Zhan Long Chapter 1079

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The cold flame city and players in fishing city two main cities start the expedition time assured the Tian Ling Empire player fully will definitely have withdrawn to defend the first host city, actually absolutely does not think that the Chinese players will dispatch troops to attack our dens from fire Yun Cheng, under cannot think the military strength that fire Yun Cheng sets out is in the Chinese war zone player camp the sharpest [Zhan Long] heavy cavalry, these many are unable to expect that has made Lin Wan Er at least have 50% stratagem which ensures success.

Continues the You Yi attack around the Tian Ling Empire four sides city wall, but the situation as if we have controlled, four sides the unceasing avalanche of city wall under the attack of formidable military strength, in the sky rose, ancient musical scale, the remnant dream and rain the rhythm and Xia Guo and other US war zone illustrious players rushed to the battlefield once more, leading the iron skull City Crack troops to fiercely attack Tian Ling Empire!


A bang, the Tian Ling Empire east gate drove out finally, the heavy iron gate falls to the ground loudly, the frontage full is the crater, as well as the dense and numerous stamps the arrow arrow, the entire 24 hours, god knows this leafed door experienced many to devastate completely

„Could not defend!"

Enchanted Painting is raising the water deity halberd, pricked a chest cavity of Vietnamese player the blade edge of long halberd, while said loudly: „Retreats, enters double city wall to defend imperial, do not pester here, the human more will only die!"

The surrounding Chinese player has been short extremely, many people died in battle 3-4 times, does not get online can also understand, but more players in fell to below 150 levels actually as before brandish the pointed weapons to fire into the match, looks to be popular to hurt, the Five-Starred Red Flag on Tian Ling Empire player top of the head seemed been also incarnadine by the blood, such fires into a stronger match, drops down, actually advances uninterruptedly.

The scene almost approached in slaughtering, has continued fully for nearly 2 hours, all retreated until the main force the second city wall, the price was the corpses of several million players lies down in the first city wall encircles, blood incarnadine king main road.


The leaving anxious spin draws back, but I fell the full point to drop the innumerable arrow arrow and bombing ray immediately loudly, the dead ahead is the person in iron skull city, many people are the war sharp knife blade Guild players, the speed that also this group of people advance is fastest, and as old match, they to I also extra unusual attendance, as long as I when their attack scopes, naturally come under many attacks, repairs equipment less than 8 hours, my murdering god armor had 34% durable once again.

„Xiao Yao!"

In the second city wall, Fang Ge Que grasps is flowing Yun Shanzhan there, said loudly: „A bit faster comes up, the sky rose and ancient musical scale come, be not killed by the second under the city!"

I nod, rise straight from the ground, in the direct impact the city wall, falls side Fang Ge Que gently, puffing of big mouth, a blood of trim flows following the butterfly sword on the pure white city wall stone brick.

„You also felt that lacked the ability to do what one would like?" Fang Ge Que looks to me, in a pair of pupil is passing the understanding.

A nod of my breath shortness, the state of mind was not quite calm, said: „The attack firepower of American was too fierce, moreover they fall the level to be few, is almost the attack of waiting at ease for an exhausted enemy, overall equipment and Level level, we have been inferior to them."

Fang Ge Que nods, said: „Has not related, so long as we defend Tian Ling Empire, the post-war restoration will be big, the Level system that discards at least can compensate about 70%, the premise must be able to defend Tian Ling Empire, you thought that we can defend Tian Ling Empire?"

I look to him, has smiled, said: „Victory and defeat day decides, we should doing has completed, then looked at the divine intervention."

Fang Ge Que sprinkles however smiles: „Yes."

Nearby, Enchanted Painting asked: „Xiao Yao, your Cang Tong goddess led the [Zhan Long] player to sneak attack the fishing city to go, this matter did you know?"

„Um, knows, what's wrong?"

„The players in Philippines started to retreat, thousand + person retreated from Tian Ling Empire, if there is an opportunity, hits the ambush of this group of people crisp!" The appearance that her face is infatuated with, which also has the appearance of least bit [Legend] first female war-god.

My corners of the mouth raise, said: „No, cannot ambush."

„Why?" Enchanted Painting is stunned.

Her assurance to the war strategy wanted to be inferior her elder sister small monster to be too many, why if the small monster will definitely not ask, therefore I replied confidently that said: „[Zhan Long] is attacking the fishing city time, you have killed them, they resurrect to return to the city directly, was equal to increasing the [Zhan Long] attacking a city pressure, therefore, diverted them in Tian Ling Empire, this was the best strategy, when they returned to the fishing city time the shelled peanuts have cooked the cooked rice, the great power was incapable!"

„Corona" she smiles: „Good sly fellow, no wonder the elder sister praised you are the war rare talent."

„Um?" I one startled: „When has she praised me?"

Enchanted Painting also stares, the spitting tongue that afterward conceals, said with a smile: „Did not say carefully should not say, when my anything had not said that refuels well, defends the second city wall!"

I have a look behind, the imperial palace front, one group of terse NPC heavy cavalries have been ready and waiting, the front line is one wears the knight in yellow Jinjia, carefully looks, is the sovereign shallow forest, the saber of his waist is the blade edge of King, this brat violated muddily! However, I was also disinclined to stop, could not prevent, the shallow forest was person of the practicing martial arts, when own city soon will be trampled flat was unable to wrestle furiously, this was equal to wanting his assigning.

However, less than at the last minute, cannot let on this sovereign personally battlefield, this is inevitable.

Although the Tian Ling Empire second city wall was inferior that first is so high and is so firm, but also absolutely compared the city wall in secondary host city to want firmly, and similarly the casting the galvanized iron, the opposite party is unable to advance the numerous and diverse city interior wanton bombing Long Jing artillery, that must kill the second city by the flesh and blood, ahem, Chinese war zone master that many, no one will allow them to enter the imperial palace, even if assisted again the multi- prices!

At this moment, the destiny server players of world are focusing two cities, Tian Ling Empire, the Chinese war zone defense, the attacker are being US, Russian, UK , France and day Han, the Philippines and other countries the main cities, another focal point is the Linhai city, temporarily the city grasps, in the clear pupil develops in black ink, but highest heaven city 7 K, cold winter and other Guild are fiercely attacking.

In addition the focal point, is a small focal point, is the fishing city of Philippines, [Zhan Long] is sneak attacking this city.

Just is thinking, suddenly ting from the sky has fluttered, the Lin Wan Er idea slightly succeeded!


System announcement: Congratulates the player 【Cang Tong】( Chinese area) destroys successfully 【Fishing city】( Philippine area) throne, and chose has seized the pattern, shifted the sovereignty of this second-level host city to the Chinese war zone name, this fishing city attacked to seize points to be too low, all rewards transformed as the empirical value provide to the corresponding player!

For a short time was the Filipino hurries back could not capture mostly, the premise was Lin Wan Er is willing to put defends a city with large army, but from chat in guild channel, our beautiful woman young ladies had not planned that stopped over in the fishing city, but left behind less than 30% military strength to defend a city, other people continued to start from the fishing city with great speed, cold flame city of long jab Vietnam.

In war of strategy game, most fears is about Lin Wan Er such match, uses the weakness of high mobile unceasing long jab match, and wants to grasp cannot catch, unceasing diverts through the tactic, making the match be pulled walking by oneself, eventually achieved the victory, the clear pupil develops the tactic of black ink so, the Lin Wan Er tactic so, in this game, the intelligence quotient of peak level female player is also terrorist.


Rides the wind to cut the N th eruptions, player who rides the giant rumbling the nape of the neck place of giant, afterward a foot, flies high to trample the giant again and again to retrocede furiously to fall down, pressed the powder pink / white a combat tank of iron skull city, immediately under the city wall the player of war sharp knife blade clenched jaws, the distant place, the sky rose was in a pair of beautiful eye is passing the chill in the air, her hand was pressing the sword hilt, as if will momentarily attack.

But she does not have the sound, but looks that the player is attacking.

„Why doesn't sky rose attack on own initiative?" Jian Feng Han knits the brows to say.

The day imperial book repository political integrity yue rumor corners of the mouth raise, happily said with a smile: „Doesn't dare probably? Knows that came up possibly the top players by our China to be killed to the second!"

[Moonlit Lake] beautiful woman Young Master Guildmaster the shade sneers, said: „Isn't sky rose as if spiritless? Moreover political integrity yue do not forget, is we are inferior, was pressed hitting by others, the sky rose has not been fearing our truth."

Nearby, Fang Ge Que deeply inspires: „Yes, the sky rose does not fear us, perhaps the reason of her personally attack is not because dreads our somebody?"

Simple looks to me, said with a smile: „She fights truly most people, is Xiao Yao also right, Xiao Yao [Defeat the Dragon], rode the wind to cut to her deterrent was too strong, in addition in the city wall that many CBN fought the net master, if I will be she will also think over to have many prevention and cure of schistosomiasis then to decide that must begin!"

I tacitly consented, indeed, so long as makes my [Defeat the Dragon] succeed, the sky rose definitely will encounter Bai Li Ruo Feng and collection fire of Simple this group of people, in addition the Fang Ge Que firepower, the instantaneous second kills her is not the issue.

Ok , to continue to wait for!

In an instant is two hours, the cold flame city of distant place spread the news, Yue Qing Qian has requested reinforcements to me, the city gate of cold flame city was firm, our pure cavalry soldiers are unable in short Cooldown to break through, lose slightly seriously, making me reenforce!

I said to Fang Ge Que, thousand frost wings flew immediately to the cold flame city.

Tian Ling Empire and in cold flame cities, just Linhai city, is good, how has a look at the tactical situation in Linhai city.

Finally, in my distant seeing near the outline of Haicheng, a distant place explosion, even I can notice that at the same time the city gate flies high to dance in the air, I go, what situation is this?

Quick, ting surges in airborne


System announcement: Congratulates the player 【To like tracking down】( Portuguese area) destroys successfully 【Linhai city】( Indian area) throne, and chose has seized the pattern, shifted the sovereignty of this first-level host city to the Portuguese war zone name, this Linhai city attacked to seize points to be too low, all rewards transformed as the empirical value provide to the corresponding player!

When I fly to sky over the city, the discovery innumerable India players were actually sieged in the city, outside is the highest heaven city player continuously, the clear pupil develops the black ink chess to miss one move, was encircled in the city, and incessantly is 7 K, this time demon mountain, spoliator and others ranked first three Guild also to reenforce the Linhai city contest, is in inverse proportion, the clear pupil developed black ink to lose!


Speedily arrived at the south gate in Linhai city, the city gate is exploded flew, all around full was the corpse and gunsmoke, when I fell to the ground, a beautiful form stepped the city wall, in the top of the head ID is dense the wave light „to like tracking down", the dark blue cape is fluttering against the wind, a familiar cheek visits me, her corners of the mouth raised, said one to let I happy and depressed words with a smile

„Boss, you come late, the Linhai city turned over to me!"

Zhan Long Chapter 1079

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