Zhan Long Chapter 1083

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The foot steps on the shatter city wall brick and full is being the corpse of blood, a person raised the lance to give up the warhorse directly soaring that Duan Canqiang, in the eye passes is killing intent, did not kill Q-Sword and Fang Ge Que vows not to rest.

The blue long neck hair, 181 levels of knights, ABN fight the net 11 th person, is some iron skull city large-scale Guild Guildmaster, followed to give up the riding war of warhorse in his behind also several is the player, a farther place was the dense and numerous archers and Mage the city wall that climbed up is damaged, did not kill Fang Ge Que and Q-Sword to be as if difficult to release hate of heart.


Just likes grazing like lightning the corpse pile, I appear in Q-Sword and Fang Ge Que side at the maximum speed suddenly, town Yue Daoheng have the standard to keep off, „clang" Mars scatter, simultaneously treadons the earth, spatters in all directions the [Ice Domain] effect, the luck of blue long neck hair is not quite obviously good, frozen was lived instantaneously, but my butterfly sword has sent out, coordinates the [Combo] skill, opens the anger of greatly gathering to cut the number sword greatly, the blood spatters in all directions continuously, the blue long neck hair miserable snort falls to kneel in the place, becomes in myriad corpse.

„Xiao Yao!"

Fang Ge Que and Q-Sword almost simultaneously shouted that my name, simultaneously in the eye also emerges a hope, Fang Ge Que flows Yun Shan to refer to the imperial palace, said anxiously: „Sky rose had the human to kill the emperor, you a bit faster passed, did not need to manage us!"

I have a big shock, raises hand a time [Heal] technique to pull back HP to Fang Ge Que hurriedly, stood up from failure to fly the city wall, shouted to clear the way lowly: „Has the human to defend the city wall bravely cleanly here, protects Fang Ge Que and Q-Sword not to be massacred, other people enter the imperial palace protection throne with me together!"

Finally the time, does not allow to delay, does not wait for the melt god cavalry to accelerate, my direct thousand frost wings increase speed to overran in peak condition, the butterfly sword belt the sword glow of twinkle, is chopping several people to enter the imperial palace main hall continually, this in the past was our meeting halls, now actually turned into a sea of fire, set on fire everywhere, all the way dense and numerous full were the imperial guard corpses, did not need to think that after firing off this country fought, the imperial guard definitely is not much left.

The end of main hall, golden ray erupts together, that is the shallow forest by the sword air/Qi that the long sword chops, he has exchanged a silver mail-armor and helmet, but on the battle dress full is the blood, not too likely was the silver, the imperial guard commanded Situ Xinzheng to raise the long blade the crowd of Ze deep pool city player to slaughter in the iron skull city and, by the dizziness and attacking fiercely, HP was brushed to fall unceasingly, could not support to be too long absolutely.

Properly speaking, king throne momentarily will be destroyed, does not need, when has killed the king is right?

Carefully looked that I moral nature understand immediately, the person of brown pupil and sky rose has been divided into two pieces, no one permits who approaches the king throne, originally these two big servers eventually are not cooperation without a gap, everyone wants to obtain Tian Ling Empire, probably because of this, the sovereignty of Tian Ling Empire slowly has not been lost, good, wants is such opportunity!

Almost goes by the terminal velocity low-altitude flying, bringing the blazing storm, the long sword and sharp knife to break out the crowd, my whole body blood red falls on the king throne suddenly, shows a faint smile: „Sky rose, you did not have opportunity!"


The brown pupil sees me to come, has clenched jaws, immediately shouted to clear the way lowly: „7 minutes, do not delay, massacre Xiao Yao Zi Zai, occupy the throne!"

The sky rose clenches teeth: „On!"

But not far away, the shallow forest and Situ firewood almost simultaneously happily visit me, said with a smile: „Li Master!"

Which at this time also had Cooldown to greet, Jianfeng of sky rose advanced to kill, the lance of brown pupil also had the scarlet ray to puncture to come suddenly, the flank, the ancient musical scale and remnant dream, met with and the others the pointed weapons also to ignite the prelude ray long-range raid of skill to come, the distant place, light dance melody and other Mage and archers were the dense and numerous offensive.

The life of human, can withstand the self-satisfied techniques of that many peak masters dead, should not regret! However was a pity very much that I have not wanted dead now, and does not want dead here!

At present almost blood red was submerged, is these people tries to bribe our homelands, can forgive?


The body shivers slightly, the whole body lingers in the scarlet suddenly, the body of extinguishing does not start successfully, 25 seconds of invincibility!

Meanwhile, while the body of extinguishing does not start, [Tempest Sword] + treads the broken heavenly thunder two troops to kill skill to rumble together, the golden light shoots up to the sky, comes a time god level skill to ride the wind to cut to the most crowded crowd place again, 15 sword air/Qi rush down, immediately the several players in front dumbfounded by the sword air/Qi tearing body, was changed into part in ruins.

„Bites" near the ting ear unceasingly, system System Notification I have massacred many people, includes the ancient musical scale, the remnant dream and winter Ma Changsi and other peak level masters, the collision of pure strength, they are unable to hit thoroughly my invincibility to protect the shield, actually must accept severe punishment of my one set of skill, in one set of skill rushes down, but the instance, town Yue Dao of my left hand transforms disappears, thunder and lightning actually flee in referring, erupts a super skill once more

[Thundering Heavens]!


Thunderclap unceasing wreaking havoc in main hall, this time , is not only these extra-superior players, the sky rose and brown pupil such peak player also again and again backlash fended my skill to attack, but outside the main hall, Long Xiao, Lin Wan Er, Yue Qing Qian, Li Mu and the others also led the melt god cavalry to come finally.

But, hostile player in main hall were too many were too many, only depended on the melt god cavalry unable to guarantee the security of shallow forest and king throne in 7 minutes inevitably!

One does not do, two continuous!

The arm shivers slightly, has not organized second while sky rose, brown pupil and the others time to my impact offensive, I raise single-handed, the strength of Holy Domain surges, imperial day!

„How?" The brown pupil is raising the lance, a complexion paleness, actually also felt the energy in the air filling to surge.

In sky rose pair of bright eyes is passing the chill in the air: „Was bad, a bit faster overruns, opens invincibly! Massacres Xiao Yao Zi Zai, destroys the king throne!"

Without enough time!

„", In the main hall a load-bearing column was pulled apart suddenly around the middle, is second, in the imperial palace main hall that is carving Huang Jinlong mark great column broke off by the strength of imperial day, simultaneously was controlled „to brush" to fly by me, goal sky rose and the others!


In sky rose full speed [Assault], fights the boots to tread a tread Z character to walk the position to avoid a stone column, actually cannot avoid second, even if opens the invincible effect actually also „bang" under the hit of stone column continually to draw back dozens meters, which brown pupil and the others also very to go, the stone column pounds loudly randomly, has initiated collapsing of main hall near most area, bang in a sound, sky rose, brown pupil and other Ze deep pool city and players in iron skull city directly by the roof panel of main hall burying in the ruins, a white ray of trim flew, that is the soul. Gloss of release.

„Roar roar"

Argyrosaurus Little Bai soars under the beautiful woman master's control in the midair, to the ruins is being a dragon rest, immediately struggled to crawl the brown pupil momentarily to be killed by the second instantaneously, Matcha naturally cannot let up such opportunity, progressed to go forward, a sword gave to reduce the herd heart of Ze deep pool city, leading the melt god cavalry to seek in the ruins can also gasp for breath.

„Protects the king throne!"

My weak falling in the one side of throne, depends upon in the golden stone steps, the strength of this use massive imperial day destroy the match using the topography, takes the weak 60 minutes as before, then looked that Lin Wan Er, Matcha, Li Mu and the others protected the Tian Ling Empire main hall.

Is good because, our quick has about 3000 people of melt god cavalries to guard around the king throne, the trivial 4 minutes can definitely be able to defend.

Nearby, Situ Xin is survivor of disaster, on face full is the blood plasma, has wiped, said with a smile: „Good Li Master, the bandit who to cut to kill these invasions unexpectedly the entire main hall destroying, you have been possible to compensate!"

I laugh in spite of trying not to: „No, I am an official uncorrupt, may not have what perquisite, making me compensate such gorgeous main hall, my then this lifetime can only work as the mercenary soldier chief."

The shallow forest leans on tread to stand up with the long sword reluctantly, says with a smile: „Was lucky that Li Master we can preserve the city, let alone was Li Shihui a main hall, even if Li Shihui the entire palace wall, the shallow forest will not have the complaint, was Li Master claims credit to the great, shallow forest on the contrary represents the people in day of plume empire to thank politely Li Master once more!"

I am also disinclined to hold the fist in the other hand to salute, said: „Your majesty has spoken discreetly, this is we are the duty of serviceman."


Crossed a meeting again, Q-Sword and Fang Ge Que leads the person of line of business meeting also to enter the imperial palace, as before very distressed appearance, but HP was returns completely, [Hero's Mound] and [Legend] total number of people put together not over 100 people, after also many people were the choice repeatedly, resurrected, obviously this besieged city fought frigidly how.

„It seems like, defended!" In Fang Ge Que two stars is passing gratified.

I nod: „Is lucky you to cling to tenaciously, otherwise Tian Ling Empire definitely lost."

Q-Sword shouted the one breath lightly: „Can defend well"

At this time, the Fang Ge Que vision actually fell on the body of Matcha, immediately the whole body trembled, incomparably said shocking: „To like tracking down small monster Xue Rou your you to come back?"

Matcha actually nod with a smile, afterward sits side me, pulled my arm saying: „Right, I re-entered [Zhan Long], hoping later [Legend] to be able with the [Zhan Long] peaceful coexistence"

Fang Ge Que laughs in spite of trying not, listless expression clears off, said: „Ok, must walk cannot detain."

Li Mu grasps the long sword to progress to go forward, said: „Then, waited for system to reward?"

„Yes, does not know that what will reward?"

Has a look at the points list, Fang Ge Que is first, but I am second, he has hung several levels continually, has been harvesting with the group law, the points counter- superego was also expected.

One minute is written in water, Cooldown arrived, a ting reverberation above sky


System announcement: Fellow players please note, this 2 nd round country fought formally finished, the Chinese war zone obtained to look at the semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate and Qingyan city, cold flame city and other city of the sovereignty, and became the entire server points resultant highest server, the reward started to provide, the Chinese war zone points list first player 【Fang Ge Que】 Obtains the reward 【Thunder flame cape】( God Tier), Level + 7, charm values + 150, the points list 2 nd player 【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】 Obtains the reward 【Does】( Magical instrument ★★★★★), Level + 6, charm values + 120, the points list 3 rd player 【Cang Yue】 Obtains the reward 【Leaps cloud kneepad】( Magical instrument ★★★★), the Level + 5, charm values + 100, other 4-10 in turn are: Mu Xuan, Cang Tong, Q-Sword, Dancing Forest, Jian Feng Han, Simple and general Li Mu, the respective reward real-time has provided, because the Chinese war zone is the achievement side, all players restore 80% at the Level experience that in the war loses!

Zhan Long Chapter 1083

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