Zhan Long Chapter 1064

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Late at night, transport ships raised the sail, paints the black hull under the moonlight flood the beautiful gloss, a famous demon palace rides, the barbaric wolf to ride to instigate the mount neat mounting ships, the quarrel and fighting sound are unceasing, frequently has among partial Hybrid Demon to start the male servant to fight, Hybrid Demon are hot tempered, the mutual attack was the potluck.

My cutting edge officer of this being a guest performer sits in the bow of main battleship, silent looks that distant place two thrash in the same place demon palace rides, has not stopped, has not said anything to handle according to military law, the Hybrid Demon army is more chaotic is better, they are not chaotic, I instead must be worried next Hybrid Demon to the human empire launches the attack the time we should how resist.

„Raises anchor." Under the moonlight, a BOSS level Hybrid Demon military officer of star god level carries Axe to command loudly.

Looks into the distance, waited for the Hybrid Demon army that in large numbers transport ship ships gathers on the hillside, but Seurre in the mountainside raises the long bow to stand there, she is the commander in chief of this expedition, is responsible for the armed forces, but my this cutting edge officer must advance one step.

The warship sways the disembark slowly, the night wind is just anxious, thousands of warship advantage arrow sailed to generally has not turned over to the sea the other shore, but there, was setting up altogether 11 Full Moon City keeping watch harbors, this on the map can see that and harbor also had a substantial number of NPC battleships, must have a naval battle.


About after 30 minutes, distant has been able to see the distant place harbor lights ray.

I order rapidly: „Extinguishes all flares!"

One flock of barbaric wolves ride with half beast person brave warrior „whistling" the shouting response, all throws in the flare the entering the sea water, we almost can see the surrounding thing outline by the moonlight, but we extinguish the words of flare, NPC of that ashore was not necessarily able to see in the deep sea the enemy.

I took a look at great artillery on a transport ship, cannot bear knit the brows, the great artillery was fixed on the broad side, is unable to move, can only depend upon the shift hull to calibrate, these Hybrid Demon are not the common fools, ok, cannot depend upon the great artillery, must use another branch of the services, I draw out the butterfly, sets out to fly the front of numerous battleship, asked: „Does great Gun have the multi- discounts?"

A BOSS level combat general said with the hoarse sound: „In Xianfengying altogether has 27 great Gun, does the cutting edge officer of your this drop dead, what have to order?"

I show a faint smile, does not haggle over with him, but said: „Sends out all great Gun, attacks their harbors, the destruction of maximum degree their harbor warship, other warship full speed advances, the quickest speed disembarks the fight."

„Why do we want to listen your?" This BOSS level Hybrid Demon smiles, in the mouth that under the moonlight twists the mouth sidewise row of Huang Ya, sends out the stench the aura, making me unable to bear want its head also to chop.

Has not responded directly, I look to the north bank, said: „Seurre appoints me as the cutting edge officer, if I by do not listen to military order reason to report to Seurre, I will think the deep red cloud long bow in her hand certainly not to mind that will leave behind a thumb thick Dadong on your forehead, will you say?"

This Hybrid Demon cannot bear the body tremble, sneers: „Only knows that withdraws the chop suey in south capital city also to know to threaten others unexpectedly, good, the father does not haggle over with you, after taking Full Moon City, the father must chop to insert your head on the long spear, then sets upright in the Full Moon City city wall, wait and see!"

I also smiled, contemptuously visits him: „Relax, if there is an opportunity, under I also chopping without hesitation your this dog head, let alone these useless, immediately sends out great Gun Zhuzhan, if cannot take the harbor, I reduce your this stinking head now!"

„Snort, is......"


This BOSS obeyed my order eventually, great Gun tumbled in the sea water has been firing into the seacoast, but we were away from the there also less than 300 meters, quick heard in the lighthouse that at night scouted some people to shout loud: „Hybrid Demon attack! Hybrid Demon attack! These hybrids while the night sneak attack harbor, reported the garrison commander quickly!"

Was late, when his sound has not ceased, leader great Gun Fan played the dreadful rough sea waves to sweep across the harbor, anchored the warship with the body in harbor gives to knock, at this time was the night in game, on the warship basically nobody defended imperial, 27 great Gun Ziran also played the role of surprise attack.

„Comes ashore!"

I am raising the long sword, first Cooldown overran, the butterfly wields suddenly, rides the wind to cut the eruption, in one crowd grasps in the NPC crowd of sharp sword, the instantaneous second has killed several people, that several rode the wind the soldier who cuts to tear into shreds the body to call out pitifully to fall to the ground slowly, wiped the white soul to receive the attraction to float in the imprisoning soul niche in my hand rapidly.

Warship „bang bang bang" approach shoring, grasps Axe, lance and Hybrid Demon brave warrior of denticle blade to call out is flushing ashore, is maintaining their most primitive aggressiveness, breaks out the skull of enemy with Axe, opens the huge mouth to cut by biting the throat of match by the sharp tooth, chews the flesh and blood of enemy recklessly, in the mouth is nipping some meat of enemy body , to continue to decompose the match with the weapon.

The pitiful yell sound occurred repeatedly, the entire seacoast degenerated into a sea of fire, with nearness of warships, first batch of near 200 000 Hybrid Demon all landed, but I am raising the bloodstained long sword, slaughters unceasingly everywhere, simultaneously several li (0.5km) in the hand soul of imprisoning soul niche buys in completely, looks that the countless soul ray flutters to imprisoning the soul niche, the moral nature thinks actually sins, this time is I leads Hybrid Demon to invade the human the homeland, the crime crime.

But this transaction purely for Tian Ling Empire, even if receives [Judgement] I to be also glad, but, if I can strength of the capture Full Moon City, who has qualifications [Judgement] I, who also has guts [Judgement] I?


„Demon palace rides."

My distant low has drunk one, immediately behind inserts the demon palace of scarlet war flag to ride the BOSS level combat general to run, is 184 level god level BOSS, the sinking sound track: „Sir, what matter can arrange to give us the demon palace to ride?"

I put out a hand a finger of front jungle: „Sends out several hundred people full speed to rush to the front jungle to seek for the major road, reduces the person who all attempts the circular news."

„Yes, Sir!"

One row of demon palaces ride are hidden rapidly in the jungle, directs the feeling of monster to be really good...... However I entered in this task system now, the Hybrid Demon army is the uniform green friend is completely lascivious in my contact surface, NND, feelings of this simply seeking an impossibility, but for me only then the advantage does not have the fault, the Seurre, silver, Sif and other Hybrid Demon king of the pitiful conditions I and Frost saw, acting in a play cannot make, they can deceive me, but is impossible to deceive the eye of Frost, Frost has the superior god godship, can induce to weakening of these king godship clearly with suffering devastating.

Approached early morning Cooldown, moon dropped the jungle, the photo source of displacing was everywhere star light.

The barbaric wolf rides, the demon palace to ride sneaks in the jungle in abundance, but airborne has heard the howling sound of sword spirit cavalry soldier, a leader warhawk rides to search to be killed, Full Moon City defending the border ability almost in instantaneously by the Hybrid Demon army discarding, actually the Hybrid Demon army original direction is some bloodthirsty living thing, which knew any Qing wild tactic, does not know that my this director they were good are bad, if, they used these tactics to cope with Tian Ling Empire, I cannot guarantee the army that Tian Ling Empire defended the border can resist such attack.

Crosses a meeting again, the dense and numerous Hybrid Demon armies blot out the sky left the jungle, it is estimated that side Full Moon City should receive the news, because has many players to be massacred by Hybrid Demon in the jungle, and I personally have also solved three in the player who in the jungle practices the level, but was the news discloses was unimportant, now probably closes the city gate to Full Moon City Cooldown!

„Sir, the front is the clear rain city!" Commander who an demon palace rides said in a low voice.

Under the star light, a secondary lord city towers in the jungle, this is Full Moon City one of the two guard cities, does not turn over to the sea goes to Full Moon City to by the fortress.

Lifts the arm, the butterfly sword points to the clear rain city, I said: „one-third military strength attack clear rain city, other military strength circle, attacks Full Moon City directly, do not delay, rapid!"



The defense of clear rain city is ordinary, the next quarter Hybrid Demon army all over already surrounded this small town watertight, the scaling ladder raises up in abundance, even these dig up a grave the ghost to mount the city wall by the blade arm directly, is scary, the players in clear rain city originally few, NPC is miserable, which can withstand such fiercely attacking, within one hour falls to the enemy inevitably!

The armies detour, half beast people, barbarians and living corpse are riding the warhorse, brandishes the pointed weapons, in the mouth exudes the roaring sound that slaughters, looks like the wild animal emerges general, I am the commander of this army, the moral nature am hundred taste mixed Chen, oh these draft animals turned into the experience to be good to my words completely, it is estimated that instantaneously full Ji rhythm, but must use them now well!

The distant place, Full Moon City appears in horizon, in the city wall is carving the design of moon, this is the family symbol of Full Moon City emperor's clan, but this should also be the time of this symbol finally sparkle, after today, this family will be erased from this city with this symbol!



The inferior god level military officer who the demon palace rides raises the denticle blade high, looks at the city, nearly fierce laughing said: „Human and animals flea, does not remain, kills a cleanness to me!"

Words that my knitting the brows head, kills off completely, does that leave my dead city? I want is not a dead city!

But, I ordered at this time again anything as if also without enough time, the left hand is raising the killing evil that in the imprisoning soul niche a sad and shrill pitiful yell sound, the fearful soul, I make were many, as if not miss this point, is going by this crowd of animals!


In Full Moon City, the army goes out of town, this is the defense imperial guard, approximately the population in 12 thousand about, this was also final elite, as for the player who Full Moon City can defend a city, majority in the person who under Fan Shu City died in battle, the total in 200 thousand about, more already, in continue go to the Fan Shu City road once more, dispatched also without enough time, during the country fought, forbade to use the transmission reel, must with Varelia quartz and so on special stage prop can realize moves instantaneously, but Varelia quartz was too precious, is unable the mass production, this tactic to be invalid.


500 thousand Hybrid Demon armies, remain behind the weak armed forces of city to 212 thousand, who won who defeated already obvious!

Zhan Long Chapter 1064

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