Zhan Long Chapter 1077

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In the clear sound, a forehead of falcon cut off by my sword directly, the blood has spattered in all directions one, an silver dragon Little Bai yawn, bites the body of falcon suddenly, rejection that afterward enjoys, instantaneously the body of this falcon eating . Moreover, in this fought the silver dragon to eat many falcons, the falcon was the airborne hunter, but met Little Bai this god level silver dragon, can only degenerate into fine food.


Broke through the final cloud layer, the Tian Ling Empire detailed tactical situation already at present, the innumerable stone car(riage)s, attacked the tower over a city gate car(riage), scaling ladder in starting to attack a city, on the city wall everywhere was the roaring flame in fleeing to burn, in the city wall has also erected an all trades dragon crystal artillery, the non- difference was bombing the player outside city, but, the absolute inferiority of population, causing the Tian Ling Empire tactical situation not to be actually optimistic.


Silver dragon Little Bai dives, directly soars the city edge when whipping on Lin Wan Er, has not approached Lin Wan Er shouts on the sweet and delicate voice: „Little Bai, the torching, is now!"

Little Bai lowers to roar suddenly, the dragon scale of nape of the neck place is roused, inside incorruptible flame has almost been able to see that spouts a continual dragon flame loudly, likely is outside the rock magma general burning down city in the crowd that on the scaling ladder climbs up, simultaneously Lin Wan Er holds Dragon Jing to fuse the thought to control Little Bai flying walk position by the dragon blood, crosswise flies around the city wall, emitting Dragon Xi, instantaneously makes hundred meters distance the city wall pressure reduce greatly.

I left Little Bai back, the sword in the hand, thousand frost wing flights in the past, the body anxious spin, „bang" hit thoroughly one to attack the tower over a city gate car(riage), in building car(riage) shatter can see that instantaneously many players and NPC dropped from the upper air, exude the crazy miserable howling sound, in this time, the distant place is actually hearing machine the sound of reed, a stone car(riage) has approached the city a giant stone bang!


In the nighttime sky the giant stone simply is a colossus, is that as if outside the city an stele in imperial stele forest?

Thinks of here, I tremble, did the Pearl imperial mausoleum also in the palace guard, link her tombstone also to be destroyed?

The instantaneous anger burns, I am built on the midair single-handed to raise, the strength of imperial day starts, controls the airborne speedily flight suddenly the stele, the backhand is one shouts, flew to the control the stele forcefully reverse, „bang" a bang, on that frail stone carriages and horses has become pile of scrap iron, surrounding NPC was also simultaneously battered to death several, NPC of small city is really delicate!

The short use imperial day ability will not make me be separated, and present tactical situation seems not worth me using the large-scale imperial day, even if I want with not to have very good turning point, outside the city the dragon crystal artillery of attacking a city allied armies was too specifically far, the forced induction of imperial day, naturally is unable to control, looks like the reading heart of Lin Wan Er is the same, can only read the heart the person within ten meters, again not possibly.

Raises the sword flight around the city wall, will try to climb the player in city wall to kill, sword air escapes fall, nobody can near body, the sky rose, Lee and brown pupil such peak master not be after all many, moreover around Tian Ling Empire the city wall so is continuously far, wanted to run into this kind of master more difficult, it can be imagined, such [Epic] level attacking a city scene was also, everybody who each player master anticipated respectively fights bravely in own battlefield, was killing own new military recruits, the match who who will eat to the full everywhere hunts and kills possibly to threaten the life that supported.

Therefore this, I and Lin Wan Er am fighting outside the Tian Ling Empire southern city wall, I attack by thousand frost wing flight advance and blitzkriegs, but she relies on the prestige of this silver dragon Little Bai, in addition own skill unceasingly is cutting the enemy, outside the city wall, the bunch of dragon inflammations, incorruptible illuminate the airborne cloud layer unceasingly, made the fight of city wall has been full of the magic color, although [Zhan Long] did not have the army to enter the war, but I and Lin Wan Er these two representatives appeared in the south city wall, actually also Chinese player by here, but the confidence multiplied, the influence of top player will never be can. Neglects.



Is killing several to climb up the Japanese player of scaling ladder, suddenly behind one group of roaring flame erupt, is a dragon crystal artillery just hits my back, and murders on the god armor to bloom the magnificent ray in the Zixiao cape, mass-criticizes 8 thousand + HP, but small gift, my total HP 200 000 +, moreover can [Drain], only if three dragon crystal artillery rumble together I!

Just thought of here, is two groups of roaring flame raids fast, but also came really!

Hurried spin body, by I quickest speed avoidance, [Blade Rush] from the sky moves on the way once again, that two dragon crystal artillery blast out in the city wall immediately, is good has the surface layer that the galvanized iron casts in the city wall, physical defense of galvanized iron to dragon crystal artillery surpasses any metal, but the shallow forest already ordered to cast the galvanized iron the Tian Ling Empire barbican wall completely, is really wise, as if this boy already forecast that Tian Ling Empire can encounter fighting of besieged city.

„Aims at Xiao Yao Zi Zai!"

Under the city, Japanese war flag an archer of some guild group team leader rank is roaring, is pointing at me with the bow arrow, said: „Was this fellow wins belonged to our Qingyan city!"

I cannot bear smile, separate the spatial hand, he is slightly astonished, responded without enough time by [Great Realm of Desolation] swallowing, but I bent down to fire into the earth, the sword have swept away to surge roaring flame cyclones in the crowd, the whole person meet no resistance, killed nobody to keep off in the past, actually I have also looked, this range did not have no Level to surpass 180 levels of masters, killed these people equal to that oppressive dish, was purely gains points.

Airborne, the bunch of dragon inflammations erupt, silver dragon Little Bai is Dragon Clan of Holy Dragon rank, to the resistance of dragon crystal artillery is not general . Moreover the self-recovery ability also fears, several dragon crystal artillery did not have the pressure.


Has slaughtered outside the city wall crazily for two hours, finally was tired, moreover were been too many by the collection fire, murdered the god armor almost by the heat, immediately jumped to fly back to the city wall, repairs equipment to say again.


Falls in south square, actually discovers Yan Zhao Warrior also , and surroundings gather a troop [Prague] riding war are being a player, the population are many, at least crosses ten thousand, Yan Zhao Warrior also saw me, cannot bear say with a smile: „Xiao Yao, did you also come in?"

As soon as I nod: „What uncle is your this must make?"

„Cannot make the city wall bear the pressure." Yan Zhao Warrior makes a fist, says with a smile: „Therefore I united dozens guilds, the preparation sends out 1 million cavalry soldiers to go out of town, goes to socialize outside the city with them, the alleviation city wall pressure, believes that 24 hours can support."

I nod the approval: „This is also good means that come on, I cultivated equipment!"

„Um, can you come together?"

„No, I will fly...... Which looks like you also to on the ground eat dust [Assault]......"



The blacksmith's shop of south square is not far, when I walk equipment repairs one newly, actually the discovery not far away unexpectedly golden color canopy, that is...... Taking advantage of sovereign?

I knit the brows, asked the senior blacksmith: „That side what's the matter?"

The blacksmiths have a look at the badge on my shoulder, saying of awe: „General, Tian Ling Empire was besieged, your majesty has decided to direct to fight personally, don't you know? There, is your majesty the military assembly hall that forms in Dashengtang temporarily."


I was somewhat speechless, raised sword to walk, around Dashengtang all was the imperial guard, on faces full was the color of sharing a common hatred, Tian Ling Empire is sieged, let our NPC armies actually of one mind.

Has not received anything to stop all the way, after all these NPC soldiers knew that my this holds the spear greatly, in fact when the war arrives, I promoted as the empire marshals automatically, is the military command of effective and influential word!

When I step into Dashengtang, distant hears the shallow forest categorical voice, was saying must defend the Tian Ling Empire matter.

„Li Master!"

Sees my time, what in the eye of shallow forest emerges is the excited look, walks the going forward cradling fast my wrist skill, said: „Li Master, you returned to Tian Ling Empire finally, good!"

I show a faint smile: „Tian Ling Empire is my homeland, how can I?"

The shallow forest nods: „Li Master comes back well, you listen to everybody's opinion!"


The last seat, the purple spirit armed forces command Huyan Li to hold the fist in the other hand saying: „Li Shuai, end will wait already prepare flawless the defense around the city, believes that in these barbarian short Cooldown is impossible to capture Tian Ling Empire!"

Wishing sea actually of place head sneers, said: „According to the information that I obtain, the military strength of these barbarians are our three times, their dragon crystal artillery quantity is our 4 times, even if Tian Ling Empire is firm, but is not impregnable, according to seeing of old minister, should send the imperial guard and flame Dragon Jun two elite to kill the north gate, escorts your majesty to break through from the north gate, goes to Jiu Li City to continue to assume the general situation, the Jiu Li City topography is important, Yi Shounan attacks, is the place of King!"

The shallow forest prays for rescue looks to me, as if he is unable to refute to wish the sea words.

I show a faint smile, said: „Sea male said right, but your majesty is the Tian Ling Empire sovereign, is the emperor in day of plume empire, he is here King, even if match, we do not need to give up Tian Ling Empire, did not have Tian Ling Empire to lose regained to lose the place the strongest strength, if did not have Tian Ling Empire, the tax revenue of which our coming built the pointed weapons armor, the grain that which came fed the soldier, a mistake, was step by step wrong, simple didn't such truth sea male understand?"

Wish the sea route: „Did Li Shuai rather look at the current political situation too simply?"

I said the sentence lightly: „I hold the spear greatly, the war am decided by me, the sea male is not no need to say anything, dead weight!"

Wish the sea to stare, the complexion is pale, the beard flies, takes my this Li Shuai not means.

I have a look about, said: „Since is the wartime conference, invited outside your majesty, person who did not have the military authority all left!"

The manner understands, my order for a guest to leave in view of all officials, but mainly aims at wishes the sea.


Wish the sea to leave in a huff, the shallow forest bears smile.


Zhan Long Chapter 1077

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