Zhan Long Chapter 1080

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In order to like tracking down LV-177 starry sky Sword Saint

Main city: Highest heaven city

Guild: Cold winter

Position: Guildmaster


In order to like tracking down...... Most likes tracking down! Isn't this our Matcha? Although the appearance has made the trimming, but the charm in vision is Matcha, what only change are more than several to be proud and self-confident Matcha, that was the extremely arrogant stance of queen I to see in the former Little Demon video, now, witnesses with own eyes.

„!" I am staring her: „You gave up to appear finally, Matcha!"

She hee smiles: „Boss, you spoke the bad language! The [Zhan Long] work rooms of gauge 7 th articles did not permit to speak the bad language!"

I surge up: „Matcha, did you join the highest heaven city? And...... Nationality in Portugal, what's all this about?"

She is having one slightly self-satisfied, said: „Boss, I have mingled externally also among for many years, if you think that I do not have the friend, that also rather did look down on me? Hee hee, the cold winter original Guildmaster purple bagpipe is one of my boudoir honey . Moreover, you think that six palace cosmetics the storms do walk Fan Shu City why milk female will reenforce to creaky? Thinks that she is also my person, ahem, the Boss your temperament is so big, the personal connection is not good, except for my person, but also who will reenforce Fan Shu City......"

My state of mind already soon complete disorder, asked: „That this Port City what's the matter? I should call your Xue Rou, is Little Demon, is Matcha?"

She throws smiles: „Boss likes calling to call, is inferior to this, did the Boss call Matcha? If freely spoken, as for this Port City, is I premeditates very for a long time, is the only means of thinking , the Boss, the clear pupil developed the military strength of black ink and in the maplewood being drunk hand grasping to be too many, is unable to place, must therefore have a reliable person to capture Port City to defend is good, you thought that I was what kind of?"

I in consternation: „How did you also convince the demon mountain, spoliator and 7 K person?"

Matcha self-confident the small chest, said: „7 K SAN and LINK these people are the friend of mine, therefore is also willing to listen to my words, the spoliator receives forcing of demon mountain, must participate in the overall motion of highest heaven city, as for the demon mountain, he has hit a gambling with me, the duel 10 games, I can win over 5 games, must join hammering of Guild his [God of Thunder], signs for 5 years, but my gambling is about if his game extremely, that must comply with my matter, therefore, I win streak 10 times, the demon mountain complies to take Port City for me."

Saying, Matcha self-confidently and said: „Port City had been taken by the Portuguese server, then I will revise Holland, Portugal and other countries altogether to melt the pattern city all servers, 50% players highest heaven city absorbs, 7 K and cold winter are my person, this Port City was also equal to that I, am guarded Port City by me, you also with being worried about what?"

I feel relaxed smile: „Why you are not willing to return to [Zhan Long], making everybody worry that is so long?"

Matcha cheek one red, somewhat afraid saying with a smile: „That...... Did not do the wrong thing, if I the gathering place looking, where will have what honor to return to [Zhan Long]? This time, the Boss you fly sky over Port City, I have not known how should contact you?"

I am somewhat speechless: „That present can return to [Zhan Long]?"

„If the Boss does not shut out, the girl hopes the effect serve somebody faithfully......"

„Do not snatch others Zhang Liao, allow Chu the lines, first follows me!"


Jumps to graze the city, puts out a hand to hold on the arm of Matcha to hug her in the bosom, directly soars the direction of cold flame city to fly, finally city wall one crowd of cold winter Guild player has a big shock, many archers have pulled open the long bow to prepare to entertain.

„Does not permit to put the arrow!"

Matcha has ordered one immediately, then quite somewhat afraid said: „This is my Boss, the purple bagpipe, you are responsible for killing the clear pupil to develop black ink and maplewood here are drunk, I follow one Boss......"

That called the Portuguese beautiful woman facial expression of purple bagpipe ambiguous smiled: „Have fun!"

Holds Matcha to fly into the cloud layer, my thousand frost wings are most also can only carry a person to fly, now was just good, Matcha is narrowing the eye in the flight, said with a smile: „Boss, I have been vainly hoping for this day actually!"

„, What of this day vainly hopes for?"

„Boss and I performs abandoned past animosity, then leads me to install 13 to lead me to fly......"

I: „......"

„Now do we go?"

„Wan Er leads the [Zhan Long] brothers to attack the cold flame city of Vietnam, attacks Tian Ling Empire Cooldown to give to smash their dens while them, looked that they also did hit the Chinese area!"

„Um, does attractively!"

Matcha blinked, said with a smile: „Good the Boss, I help you again, ordering the 7 K person to lay an ambush the interception among Port City and fire Yun City, the Vietnamese in cold flame city dare to turn back in order to help friendly forces, constrains them there, does not kill not to let."



The flight is less than 20 minutes, lingers at the city in cold wind and flames of war appears on the plain of distant place, is the cold flame city, all around rocket of cold flame city rises from all directions, cloud of smoke float over, the dragon crystal artillery on city is unceasing, bombing in the crowd of attacking a city army, the player of attacking a city are quite unitary, is the [Zhan Long] players, but also the player on enough city felt better.

From the sky circled for one week, confirmed that Lin Wan Er and Li Mu and the others position, outside the west gate in cold flame city, immediately agreed with, Li Mu, Wang Jian and Old K and the others was attacking a city, Yue Qing Qian, Wolf and Yue Wei Liang and the others in the rear area prepared to reenforce, I then showed a faint smile, said: „Matcha, gives them one pleasantly surprised?"

„? What pleasant surprise?"

„You looked, in the city wall has 182 levels of archer, equipment is very good, an arrow got down to shoot Old K 30% HP, Old K has soon hung, I delivered you to get down, after you massacred that archer, jumped down the city wall again, how is it?"

„?" Matcha big or medium mouth: „The there at least over 20 archers, the Boss you must kill me, the Boss you listened to me saying that I very much have liked everybody you should not be so flagitious actually, did not want, I was only one did not have seven revolutions of delicate females......"

In the wind the rhythm the Matcha voice, I was throwing Going out her!



The beautiful woman Swordsman broken wind goes, she has also accepted fate, sword blade edge horizontal, from the sky surges suddenly the sword glow, star flame suddenly to strike!


Is fatal strikes the injury, the instantaneous second massacred 182 levels of archers, Matcha has been treadonning the crenelation of city wall edge, rapid vertical leapt fends the touching cheeks archeries of several archers, on the sword blade edge the ray dodges passes, the star territory fast cut the skill to erupt in the crowd, 7 continuous attacks 178 levels of Knight to the second, simultaneously the arm one horizontally summoned the wall of starry sky to defend directly, jump to go to the city wall on leap!


Fights the boots to tread the cliff to launching, catching up ejection Going out, Matcha slides following the ground by a very attractive stance suddenly is very far, standing of lapel in front of one group of [Zhan Long] core players, somewhat restricts somewhat is also awkward, purses the lips standing that smiles there.


Wolf one gawked: „This is not...... This is not......"

He could not say unexpectedly.

Old K also panic-stricken there: „How Matcha...... Matcha turned into Portuguese......"

Wolf already threw, grasps Matcha, been wild with joy saying with a smile: „The Matcha elder sister, you came back finally!"

Matcha is somewhat awkward, the racket the back of small wolf, said with a smile: „Does not have the means that the Boss caught me, wants to walk cannot leave......"

Lin Wan Er chuckle: „Takes Port City, great merit!"

I understood instantaneously, Matcha affirmed that has related Lin Wan Er, offering Port City that therefore Wan Er can be willing, otherwise her tender individuality, ahem, kills not to make the boiled duck fly.


Li Mu Ha Ha said with a smile: „Matcha came back too to be good, [Zhan Long] now certainly was first Guild of Chinese war zone, had?!"

The people said with one voice: „Has!"

The Matcha cheek glowing red said: „This...... Re-enters the [Zhan Long] words, when I handle the Port City matter, stabilizes to come back Port City various influences, will not make everybody and others too long."

I nod: „That is good, must, the [Zhan Long] palace also wait for you to move into quickly! Um, you should be the player who the [Zhan Long] palace moves into, what kind, to this rank satisfaction?"

Matcha hee smiles: „So long as the Boss is willing to want, girl ranks end has not related, said again ninth was good."

„Um, that is good, prepares to attack a city!"


This [Zhan Long] members unity is strength, the return of Matcha makes everybody confidence multiply, the destructive power to the city as if + 40%, frightened in the city has defended the imperial player leg such as to shake chaff, facial color to be pale, waited for the city slope to surrender.


Raises the sword to arrive under the city, the elegy of god of death raises the shield to keep off the above magic and arrow arrow for my standard, what a pity own HP falls too quickly, he fell too multistage, the resistance was not very high, is good also came because of Meng Yao, Lady Wa stone skill put, everybody somewhat invincible feeling, in middle of one group of melt god cavalries, I single-handed has raised, the [Soul Army] symbol lingered, summoned purple thunder Ji Che quickly!

Heavenly Thunder inspiring, „bang" a city gate trembles, immediately on city a Vietnam holds stunned of flag Wei Jibie player whole face: „What ghost thing is that?"

Matcha also raises the long sword to chop in city gate randomly, I ride the wind to cut the heavy bombing, the sword air/Qi show the city gate, defended a city the player who to kill one piece the rear area to the second, garrison troops of Cooldown cold flame city soon the confidence was destroyed.


Short is less than 3 minutes, thunders, the city gate collapses, the [Zhan Long] oppression of the people enters a city rapidly, above the city, Lin Wan Er mount Dragon Xiaobai is also Dragon Xi glides, leading everybody to kill to enter a city, pushed directly into, which NPC and player of cold flame city can also be able to block, in addition their turning back in order to help friendly forces military strength also intercepted in starry sky forests, three blade edge mountains and other maps, the great power has been incapable.

Is less than a half hour, the Chinese war zone obtained the 7 th secondary lord city, this cold flame city after the Qingyan city and fishing city once more became our it'ses in the bag!

Zhan Long Chapter 1080

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