Zhan Long Chapter 1067

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„Yes, Fan Shu City is our [Zhan Long] root, is our families!"

I look at present a piece of bloodshed, player who looks at the semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate in bloody battle Hybrid Demon, the present scene is also same, looks at the semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate is their families, how to be cruel enough to look that the homeland was seized by Hybrid Demon, they death once again inferior rebirths, are actually not willing to submit in the under foot of powerful enemy, but this can be what kind , the war is this, conquers means that a side wins, but another side degenerates into the captive.

Thinks of here, has not thought anything again, raised the long sword to crash in the crowd, continued to kill, gained some countries to fight points, although I, looked at the semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate fight Cooldown not to calculate in Fan Shu City am too long, but total points actually in this affected in the wars of seven big main cities to be among the best, even if were Fang Ge Que total points as before under me, but US-Russia server points of player was not low, the entire battlefield as before was the aspect that the outstanding heroes strove for hegemony

1 st, Xiao Yao Zi Zai( China) country fights points: 372200

2 nd, sky rose( the US) country fights points: 353180

3 rd, Fang Ge Que( China) country fights points: 342100

4 th, brown pupil( Russia) country fights points: 297710

5 th, maplewood is drunk( India) country to fight points: 287640

6 th, demon mountain( Germany) country fights points: 277710

7 th, 7 K-SAN( Holland) country fights points: 264600

8 th, Cang Yue( China) country fights points: 255200

9 th, Mu Xuan( China) country fights points: 245000

10 th, to like tracking down( Portugal) country to fight points: 221120

It seems like that I, when guarded Fan Shu City to kill people were too many, in addition attacked the full moon city also to kill many people, and nobody snatched the number of people with me, points high to such situation of exaggeration, but the overall country fought the rank is the Chinese players first ten has occupied 4, I and Fang Ge Que were first three, Dong Cheng Yue and Mu Xuan because guarded Fan Shu City relational also points to enter the total list as before first ten, US and Russia because of siege warfare relations, only then two people took a seat, the Indian first person of maplewood was drunk is fifth, these points definitely the day imperial book repository player hand that led from the rumor captures, Another three people are the multi- country server players in highest heaven city, this server truly each generation produces talented people, and counter-attacking of highest heaven city is carrying on, their points will also continue to rise.

Reads such points list, sighs with regret, fights the side to get up, this is one murders the god with sealing the age of god, looked that who is more courageous, who strengthened.


The telephone conversation of connection and Lin Wan Er, she smiles slightly: „I defend a city in the Linhai city, what's wrong?"

My some distresses, said: „Looks at the semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate to guard on my China player here, Fan Shu City pressed offense, I am not good to mobilize soldiers, what to do, looking at the semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate must some people guard, Seurre has formed the short alliance with me, I have not been able to trust her temporarily completely, but defends a city by Hybrid Demon after is the empty talk, they were happy for a while perhaps looking at the semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate massacring city."

„Um, I know." She smiles spookily, said: „Dear should not be anxious, before I ten minutes, was helping you inquire, the place, does not know that you did want one time."


„Looks at the semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate the south, in the region of rose forest has a NPC exclusive city, called ‚the tears of goddess', the NPC goods business of this city did not clear to the player, was the pure NPC city, did not have the player to move into, but the city population were many."

„?" I am somewhat helpless: „You told me this to be useful Wan Er"

„Do not be anxious" Lin Wan Er to eat to smile, continue saying: „The tears of this goddess is a general slave trade city, the resident population surpasses thousand, over 80% are the slaves, what other is the freeman and slave-owner, but army thousand of slave-owner, looks at tears of merely less than a half hour of traveling schedule semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate distance goddess, perhaps you can catch up before smiling, the hand of Waterloo returns to the full moon city on tears of city goddess to use one's head."

„Did you say?"

I move, say with a smile: „Makes me use the strength of Hybrid Demon army, liberates this to call the city of tears of goddess, then led the slave soldier to look at the semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate to defend a city? This slave is used for the practical training with serving the master generally, can perhaps 't defend the city?"

Lin Wan Er eats to smile: „Crying foul, a person defends a city, called thousand the slave to defend a city with you together, you chose! I in the Linhai city also only then thousand NPC army, is unable the long-distance raid to reenforce you temporarily, you look at the office, now the Chinese area three big war place personnel become serious, Fang Ge Que and Q-Sword these people cannot take care of oneself, can only depend on itself, come on, you are Xiao Yao Zi Zai, certainly!"


Is grasping the bloodstained butterfly sword, slaughters stops temporarily, my points has been in the lead in any case, rode the god fierce fine horse to fire into the city in the skeletons, jumped thousand frost wing in addition to hold to fly the city, fell on a female side gently, this was not others, in Seurre who on the city looked out into the distance, above the deep red cloud long bow in her hand the blood light reappeared as before, kills intent to be hidden.

„What do you later have to plan?" I asked.

Why Seurre as if accident I such will ask that then smiled: „What can plan? Matter that the recovery of dark blue billows Sir is unable to contain, I can only they be the same to silver, Sif, gives loyalty to for the dark blue billows, pledges to fight to the death pays all for the hegemony of Hybrid Demon territory, including life."

I implored the tone, said: „Dark blue billows take your life strengths to recover as the price, is this you give loyalty to his reason? For such person, is worth?"

In Seurre's eye pupil passed over gently and swiftly a scared look, said: „That how, if we betray certainly cannot escape from his palm, I can feel his strength, that is dominates the strength absolutely above king, even if your Frost goddess is not the match, I think that this point she should be clearer than me."

I said: „Slaughtering that like this has kept, does the revenge start once again?"

Seurre sighed: „I do not want like this, since resurrecting, my personality thoroughly changed, becomes the bloodthirsty, but easy violent anger, I am unable to control itself, although"

She smiles listlessly, said: „Although I was also vainly hoping for can return to the elf deep woods, touches the wrinkle of veteran once more, listens respectfully to the jungle once more sound, but all these could not go back, I am Seurre, is Seurre of Hybrid Demon territory, in my hand moistened completely the bloodstain, I have killed too many people, sovereign died under my arrow."

I smile: „These mistakes, pour are are not unforgivable, you can make up!"

„Makes up?" She ridiculed visits me, said: „How many people I have killed, records including me is not clear, beside, I have also killed two dukes and four marquis, looks at the semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate and several of iron skull city to command the level senior general also dead under my deep red Yun Gong, you said that my such person, how can obtain remitting of humanity?"

I show a faint smile: „Pours is also, Tian Ling Empire and iron skull city and rulers in Ze deep pool city will not let off your this female devil."

„" She has smiled, smiles very with ease.

My thread of conversation revolution, said: „But, if the hierarchs in seven big main cities are your friend, that remits your crime not to be actually feasible, not?"

„Your this saying what meaning?" On her face flashes through astonished.

I smile, grasps the armored hand, character character sonorous saying: „Will happen one day, I will have seven big main cities, making all people submit to my under foot, so long as you help me, Seurre, you can be lenient toward all your crimes, making you re-enter the elf forest!"

In Seurre's pupil emerges innumerably astonished, passed the long time, actually shows a faint smile: „You are really a good persuasive speaker, I by you were almost said moved said that wanted me to help, you can say greatly directly that I owed you and Frost, the favour of child Queen Shu, this sentiment must."

I nod, said: „Looks at the semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate the south to have a city to call the tears of goddess, is city of the slave trade, I need you to give me the 200 000 military strength, I must conquer this city, making the thousand slave in tears of goddess be adopted by us."

„?" Seurre smiles: „Does that borrow you 200 000 food corpse ghost?"

„No." I categorically reject, said: „I need to look like a little likely am the branch of the services of humanity, but is not the fierce food corpse ghost, otherwise these slaves will not regard humanity me."

„That" Seurre said: „Rides on the demon palace, they draw in the mask do not reveal the words of face, just liked the cavalry soldier of humanity generally has not distinguished."

„Good, making these demon palaces ride in Nanmenwai builds up, I command troops immediately."


Returns to the imperial palace main hall, I collect the tokens of these series soldier military officers in one pile of skeletons, then in the senior king was damaged under the clothing to find a golden token, above was carving „imperial" phrase, um, did this token probably with my greatly hold the spear token similar effect? Does not manage, took is using to say again that the slave-owner was not necessarily able to know, understanding can reduce, the deceased person will not speak.

Went out of town, the 200 000 demon palace rides to listen to my verbal command, has fired into the south rapidly, enters the rose forest, soon after the front presented a three surrounded by water city again, is the tears of goddess, the distribution of city presents the crescent moon shape, truly looks like very likely is drop of tears, possibly the tears of goddess also therefore acquire fame.

The city is not firm, even can say is not very firm, the city wall less than 5 meters high, a ladder can come up, even cultivates the soldier for strong point to jump on the city wall, moreover in the city wall is smudging the magnificent pattern, this is really a trading city, flashy but lacking substance.


Draws out the butterfly sword of belt blood, I point to the tears of goddess, the loud order said: „Lags behind your masks, until leaving. Massacres all slave-owners with its army, can not kill any slave, goes!"

This Pandemonium rides is ordered by Seurre, this special being obedient, breaks through the city wall rapidly, where the armies of these slave-owners can be 7 levels of Hybrid Demon matches, was killed, this was known as that the pearl the tears of goddess also instantaneously almost must be razed.

Zhan Long Chapter 1067

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