Zhan Long Chapter 1073

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In the eye of ancient musical scale gushes out to kill intent, urging the horse to clash, the long sword in the hand, was actually ready, most fearful was this match, the pointed weapons gathers the potential in the bosom, can actually launch the attack from any angle, this was a blossomless skillful murder art, perhaps the ancient musical scale was not one practices the person of sword in the reality, but in the game, absolutely is the master of this murder art.

I stand in the cold wind gorgeously, the war is just luxurious, the strong winds also wreak havoc, blows the Zixiao cape dance behind, the white cape was been incarnadine by the blood, above also keeps the hole hole that arrows and lances are puncturing thoroughly, appears very distressed, my which also a little that day plume empire of present greatly holds the spear and [Zhan Long] Guildmaster impressive and dignified manner.

Town Yue Dao delivers rapidly, my direct impact in the past, asked the way by town Yue Daolai!

In the eye of ancient musical scale passed over gently and swiftly a startled color, understands instantaneously I am also in the master, selects in the [Assault] sword blade edge unexpectedly on the way, swings the town Yue Dao at the same time left fist to gather the potential to send, blood red fist seal falls on my front together!


Very strong striking power, thunderstorm fist, Holy Ghost second-order skill!

In my chest obstructs, I also rapidly respond, on the butterfly sword surge golden six glow stars, the [Combo] skill in deliver instantaneously after his the ancient musical scale passed over gently and swiftly carry on the back!




But has only hit successfully 3 times, other three struck actually to be returned to a sword to swing by the ancient musical scale + diagonal to walk the position operation to fall to MISS, although was not Pulse Break Style, but had the Pulse Break Style skillful style very much.


Yue Qing Qian has sent an information to me: „Brother Xiao Yao, I [Stealth] in my right front, coordinating me to come a sneak attack, the quickest speed massacres the ancient musical scale!"


The sword blade edge raises, I already opened the art of dancing of energy ghosts and gods, the surrounding hostile player will be injured continually, the ancient musical scale naturally is not willing to continue to pester with me, progresses to walk, but I raise the long sword am [Seven Star Fragment Slash], the bang cut on his road which must be taken, forcing him to obey to tend to the Yue Qing Qian stealth position.


The ancient musical scale has not thought that I hand over the skill to hand over that decisively, the warhorse one slanting is really thinking the right front overran , there, the Yue Qing Qian beautiful form is ambushing in the empty shade, but I lock that position to start [Assault] to move directly, must reenforce the past, otherwise she definitely is not the match of ancient musical scale, the operation and tactical awareness of ancient musical scale did not say above Yue Qing Qian that equipment was also better than her a level!


Suddenly, the ancient musical scale lowered to roar, the long sword is dividing a sword to the air, simultaneously the under foot air/Qi glow surged, was starting a combo level energy to the front rapidly!


My moral nature one cold, he knows that Yue Qing Qian does lead the way there?

The next quarter, I understood, but sentences in advance, however confirmed truly the Yue Qing Qian position actually depends upon the combo air/Qi glow, is mad the glow in surging on the way of received impediment of Yue Qing Qian body to have the subtle change, this is the judgment basis of ancient musical scale, good intelligent person!

The instance that combo erupts, the Yue Qing Qian blood strip brushes to fall, however she has also spelled, the chest by the instance that the sword blade edge punctures thoroughly, wrinkles the delicate eyebrows to wield the dagger, positive [Gouge] strikes!

The dizziness is successful!

As long as the top player, has invincible skill inevitably, Yue Qing Qian was almost killed by the instantaneous second, only with enough time wields [Gouge] to strike, but this [Gouge] strikes can actually continue 2 seconds of dizziness, at this time, I rapidly plundered , the whole body erupted together the golden ray, the distant place, the light dance melody, met with two people also to shout that without enough time, has actually ridden the wind to cut 15 swords to erupt instantaneously, directly to the back iron skull city the ancient musical scale!

And, I have to ban the grasping of special effect god, in 60 minutes ancient musical scale including resurrecting not possibly!

But looks that the body of Yue Qing Qian falls down slowly, actually as before grievedly, to kill an ancient musical scale, made our [Zhan Long] hang vice- Guildmaster.

I am unable to open the body of extinguishing not to kill the ancient musical scale, because the opposite party also has the invincibility, strikes to kill the opportunity of this top player to be fleeting, but Yue Qing Qian with is such an opportunity that the life trades, does not give the opposite party to open the invincible opportunity to kill directly!

Two tings simultaneously from the sky are reverberating


System announcement: Players 【Ancient musical scale】( US) struck to kill the player successfully 【Yue Qing Qian】( China), and captures its 10% country to fight points successfully!


System announcement: Players 【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】( China) struck to kill the player successfully 【Ancient musical scale】( US), and captures its 10% country to fight points successfully!

Not far away, the fierce combat is continuing as before, Wang Jian already the remnant blood, raised is breaking the sea sword to retrocede rapidly, on the face full is the spunk, but in his rear area, the sky rose came finally!

„East city, does skill of Aiersha scepter have CD?" I look up to the city.

Dong Cheng Yue is resigned-looking: „Before 4 hours, has used one time, must wait again for 8 hours"

I have fired into the sky rose rapidly, cannot wait, waited for Wang Jian and Li Mu will again die in battle once more, although my strengths to these two brothers was very confident, but the strength disparate pendulum there, equipment, skill and the Level all-round strength sky rose absolutely was the world first three ranks, perhaps, was first.

„Wang Jian, to here!" My loud [say / way].

Wang Jian is light smiles: „Does not use, the Xiao Yao elder brother, I gives you and Li Mu Boss creates the opportunity!"

Saying, him was drawing the reins to retrocede suddenly, presents stance that backed up to march forward, simultaneously raised the breaking sea sword in hand, started skill instantaneously, making us unable to think that broke the sea sword to emerge waves, divided suddenly, carried over the dreadful rough sea waves to wreak havoc in the crowd, but the sky rose bore the brunt, naturally did not evade.

However, why peak master is the peak master , because can make the matter that the ordinary player cannot think, when breaks the sea to strike to divide, the sky rose beautiful corners of the mouth rise slightly, mobilized Jianfeng to advance the skill directly, the body changes into a lightning to clash from the mighty waves, the goal locked Wang Jian directly, the blade edge of bang that lava the superelevation erupted in the Wang Jian front.


Wang Jian definitely is invincible skill in CD, or after mediating sea fury points was insufficient, was massacred directly!


System announcement: Players 【Sky rose】( US) struck to kill the player successfully 【General Wang Jian】( China), and captures its 10% country to fight points successfully!

[Seven Stars Teleportation] from the sky glitters, I rushed to the sky rose front rapidly, [Binding Chains] have closed off her backlash path, town Yue Dao sweep away, „bang" surged together Mars on her chest Armor, carried over 51023 points injury digit, simultaneously sword blade edge maneuver [Tempest Sword] + trod the broken heavenly thunder to start together, was almost exhausts all skills to attack.

The sky rose was broken the sea to stroke, turned into the remnant blood instantaneously, but the look on face is as before tranquil, after the sword blade edge standard keeps off under me strikes, makes use the backlash, the next effect that Jianfeng advances locks Li Mu outrageously.

„Li Mu, invincible!" I shout hurriedly.

The Li Mu reaction rate has missed one, the dragon bone sword ray twinkle of sky rose, transforms a big dragon winding around Li Mu, unexpectedly can ban launch of skill, and makes Li Mu unable to move, the dragon bone sword wielded continuously several times, Li Mu HP already saw the bottom, the speed that but I chased down was also fast, the sky rose could not massacre Li Mu shortly, retreated decisively.

But, Li Mu absolutely is the unyielding man, less than 10% HP, outrageously start the [Assault] skill, „brushing" one pursues the sky rose, instantaneous that the match for ten thousand skill opens hits in the waist of sky rose!


The anger does not touch Zhoushan!

Sky rose miserable snort, this time hit enough painful, after drinking up health potion, HP that restored also was less than 15%, but Li Mu were less, was only fired by opposite party mount remaining is less than 6% HP.

„Really repugnant!"

The sky rose knitting the brows instantaneous sword light passed over gently and swiftly, immediately Li Mu also knelt.


System announcement: Players 【Sky rose】( US) struck to kill the player successfully 【General Li Mu】( China), and captures its 10% country to fight points successfully!

Li Mu this time chases down has not actually wasted, he strove for at least 2 seconds of Cooldown, this has sufficed, because I saw a familiar form in the crowd, Meng Yao raised the Lady Wa stone to have a bloody road in the crowd of US war zone, from reversed direction direct impact sky rose, started the SSS level instantaneously the ruling skill!


Hits to faint successfully, dizziness 3 seconds!

But player in one crowd of US war zones adds the blood to the sky rose, the Meng Yao striking power is not considered as top, wants to kill her not to be easy.

However, 3 seconds were enough regarding me!

A on the way of [Great Realm of Desolation] locking sky rose of terminal velocity flight, reduces her 50% by the treatment result, the butterfly was being surged the radiant sword glow, rides the wind CD that cuts just well to cool, kills!

The golden rays of 19 levels of god level skills shoot up to the sky, the instantaneous 15 sword air/Qi puncture thoroughly the body of sky rose!

The second kills!


System announcement: Players 【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】( China) struck to kill the player successfully 【Sky rose】( US), and captures its 10% country to fight points successfully!

What a pity, I am not Old K, does not have that high knock rating, only blew out the wrister of sky rose, the three stars magical instrument, throws the guild warehouse directly, came to compensate as the level to Wang Jian or Li Mu.

„Bang bang bang" the sound is unceasing, the sky rose dies, the armies in entire iron skull city almost fell into a group of people without a leader region, but in my behind southern city wall, the melt god cavalry leaps the city wall in abundance, the summon warhorse, prepared [Assault].

Looks at chilly beautiful picture under city, my cannot help but moral nature shivers, Yue Qing Qian, Li Mu, Wang Jian, Star Blade and the others died in battle, but chases down to meet with, light dance melody and other ABN to fight the price of net master, was One Second Hero, Death God's Elegy, Old K, Wolf, Fox and the others the bodies completely lies down in the ruins.

„Was too miserable"

General Bai Qi raises fully is being Axe of blood, arrives at side me, said: „Guildmaster, the brothers hung quickly"

I nod silently, said: „Brothers have achieved, we delay them in the Fan Shu City five days five nights, we facing have not drawn back compared with we stronger match timidly, [Zhan Long] does right by Tian Ling Empire, the Chinese war zone should be proud of my brothers!"

In the general Bai Qi eye is glittering some rays: „Um!"

Zhan Long Chapter 1073

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