Zhan Long Chapter 1078

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So-called military conference in fact is arranges some regiment to defend some city wall, moreover is the rear service is responsible for shipping the military baggage, heavy artillery, around Tian Ling Empire was encircled, fell into the hopeless situation, was good many years of construction also saved many commodities in the city but actually, so long as defended the imperial reality Cooldown 30 hours, the 5 days of guarantee cities in game did not lose, that was OK.


Mounts the city wall, the shallow forest insists on to observe, therefore set up one to be far away from the lookout tower in edge in the Tian Ling Empire western city wall for him, can see the corner/horn of war, but will not receive bombing of dragon crystal artillery, moreover cultivation of shallow forest to be getting more and more exquisite, in fact will be a dragon crystal artillery was also insufficient to be massacred.

In the city wall is almost a sea of fire, the dragon crystal artillery on city thunders unceasingly, but above the earth actually as before is the dense and numerous players, has the person in Japanese war zone, there is a person in South Korean war zone, some such as the Philippines, Vietnam, Laos and other small country server of the players, link up into a single stretch, countless, looks until the butterfly forest, is the players, god knows we must kill many to be able this group to retreat.

The west city wall, every, the temple Knight group and other Guild were responsible for the main force defending by [Vanguard] imperial, but at this time, Jian Feng Han grasps the sword to stand in the place of city wall will climb up the player of city to kill furiously, Simple defends in his, loses magics under the city, sister and brother's condition is not too good, the Jian Feng Han battle dress was been incarnadine by the blood, the Simple law robe was shot through many hole holes by the bow and arrow, does not have the means that the country war is held to this situation Jian Feng Han also can only spell, the country fights in the points list, before Jian Feng Han continually, ten have not entered, row. 19 th, but in the list of Chinese area in 9 th, how fought the net 6 th person saying that regarding this CBN was not the good rank.

A country fights Feng Shen, almost all top idol level players are depend upon the country to fight or are Wings of Heroes Tournament this global sports event come Feng Shen, after the destiny clears, Jian Feng Han can also be the Chinese war zone first three, but along with elite player does not allow to emerge and rise, Ye Lai, Wan Er and East city as well as I and Drunken Spear, these new rising players' impact on the established player are too really big, Jian Feng Han does not go all out, perhaps the rank will drop lower and lower as before.

I raise the long sword to walk slowly in the city wall, „bang" on a shoulder received a torch stone the bang to pound, a whole person body incline, actually stiffly broke the torch stone at the formidable strength value slightly, the body is only one staggers , to continue maintains the stance of vanguard, frightens periphery the [Vanguard] Guild player to be dumbfounded, probably their also nobody sees the attack so bystander who the player has received the torch stone to be the same.


The dead ahead, an attacking tower over a city gate car(riage) from Philippine server erects slowly in the city wall edge, on Lou Che the iron gate is casting the galvanized iron, definitely is unable to be rumbled broken, bridge-floor „bang" surges the innumerable dust in the city wall, that iron gate puts down, the players of dozens Philippine servers raised the iron sword and lance to clash.

I go forward outrageously, sword anxious spin, the body was having the spiral strength direct impact in the past, threw off to drop the city wall several players, simultaneously the numerous high speed impacts in the building car(riage), the long sword one cold divided to ride the wind to cut, 15 golden sword light punctured thoroughly the combat tank, stiffly attacked the tower over a city gate car(riage) to cut off this around the middle, Lou Che Inner Tibet player and a NPC face panic-stricken looks to stand erect airborne I, was helpless.

Falls returns to the city wall, the butterfly sword long-distance flies the Going out [Blade Spin] murder, but I leisurely stroll to continue to proceed.


Jian Feng Han sweeps away a sword, golden ray surges, Holy Ghost third-order skill cold wind sweeping, practiced to 19 levels, three times swept away, the players in several Japanese war zones were miserably howling are dropping the city wall, simultaneously the Jian Feng Han front two arrows, the backing up several steps, lifted the hand to swing the arrow arrow continuously, before filling next health potion continued to rush, carries the foot one person to trample the city, another crowd of [Vanguard] Guild riding war was the player and Jian Feng Han together, uneven Shua Shua wielded a sword to kill to rush to the person of city.

Finally, after several seconds, Jian Feng Han saw my arrival, turns around to hold the bloodstained long sword to look to me, said: „Li Xiao Yao, you returned to Tian Ling Empire finally!"

I let go smile: „Tian Ling Empire is the dens of all Chinese players, I naturally must come back."

Jian Feng Han raises the eyebrow, said: „Is the [Zhan Long] person good?"

„Besides falling many levels, all are good." My is somewhat sad.

Jian Feng Han smiles, said: „I have joined the day imperial book repository, therefore the motion of [Vanguard] Guild must be controlled, hopes that you can understand, we do not have any person to be willing to notice Fan Shu City was destroyed, but does not have the means that compared with the highest heaven city, Fan Shu City can only draw back to occupy inferiorly."

I smile: „Um, actually the highest heaven city had the opportunity to attain, but the diplomacy has not completed, if we first relate Philippine and Vietnamese these small country servers, gives certain advantage, perhaps these 2000 thousand people can use for us."

Jian Feng Han laughs in spite of trying not to: „That most ideal tactic, you think, South China Sea conflict that many years, Filipino and Malaysian wholeheartedly works with us? Perhaps cannot, seek an impossibility would rather is independent and self-reliant, I think that Fang Ge Que also thinks, what a pity, the person calculates is inferior to the day to calculate, we have not thought the Indian will help the demon mountain subdue the highest heaven city."

I nod, lower the head to have a look, under foot in all directions is almost the corpse of player, under the city the innumerable players are falling in torrents the city wall edge with the long-distance skill, the pressure that the [Vanguard] player bears are not small.

Continued to proceed several steps, Simple raises staff to greet me, said with a smile: „HI, Xiao Yao."

I: „HI, simple beautiful woman."

A Simple two stars pupil has swept sweeping in me from top to bottom, said: „Present equipment so was good...... Xiao Yao, the fight of Fan Shu City, you suffered hardships, I also heard some news, [Zhan Long] Li Mu, Wang Jian and Yue Qing Qian these person of each people at least dead in battle over 3 times, regretted really very much."

I somewhat was grieved, said: „At this time added these to do, Fan Shu City has defended luckily, otherwise [Zhan Long] everybody these paid are useless."

Simple immerse a red lip, said: „Um, [Zhan Long] diverts the iron skull city, Full Moon City and Ze deep pool city three big server 5-day-longs in the southwest corner, how regardless of this country fights the final result, [Zhan Long] is a hero, is the biggest hero who the second round country fights, but must defend Tian Ling Empire to say now first again!"

I draw out the butterfly sword, said: „Yes, therefore I and Wan Er came Tian Ling Empire to reenforce, as for [Zhan Long] other people, came them unable to kill, two came them to fall the level too to be really many, fell again at least is 8 levels, the price extremely in the seriousness, therefore I ordered them to defend a city in fire Yun City, did not come Tian Ling Empire to bring death, regardless of others were what kind, when my this Guildmaster must love dearly their Level."

Simple chuckle: „Um, a qualified Guildmaster this, the words said that you do come to the western city wall to help our [Vanguard] defend a city?"

„Um, is, where needs to reenforce me to go where!"



Stays in the western city wall, leap kills people everywhere, the ray twinkles of thousand frost wings constantly, look like a matchmaker of whole body flash armor in airborne slaughter everywhere general, because of my arrival, the warhawk that the western city wall will receive rides to search and other aerial arm attack pressures to reduce, will fly similarly, but the warhawk rode the destructive power that searched unable with me to place on a par obviously.

Cloud of smoke float over, the corpse 1 hour in western city wall Shua is new, but more folds as before is thicker, finally almost must step in the corpse fights.

Cooldown passes bit by bit, in an instant is the country fought the 7 th day about 11 : 00 o'clock at night, in 13 hours, the second round country fought must formally finish.

But the Tian Ling Empire condition is not good, is not very good, the four sides city wall in barbican wall was completely damaged, South Korean Lee does not know where from summoned several stone giants, smashed two gulfs south city wall directly, horrible to look, several thousand Vietnamese went all out has crashed in the gap, already entered the Tian Ling Empire southern square to kill people everywhere.

I do several things at the same time to feel weak, can only continue to defend in the city wall imperial, at the same time orders Situ Xin to repair the city wall with a sense of urgency, but Situ Xin hand inside military strength are also getting fewer and fewer, the imperial guard is almost insufficient, must mobilize the reserve forces, transported the giant stone to fill the pit.


Is killing, suddenly voice System Notification came from girlfriend Lin Wan Er

„Pig head, I have an idea."

„Um, what?"

„Since Tian Ling Empire were encircled, why we don't deploy fire Yun City some military strength? Li Mu, Wang Jian and Qing Qian they are bored...... You looked that" she has given me big map sharing, marks several points above, said: „This is the secondary lord city fishing city of Philippines, another is the secondary lord city cold flame city of Vietnam, these two secondary lord cities are located in south fire Yun City, Port City, since their players and NPC are besieging Tian Ling Empire, why we do not send the [Zhan Long] cavalry soldier to attack rapidly, takes these two secondary main cities? Even if cannot take, that can also divert their military strength, making them turn back in order to help friendly forces, is Tian Ling Empire strives for Cooldown."


My great happiness, said: „This matter you are directed by Wan Er!"

Lin Wan Er said: „My reducing heat Yun City arrived at on -the-spot direction."

„Um, come on!"


I have not suspected regarding the Lin Wan Er wisdom, once gives her some military authorities, she can always make some unexpected tactics attacks, believes that sometimes this time is also no exception, me is thinking, if no me, that can be Lin Wan Er is directing [Zhan Long] and clear pupil develops black ink this old enemy to contend? That result how, but also did not say.

In the guild channel, Lin Wan Er in starting to convene the military strength, let Li Mu, Wang Jian, Yue Qing Qian and other senior management rapid building up melt god cavalries and scarlet hot cavalries, even if died in battle must repeatedly on, very special period must use the extremity, but the [Zhan Long] Guild soul did not contain spiritlessly and draws back timidly, does not need to order at everybody also meeting.

Lin Wan Er shared part of fields of vision to me, under fire Yun City, [Zhan Long] 3 thousand + the terse cavalry soldier built up, again getting angry Yun City 7 thousand + NPC heavy cavalries, is a very considerable military strength.

Zhan Long Chapter 1078

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