Zhan Long Chapter 1070

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„Kaesong gate!"

Is leading Queen Fiona, I stand under the Full Moon City city gate, shouted the sound loudly, quick, Thunder San the form appears in the city wall, issues an order, the city gate opens slowly, he looks to me, asked astonished: „Sir, these mighty forces?"

I hold side the hand of Queen Fiona, lifted saying: „This is dark Moon Elf Queen Fiona, from now henceforth she is this Full Moon City master, she will bring the dark Moon Elf army soon to move into Tian Ling Empire, later you need to take orders in her, will reconstruct the city that Full Moon City into humanity and Moon Elf will occupy together."

„Yes, Sir!" To my order, this wrestler obeys.


The dark Moon Elf army enters the city in abundance, and newly-built garrison armed forces also gushed out the city, is the Moon Elf young girls pushes to deliver the carriage of full Jianshi, long bow, bang the car axle sound is unceasing, 40 thousand dark Moon Elf armies used fully not to enter the city for a long time as before, but the distant place, toot Zheng called, the Full Moon City player must start attacks!

„Lets the following person a bit faster!"

I stand in the city wall, is hand-held the handle of butterfly, very somewhat anxious saying.

Fiona nodded, transmitted orders, but must at least a half hour be able to make all dark Moon Elf as before fully enter the city, the player of distant place UK , France server is not willing to wait for again, on plain original hoofbeat, the dense crowd has fired into Full Moon City under the star light, I knit the brows: „It seems like without enough time, having made Moon Elf that has not entered a city arrive at the west gate circuitously, enters from there."


I have drawn out the butterfly, said: „Prepares to meet head-on, takes the stations!"

In the city wall, one crowd this looks at the player in distant place for the garrison armed forces of slave moving, Level of these garrison armed forces in 175-185 levels, as for grade, because is slave's relations, majority is only trivial thunderous level NPC, the strength is ordinary, even if strongest Thunder San, is only spirit Yu Jie BOSS, I can hit ten that!

Is good because, dark Moon Elf young girls Level is very high, Queen Fiona is three stars god level BOSS, had her to guard the city to promote on the success ratio with these dark Moon Elf young girls, what made my confident was, the smile and Hand of Waterloo and the others led several millions to fight in one place after another to return to the city from the Chinese war zone, the buckle was serious under Fan Shu City, was in sight the rill to be killed completely routed by Seurre army, all heavy artillery military baggage lost similarly, wanted to attack a city can only depend upon iron hook, long ladder and other stage props, but the Full Moon City wall preserved unusual was complete, physical defense did not reduce, has the dark Moon Elf ultra long-distance range to be accurate. Defending of archery imperial, defense effect + 200% are ready proper.

One group of garrison armed forces start the oil in ignition pot in city wall, these oil were soon after bubbling like a caldron . Moreover, the rolling logs rock pile stone had also prepared much, does these live them is very adept.

Has a look at the Full Moon City contact surface, NPC strength not over 80 thousand people who can use, other basically is some common people with having a high and respected position NPC, not having the strength may say, but Full Moon City outside city belongs to the player at least in 400 thousand above, dense and numerous piece, and by smile and Hand of Waterloo such master personally Military Control.

The distant place, the warhorse neighing sound gathers a piece, under the star light, one crowd brandished the cavalry soldier of pointed weapons already to clash near the city, but the dragon crystal artillery in city wall also started wreaking havoc, mushroom clouds bloomed on the earth, will fall at least 3 levels of players to rumble the fragment, simultaneously Fiona issued an order, the dark Moon Elf young girls picked up the bow nocking in abundance, „whiz whiz whiz" the unexpected blow went from out of the blue, accurate fire in the eyes and nape of the neck of cavalry soldier and so on weakness position, created the greatly strengthened lethality.

I stand in the city wall edge, the long sword come out of the sheath, flushed suddenly, the dance of [Tempest Sword] + ghosts and gods erupts in the crowd, flickers to kill several people, thousand frost wing in addition hold, such is raising the city wall low-altitude flying in the crowd, the sword band of light a cold glow, player harvesting of half blood and remnant blood, this is I gains the points golden opportunity, fell to the country fights the points list 3 rd, at this time did not kill words of person well, perhaps ranked to fall lowly.

The distant place, has heard shout of smile: „Attacking a city scaling ladder, puts up!"

The so-called attacking a city scaling ladder, is a building car(riage), inside structure is very complex, connects each section of 10 meters long ladder, increases the edge by this to 50 meters city wall, these scaling ladders of smile direction are the guild make, is not subordinated the NPC camp, [Zhan Long] as if also has this type of scaling ladder, the artisan is the attacking a city instrument that the player builds, although the function is inferior to the dragon crystal artillery, but the hand-to-hand fighting attacks a city is very effective.

Reached dozens attacking a city scaling ladders to go near the city wall region, built long ladders in the city wall edge, afterward the dense and numerous players started to attack a city, they had the absolute population superiority, therefore dares such rampant attacking a city.


„Drains the oil!" A Fiona order in city.

Immediately iron saucepans fall rapidly, the boiling hot boiling oil sways following the scaling ladder, is moistening the player falls the blood in abundance large scale, in addition in city bow and arrow suddenly to launch of dark Moon Elf archer, an function of Cooldown scaling ladder was extremely also limited, probably the smile and Hand of Waterloo have not thought that in the city will reenforce 40 thousand dark Moon Elf armies suddenly, this simply is a big variable!


The boiling hot hot oil falls following my cheeks, I continue to open crowd of thousand frost wings outside the city to slaughter, did not rejoice secretly by the hot oil disfigures one's face at the same time, Zhen Yue Blade and butterfly sword interlocks to chop, cuts to massacre the player who one crowd clashes, at this time I did not need to return to the city to supply, everywhere slaughters under the city.

„Mage, the collection fire he, massacres Xiao Yao Zi Zai!" Holds flag Wei Wanjia to roar loudly, a full beard of this goods face, already was probably sufficed by the feeling of crush attack.

Immediately one group of archers and Mage start to move approach me, in 40 yards distance can form the effect that the collection fire slaughters to me, quick, the innumerable lava abyss, [Lightning Eagle Formation] and icicle group peak and other high-level skills mix with [Rising Dragon Shot] and armor piercing bow and other skills to wreak havoc together, but what I can do is walks the position hurt to fall to lowly!


Fights the boots to spatter in all directions Spark on the wall brick, the burst treads a Z character broken line suddenly, innumerable MISS, simultaneously inserted a chest of Knight the butterfly sword, erupts the [Combo] injury to kill its second directly, simultaneously a [Soul Army] skill revolves all around, who wants to kill me to withstand my skill sustained attack, Zhen Yue Blade sweeps away, surges [Vanguard].


Even if my resistant superelevation, but the skill as before swift and fierce bombardment of opposite party on murdering god armor, leaves behind flame marks, but I am filling health potion while the [Cleansing Rain] technique treatment, simultaneously does not forget to erupt sword air/Qi to kill people the blood in the crowd, but this is not that a matter, protracted battle, my equipment durable degree can unable to follow.

Looks up suddenly to Fiona, said: „Makes Moon Elf aim at Mage, Musketeer and archer concentrates to kill, do not stint the arrow variety!"

Perhaps is because I hold the status of spear greatly, or was I have quenchinged that type the makings of under the war baptism belonging to the command, Fiona was dark Queen Moon Elf actually fast nods, listens to direct Moon Elf that I ordered to kill long-distance, arrow arrow in airborne in abundance like rain, but the Mage broken shield and second before my body in abundance killed, in an instant turned into a no war zone.

Very good, wants is this effect!

Continues to walk the attack in the city downstream, nobody snatches the number of people with me, place that so long as my butterfly sword can reach, nobody can resist a I round attack, the smile and Hand of Waterloo and the others is not willing to hit this south city wall, because here is gathering the Moon Elf main force, a three stars god dark Queen Moon Elf of rank, has me here, here cannot ask for the advantage.

Again shortly afterward, an officer of the guard runs the repayment, the East city wall is attacked violently, soon could not support, therefore Fiona increased 50,000 dark Moon Elf to rush to rescue, the city was firm enough, the NPC quantity of so long as defending a city was sufficient, in addition the arrow arrow was also sufficient surely does not have what issue.


Defended a city to fight has continued for nearly 6 hours, under the city already was the dense and numerous piles of corpses, and Full Moon City player also blew out many equipment, potion , etc., nobody picked to take, my package space was limited, even if were the [Soul Army] symbol cannot transform to be too many equipment transformation completely, was really wastes in vain.

The dawn ray shows the cloud layer from the Eastern jungle once more, another day arrived.

Under that golden multi-colored sunlight, bang the hoofbeat transmits, a brave general raised the long sword to progress to run out of the jungle, was the dense and numerous cavalry soldiers, held flag Wei Wo the war flag, above that war flag was fluttering the Tian Ling Empire symbol, was the vault of heaven armed forces, the forest arched this fellow came finally, then did not have what issue, Full Moon City will be stable!


„, Is that?" Fiona looks at the distant place astonished.

I show a faint smile: „The vault of heaven armed forces, the Tian Ling Empire army, prepare the Kaesong gate to greet them to enter the city, this time we will not worry that again the city could not defend!"

Fiona eats to smile, is cleaning the fragrant perspiration on chin, said with a smile: „These venturers' attacks were really too crazy, but there is arched armed forces of this day to help to guard, Full Moon City truly was impregnable!"


Under the city, Lin Qiongti the long sword was just liking a handle pointed knife same leads the heavy cavalries of vault of heaven armed forces to cut to pieces to belong to Full Moon City Guild, the rear reinforcements were getting more and more, battering directly entered the city, 10 thousand vault of heaven armed forces have formed black rivers continuously, making the UK , France server player who the surroundings protracted battle to be utterly exhausted very helpless, the energy of player is unable to place on a par with NPC.

However, Yorozuo who Lin Qiong leads the vault of heaven armed forces long mounts in the city wall time I see on their cheeks is having the exhausted color, they hurry along at the same night, thinks also laboriously.

„Li Shuai!"

Lin Qiong holds the fist in the other hand says with a smile: „We came, comes not to be also late?"

„Um, is not late!" I commended patted his shoulder, said: „You came, this Full Moon City also really belonged to our day plume empire! Must defend, does not hesitate at all costs!"

„Yes, end will obey command!"


However, at this moment, suddenly a ting reverberation in sky


System Announcement: Congratulates the player 【Demon mountain】( German area) destroys successfully 【Highest heaven city】( Chinese area) the throne, regained the highest heaven city successfully, attacking of this highest heaven city seizes points to be too low, all rewards transformed as the empirical value provide to the corresponding player!


The highest heaven city, was recaptured!

Zhan Long Chapter 1070

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