Zhan Long Chapter 1065

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A barbaric wolf rides in the mouth to nip the bloody breaking arm, the eye also becomes scarlet, he is a BOSS level Hybrid Demon command of two star god levels, but must take orders in me at present, eye blood red visits me, is passing greedily, then has a look under Full Moon City and city the imperial guard of array, „Jie Jie" called the sound, obviously is requesting a combat assignment, if he spoke, certainly will say that „father's Axe has been unable to tolerate thirst and hunger".

My nod, Jianfeng points to the city silently, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Attacks a city, kills off all armies! After entering the city , can not kill any common people, otherwise kills without the amnesty!"

One crowd of Hybrid Demon send out the protest the roar, but, a more resounding sound is the sound that slaughters, the group demon instigates the war to ride, overran rapidly, behind the battle drum sound is simultaneously thunderous, a leader mountainous region giant was towing heavy Axe to clash, these giants were the subordinates in demoniacal Redding, although completely obeys orders in me now, but did not obey orders completely.


Under the city was been rapidly incarnadine by the blood, several hundred dragon crystal artillery that in Full Moon City remains behind rapid erupt in the crowd, rides to rumble unceasingly the fragment the barbaric wolf, but more barbaric wolves ride, the demon palace to ride to kill in the player and NPC crowd, the heavy shield cannot block the attack of denticle blade, brave Knight has deducted own loyalty with the blood.

Watches the fire rumble the scene, I look to behind crowd, said: „Sword spirit cavalry soldier!"

Rides the living corpses of Feilong to visit me with the cruel look, shakes hand the carbine, corners of the mouth says with a smile: „Sir, what has to tell our these sword spirit cavalry soldiers?"

I loathe has a look at him, said: „Every 1000 sword spirit cavalry soldiers gather one group, from the airborne diving attack dragon crystal artillery, the concentrated fire power, guards the imperial Full Moon City dragon crystal artillery totally to destroy first, making their very-long-range the attack capability paralyze."


Howls, the innumerable sword spirit cavalry soldiers flew Going out, when they fly from the ground I somewhat regretted, MD, why can I make them destroy the dragon crystal artillery? If the dragon crystal artillery can rumble some Hybrid Demon armies, this should be also good, at least for me only then the advantage does not have the fault to be right.

However the regret without enough time, in the sword spirit cavalry soldier sharp howling, dragon crystal artillery became the fragment, the long spear of sword spirit cavalry soldier is attaches the demon, can pierce the barrel directly, considers in the barrel to poke a hard thing, thinks that could not send out the artillery.

The city high and low was submerged by the scarlet rapidly, but I do not have to attack a city directly, ride on the god fierce fine horse, defends under the city, the right hand grasped the bloodstained butterfly, the left hand is raising is imprisoning the soul niche, the soul of city surrounding dying in battle all buys to enter imprisons the soul niche, besides me, several Hybrid Demon commands also carried is imprisoning the soul niche, but as if did not have my many of this buying.


Does not endure to stare at the tactical situation of attacking a city to look that I opened the [Zhan Long] guild channel, actually the discovery also raised a rumpus

Yue Qing Qian: „The north gate soon was rumbled to break! Li Mu, led one team of melt god cavalries to keep off quickly in the past, cannot let enter Fan Shu City that they pushed directly into!"

Roaring that Li Mu clenches jaws: „I go, the south gate has also been solved, now we are keeping off them not to make them come in the flesh, but affirmed that could not support to be too long, how shield could of player possibly stand up to bombing of dragon crystal artillery?"

I asked hurriedly: „Fan Shu City situation how?"

Dancing Forest: „It is not optimistic, in 3 hours will not receive the reenforcement the words definitely to break the city, the sky rose implement the oppression strategy, compelled too ominously."

I hesitate: „Has the reinforcements?"

Lin Wan Er said: „I am stationed in the soldier under the Port City city, for a short time cannot pass, but I have contacted with Ye Lai, he and Misty Clouds decided that leads 50 thousand players to reenforce Fan Shu City, about after 2 hours arrives, the Qingyan city left the NPC army and player at ease guards."

„50 thousand...... that is also a futile attempt!" I was somewhat anxious: „Does the Full Moon City player have the action?"

„Withdrew troops massively!" Li Mu said: „Does not know how the people of this groups of heroes law servers think, 300 thousand + people, removed a none remaining in an instant."

Yue Qing Qian smiled: „That is because Full Moon City was besieged by the Hybrid Demon army."

Li Mu one startled: „Did Hybrid Demon also join in the fun?"

„Yes, moreover should be related with somebody." Dong Cheng Yue hee smiles.

I also smiled: „Right, I under the Full Moon City city, am the captains of 200 thousand Hybrid Demon cutting edge armed forces, the cooperation side of Seurre, Sif, silver spear......"

Dancing Forest has a big shock: „Oh, our Brother Guildmaster is this is seeking an impossibility? Makes the large-scale duty?"

I nod: „Um, the means of without the means of means that I only being able with attacking the enemy's rear in order to compel him to give up his own attack, the Hybrid Demon territory had the drastic change, afterward you should also be able to see the plot to be detailed, now unclear related in detail, if I did not bring Seurre's army to attack Full Moon City, perhaps they attacked Tian Ling Empire, what a pity, is unable to lock the iron skull city is the goal, otherwise can fight to solve the Fan Shu City difficult position."

Li Mu was somewhat excited, said: „Has a possibility war to capture Full Moon City?"

I: „Perhaps, is not quite optimistic, but does not use pessimistically, everybody defended Fan Shu City to say fully again!"


My news has given a shot to people without doubt, can support one to calculate a meeting!


To night time, suddenly a ting reverberation in the sky, another astonishing news transmitted


System Announcement: Congratulates the player 【Fang Ge Que( the Chinese area) destroys successfully 【 Highest heaven city】( Multi- country server composition) throne, and chose has seized the pattern, shifted the sovereignty of this first-level lord city to the Chinese war zone name, attacking of this highest heaven city seized the points list first three players to obtain the reward player separately 【Fang Ge Que】 Acquisition 【Flows Yun Shan】( Magical instrument ★★★★), player 【Q-Sword】 Acquisition 【Dragon Linjian】( Magical instrument ★★★), player 【Simple】 Acquisition 【Goddess of Luoshui River cloak】( Magical instrument ★★), rank other rewards of player also one and provide!


I look dumbfoundedly, has not thought that the country fought the day third day, Fang Ge Que has created the miracle unexpectedly, in being better than demon mountain and 7 K such match hand the highest heaven city stiffly captured! This meritorious service, made Fang Ge Que CBN points leap to be away from sufficiently once more!

Opens the forum of Chinese area, already had wide divided opinions, but is a little confirmed that all people this time attacked the boldness of highest heaven city to express the affirmation to Fang Ge Que, topped the placard is Yan Qin writes by hand by Ouyang, was Chinese Destiny Branch the one affirmation of CEO to single player?

【Tops】 Three days three nights, attack and occupy the highest heaven city! Congratulates Fang Ge Que! Congratulates China!( Post person: Ouyang Nuoyan)

Content: After three days three nights of fights, the innumerable Chinese players with warm-blooded have cast into this astonishing achievement, the highest heaven city, a city of fusion numerous server body, has the title of Eastern lion, such lion crawled in our under feet, congratulates all Chinese players, this is the magnificence that all of us cast together, is virtual [Epic] under our personally writing, thanks guard the Fan Shu City player, is your strength keeps off the powerful enemy, lets the capturing highest heaven city that the day imperial book repository pools brains and brawn, everybody refuels!

【1 building】 Socrates's underpants: Ha Ha, Fang Ge Que long live! [Legend] long live!

【2 buildings】 Bai Li Ruo Feng: Congratulates the Chinese war zone! Congratulates the day imperial book repository! The day imperial book repository first war, grand opening!

【3 buildings】 Passing sadness: Ha Ha, this demon mountain has admitted defeat, NND, I want to take a look at this to be called some person multi- gods of god of highest heaven city but actually, had not been stepped on by our law gods in the sole!

【4 buildings】 Yan Zhao Warrior: Fan Shu City, has carried that long being unjustly discredited painstakingly.

【5 buildings】 Rumor: Thanks Ouyang's affirmation!


Basically the present rhythm is the whole nation joyfully celebrates, the only Fan Shu City player is having tears streaming down the face and is striving for success as before incessantly . Moreover, I am not optimistic regarding the situation in highest heaven city, although the highest heaven city was captured, so long as the demon mountain and 7 K and the others strength still, momentarily can seize again, Fang Ge Que planned how many people keeps to defend the imperial highest heaven city? How many people does the plan send to come back to defend the Chinese area west entrance? To block the match to exceed five times of military strength by 1000 thousand garrisons of Fan Shu City?

In fact, the city that seizes are more, instead was more embarrassed.


Gains ground to have a look at the Full Moon City situation, Hybrid Demon to fiercely attack the city, many demon palaces rode have stepped into the city to rush ahead under delivering of stone car(riage), moreover large quantities of wire rope checks were hanging in the city wall, the countless demon spirit big sword master and others in crazy climbing up, airborne was the world of sword spirit cavalry soldier, rode 7 levels of Hybrid Demon that Feilong waved to make the Full Moon City player and NPC just like innumerably falls into the nightmare general.

Full Moon City, most over 1 hour cannot attack and occupy!

In a half hour, the distant place spreads the news, the clear pupil developed black ink and maplewood to be drunk to lead the main force of Indian war zone to leave Port City, dispatched troops to attack the highest heaven city officially!

The Indians dispatch troops, immediately situation racing!

Fang Ge Que cancelled has reenforced the plan of Fan Shu City!

Lin Wan Er also brazenly dispatches troops, attacks Port City!

All sorts that the entire country fights, completely not in my expectation and control, was then good, lived it up really!


Is less than a half hour, suddenly is a ting reverberation above the sky, near 20 minutes of Cooldown, the Lin Wan Er Military Control fire Yun City 1 million regiments, less than one hour subdue Port City, sounds to seem like listening to a miracle simply


System Announcement: Congratulates the player 【Cang Tong】( Chinese area) destroys successfully 【Port City】( Indian area) throne, and chose has seized the pattern, shifted the sovereignty of this first-level lord city to the Chinese war zone name, this Port City attacked to seize points to be too low, all rewards transformed as the empirical value provide to the corresponding player!


The news comes rapidly, reason that can that rapid capturing Port City, the only reason be Port City Marshal NPC, Liu Jun Kaesong has surrendered, several million Indian players who in the city remains behind handle to guard, the Lin Wan Er decisive order fire Yun City 5000 great shape cavalry soldiers in 10 minutes rushed ahead the imperial palace directly, Lin Wan Er have controlled silver dragon Little Bai to enter the imperial palace directly, has captured the throne!

At that time, leading the people to go to battle with the clear pupil of highest heaven city develop black ink definitely to irritate!

Other does not know that I open the server forum of Indian area, these Hindi cannot understand, nobody gives me to translate, but actually saw that the clear pupil developed the black ink head picture the name to post a post, before the post that several seconds posted, went against to over ten thousand buildings, the content of post was English



Ha, the violent of Indian goddess walks!

Zhan Long Chapter 1065

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