Zhan Long Chapter 1081

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The cold flame city, establishes in the city of crater edge, however is situated in the cold current region, therefore year to year the flame and snow and ice linger around the city, although is the second-level host city, but the player quantity of own load bearing are quite many, therefore in the scale in littlest the Linhai city compared with seven big main cities slightly will not be many, the city productive forces and maintenance resources are some and Linhai city are almost more impartial.

The Vietnamese players definitely do not think that the cold flame city will be attacked and occupied by „speed per second", does not think in turning back in order to help friendly forces on the way of will receive the interception of highest heaven city strength, as a result of the appearance of Matcha, the highest heaven city and Tian Ling Empire to a certain extent already achieved one „alliance" the relations, at least Linhai city the Portugal, Holland and other servers are this.

Above the city wall in cold flame city, several NPC are scrubbing the bloodstain in city wall with the swab, but [Zhan Long] one group of core players here temporarily rest, attacking a city that they make a long and wearisome journey pulls out was exhausted, even if also needs a rest in the game Cooldown.

I sit above a crenelation, the one side, Lin Wan Er walks arm in arm near my leg, handles gently caresses the head of social climbing silver dragon Little Bai in city wall, Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K and the others sits, Matcha is grasping the long sword, by the archery target, looks at everybody with a smile, has not spoken, looks.

Wolf could not bear finally, asked: „Did the Matcha elder sister, for serveral days which you go?"

Matcha slightly smile: „Which hasn't gone? When the previous time, you celebrate a birthday I came back to help you prepare the gift, afterward when Jiaxing brought was playing luxuriantly to be found by the Boss, later, I with luxuriantly went abroad one time, went to a Portugal, went to destiny Portugal Branch with me in the good friend purple bagpipe of Portugal, difficultly has attained the nationality status of Portuguese player well, in later, went to a Holland, saw 7 K one group of people, then a Greece and Switzerland, saw under that several server comparison strong players, made under friendly contacts, otherwise you thought me. How possible director to result in that many people."

Wolf traces the back of the head, said with a smile: „The Matcha elder sister is fierce, went to that many places, is actually honest, my Hong Kong and Macao have not gone"

I expressed admiration: „How Matcha does the passports of that many countries', as far as I know, isn't the visa easy?"

Matcha throws smiles: „This simplicity, I went to Beijing before going abroad, CEO Ouyang Nuoyan who saw Chinese Destiny Branch, because she my CBN fought the net 3 rd status to issue one to be the special permit of destiny for me, therefore almost the world can move unimpeded, if the Boss you wanted this permit, fought the net 4 th status to be very relaxed by your CBN."

I laugh: „After this, said again, if Wan Er must lead me to go abroad to travel, could consider."

Li Mu gains ground to have a look at Matcha, said: „Matcha, is not right, should call the small monster, you when offer Dragon's den to kill me and Wang Jian one time, has to think how can compensate us?"

Matcha was startled being startled, on the cheek has been full of the apology, let go saying: „You said that so long as can achieve, I will certainly not reject."

Wang Jian said: „I did not have what words to say actually that the small monster elder sister can take the Linhai city, has helped Chinese war zone that many, is compensates."

The Li Mu nod smiles: „Um, Ha Ha, I was joke."

One Second Hero is raising the long-handled spear, said: „I also think you must taking the opportunity profit at the expense of the state, making the small monster probably kiss you one is the compensation, really has been a pity, how at that time didn't the small monster kill my one time?"

Matcha eats to smile, has grasped the sword hilt, said: „Falls 8 levels to trade to kiss one? In this case, I can also kill your one time now, so long as the Boss nodded on the line."

One Second Hero joyfully, as if really wants to try the appearance.

I curl the lip, said: „Perhaps Matcha, this goods want the tongue kiss, do you also come?"

The Matcha tender body trembles: „That calculates that the taste was heavy, I was pure"

I stand up, stand erect above the archery target, the cloak flap flap makes noise in the strong winds, looks to the north, saw only above the mountain range of cold flame city distant place to light the beacon-fire everywhere, from Tian Ling Empire to the cold flame city that far distance, called the thousand li(500 km) rocket in game not to be as if overrated, but in the distant place, in the jungle presented some scattered Vietnamese players, „spill" from the blockade line of Linhai city human, some battlefield massacred person outside main city, therefore randomly resurrected in the map in cold flame city domain, now fast building up, not. With thinking, their quickly counter-attack cold flame city.

The cold flame city and fishing city are the big map extremely south secondary host cities, has the rich resources, gave Philippine and Vietnamese small server really to be like this pity, if we possessed of actually are also a good boost, since seizing has gotten down, I have not planned to give back to them, a main city means that the massive manpower resources, by my control strength to the NPC military system, this cold flame city at least can provide the 200 000 crack troops for me, do not want in vain, must therefore defend!

Li Mu to war sensitive differs not many with me, saw that this scene stands up immediately, pulls out to get angry to burn the sword slowly, said with a smile: „Did preparation continue to go to battle?"

I nod: „Convenes online melts god cavalry, prepares to attack, has not gathered to kill to disperse them while them completely, but, this time do not make many brothers bring death again in vain, only then over 170 levels melt god cavalries and scarlet hot cavalries can attack, is lower than 170 members to remain in the cold flame city."

„OK, I also think!"

The country fought date last day, the [Zhan Long] person as if has not thought must sleep, the whole staff online prepared, rapidly in thousand rode the war is in the player chooses about 22000 people to prepare to attack, this also made me very gratified, although this country war was held very frigidly, but as if [Zhan Long] fell to below 170 levels players not in many, the majority of players hung 2-3 times, hung 5 times madmen not to be many like Death God's Elegy continually, the elegy requested to go to battle as before together, I, can only be continued to go to battle by him stubborn.

Under the city, rides the war is player converges, I found a seal quartz of melt god warhorse to give Matcha from the guild warehouse, actually Matcha warhorse originally is 177 levels of Demon Harvest step mount, the attribute is also good, but she joyfully also has tied up the melt god warhorse, became of melt god cavalry, what the national flag on top of the head is going against temporarily is Portugal, but I can only she is set at the guild „non-native official invited to serve at court", such name is the friend is lascivious, is insufficient affect that receives the [Zhan Long] player to attack.

thousand person, is divided into one ten thousand people to roll, is led by Li Mu and Wang Jian, specifically is used to attack the opposite party to surpass ten thousand people of teams, other thousand people have been divided into 12 squads, everyone is led one by me and Lin Wan Er, Matcha, Old K, Meng Yao, Yue Yao Yan and the others, disperses in the jungle in cold flame city domain, speedily runs to kill these scattered Vietnamese players everywhere.

At this time was unable to consider the friendship between any host cities again, since the Vietnamese server received the instigation of day Han to attack Tian Ling Empire, that did not have anything saying that we were ruthless are also in the reasons, and passed through times virtual wars, I also gradually looked to understand, actually sometimes must the sword walk the slant, for example date Han, Philippines, Vietnam and other servers, if appeasing as always, they can only make many trouble for us, the best means on seize its main city, completely eradicated, pursued from the domain in my field of vision them exits, From now henceforth, they roam about also well, submits the iron skull city and other main cities to be also good, but will not make them survive again in my domain of going on an expedition.

The entire night, has killed about 7 : 00 am, ended also only the remaining 5 hours from the country war, the [Zhan Long] heavy cavalry almost does not have the too big loss, actually cut to kill the player of innumerable Vietnamese server, before dawn even Matcha led one thousand people to roll in the Linhai city by killing many enemies.

Matcha that returns has no longer concealed own any strength, the PK strength or the command capability, this also makes her [Zhan Long] the senior general of another vice- Guildmaster rank, thinks also to make me feel that unusual sobbing, Li Mu, Wang Jian and the others year to year guard Fan Shu City, defends the western boundary gateway for the Chinese area, Lin Wan Er guards fire Yun Cheng, now was one's turn Matcha to guard the Linhai city for us with the eastern boundary gateway, in addition the cold flame city and fishing city, can say that the [Zhan Long] southeastern gateway was defends by Lin Wan Er and Matcha two beautiful greatly little girls.

This phase of virtual history definitely becomes a legend, the Linhai city and fire Yun Cheng, highest heaven city the war of competition, the pusher of historical wheel is three women, Lin Wan Er, Matcha and clear pupil develops black ink unexpectedly, displaying their wisdom and bravery of these three women made these three main cities have the change in pattern again, compared with them, what the maplewood was drunk the role that the demon mountain played more was [Assault] breaches enemy lines the commanding general, but was not battlefield control.

When this country war ended, finally can rest to be good to think?

The highest heaven city turns over to the demon mountain to grasp, the Linhai city turns over to Matcha to grasp, the Tian Ling Empire military strength is abundant, so long as this Tian Ling Empire can defend, that clear pupil develops the ink is the region that the Indian war zone player of head will fall into to be in a dilemma, they have a choice, retreats to the western boundary, becomes the biggest hobo on this destiny mainland map, will otherwise lose the driving force that in the game promotes.

The main city is the root, they lost this.

About 9 : 00 am, the distant place spread the news, the fishing city received the Philippine players has counter-attacked, population approximately in 200 000 high and low, cancould be underestimated.

[Zhan Long] convenes the military strength rapidly, simultaneously I also dispatched the vault of heaven armed forces to reenforce from Fan Shu City, the final 3 hours must defend, otherwise the beforehand fight in vain hit.

As for Tian Ling Empire, the tactical situation is as before frigid, the city was encircled, several servers are fiercely attacking Tian Ling Empire, as for can defend, looked at Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han, Yan Zhao Warrior rank.

Zhan Long Chapter 1081

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