Zhan Long Chapter 1074

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„Preparation, attack!"

Under the city the distant place, a 182 levels of young knight draws out the sharp sword slowly, started to Fan Shu City attack of again, in fact after the sky rose hangs , the offensive in iron skull city was weaken at least more than 50%, surrounded the Fan Shu City majority of military strength to retreat, but the sky rose after all was not the genuine god, is unable to order to all players, therefore the guilds of some iron skull cities have not been willing to concede as before, wanted to try to trample flat Fan Shu City this once more already the tattered and torn secondary main city.

„Hasn't been willing to give up?"

On the cheek of Meng Yao moistens the grey mark that a Long Jing artillery is leaving behind, knits the brows: „Elder brother, we keep the military strength in Fan Shu City not to be many, uses Long Chaoli Cliff Dragon Cavalry?"

„Um , can only like this"

My helpless sigh, examines the Fan Shu City army page, besieged a city for five days, Flame Hawk Archers only consumes remaining thousand, Cliff Dragon Cavalry also remaining thousand, as for Heavy Flame Archers of defense main force, had several thousands, now actually only then thousand, this city war at least has wiped out over 80% military strength the Fan Shu City Dragon's den armed forces!

Which the palace guards also very to go, battle loss more than half, Han Yuan, Xiao Li, Long Xing, Xia Ye and the others have been wounded, but in the city is to find at everywhere the wrap and is miserably howling the wounded soldier, the loss of NPC camp is more serious than the player.

But outside the city the enemies of several million besieged cities, I have not chosen as before, can only order the Dragon's den armed forces to meet head-on once more!

„Melt god cavalry, goes to city wall!"

I am raising the bloodstained butterfly sword, jumps to leap the city wall, the summon being lost in thought fierce fine horse, said: „Preparation clashes from the south city wall, all melt god cavalries attack together, we were tired, they were also tired, looked that who can support final! The sky rose had been killed, making us have a look, the iron skull city who can also be able to resist us?"

The [Zhan Long] people change countenance in abundance, leaps from the stair of city wall, summoned the melt god warhorse one after another, lost extremely in the seriousness, we can only gather 2000 + melt god cavalries, but has sufficed, which the players outside city also not necessarily good to go, these 2000 melt god cavalries were also a good striking power.

„Han Yuan, Kaesong gate!" I look up Han Yuan who to the city on arm wraps up the steamed rice dumpling.

„Yes, General!" The Han deep pool is the defense military officer, personally Kaesong gate.

The next quarter, I clash insistently, Bai Qi, Meng Yao, Tang Xin and the others also together flushed with me, outside the city gate is one crowd is brandishing the warhorse to divide to chop city gate Berserker, I brandish the sword to kill directly, a place visited piece of bloodshed, 2000 + melt god cavalries are elite elite, the maneating flying general + speeds away to sweep away, reduces the iron skull city players under city.

Outside the city full is the dense and numerous player sea, but our these 2000 + melt god cavalries look like a steel and iron battleship in sea cleave the waves generally, will obstruct our people to turn into the corpse completely, city Dong Cheng Yue, Lian Po, Xing Lie and the others in lose to reenforce us fully, Long Jing artillery also reenforces in interrupted bombing, besieged a city continuously for five days, the shell reserve in Fan Shu City also has almost used again Qing sufficiently, this was our strikes finally, can deter the match to retreat in fear they should better, if cannot, that on continuing hand-to-hand fighting, the Fan Shu City barbican wall collapsed several. The place, was attacked again, perhaps did not have the danger to defend.

„Puff puff"

The arrow arrow injects the sound in flesh and blood to be especially grating, how many melt god cavalries' in archers the side is by huge crowd was killed, my also moral nature secretly feels nervous, the person who I kill are many, can strength of reverse entire Fan Shu City a oneself tactical situation? Perhaps cannot, their people be too many.

Meng Yao is raising the Lady Wa stone, kills the enemy sword blade edge dispatching, but on the small cheek too many smiling faces, a face had not worried obviously said: „Elder brother, this is not good, 2000 people of most over 1 hour did not have."

I know, actually can only continue town Yue Dao to sweep away the anger to chop in the crowd, the butterfly sword wraps cutting that [Blade Spin] is spreading across, having my points value to rise suddenly.

Unknowingly nearly 20 minutes passed by, 2000 + melt god cavalries who I lead also only remaining 1200 +, at this moment, the southern fire god mountain range direction hears war cries suddenly, the dense and numerous crowds kill from fire Divine Mountain, looked at the past from afar, at least thousand person audiences, and ID prefixes on these player top of the heads the bright red Five-Starred Red Flag, was being a person on one's own side!

My moral nature trembles, was almost moved must to cry, at this time are also some people unexpectedly willing to reenforce Fan Shu City that creakied?

„Brothers, aids!"

The butterfly sword belt leaves to ride the wind to cut the ray to break out the crowd, leads 1200 + melt god cavalries aiding that rushes ahead to south, the people whole body is bathed in blood, to was unable miserably the miserable situation, but, several swordsman grasp the sword as before, holds up the [Zhan Long] war flag, the war flag class goods is not adding the attribute, is purely to distinguish clearly the camp and inspiration morale, these people were laborious.

Breaks the crowd, welcomed that moment of reinforcements, I actually had a scare, brings the person who the human reenforced impressively is the milk that the dark horse female violent of all-star game walked, she was riding a white warhorse, was grasping the long sword, led six palace cosmetics with its one crowd of allies from fire god up and down driving straight ahead north, killed thoroughly the blockade of iron skull city American player with an impulse.

„Prepares to turn around, kills!" My order, simultaneously looked that to milk that the violent walks, said with a smile: „Milk, unexpectedly is you!"

The iron skull city knight who a milk Jianfeng revolution that the violent walks massacres a pursuit, said with a smile: „Wants you to think that is who? You think that Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han and Fang Ge Que these people will waste the main military strength to reenforce your Fan Shu City? Don't forget, they want to compete for the country to fight points MVP, the nature good steel to use on the knife edge, defended a city in Tian Ling Empire most gains points!"

I think her: „How you also come."

„Thinks the ally!"

„Good, six palace cosmetics allies have not interlocked, how many people have you brought?"

„Scrapes, altogether has collected about the 210 000 person, but is not all the way peaceful, bumps into the meeting engagement one after another, has hung about 30%, heard that your Fan Shu City soon couldn't defend?"

„Also good, soon could not defend"

„Good, this time fires off must ask me to eat meal?"


[Zhan Long] people exceptionally excited, the appearance of milk female to us is no different is the hopeless situation meets to live, this group of new forces such one mixes, the confidence of iron skull city once more will definitely vacillate, at least, the arrival of milk means that the Chinese war zone is not willing to give up Fan Shu City as before, Fan Shu City had besieged a city for five days, actually displayed the astonishing obstinance, the player of US-Russia server also has probably been scared, who is willing to continue to gnaw an unyielding person to collapse loses teeth!

Also, the blue radish Military Control 9 Dragon Rider soldiers as before have perched in the Fan Shu City dragon nest, several were injured therapy, so long as I issued an order, these Dragon Rider soldiers are willing to continue are Fan Shu City fight, that did not have what issue.

The city gate opens greatly, happy saying with a smile of Dong Cheng Yue in city: „, The reinforcements came, a bit faster comes in!"

I am speechless: „Did your this open the door the stance of receiving a guest to be too obvious?"

Dong Cheng Yue cheek one red, continued to play the hoodlum saying: „Yes, does Sir come today? Selects me to select me, I am very cheap, in the evening also follows you!"

I was killed by the second immediately, East city is invincible truly unable to resist, this goods have great learning and browse widely, from international high-end summit to bath center big warning anything nothing which is not passes and omniscient, and appearance is beautiful, stature is hot, a hoodlum gets up dead to knock with you, quarrelled with such female suffers a loss.

Near thousand person enters a city rapidly, the milk that the violent walks steps the city wall to defend a city own force allocation personally, actually digs the small mouth to look at completely damaged Fan Shu City, said: „Xiao Yao, you know that I see present Fan Shu City, what has thought of?"

I have one not good premonition: „What has thought of?"

„Is likely is one lump by several dogs have fought for cow dung"

Fan Shu City was attacked continuously, was tattered and torn, she said well is reasonable, I had nothing to say in reply unexpectedly!

Inspects the city wall security once more, discovered that southern city wall already avalanche at least total length 200 meters city wall, wants to restore the city wall at this moment is impossible . Moreover the stone material in city has almost exhausted, making these artisan also nowhere be possible to be, therefore I order felling the thorn forest in Fan Shu City main hall behind Emperor's garden, piles up with these thorns in the city wall crack place prevents the impact of iron skull city player, piles up with is the thorn of acupuncture, in addition the stack of crushed stone and wood, burns cannot burn down, looked how they come.

What is gratifying, the thousand dark moon/month spirit archer of palace guard maintains very completely, majority of also in the archer's tower, the output, this is the biggest safeguard of city, the military strength of Queen Fiona was too reasonable, strength and loyal minister first-class.

Crossed a meeting again, the Fan Shu City east gate opens, welcomes Li Mu, Wang Jian, Yue Qing Qian, Wolf and the others to reactivate once more, these fellow many people fell to 170 + levels, even hung number of times many Death God's Elegy already only then 168 levels, calculated that he fell from 183 levels to 168 levels, fell 15 levels, has hung continuously 4 times, actually as before once more resurrected!

[Zhan Long] completely is such workaholic, pours to look that outside the city this group of motley crew can also attack a city with what?

[Zhan Long] player altogether thousand that resurrecting comes +, enriched the guard military strength of city, when Li Mu, Wang Jian, Yue Qing Qian and the others stepped the city wall, the iron skull city and Ze deep pool of city player tide general welling up distant place has drawn back finally, they gave up!


Wolf falls in the city wall, said: „Doesn't MLGBD, attack finally?"

I think his blood red eye: „Small wolf, your how long didn't have offline?"

„About 48 hours"

„Not awfully? offline, goes to sleeping well!"

„Um, knows the Xiao Yao elder brother!"

The player of besieged city retreats, Fan Shu City was also quite steady, people in abundance offline, all welled up the whole body exhaustedly, this rested well.

Zhan Long Chapter 1074

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