Zhan Long Chapter 1072

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„Whiz whiz......"

Airborne, two flame hot crag artillery crash into the city, if brightly meteor, but was a pity, these two „meteor" the lethality is somewhat big, Fan Shu City hawk Chao Hongcheng the smashing, the system also immediately System Notification my this city lord, the city was damaged directly, the hawk nest will destroy, even if were defends must reconstruct the hawk nest.

Outside the city, the sky rose stands under a rhodo- war flag, raises the long sword director player to continue to attack the city, I also know that over 20 minutes, she do not rush to the city wall to kill people personally, and advances the skill to kill [Zhan Long], [Judgement], [Appearance Alliance] and other Guild by Jianfeng specially the high points players, Wild Beauty, falls the wild goose, Wang Jian and Dancing Forest and the others to hang under sky rose separately 1 time, bases on her country to fight points to stay at a high level.

„Preparation, the sky rose must come!"

Li Mu is cleaning the bloodstain on sword blade edge, sneers is looking at the distant place, continued: „This woman is really fearful, does not wipe out Fan Shu City as if unable to sleep to be the same."

I will repair just the good Zhen Yue Blade support in the rubble of city wall, said: „Did not worry, making her come, one will coordinate me, the collection fire second killed ten big generals fully, killed one few one, looked that the sky rose continued to attack a city with anything!"

„Um!" Li Mu layer on layer nods.

Iron skull city, west position the super lord city of boundary border region, is the habitat of US war zone player, the NPC army total of iron skull city has surpassed 200 thousand, regiment several at least 30 +, produces the master who 10 regiments have commanded the rank in the player, and war net rank also very high of these people, I understand is the ancient musical scale, the remnant dream and light dance melody and the others, these people are not only ABN of iron skull city fight the net master, is major Guild Guildmaster and vice- Guildmaster rank, but the sky rose also unites this. The group peak master, can the strength promotion iron skull city to the strongest condition, otherwise fears her not to have the long-distance raid to attack the plan of Tian Ling Empire.


Has a look at Cooldown, is the country fights 5 th day about 6 : 00 pm, should the sky rose not have that well patient?


Sits Dancing Forest on high crenelation was grasping the long bow, is suspending the snow white longleg, actually suddenly jumps to fall to the ground, the long bow in the front, said horizontally: „This time must impact the city wall with the cavalry soldier, be careful, their inside has many manpower to hold very thickly very long war hammer, is strong to city gate attack power!"

I nod, these time has me to assume the Fan Shu City south city wall, wants to break through is not easy!

People at daggers drawn, under the city, the oppression of the people sound transmits, the dust flies upwards, the sky rose launched the offensive at least 50 thousand people once more, but also spreads the news in Fan Shu City another three directions, Ze deep pool city and other military strength of iron skull city almost also together launches the offensive, they must, in same Cooldown attacked the Fan Shu City four sides city wall.


The butterfly sword comes out of the sheath, I spin the body to fly in airborne of city wall edge, treads to be spatial and vertical, draws out Zhen Yue Blade again slowly, prepares to meet head-on!

Above the ground, the riding war from iron skull city is the player roars is starting [Assault], many people truly pulled out the black war to hammer on equipment, three meters heavy iron hammers, how god knows this group of people could take, resisted in the city wall is one fiercely pounds, in the city gate exuded „bang bang bang" sound, before I have inspected the city gate, in encircled had bulge, obviously like this was pounded.

Lifts the hand, the [Soul Army] symbol lingers around the palm, behind will establish rapidly [Azure Dragon Crossbow] in me, the Djinn god will have roared the violent to project links the crossbow arrow together, punctured thoroughly the crowd instantaneously, condescending speed Qi Kuai, almost rode the war two is the player gives to puncture together thoroughly with the shield in the ground, at the same time, I also dived, a long sword pendulum, the [Combo] skill coordinated Yue Qing Qian grasping of red fox to kill 4 soldier seconds.

„On together!"

Li Mu jumps to leap the city wall, pricks the city wall surrounding to tow the path to tenesmus the speed the long sword on the way together slowly, the security falls to the ground the later rapid summon warhorse, opens ten thousand people to ride under the city in the crowd to rush ahead, but receives Li Mu such infection, Wang Jian, Meng Yao, One Second Hero, Yue Yao Yan and Old K and the others also 11 leaps the city, to protect the toughness of city wall discarded the life to make war generally.

„Is careful their long-distance!"

In city wall, Dong Cheng Yue loses into the crowd [Lightning Eagle Formation], while was warning to us.

The sky rose is not a fool, after riding the war is, dispatches the square formation that one group of archers, Mage, Musketeer have composed to cover kills, the next quarter, the magic and bow and arrow have entertained on our bodies, but in the city wall melted the god cavalry to clash to join as before one after another to fight the circle, to protect Fan Shu City, many people have hung 7 levels, but did not have any hesitation as before, even if hung to the zero order is also worth for a homeland war!



One group of roaring flame erupt in the crowd of city wall suddenly, that is high level Berserker from iron skull city, on the arm reappears ABN to fight the net 7 th person of symbol, ID is called „meeting with" spin fierce Axe that strong Berserker, one of the iron skull city ten big generals, this axe erupts has made into the remnant blood two melt god cavalries directly, a melt god cavalry is Star Blade, this boy reaction rate is extremely fast, hurried [Blade Rush] retreats toward the right rear displacement, actually does not think that starts the instance of displacement in him, Axe that met with also projects. Going out, by a [Battle Axe Throw] skill of straight path!



Sentenced in advance was too accurate, met with the god to realize already in advance to sentence Star Blade to turn toward the right rear generally to move, this [Battle Axe Throw] in fact was one time in advance sentences the attack, almost same Cooldown, unarmed meeting with drew the reins suddenly, the warhorse neighs body slanting running Going out, the golden light flashed through, MISS fell [Zhan Long] first Monk „wholeheartedly to Buddha" Mount Tai struck the skill.


Meets with one to laugh wildly, lifts hand to catch Axe that the maneuver comes, turned around is [Assault] dizziness wholeheartedly to Buddha, roared to roar, the whole body scarlet was dense, enters the crossing the rubicon skill, Axe has carried under the arm 50% broken against strengths to break out wholeheartedly to the shield of Buddha, suffered a relapse again on the shoulder, and spattered in all directions to strike the effect fatally!


Miserable snort drops to Buddha wholeheartedly under melting the god warhorse, simultaneously met with Axe to sweep away, plane attack another remnant blood melt god cavalry killing.

Too fearful, the player in US war zone strong? ABN fights the net seventh player, operation and tactical standard of this meeting with absolutely not under Jian Feng Han!

Such person does not die, [Zhan Long] does not know that must have many elite player to fall over 5 levels under his hand!


When the butterfly sword layer on layer punctures thoroughly one rides the war is the chest of player, I fight the boots to tread his breastplate to draw out the long sword, simultaneously borrows the strength to tread fiercely, „bang" just liked the meteor falls to the meeting with direction, simultaneously [Wall of Dou Qi], [Dragon's Whistle of Thunder and Lightning] and other BUFF opened completely, is in an airborne body spin, five attack bang have approached the match!

Met in paying attention to me, saw that I attacked like this am not unexpectedly careless, Axe horizontal about a standard kept off, „clang clang" two put up the attack of butterfly, afterward then Axe horizontally in the front, the body sank to exhibit the defense stance, my consecutively three swords broke out, actually also only wiped out his less than 7 thousand HP.

„Xiao Yao elder brother, be careful!" Wang Jian drinks in distant place one suddenly lowly.

The cold wind raids, wraps the cold ice great arrow in strong gale together, but archery is one is called the light dance melody female, ABN fights the net 8 th person, similarly is one of the ten big generals!

Meanwhile, met with the corners of the mouth to raise a smiling face, roars to raise Axe lowly, speed quickly bang certainly on my shoulder, this is to tie down me to keep me from withdrawing, subsequently was assigned here, them by this cold ice arrow also has the opportunity to massacre my this [Zhan Long] first person like this, but, I have thousand frost wing effects, the Agility degree of body goes far beyond rides the war is the player, the left hand lifts, the Zhen Yue Blade hilt covered the Axe handle of meeting with instantaneously, but I borrowed a strength spin, the body to the arc spin body that was hard to imagine shunt the cold ice arrow together..

On face that met with obvious flashes through astonished, but I am in airborne, during the glances had also discovered another fatal character came, the ancient musical scale, ABN fights the net 3 rd person, genuine killer, is, the US war zone is next to the person of sky rose!


The sword blade edge broken wind of ancient musical scale comes, to be in airborne me not to have other choice, in the hand to catch up again, a body spin, numerous foot maneuvers kick on the shoulder of meeting with, met with draws back several steps continually, just intercepts in the attack route of ancient musical scale, but I open the hand to raise, locks the light dance melody directly is the goal, [Defeat the Dragon]!

Instantaneous light dance melody arrived in front of me, but this woman was really too intelligent, by [Defeat the Dragon] locking reversed the ring to enter the invincible condition instantaneously, although I can capture her, actually could not kill her.

Sneers, came from sneering of ancient musical scale, this iron skull city second rode the war is the peak master has made an astonishing action, the numerous hits on the body of meeting with, the strength were much bigger, met with gives up riding the shape unexpectedly instantaneously, was flushed by an strength of speed ancient musical scale collision quickly certainly, Axe raised, above was reappearing many seven glow stars, was one time strikes the skill continuously!

I have Zhen Yue Blade hurriedly horizontally, wants to avoid already without enough time, the speed is too fast, must defend, otherwise other following waves attacked me possibly unable to resist!

However at this moment, the form passed over gently and swiftly suddenly together, impressively is Wang Jian, be only his reaction rate can follow our levels, „bang" Wang Jian will meet with hit with horse, the sword blade edge passes the chest that met with, simultaneously shouted to clear the way lowly: „The Xiao Yao elder brother, a bit faster solution ancient musical scale, I and Meng Yao have fallen the level under his sword, this gives me!"

Meeting with is a brave warrior, no matter but Wang Jian is CBN fights Ganche the master of rank, lifts the hand fiercely to pound on the shoulder of Wang Jian, fights the boots to tread to leave fiercely, Axe waves, a projection bang falls Wang Jian 6 thousand + HP suddenly, but Wang Jian is not the affable lord, turns round to raise the sword to strangle to death with the opposite party in the same place.


The strength of [Zhan Long] guild, must deal is actually all elite players in entire US war zone, was too difficult!

Finally, I realized before Li Mu them, is difficult, knows why they will defend a city to fight actually as before continuously to hang 1-3 times.

Zhan Long Chapter 1072

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