Zhan Long Chapter 1068

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„We request [Judgement]!"

Under the Statue of plaza, was bound the fatty slave-owner on wooden stake to whoosh the protest loudly, he was really too fat, several demon palaces rode with the rope tied up his time almost started nowhere, the fat pushed the big same place from the slits of rope, soft and fair skin completely was the fat, actually as before pulled the throat loud anger to exclaim: „The tears of goddess are trade metropolis, you cannot trample this city by the oppression of the people, damn, can have the person of bright affair to speak? Black Knight that for serveral days killed only knows that the murder and did let go the slave?"

With this fatty binds together, 100 + slave-owners, are the tears of city actual masters this goddess, is ten million/countless the master of slave, 100 + slave-owners tie up on rows of wooden stakes, insolation under hot sun.



The god fierce fine horse walks slowly in street, the two sides wooden stakes of street, above is also puncturing corpses, these corpses mostly the dry-rot has corrupted, and majority of death shape is extremely miserable, the body was passed through by the wooden stake, an only saprozoic cinereous vulture circles on the corpse, pecks the food corpse, is away from I less than 5 meters place, a black crow called from the corpse opened half rotten calligraphy stroke of eyeballs.

My knitting the brows head, has not actually avoided, the vision sweeps, under the corpse of wooden stake writes the charge of dead with the blood red wooden sign, slave and running away, reason that this is dying, the slave is the personal belonging, without own thought and freedom, wants to run away must die, this is also the basic norm of slavery.

Ugly principle.

By the path, in the square of slave exchange also stood in the hand to wear the slave of shackles, varied, has the male to have the female, small even some in the arms of mother, old about 50 years old, was old a point the effort to lose the labor force, such „waste" master naturally will not be remaining, male ** Magistrate almost light upper body, but the female young slave mostly malnutrition growth was not good, homespun cloth coat tattered mask barren **.

My military garb, the armor is bright, the warhorse is majestic, seems like incompatible with here, perhaps, in the eyes of these slaves, I am true „vanquisher"?

Goes to the plaza, here person are more, the army of slave-owner was all killed, the demon palace ride neat standing in the both sides maintenance public securities of street, but such as I order, these demon palaces ride one not to make the sound, otherwise must put on to help, once these slaves understand that these demon palaces ride are Hybrid Demon, certainly will cause scared, naturally cannot be adopted by us.


Two star god level BOSS Hybrid Demon commands raise are bringing the lance of blood, said: „According to your instruction, all slave-owners already strongly in plaza, under Statue, came above at least 10 thousand names slaves."

I nod, is I should speak time.

The fatty slave-owner is killing as before pig is roaring to me: „Damn, who you are, mercenary soldier from distant place? If you are really the mercenary soldiers, that then should observe the mercenary soldier principle, you cannot use force to the free city! If you need money, then releases us, Guardian of tears of goddess will hand over money, 1 million gold coins, how is it?"

I think him, sneers.

The fat people shiver, said: „Perhaps were too few, 5 million gold coins, how is it?"


„? Does the Sir you think too few? Good, the tears of goddess are the trade metropolis, should have more money to be right, we can put out 2000 thousand gold coins, how is it? Sir!"

According to the present gold coin and R motherfucker 7 : 1 exchanging rate, these 2000 thousand gold coins quite in 300 thousand R motherfucker, actually were also many, but compares to Full Moon City, this anything does not calculate simply.

My uphold arm slowly, opens the five fingers, shows a faint smile saying: „Demon palace rides the preparation, after one minute, kills all slave Guardian, does not remain!"

„Day kills!" The fat people get angry exclaim: Devil that „your this oil salt does not enter, who are you? You...... Why do you handle such matter to the tears of goddess?"

I turn around to look to him, said loudly: „What that street both sides slave has made the mistake, can their bodies on picketing struggle until dying? The people do not have in any case, is since birth free, why do you make all these to them?!"

The people do not have in any case, is since birth free!

When these words reverberation in the square, a troop slave opens the eye to visit me completely, the complete silence, almost all people were shocked, yes, they are the slaves, always cannot want since birth the free this matter, many of them's parents to be the slaves approximately, they since birth are the slaves, but, everyone deep place to free is not the unusual hope?

I have drawn out the butterfly sword, looks to the 100,000 slaves in square, soars suddenly in the midair, said by I biggest voice: „Nobody can destroy your authorities, you should have the dignity, has the freedom in life, actually should not be imprisoned here, today, I remit you by the Full Moon City city main status, gives you to be free!"

Saying, pulled out has prepared the good Full Moon City sovereign token, raised high, said: „Unties your shackles, takes up the pointed weapons of dead, gives up a status of slave, returns to Full Moon City with me, you will become the soldiers, the woman can wash clothes to prepare food, the child can collect the firewood to patch clothing, the blacksmith can take up the iron hammer, fighting can take up the weapon, you no longer will be the slaves, you will be the Full Moon City masters, will you want?"

Said the time, I am very favorite, these excuse how appropriate atmosphere, I simply am a talent!,


However, one group of slaves thoroughly were actually shocked, my these words have surpassed the cognition of many people, until the crowd, in one crowd of hands wears the shackles, actually the whole body muscle strong person walks to go forward, is on a person of chin full is the beard, he visits me, knees down, said: „I am one fight slave, only responsibility with slaughtering to try to please the master with the blood, but Sir, if you remit us, gives us the dignity and freedom, we are then willing to pay the life to you, fights for you!"

I nod: „Good, comes the person, unties their shackles!"

Several demon palaces ride to cut the shackles of these wrestlers rapidly, more and more slaves are kneeling down to me in abundance, links up into a single stretch quickly, hundreds of thousands of people are kneeling down to me, the main street and small alley, directly from master to disciple, numerous slaves know that came brightly.

I satisfy looks at all, afterward palm upward raises, said: „Gets up, I am not your masters, you do not need to kneel down to me, your knees only worshipping on bended knees parents and heavens with the sovereign, you will have the dignity are living from now henceforth, comes the person, unties the shackles of all slaves, eagerly anticipates them to go to Full Moon City!"

„Yes, Sir!"

While untying slave shackles, 100 + slave Guardian were also hacked to death on picketing, I am more benevolent than them, enjoys a neat death, but does not pierce the slave like them on the wooden stake, bleeds dead, even, the bodies of many slaves by cinereous vulture calligraphy stroke food time had not died completely, this loses the human nature simply, perhaps, absolutely does not have the human nature under that system, the slave-owners have not worked as people the slave from the start, slave's function probably also on was the practical training and wrestle watching, releases to want.


After two hours, the tears of metropolis goddess was liberated completely, tens of thousands of slaves moved toward Full Moon City under the influence of that the demon palace rode, although also some people probed to run away, but was controlled, I have not shown mercy made them recede, Full Moon City was almost massacred city, the population significantly reduced, needed these slaves the substantial population.

The slaves walk slowly, crosses for two hours to arrive in Full Moon City again, the Hybrid Demon army in Full Moon City retreated Going out, the distant airborne Li shade, I the flight in the past, was actually Seurre raised together immediately deep red Yun Gong was staying in airborne, with a smile looks to me: „It seems like you succeeded, obtained all population of tears of goddess, was?"

My micro smile: „Um, lucked out."

„How then wants me to do, I retreated area the quarry stone forest the Hybrid Demon army, but imprisoned the death strength in soul niche to be as before insufficient, what to do?"


I put out a hand a finger of East, said: „Quick will have several million even more people to cross to attack Full Moon City from the wilderness, you lead the Hybrid Demon army to be in sight the [Moon Valley] interception, certainly will not miss."

Seurre smiled: „Are these adventurers of Full Moon City expedition?"


„Was good, I knew, the city gave you, but, can I reclaim the military authority that my 200 000 demon palace rode? Since must be in sight the [Moon Valley] interception, that naturally was the better and better."

„Leaves my 5 thousand people, after two hours, reclaims the military authority again."



Full Moon City currently as before also has the fragmentary player and NPC in resisting, if in my hand does not have the soldier, why they can take me? At least, before I form my army cannot the complete to ignore.

Hybrid Demon army enormous and powerful looked at rill to lay an ambush, left my one almost to be equal to Full Moon City of empty city.

Full Moon City, in south square.

I start to form my guard, the hand grasp the butterfly sword to stand sky over the city, said: „The person who is good at wrestling please walk, receives the suitable weapon and war armor, forms to be the Full Moon City first guard."

And a slave said: „Sir, we only use pointed weapons, little with fighting the armor, the heavy mail-armor and helmet will affect our migrations and speeds."

I show a faint smile: „No, fighting the armor can make your speed reduce speed, but can actually make your defense increase, you must start the society regiment combat, starting today, you no longer are the slaves, but is one is the Full Moon City soldier."

He layer on layer nods, in the eye ignites fights intent, said with a smile: „Understood, Sir!"

I also asked: „Here, whose wrestle skill is highest?"

Immediately, about 1.9 meters wrestler walked, in the eye was bringing proud, but saw my time were many several points of admiration and courtesy, said: „Sir, the villain obtained first at this time wrestle congress."

I visited him, my goodness, this stature good to exaggerate, even compared with year to year me of exercise must strong, that musculus pectoralis must exaggerate greatly, chest compared with Lin Wan Er also big......

„Do you name?"

„Thunder San, Sir!"

„Good!" I order saying: „Now I appoint you as the Full Moon City first garrison armed forces' command, immediately chooses the person who is good at wrestling, distributes to their pointed weapons and mail-armor and helmet, in following very long Cooldown, will protect the Full Moon City duty to fall on your body."

„Yes, Sir!"

Zhan Long Chapter 1068

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