, we already entered the center of Hybrid Demon territory, flies again for several minutes, Seurre hints to stop.

The bird's eye view earth, is a desolateness, the sky of distant place reappears a piece of blood to say everywhere that the airborne thunder and lightning are glittering, does not need to think that in that scarlet was the blood deep pool!

My moral nature is a little unexpectedly excited, NND, destiny first can BOSS appear immediately? Dahlen, Sif, can the silver spear also stronger BOSS, what boundary that be?

Opens thousand frost wings, I draw out the butterfly sword slowly, the alert looks at the surroundings.

Seurre looks at my tense appearance, smiles: „Does not use that cautiously, is away from him to break shell rebirth also a little Cooldown, moreover you have not signed the contract with the death, he now how you, but after and other dark blue billows rebirths, he he, can your this only pick out the gap between teeth the broken sword to the dark blue billows approximately?"

I turn around to look to her, said: „Picks out the gap between teeth with the five-star magical instrument? I somewhat am worried about the dark blue billows to be able the gum inflammation."

Seurre eats to smile.

Frost said: „Do not bicker, a bit faster passed, has a look exactly to have anything!"



Flies to sky over the blood deep pool , about several li (0.5km) surrounding area changed into the blood pond, this was the blood deep pool, in the blood deep pool full was the ebullition bloody water, was tumbling air bubbles, and thunder and lightning bang entered in the pool of water, seemed strengthening the strength.

But around the blood deep pool, fever the red torch stone towers, on 6 torch stones, is tying up the Hybrid Demon kings, Redding and Sif and the others, also some old friends, for example the silver spear know me, his both arms by the scarlet surge binding, the body are changing into the lava shape, was buying in the strength slowly, the complexion exceptionally ugly, moves looks to me who cannot fear, sneers: „Boy, you dares to come to this place unexpectedly, hey, don't you fear death?"

In my hand the butterfly in a flash, sneers saying: „At this time killed you, should also be the slaughter demon brave warrior?"

Sif vulnerable saying: „Silver spear, Li Xiao Yao of state, do not argue again! Seurre, Cooldown are not many, our death strengths remaining are less than half, hurry up, slaughters with the imprisoning soul niche that I just quenchinged, once the soul enters imprisons the soul niche to transport to me, but I can also send to these soul strengths directly to the dark blue billows derive!"


Seurre puts out a hand, immediately in Sif's front blood pond „Shua Shua Shua" emits many blood red lanterns, this stone lantern was „imprisons soul niche that" Sif said that can buy in the soul strength the gadget.

Seurre will push to me baseless, said: „Li Xiao Yao, this turns over to you, you is a cutting edge, can collect many souls to look your!"

I nod: „Knows!"

Opens the hand to hold this to imprison the soul niche, raises in the left hand, the right hand continues to grasp the butterfly sword, is slaughters in any case, should have no need for the double sword flowing.

In this time, suddenly in blood pond is actually turning wells up, „Hong", blood turns to well up!


This giant blood holds me suddenly, immediately makes the person unable to move, my Frost one startled, cut Hua sword already to come out of the sheath, the god light passed over gently and swiftly, cut off blood, pool of water difficult situation, simultaneously faint heard the roar satanically: „Rebel...... Rebels......"

„Did not say that won't have the danger?" Frost asked.

Sif said: „Would the accident......"

Seurre's complexion is not quite attractive, said: „Us! I gathered the Hybrid Demon army at Asura, momentarily can, altogether 400 thousand armies, this was all strengths in several of us Hybrid Demon king hand!"




Because must slaughter, Frost together has not gone with me, she alone returned to cold uncultivated land Dragon's den to go, going on a punitive expedition against the Full Moon City matter gave me directly.

When I arrive in Asura, actually on dense and numerous the Hybrid Demon armies by the big map had a scare, the sword spirit cavalry soldier and demon palace ride, the barbaric wolf to ride and other levels of branch of the services to have everything expected to find, in addition has to carry is fighting the giant of hammer, to drag the land dragon of tail wait / etc., innumerable, Seurre said with the devil language several, in the ground soldiers of one crowd of Hybrid Demon armies kneel down to me immediately in abundance, it seems like my this cutting edge already received to approve.

Meanwhile, in my individual contact surface also presented the direction contact surface of Hybrid Demon army, altogether is divided into 10 teams, each 200 000 person, the cutting edge has the command jurisdiction of 200 thousand military strength, good!


Turns over to the sheath the sword blade edge, I raised the imprisoning soul niche of sparkle death ray to say the sentence superficially.

Zhan Long Chapter 1063

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