Zhan Long Chapter 1082

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The fishing city, the setting sun falls, the final afterglow will sprinkle above the city wall.

I put out a hand to hit an awning to look to the West, on that piece of plain is the dense and numerous troops, the fishing city aborigines is gathering the military strength all, will not need to be too long will start attacks.

Has a look at the player and NPC in army city, the total number of people does not surpass thousand person, even if were Lin Qiongdai the vault of heaven armed forces is coming not to surpass thousand person . Moreover, vault of heaven armed forces in Fan Shu City defended in the imperial war to lose seriously, thousand probably did not arrive at thousand person , many wounded soldiers, truly can go forth to battle many, was not optimistic.

„How does this weaponry hit?" Li Mu is grasping the long sword, has licked the lip, the natural disposition of this goods bloodthirsty was completely unmasked.

Lin Wan Er said: „Defends a city, has several Long Jing artillery while the city."

I nod: „Um, defends a city, reduces the battle loss that receives. East city, the small dances, Qianyang and Xiao Lie several people fall the level not to calculate too, the overall strength maintains complete, depends upon the altitude advantage of city wall, defends 3 hours absolutely is not the issue, the Filipino cannot force one's way into, we won!"

Matcha is grasping the long sword, by the looking around distant place in the city wall, said: „Um, defended for 3 hours to win, does not need to go to under the city to fight hand-to-hand with them, the population were too much less, suffered a loss! However, if some people want to fight points with more countries, that on, in any case I am not blocking."

I shot a look at her one eyes: „What elder you calculate like this."

„Hee hee, I have not returned temporarily, when I returned looked straight ahead my status again, made me feel the status of several days of vagrant players again"

„Looked that your this is about to become addicted."

„, After country war will not end, in three days return to [Zhan Long], shift the nationality status!"


I feeling pleased is thinking the Chinese area female war-god small monster „was received" by me finally, at this time actually received a message, came from Fang Ge Que: „Xiao Yao, if necessary leads some people to come Tian Ling Empire, the pressure that we bear was too big sky rose to be insane, has massacred scenery and Xuan Yuan Feng several people continuously"

I stare, Fang Ge Que is a how proud person, he reported the news to make me have the human at this time unexpectedly to reenforce!

Tian Ling Empire was encircled, how many people not to mention I can lead to go back, don't melt god cavalry ground branch of the services have the means to fly into Tian Ling Empire to reenforce? Must make my brothers die in battle here one time, returns to Tian Ling Empire to reactivate directly? This I cannot achieve, for the defending western boundary gateway, [Zhan Long] everybody fell the level to be too many are too many!

At this time, the distant place heard „thump" battle drum sound, the Filipino started has attacked, the player and NPC army mixed in together, promoting the giant combat tank and Lou Che, scaling ladder to start to attack the fishing city, the city wall in fishing city was not high, such offensive is not considered as that anything slightly threatens.

What to do?

In my mind instantaneous in great confusion, must reply: „I cannot drop out my brothers person to go to Tian Ling Empire, Fang Ge, Tian Ling Empire there can only depend on you, for the general situation in Chinese war zone, I had a deficit my brothers too many to be too many, do not make me be a hypocritical villain, thank you"

After Fang Ge Que several seconds, replies: „Oh, I also know that your hard thing to bring up, ok, Tian Ling Empire we will defend, even if pays again multi- prices"

Switches off communication, but is less than one minute, received an information, came from [Prague] Guildmaster Yan Zhao Warrior: „Xiao Yao, [Zhan Long] there situation how? If can leap gets rid, to a Tian Ling Empire reenforcement! My person has almost soon polished, the brothers almost every person of [Prague] main pledge hangs over 3 times, actually also takes resurrecting to defend a city, many person equipment fell half, the armor and shield of many close combat department exploded to finish are hitting as before, cannot this way, this way the Chinese war zone really end!"

My sensation of asphyxia, returns to the covered passageway: „Yanzhao uncle, my situation is not good we to face ten times approximately in own match, we were encircled, I cannot drop out my brothers person to walk, give me Cooldown, after one hour, I find the way to have the human to go to Tian Ling Empire, you must defend"

Yan Zhao Warrior reply: „Um, I knew, will make contribution!"

Thump in battle drum sound, Filipino started to attack a city, in the city under the city becomes integrated with, I looked at a Tian Ling Empire direction, can only pray that Fang Ge Que, Jian Feng Han, Q-Sword and the others can defend, except for depending upon their tenaciousness, what can also depend on? Command strategy that this country fights is continuously wrong, pattern that we are split up now, whom can also result in strangely? If were not Matcha „instigation" the player camp of highest heaven city, divided into two it, is hard to imagine our second round country wars really drearily becomes any appearance.


The butterfly sword comes out of the sheath, jumped, many skills strangled to death in the crowd, I can do kills more people, earlier stabilized the situation in fishing city, how then found the way to reenforce Tian Ling Empire.

Under the city, attacking a city combat tanks are approaching, in the city the heavy artillery sound is unceasing, the flame soars to the heavens, the fishing city beset with a crisis in enormous.

After continuing one hour of fiercely attacking , the Filipino as if discovered in the city to defend the tenaciousness of player, the offensive was also smaller and weaker, again shortly afterward, troops killed from northwest, killed thoroughly the crowd to enter a city directly, vault of heaven armed forces that Lin Qiong commanded!

Has a look at Cooldown again, ended from country war also has one -and-a-half hours.

But in the guild channel keeps has transmitted the Tian Ling Empire tactical situation real-time picture, the entire city soon degenerated into the ruins, the [Legend] person defended in the ruins city wall counter-attacks at risk of life, the corpse has piled up several meters, until the city wall edge, the iron skull city and Ze deep pool city and person in day Korean War area was attacking as before crazily, was treading the corpse, killing that the whole body was bathed in blood to the Chinese player of defense.

I see Yan Zhao Warrior one am the blood, HP, only then 20%, actually raise the long sword to chop to the match, but distant place one group of archers also raised the long bow to aim at him, this struck later Yan Zhao Warrior almost to hang inevitably, I noticed that Q-Sword held the sword to start casts hundred sword skills, defended behind Simple of remnant blood, but the Jian Feng Han body was pierced by a lance, the lance pricked together in the wall brick by his body, he was reactivating slowly, but can compel this situation [Vanguard] Guildmaster, I have not seen.

In the city wall, is the person who is bathed in blood to fight, Ye Lai and Mu Xuan does not know everywhere when also killed in Tian Ling Empire, the situation was equally in imminent danger, entire Tian Ling Empire fell into the bloody battle.

Watches the picture, my sensation of asphyxia is getting more and more intense, a fist bang on the crenelation city wall brick, said suddenly: „It is not good, immediately selects the soldier, Level over 170 melt god cavalries completely with me, we kill from the north gate, reenforces Tian Ling Empire, to melt the speed of god cavalry, 40 minutes can arrive in Tian Ling Empire absolutely, immediately!"

Li Mu is stunned, had not actually opposed that the nod said: „Results in the command!"

Almost does not need to gather, my first Cooldown led Meng Yao, Matcha, Old K and the others to clash from the north gate, all melt god cavalries one after another, our at the maximum speed have also fired into Tian Ling Empire, has not met anything to obstruct all the way, only then small stock Philippine player, but was all chopped the melon to cut killing of vegetable to disperse.

In a half hour arrives in Wu Shenhe, across the bateau-bridge, the horse's hoof tramples water splash to directly soar Tian Ling Empire to go.

All the way everywhere is stretch of ruins, the familiar village small town and armed forces open up wasteland to be burnt as ashes, is away from Tian Ling Empire approximately also 2 kilometers times, the front is the dense and numerous crowds, player who MD, attacks a city unexpectedly as in the audiences of thousand, this many people!

Altogether came about 12000 + people of melt god cavalries, I have the strength also to have the courage to spell, immediately draws out the butterfly sword, exclaimed lowly: „Clashes with me together, clashes from the Tian Ling Empire Nanmen!"

Matcha, Li Mu, Yue Yao Yan and the others draw out the sword blade edge, afterward was the blood with slaughtering the scene of dance, thousand + melt god cavalry just liked a small boat in sea, rush that forward but actually as before can cleave the waves in the past, took me and Matcha two people as the sword blade edge flushed forward, has to say the Matcha murder speed truly ultra-fast, although not yet seven revolutions, but attacked fast ultra-fast, attacked the weakness position continuously several times, Li Mu, Wang Jian and the others greatly opens the eruption skill that gathered greatly to strike to kill the match, but the Matcha forms of defensive action were simple agily, often. Looked that she lifted the hand, the sword color break-up crossed the time match to stand up from failure to fall.

Steps into the tight encirclement, kills innumerable matches at the same time, we behind melt the god cavalry to be also less, airborne, Lin Wan Er rides Little Bai to shield, dragon rests emit in the crowd, surges the drive miserable howling sound.

Then, [Zhan Long] dashes about wildly enters Tian Ling Empire the time, the melt god cavalry also only remaining was less than 50%, and consumed too for a long time too long Cooldown all the way, the people in iron skull city intercepted us with Long Jing artillery crazily, the artillery wreaked havoc everywhere, who can resist?

When I instigate the warhorse steps into the Tian Ling Empire Nanmen, on the battle dress completely is the blood, great Dadong hole that even was also exploded by Long Jing artillery, is the number was innumerable as for the hole hole that the arrow arrow, lance and sharp sword make, but in me behind, which Matcha, Meng Yao and the others the situation very, most is not considered as distressed rides Little Bai Wan Er, was not too small encounters several bombing in vain, on the Wan Er red cloak has also burnt the half, actually also very to.

Ended from the country war also has is less than 10 minutes!

Enters the city, everywhere is Ze deep pool city and iron skull city and person in day Korean War area, my moral nature one cold, did we come lately?

„Continue, proceeds to clash!"

Was welcoming the arrow rain and magic crazy bang, the melt god cavalry continues to proceed to rush ahead, killed the double fence along the king main road directly, the city gate under city wall had been rumbled, making my moral nature sink, did Tian Ling Empire fall into enemy hands?


The butterfly grasps the player of lance to kill one, the head departs is very far, I instigate the warhorse to bring Matcha and Wang Jian to entering a city , the distant place also has the NPC imperial guard in contending with the external enemy as before, farther place, in a section of low city wall, actually extremely tragic is the human purgatory is likely ordinary

The dense and numerous corpses pile up around the city wall, stacks about 20 meters high, on the arms of many corpses still in glittering the Tian Ling Empire symbol, on the corpse is inserting full Jianshi, to cover entirely the assassination the hole hole, the blood flows following the corpse pile in the creek of Emperor's garden, sends out smell that irritates the nose, but in corpse pile of most peak, reveals a section of being damaged city wall, person of dispirited kneeling sits there, HP also has less than 10%, the left hand is grasping a handle Tian Ling Empire war flag, on the battle dress the dense and numerous arrow arrows, the abdomen that right hand long sword furiously will prick iron skull city assassins, on the face. Full is the bloodstain, face on outstanding ability is passing the old appearance, is Q-Sword!

Will the perfect first person, why end up to turn out this situation?

Q-Sword, a Fang Ge Que scar, above the law robe was shot thoroughly many hole holes by the bow and arrow, and in all directions burned black, he was opens certainly in the shield situation to be mass-criticized by Long Jing, a stance of this time law god scholarly, actually likely has not been one falls into the wild wild animal, roared is wielding flows Yun Shan, roared to erupt the fire god, at the same time the anger exclaimed: „Come, does not fear death, although comes!"

Saying, his front an arrow, was falling to draw back two steps, with Q-Sword defending back to back there, but also is same as Q-Sword, like fully sleepy beast of putting up a last-ditch struggle.

Raises head to look at Fang Ge Que and Q-Sword, I cannot bear nose acid, almost cries.

This time, our any person does right by the Chinese area, we have no qualms in the status of Chinese player!

Zhan Long Chapter 1082

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