Zhan Long Chapter 1071

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„What's the matter!?"

I asked the sentence in guild channel: „How the highest heaven city such lost, what matter this called, hit for quite a while in vain to hit?"

But Yue Qing Qian said: „Fang Ge Que their people were too few, could not block the attack of 200 000 antiquity demon soldier, the Chinese players in highest heaven city is almost killed a none remaining, could not defend, Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword, Yan Zhao Warrior and the others all died in battle, Brother Xiao Yao you examined the detail information that the country fought can see, Fang Ge Que was struck to kill by the demon mountain directly, Q-Sword hung with Yanzhao uncle hangs in the person hand of 7 K."


Because I various countries struck the high-end player who killed to be too many mutually, I have closed the related circular, now opens to look, actually the fight of discovery highest heaven city was really too frigid, Fang Ge Que, Yan Zhao Warrior, Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han and other Battle Ranking 20 masters died time and time again, even Fang Ge Que also hung 2 times, exaggeration!

In the guild channel some people were sending the picture of highest heaven city, can call a piece of bloodshed, the city high and low was the corpse, the corpse of city gate place stacks at least ten meters high everywhere, somewhat was simply scary, the players in highest heaven city have also spelled, the demon mountain died in battle 3 times, the choice resurrected as before once more, brings the team that own person was continue fiercely attack the Chinese players.

This fight loses not injust, has bumped into the respectable match.

„Fan Shu City tactical situation how?" I continue to ask.

Li Mu said: „Said that is very interesting, the brown pupil had decided that leads the people in Ze deep pool city to bypass Fan Shu City and Wu Shenhe, direct attack Tian Ling Empire, but sky rose woman is an ill temper, said that will not trample flat Fan Shu City is will not attack other city absolutely, it is said that she has dispatched many Long Jing artillery and NPC army from the iron skull city, this right and wrong wiped out Fan Shu City not to be possible."


I could not bear scold a bad language, said: „Is waiting for me, I returned to Fan Shu City immediately!"

„Looked at the semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate the tactical situation to decide?"

„Almost, guarding NPC enough resisted the hand of smile and Waterloo."

„Um, good, that comes back, Fan Shu City needs you!"

I had confessed once more Lin Qiong, thunder umbrella relevant issue, their duties defend a city, Lei San is looks at the semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate garrison armed forces to command, but must take orders in the queen, as for forest arched, confirmed after looking at the semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate security, can from looking at the semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate retreated, is grasped the power by the Fiona hand the full moon empire, is the Tian Ling Empire dependency, is unnecessary imposes the military authority to be in sight the semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate, will otherwise cause quite many misunderstanding.

However looks at semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate adjoining iron skull city and Ze deep pool city, this truly is together the hot potato, gave Fiona is not any good gift, but looked at the semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate to be actually equal to that we in the bridgehead and aircraft carrier of west boundary, the next round country war, we can take looking at the semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate talk in the west boundary and American and Russian as the basis.

Jumps, changes into a lightning to vanish in the horizon, the quickest speed flies back to Fan Shu City, at my flying speed, about 2 hours was less than can arrive, was not anything.

In I fly on the way , the distant place transmits the new combat report once more, the altogether thousand + person in day Korean War area was insane, crosses the demon dragon lair from the Ba Huang City border region region, arrived in the imperial stele forest directly, quick must start to the attack of Tian Ling Empire, frost forest and monster moon/month, LEE and other well-known players united around Tian Ling Empire altogether 17 secondary host cities the player of medium small server, the total at least thousand + person have prepared to implement „cruelly to Tian Ling Empire strike".

This approximately was also the date Korean War area long-premeditated matter, at their official forums an ebullition, the official home page reddest post of Japanese war zone is frost Lin Fa „would rather die than surrender, to lose the homeland, started to take revenge", the post wrote very angry, the Japanese server thousand + person was bullied the second secondary host city not to have unexpectedly continually, how can endure again?

The South Korean server, Lee post courage vigor flies upwards, the title called „, if destiny afterward players asked why we will lose the homeland, we should reply? The fight, writes our dignity with our blood, proves our courage and pride to the Chinese war zone!", Basically, day Korean War area has seethed with excitement now, therefore stirs up completely the highest heaven city, Tian Ling Empire and fire Yun Cheng peripheral 17 the servers of secondary host cities, includes the Vietnam, Philippines and other small country of the servers, Bing front points to Tian Ling Empire, moreover this population are many enough, it is said the NPC army has surpassed thousand, in these secondary host cities in the soldier are also many, Long Jing artillery is over a thousand!


A news, came from festival yue and Chinese of war zone first person of Fang Ge Que day imperial book repository: „Xiao Yao really sorry, we could not have defended the highest heaven city finally, oh, I made contribution"

I turn on communication, said with a smile: „Does not need to rebuke oneself, you can't win them all! However this noisy sound was too big, we now have become being the target of public criticism, almost in the world is making war, the highest heaven city was definitely cannot continue to hit again."

Fang Ge Que approval: „Um, truly is unable to hit the highest heaven city again, I and Q-Sword, Yan Zhao Warrior, Jian Feng Han have not thought that the players in highest heaven city so will be tenacious unyieldingly, was killed resurrecting that situation must keep as before to get online, goes all out with us same place, these spelled to lose, we hit the words of highest heaven city again, Tian Ling Empire do not have."

I smile: „All right, the initiative in us, you leads the person in day imperial book repository to return to Tian Ling Empire as before, counts, how many people can we have to be willing to reactivate and continue to defend Tian Ling Empire?"

Fang Ge Que shows a faint smile: „Probably does not arrive at thousand, the total number of people are the half of opposite party is less."

My moral nature one cold: „This population are not optimistic does not manage, first defended said again, in Tian Ling Empire I kept many NPC armies and heavy artilleries, defense should the inadequate too major problem, and Ba Huang City NPC military strength several hundred thousand, if necessary they will also reenforce, although truly a little futile attempt."

Fang Ge Que is worried: „Yes, is only"

He starts to speak but hesitates, I then said with a smile: „Do you develop black ink and demon mountain in the load imperturbable pupil?"

Some Fang Ge Que accidents I have guessed correctly unexpectedly completely, did not deny that said: „Yes, this time we hit the demon mountain to be really painful, the demon mountain was not the fellow who justice and humanity, leniency, once he encouraged the thousand + people in highest heaven city to attack Tian Ling Empire together, perhaps we must lose the first main city."

„This not necessarily I think but actually" that thinks very agitated, said: „Actually from the beginning should not attack the highest heaven city, I and demon mountain had agreed the peaceful coexistence, now is good to settle the pupil to develop black ink and maplewood is drunk is not the lamp of province oil, if they also together attack Tian Ling Empire, we were really finished!"

Fang Ge Que laughs in spite of trying not to: „Does everything possible, the situation has developed this situation, said that anything is useless. Yan Zhao Warrior and I said a matter"

„What matter?"

„To make us urge you, gives up Fan Shu City"

I in consternation, actually clench teeth saying: „No, Fan Shu City is the [Zhan Long] basis, I do not give up!"

Fang Ge Que smiled: „Um, I guess am also, if you comply, you were not that Li Xiao Yao, relax, we needed Fan Shu City to guard the Western gateway, blocked the oppression of the people in US and Russia, I will dispatch thousand person to reenforce Fan Shu City again, striving make Fan Shu City and Tian Ling Empire support to the last minute that the second round country fought together."

„Um, hopes!"

Speedily flies in the cloud layers, while turns on communication once more, had found the account number of demon mountain, human also online, therefore has sent the telephone conversation request, was praying in toot toot the sound unceasingly, hopes that he can meet my information, otherwise, was really difficult to attack this country to fight!

Finally, made me wait for nearly a half minute, finally the demon mountain has put through the voice call

„HI , Xiao Yao Guildmaster!" His sound frankness as always.

I also said: „Congratulates demon mountain Guildmaster to seize the highest heaven city again!"

The demon mountain smiles: „Do not congratulate me, does your Chinese also hit the insufficient pain us? However, hey, this time makes us seize the highest heaven city, this bitter fruit you wanted to swallow down."

I in consternation: „Don't you want to attack Tian Ling Empire really?"

Demon mountain road: „Tit for tat is fair play tit for tat is fair play, human, if violates my me to the criminal, if I do not trample flat Tian Ling Empire, your China players really think that the brothers in our highest heaven city are so good to bully? Anything has not said that Xiao Yao we are the friends, but the standpoint is different, must have a war eventually, builds the Tian Ling Empire city wall, is waiting for the oppression of the people of our highest heaven city army!"

Then, the demon mountain does not wait for me to answer made the communication telephone call.


I make a fist, the air/Qi results in whole body to tremble, this time can greet hundred million players' attacks really?

The manner of demon mountain is so firm, obviously does not want to give up, this fight was doomed unable to hide, since like this that independently war, regardless of the victory and loss, we will not regret.

Also soon, obtained the new combat report, the Linhai city is sieged, Lin Wan Er and thousand + was the military strength of China to be encircled in the city, the clear pupil developed black ink and maplewood to be drunk is not willing to give up the Linhai city as before, led to surpass thousand person to besiege a city, started to attack crazily.

The Linhai city changes hands repeatedly, the destiny is much erroneous, it seems like and was doomed not to be us.

Again shortly afterward, I arrived at the wilderness edge, proceeds to fly again for several minutes, Fan Shu City appears in the eye, but currently also has the initial Fan Shu City shadow, the entire city was completely damaged, simply looked like one pile of ruins, under the city the innumerable iron skull city and players in Ze deep pool city were attacking a city as before crazily!


Dived from the upper air, sword comes out of the sheath, carries over the sword light bang to kill together in the city wall edge, just mounted the iron skull city player in city wall to kill several, simultaneously a distant hand, [Great Realm of Desolation] starts, kills one archer long-distance second, when I fall in the city wall, not far away Wang Jian said with a smile: „The Xiao Yao elder brother came back finally!"

I stand up from failure to fly to the city, said with a smile: „Everybody refuels to defend, I cultivate equipment, is about to go bad!"

„Ah, the blacksmith's shop of south square do not go, nobody cultivates equipment to you, goes to the northern square."

„Is the wool?"

„Before two hours, a Long Jing artillery across the city wall slit, razed the blacksmith's shop"


Zhan Long Chapter 1071

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