Zhan Long Chapter 1076

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Ices the wing to stretch slowly, the silver dragon that I and Lin Wan Er ride maintains the same level line is flying slowly forward, on the butterfly sword in hand slowly is also flowing the blood, before these are, kills the Indian war zone player to stay behind in the city, flies, while alert looks at player in one crowd of highest heaven cities, 7 K and purple bagpipe these two Guild has not been short in the highest heaven city with the day imperial book repository at present challenges the enemy to battle, why now to release the 40 thousand + NPC armies in Lin Wan Er, really makes people unable to understand.

And, in Port City also has at least 50 thousand Chinese war zone players, at this time rapid going out of town, the absolute inferiority of population has also been doomed unable to contend again , to continue to defend a city only to trade dead the Tian Ling Empire price, the unnecessary fight does not need to insist.

I stop in the midair, stands and waits for a long time is motionless there, but Lin Wan Er instigates the silver dragon soaring in me opposite, two people like are the gate gods looks that NPC and player of Chinese war zone evacuate the city rapidly, we were driven away Port City, rather we „please" let us come out, the players in highest heaven city have given the full face.


However is very obvious, regarding losing Port City, the Wan Er unusual indignation, the thing that succeeded in obtaining does not make others rob as before, young female student definitely could not pass at heart.

I think actually gives up Port City is a wisdom, lets the people in Indian and highest heaven city competes, the pressure that this Tian Ling Empire receives will also be weaken, this is also the situation that I am glad to see.

From NPC and player of Port City evacuation pushes onward to fire Yun City rapidly, there is more like the main city of our China area, and defense military strength are also many enough, Li Mu, Wang Jian and Yue Qing Qian and the others there, Mu Xuan and Ye Lai also led [Appearance Alliance] and [Judgement] person to reduce heat Yun City to reenforce, at least in this country fought we must protect fire Yun City not to lose!

Actually in my continuously chess, but the most important several hostile board game pieces are the player of highest heaven city, Indian and US-Russia server, these three board game pieces to our threats are absolutely fatal, now two soon will have made into one group, the US-Russia players coordinated the Japanese Han and other server of the players to prepare storm Tian Ling Empire, this being doomed fire Yun City relative security, otherwise, I should have a headache.

Evacuates Port City while the Chinese players, the highest heaven city players and Indians have killed one group!

7 K, purple bagpipe and other Guild are the highest heaven City Camp of head is very no doubt strong, but the clear pupil develops black ink is not the lamp of province oil, wants to seize Port City, 7 K and purple bagpipe do not wipe out several teeth are impossible.


I fall on Little Bai carrying on the back gently, Lin Wan Er turning around silently am hugging me.

I am supporting her, has not spoken, she definitely is uncomfortable, Wan Er is a girl of striving to excel, hopes in one can fight in the country adds on my some busily, what a pity [Zhan Long] and military authority of NPC army almost in my hands, Wan Er can seize the chance to overcome Port City is a miracle, even if she has the clear pupil to develop black ink such strategy, but in the hand does not have the soldier, does not help matters, after all does the clear pupil develop black ink to create the success marvelously repeatedly because of what? She has several million people possible to be for obligation, the player who Lin Wan Er can direct actually only then less than 1 million, the disparity was too big.

Pats her back, I said: „Has been all right, Port City will sooner or later seize."

„I know that is only not willingly."

„All right......"



Withdraw tempering Yun City time, the maplewood was drunk the troops who brought to attack a city to retreat, he also discovered that continued to attack flame Yun City to waste Cooldown, did not have enough NPC heavy artillery, is unable to shake this firm city, and turning the sod Daus already without enough time.

On fire Yun City, the war flag of day plume empire is fluttering in the breeze at the same time, one side, set up a Five-Starred Red Flag, the flag of player hand office, means that this main city belongs to China, develops black ink and maplewood to be drunk to the clear pupil, should this flag be dazzling? Actually...... Do they want to stand erect the Indian national flag in the Tian Ling Empire top?

Ye Lai said right, in this strategy game, either makes the sheep, either makes the wolf, no choice.

Enters fire Yun City, Li Mu and Yue Qing Qian reports back each battlefield details, the Fan Shu City war has ceased, the American and Russian lost the interest to this secondary lord city, or Beng Diaotai many teeth on this unyielding person, therefore they changed Tian Ling Empire the interest, but now, inside and outside the Tian Ling Empire big map came the player to surpass 5000 thousand, was 2-3 times of Chinese online player, was really fearful, and sky rose also in attacking Tian Ling Empire on the way.

Has a look at the country to fight in the points total list, my points keeps aloof as before, but points of [Zhan Long] people also stays at a high level

1 st, Xiao Yao Zi Zai( China) country fights points: 1142140

2 nd, Fang Ge Que( China) country fights points: 971020

3 rd, sky rose( the US) country fights points: 892710

4 th, brown pupil( Russia) country fights points: 870020

5 th, Cang Yue( China) country fights points: 852010

6 th, maplewood is drunk( India) country to fight points: 812230

7 th, 7 K-SAN( Holland) country fights points: 771290

8 th, demon mountain( Germany) country fights points: 762200

9 th, Mu Xuan( China) country fights points: 742910

10 th, to like tracking down( Portugal) country to fight points: 721220


First in ten, I and Dong Cheng Yue are first five, but in 11-20, Lin Wan Er, Li Mu, Dancing Forest and Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands four people enters the rank, this is absolutely astonishing, Guild has 6 people to enter first 20 that the country fights always ranks, and in 21-100 ranks some of our also many people, Wang Jian, Death God's Elegy and rank of Meng Yao and the others is as before equal before, this naturally must give credit to the west boundary three big servers besieges the Fan Shu City five days, such points rank is also the meritorious service that they accomplish.

Deeply inspires, I unconscious somewhat wants to laugh, no matter what, in this country fought our [Zhan Long] to have no qualms in the heart, we achieved ourselves to achieve well, then looked how Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han, Yan Zhao Warrior and Wang Ze Cheng and the others caught up to defend Tian Ling Empire.

Wang Jian raises fully is being the bloodstain long sword progresses, said: „The Xiao Yao elder brother, Tian Ling Empire was encircled watertight, we what to do? Wanting...... With reenforces, coming to collaborate from outside with the inside?"


I shake the hand of butterfly to tremble slightly, said: „I also think that but the brothers buckle were too many , to continue to participate in the fight of Tian Ling Empire again, dies at least falls over 4 levels, the price was too big, moreover falls the level the multiresistance to be insufficient, we suffered a loss in the past."

Whatever, I am [Zhan Long] Guildmaster, I must consider for my brothers that cannot make them go all out, actually gives these dirty villains the victory.

Yue Qing Qian smiles in side, said: „We truly also actually very much want to help Tian Ling Empire, but the real-time picture passes on, Tian Ling Empire was encircled watertight, with huge crowds of people, it is said the thickness at least 10 li (0.5km) of besieged city, 20 miles away has been stationed in the people of many small server from the Tian Ling Empire NPC village, can you imagine?"

Lin Wan Er sip the red lip, was saying: „Just obtained the news, Ba Huang City and Jiu Li City is also encircled, but sieges the secondary lord city fortunately is some small server players, depended upon the moving into players and NPC in two secondary lord cities almost can defend the country war to end, subject matter or Tian Ling Empire, if we did not make anything, Tian Ling Empire really will possibly fall into enemy hands."

I said leisurely: „Ok, actually no choice...... I started not dead in battle to the present from the country war, moreover I can fly, I went to Tian Ling Empire to go to battle on behalf of [Zhan Long]...... You defend in fire Yun City, now the [Zhan Long] duty is to defend fire Yun City, momentarily pays attention to the Fan Shu City tactical situation again, fire Yun City, Fan Shu City must grasp in our hands."

Li Mu nods: „OK, knew!"

Lin Wan Er holds on my hand, said with a smile: „Does not have other matter in any case, do I go Tian Ling Empire with you together?"

„Um, do I build along the windmill?"



The silver dragon Little Bai back is broad, sits several people not to be a problem actually, therefore when Little Bai soaring heaven I made use to rush to Dragon Bei, the big dragon have flown into the cloud layer, the speed has fired into the Tian Ling Empire direction quickly certainly, but I sat well in the dragon carry on the back, held in the arms the slender waist of girlfriend conveniently, actually does not think that Little Bai this silver dragon protected main cherished, Dragon Yin started a somersault suddenly.


My held Dragon Lin, maintains oneself is fallen Dragon Bei, Lin Wan Er throws smiles, said: „Sees not to have, Little Bai behaves righteously, others most must not exposed to some people played the hoodlum!"

At this time, the silver dragon has also turned head, a pair of longan combative visits me.


I draw out the sharp knife blade: „This dragon day owed to tidy up, making me poke its transparent hole to say again!"

„Does not want......" Lin Wan Er to eat to smile, is pulling my arm, said: „Little Bai is very good, do not bully it, wait / etc., Tian Ling Empire must arrive......"

The flying speed of silver dragon is truly fast, when we run out of the cloud layer, the Tian Ling Empire outline appeared in the distant place by far, but looks at to the earth time, makes the person have the feeling that a soul shocks, the surrounding area dozens li (0.5km), everywhere is the crowd, the war flag crowded is fluttering, men shouting and horses neighing, and an all trades great artillery is assuming an awe-inspiring pose outside the city, bombed the Tian Ling Empire city wall, the attack was already starting.

„Has been careful, has the attack!"

Lin Wan Er calls out in alarm one suddenly, front, dense one flock of falcons flushed, these falcons are the warhawk ride to search, the Flame Hawk Archers natural enemy, has massacred our many airborne units.


I stand up, single Zu treads Dragon Bei, „bang" golden flame remnant armor lingers in the side condenses the [Wall of Dou Qi] shape, jumps, starts dance of + [Tempest Sword] ghosts and gods to enter in the group of falcon rapidly, while arm, face and other spots wreaked havoc by the falcon sharp claws, the long sword chaotic dance, divided to ride the wind to cut baseless, immediately the golden ray illuminated the evening to be spatial, one flock of falcons were divided the pitiful yell to crash.

Lin Wan Er is not idling, brandishes the dagger, makes several air/Qi glow, the edges of various god erupt suddenly in the falcon group, in addition an silver dragon Little Bai yawn spits the rest/breath, immediately was one flock of falcons is fired the ashes.

„Jie Jie......"

Worry that not the willingly falcon makes an effort the body of silver dragon, what a pity this is the big dragon, the degree of hardness long sword of scales is unable to puncture thoroughly, let alone is the sharp claws of falcon?

Zhan Long Chapter 1076

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