Zhan Long Chapter 1075

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In the hall, does not have offline for several hours, finally can gasp for breath.

On the table is putting out simple food, the pumpkin gruel, bread and fruit, as well as roasts the mutton leg, roasts the mutton leg to buy from outside, the chef presently roasts without enough time, can only, I think like this our long Cooldown online, the whole body is exhausted, should eat a light thing, but East city and Wan Er think that does not eat the meat not to be good, therefore......


Takes up the knife on roasting the mutton leg cuts next two to brave the steam the mutton, divided one to give Lin Wan Er, then has eaten the mouth, unexpectedly was very fragrant, therefore wolfed down.

Dong Cheng Yue curls the lip: „Snort, only knows that delivers to eat to girlfriend, I I?"

I was speechless, lift the hand to cut mutton to her again.

Tang Qi lowers the head eats one fiercely, crossed long time has gained ground saying: „Xiao Yao, did you hit Full Moon City?"

„Um, how?"

„NX......" he raised up fully to me is the thumb of oil.

I said: „Wan Er, Port City war how? Does the demon mountain have to start to the Port City siege warfare?"


Lin Wan Er was somewhat speechless, said: „Actually clear pupil develops black ink and maplewood being drunk to have the person to hit the city to hit specially ominously, and clear pupil developed black ink to be too intelligent, divided 200 thousand military strength to pass through the forest of starry sky to attack void fire Yun City directly, fire Unseong-ri many 100 thousand defended the imperial player, was insufficient, the NPC army was brought by me."

I smile: „Has not related, one will report the news to give Qing Qian, making her transmit orders, Fan Shu City determined in the situation of security can reenforce fire Yun City, at least the [Zhan Long] 3 thousand heavy cavalries can use, these 3 thousand [Zhan Long] heavy cavalries compared favorably with absolutely 50 thousand military strength, they went, the fire Yun City situation was safe."

„Oh, this was best!"

I also said: „Hasn't said the trend of demon mountain?"

„Demon mountain and 7 K gather military strength near three blade edge mountains, does not attack a city, does not attack the Indian, is thinks evidently the snipe freshwater mussel contends to benefit as the third party in a dispute, when the military strength of Indian, because attacked a city to consume similarly again has attacked."

She wrinkled the delicate eyebrows, said: „Was a pity that the military strength of our China area was too scattered, to attack the highest heaven city loses is too big, otherwise the minute 1000 thousand military strength give me, I can defend Port City!"

I nod: „Yes...... Antagonizes people too, was not good to hit!"

Saying, I look to Tang Qi, asked: „Tang Qi, you are defending Tian Ling Empire with Q-Sword, is the Tian Ling Empire present condition how is it? Also calculates safely not?"

Tang Qi curls the lip: „Ahem, is any security, Japanese Han players gather to surpass 3000 thousand people to kill and burn to grab in Tian Ling Empire, said that except for hiding in NPC common people in Tian Ling Empire, Ba Huang City and Jiu Li City, other almost killed off, even, the people in war institute were also killed cleanly!"

My moral nature one cold: „Did the students in war institute kill off?"

„Yes, or can also be what kind."

„It is not concerned about face really...... This is being infertile tactic."

„Yes, is good because of...... They were blocked in the attack of hot crystal basin!"

I in great surprise: „Barbarian tribe lives in the hot crystal basin, can't?"

Tang Qi shakes the head: „You could rest assured that the strength of barbarian was too strong, Guild of several Japanese war zones wants to destroy completely the hot crystal basin, however was shot by the bow and arrow of barbarian in the Kowloon Walled City entrance does not want, afterward wants to treasure the military strength approximately, therefore retreated, moreover......"

He feels the nose to smile, said: „Fan Shu City has defended, what comparison tragedy was Ze deep pool city and 2000 thousand armies in iron skull city also crossed Wu Shenhe, rushed Tian Ling Empire, now all pressures fall on the shoulder of Tian Ling Empire, what regarding this you had to say?"

I hold the arm to smile: „[Legend] and [Hero's Mound] please fully defend Tian Ling Empire, otherwise you are the shames of main city."

Tang Qi in great surprise: „Don't you plan to reenforce Tian Ling Empire?"

I sneer: „Fan Shu City besieged a city time, how many assistance messages I have sent, your bastards are patronizing performing good deeds, how many there are to reenforce Fan Shu City? Now was good, Fan Shu City broke through, is one's turn Tian Ling Empire, was one's turn the deep sorrow to know the pain, late!"

Tang Qi is somewhat helpless: „You said well are reasonable, I had nothing to say in reply unexpectedly......"

I: „......"

Several minutes later, I also asked: „In Tian Ling Empire, was all Guild stations is trampled flat?"

„Yes, but can restore after the war is the power." Tang Qi said.

„This is good, otherwise owed in a big way."


Finished eating the food, took a bath, puts on time Lin Wan Er of clothes to knock on a door, her hair was wet, obviously just took a bath, in the hand was taking one volume of biscuits, said: „Can eat?"

„Does not eat." I support her with a smile, said: „Thinks that I am direct, why must bring the gift......"

The Lin Wan Er cheek is red: „Soul is pale, will not see through an affair will die!"

I lowered the head to kiss her red lip, Lin Wan Er did not have anything to struggle, put out a hand to support my waist, the window curtains have not drawn two people such to kiss for a long time, will not soon be able to dominate until me, she has referred to the gate, said low voice: „Cousin came back......"

I smile, touch her head, said: „This Cooldown is the country war, well has not accompanied you, in the game well has not accompanied you, really sorry."

She very sensible saying with a smile: „, You will not promise the father to take seven big main cities, a person must complete that big magnificent feat is difficult, therefore my this, when girlfriend possibly doesn't share for you? Relax, the Port City war will certainly have a perfect result."


I touch her head, immediately peerless grace and talent lying of goddess little darling in my arms, but also remembers that the old man initially had told me, the woman looks like the cat, found the clue make was clever, his expression disdained very much, but when my memory he as if did not have the woman, it seems like it was certainly young has handled the matters of many line of bad missteps, ha.


Sleep awakes is around 8 : 00 pm, the sixth country fought the day!

When gets out of bed washing, to eat meal to form a coherent whole, gets online obtained System Notification, ended also remaining 40 hours of the country war, but the present country fights the situation is seven big main cities has four also to grasp temporarily in the hand of Chinese player, Tian Ling Empire, Full Moon City and fire Yun City, Port City, but Port City was layer on layer surrounded, could not preserve mostly.

Gets online in Fan Shu City, the surrounding player became sparse, few guards in the city wall personally, only leaves behind one group of people to admonish, but the sky released for flight many warhawks to ride to search, if some large quantities of troops attack Fan Shu City we also to be able again the quickest speed has been informed, therefore does not need to maintain has alerted.

Opens the guild channel, actually discovers fiery, the fire Yun City war as if very intense appearance

Li Mu: „Hasn't thought? The maplewood was drunk leads 200 thousand person elites to attack flame Yun City personally, gave us that big pleasant surprise!"

I asked rapidly: „Person where?"

„Fire Yun City!" Li Mu said: „Maplewood being drunk real belt plants, wants to wipe out fire Yun City depending on that few person, NND, the father looked how he overcomes fire Yun City!"

„Does the person who we defend a city how many have?" I asked.

Dancing Forest said: „Effective strength is 156 thousand, but at least has half Level ultra low, equipment to be inferior, at is not the maplewood is drunk that to go on an expedition the world Guild match, our [Zhan Long] 7 thousand online players almost all came, Fan Shu City is being defended by the 40 thousand + people of friend pledge, early morning time, Qing Qian got online the resources that Fan Shu City obtained recruits the NPC military strength completely."

„Um, that is good, everybody supports, I immediately getting angry Yun City!"



Thousand frost wings, quickest speed has fired into the fire Yun City direction, less than a half hour of exceed goes too far likely the city, the fire city is actually likely quiet, but around fire Yun City is gunsmokes, the maplewood is drunk does not know where did dozens dragon crystal artillery, to the fire Yun City wanton bombing, is good because of the fire Yun City city wall is firm, dozens dragon crystal artillery how us.

The dive, I have crashed in the crowd outside city, after [Kill for Blood] of butterfly sword superimposed jumps to fly the city wall to 200, rapidly, making the maplewood be drunk a temperament not to have, thousand frost wings were a god level skill, the collection attack, defend and retreat simply in a god level skill, in the murder bustling place, in the withdrawing naked sword, said should be this boundary?

The maplewood is drunk wants to kill me actually, but actually how, as a result of my existence, the maplewood was drunk does not dare near body war, he is not even willing to attack a city by oneself, once by my near body, is wanted to walk were quite difficult, but the [Zhan Long] master converged, 3-4 player one set of skills + the big move killed his second was not too difficult, especially this flag player, the Indian first person, if were killed also affected the morale.

Engages in fierce battle for 4 hours, I know that fire Yun City can definitely defend.

The maplewood was drunk to start altogether 2 impacts, actually cannot enter the city wall, was responsible for driving out the city gate iron awl to be destroyed on the contrary, at this time, the maplewood was drunk very much wants certainly to need an attacking a city sharp weapon, for example my purple thunder Ji Che, what a pity, he did not master this skill.



A news, came from Lin Wan Er: „Pig head, the Port City south gate was developed black ink to break through by the clear pupil, their people were too few, inside my hand 40 thousand + NPC armies could ruin completely......"

My pain: „Um, come on, my this comes to have a look!"


Throws down fire Yun Chenghe one group of little friends, I flew rapidly to Port City, less than 20 minutes arrived, city high and low encircled watertight, were too miserable!

However, in the instance that I arrive , the distant place suddenly battle drum sound thunders, the dense and numerous cavalries kill from the Eastern three blade edge mountain directions, countless, is the person in highest heaven city, 7 K Guild, cold winter Guild , etc. , the population has numerous number, almost did not spend too many strengths to kill thoroughly the tight encirclement of Indian player, this group of people too elite, but the Indian sharpest strength actually in the Port City south and fire Yun City direction, naturally may not place on a par.

When the person of 7 K and cold winter killed under the city, „drop", I received an information, came from 7 K Guild the application of Guildmaster 7 K-SAN, after confirming, his news also showed: „Xiao Yao Guildmaster, making your family Cang Tong goddess open the city gate, I will make my person make way a road, puts her to bring the fire Yun City NPC army to leave Port City."

I in consternation: „Your what meaning?"

„We want Port City, does not want with the Chinese area to be the enemy, do you understand?"


Without other means that I simply have not chosen, the strength and population disparate pendulum here, Lin Wan Er will open the Kaesong door not to be broken the city.

Therefore, discussed with Lin Wan Er, I arrive at sky over the Port City east gate immediately.



Little Bai fan the meat wing, Lin Wan Er is riding in the nape of the neck place of big dragon, leads the NPC army and player go out of the city slowly, the alert to look at one crowd of 7 K Guild and cold winter Guild outside city person, as if these people begin, she will immediately order a Little Bai dragon rest/breath to fire the hard coke this group of people, I believe very much the girlfriend has such boldness, believes that Little Bai has such boldness.

„Calm! Calm!"

Not far away, very attractive feminine Swordsman, purple bagpipe from Portuguese server, was the owner in antiquity palace wall, she wear a look of smile, very typical European beautiful woman, with Lin Wan Er gently beautiful composed was the entirely different style, were many a wild beautiful, was short for one point to be gracefully slender and wispy and fine.

Zhan Long Chapter 1075

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