Zhan Long Chapter 1084

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The first announcement, immediately is a circular, actually about Fan Shu City


System announcement: This entire server country fights, city 【Fan Shu City】 Within the boundaries occurred died in battle the people that the war consumes high, Fan Shu City becomes the country fights the focal point city, receives to damage to recover 100%, the city defensive power promotes 50%, the city branch of the services quantity promotes 100%, the city productive forces promote 70%, and rewards city treasury thousand, the local action points first player 【Xiao Yao Zi Zai】 Obtains the country to fight the extra premium 【Overlord cape】( Inferior magical instrument), the points second player 【Cang Yue】 Obtains the reward additionally 【Blood mage swirl】( Magical instrument ★★★), the points third player 【Dancing Forest】 Obtains the reward additionally 【The arrow of curse】( God level), other 4-10 players obtain the corresponding reward respectively!

Pleasantly surprised again and again, fights reward besides the country, unexpectedly also had one about Fan Shu City time to defend a city the reward, the system this time gives the [Zhan Long] face really very much, but, this was also we in Fan Shu City tenaciously the reward that fought bravely five days of institute to obtain, after all, Li Mu, Wang Jian, Meng Yao and the others hung many times, the player of defense, although only then thousand +, but died in battle resurrecting in addition, calculates that became thousand is not overrated, even the murder number fought the Tian Ling Empire besieged city are more , the frigid degree can be inferred.

Looks at my Level again, 192 levels, have been Tian Ling Empire first two, first is MVP player Fang Ge Que that this country fights.

Unties the package, overlord cape peaceful lying down in the package, was waiting for I duplicate a skill

【Overlord cape】( Inferior magical instrument)

Type: Heavy armor

Defense: 5050

Strength: + 540

Stamina: + 535

Agility: + 530

Magic: + 520

Additional: Promotes user 125% magic defense

Additional: Promotes user 25000 life value upper limits

Additional: Promotes the user 70% striking power and 40% attack speeds

Special effect: Treads the wind , to promote 100% Movement Speed

Special effect: Non- rank limit

Special effect: The overlords, supernaturally brave of feather, eternity two, the strength of overlord do not promote the user 3000 strengths

skill: The duplication, may duplicate same level position equipment some attribute

Coverall part: Overlord coverall cape

Introduced: Before the Flood, the King who made the earth tremble sweeps away the mainland, its brave was the unparalleled in the world, making the posterity pursue admires, thousands of years later, the god artisans of later generation collected the spirit strength of this antiquity king, its spirit soul casting in one set of rare most precious object, this was the overlord armor coverall, the person of legend collection uneven overlord coverall can obtain the verbal command world the strength, obtained overlord coverall one, had the probability when killing the high level monster triggers blows out other parts, this wrapped equipment to be only

Needs Level: 200

Needs the charm: 1000

Does not need to think anything, the Zixiao cape or Demon Harvest equipment, could not follow the use demand, but the Shuanglong special effect is actually good, is the excellent being on the verge of death life-saving passive skill, directly has duplicated the Shuanglong special effect of Zixiao cape with the overlord cape, afterward a spin body puts on the new cape, the yellow white cloak full was the armor of blood has formed the extremely sharp contrast with.

Then, the whole body collected hard helmet, cape, wrister and overlord coveralls of war boots four parts, immediately third „the war of Kulu" twinkle in the coverall attribute reappears , to promote the user 200% striking power and thousand HP upper limits, my HP upper limit also turned into fearful thousand, the inferior magical instrument coverall is so intrepid, even I suspected that inferior brand five-star magical instrument one set is also not necessarily have such attribute!

Continues to look, the sword besides the overlord cape, will also do

In corner that wraps, handle black long sword static lying down there, above is reappearing the writing of ancient Warring States period, in hollowing out of writing flood the light golden light, the sword blade had been remoulded, the streamline is gorgeous, puts out a hand to grasp can induce to the sword blade is hiding killing intent, I have raised this handle five-star magical instrument, the skill trembles slightly, immediately is dry the attribute to reappear at present, really will be very intrepid!

【Does】( Magical instrument ★★★★★)

Attack: 17000-22500

Strength: + 770

Stamina: + 755

Magic: + 740

Agility: + 720

Additional: Promotes the user 205% striking power

Additional: Promotes the user 140% attack speeds

Additional: Neglects the goal 70% defensive powers

Special effect: Has 70% probabilities to trigger Long Li, creates fatally to the goal strikes

Special effect: Has 30% probabilities to cause Superior to strike the injury

Special effect: When Ba Jue, the attack receives the goal resists, defense, 5% probabilities directly destroy the 100% durable of goal shield and pointed weapons

Special effect: Has a familiar task and handles it with ease, reduces to need Level to request 40 levels

Only effect: In the water Shuanglong, peerless [Soul Army] may deter the match, reduces in the surrounding 100 yards the 30% pointed weapons striking power of hostile goal

Introduced: ancient has to cast the soldier god artisan to do, the biography is Ou Ye Zi disciple, casts two handle [Soul Army] with his wife moye, one male one female, Xiong to do, female is the moye, its front can Chekin break the jade, the later generation excavation is done, carries to do will ford, the sword calls to fly into the water, enters the water to seek it, sees only Shuanglong plate Yu Tandi, the vision like the electricity, nobody dares to take it, the be continuous later generation, the legend obtains to do can obtain the strength of uneven day

Needs the charm: 1200

Needs Level: 220

Looks to do the attribute of sword, I deeply inspire!

As long as with sword, this does is the lifetime will strive, although in the history does will not know the trace, perhaps is only the legend, but can grasp does of doing moyes in the game, pours does not have what to regret that, this attribute did right by absolutely the given name of Warring States famous sword, the striking power still exceeded in the butterfly, moreover there is an only effect „in water Shuanglong", can weaken the strength of match, with feeling of disarming some similar, simply on was for the assistant weapon that I was tailor!

„Clang", with doing will change town Yue Dao, finally, I was the genuine double sword flow now, and a butterfly, will do, this was this game peerless [Soul Army], was grasping two handle swords, had to plant to feel that simply who can keep off me!!

However, such one, town Yue Dao did not have falling to locate, looked to surrounding one crowd of [Zhan Long] core player, they sat in the ruins respective feeling pleased was enjoying the war later reward, I was lifting the town mountain blade horizontally, said: „This I have not needed town Yue Dao, who your several, who wants said."

Li Mu, Wang Jian and the others stare, Wolf said: „The Matcha elder sister just came back, weapon looks like not much, gives her?"

Matcha said hurriedly: „Does not use, my previous time on deleted Bai Xia willfully a Lion King shield, which now also dares to want country, the Boss not to give me, my did not have town Yue Dao!"

I nod with a smile: „Also good, town Yue Dao really aggressively appears externally, not too suitable girl, your several male to ride the war is a player, who wants?"

Li Mu grasps to catch fire to burn the sword, said: „I do not want temporarily."

Wang Jian also said: „Breaks the sea sword not to cover the heat."

One Second Hero looks at the long-handled spear, said: „I like rough long-handled spear."

One group of people let, finally let the body of Death God's Elegy, I said categorically: „Elegy, you do not have weapon while convenient, this town Yue does Dao use to you?"

Death God's Elegy stares, on the face has filled astonished: „But Boss town Yue Dao is country, at least value several million motherfucker do, such give me a bystander?"

I laugh in spite of trying not to: „Hasn't regarded the bystander you? How many you led the brothers to pay for [Zhan Long], I looked clear, said again, since you joined [Zhan Long] that quarter you were our [Zhan Long] your brothers, what also divided each other? Moreover, after this country fights, I planned that the [Zhan Long] palace nominates to move into two people again, one is you, another is the small monster."

Death God's Elegy feels extremely flattered, stands up from failure to discontinue hurriedly, both hands hold town Yue Dao from my hand, on the face the look is excited, the sound trembled: „With the ancient words, how this feeling should mention?"

„Does treasured sword present as a gift the hero?" Matcha said with a smile.

Wan Er said: „Does gentleman die for friend?"

Li Mu said: „Serve somebody faithfully"

Death God's Elegy laughs: „Right, is this, Guildmaster so recognizes, in I am willing I play to give to [Zhan Long] entire life, the effect serve somebody faithfully!"

I nod to say with a smile: „Good, what equipment other people obtained, how is it?"

The people expressed very well, but Dong Cheng Yue was hugging the shoulder of Dancing Forest, said: „The skill that small dance obtains is specially powerful, the god level skill, the thousand gold is rare!"

I also saw, asked: „What background small dance is the arrow of curse?"

Dancing Forest feeling pleased said silently: „Marks some goal, in certain Cooldown I reach as high as 1000 yards to his firing distance, and fire intensity promotes 100%, disregards any standard to keep off and defend."

„Corona" I had a scare, „is so overbearing, 1000 yards range distance, fearful!"

Dong Cheng Yue chuckle: „Basically, this move belonged to the sign someone pregnancy skill, looked, also who dares to provoke our [Zhan Long]."

„Um, come on!"

Has a look people who is utterly exhausted, I said with a smile: „offline, is waiting for Tian Ling Empire and Fan Shu City renovates, everybody online so is continuously long, was tired, offline eats a thing to rest earlier."


Gazes after people offline of [Zhan Long], I keep in piece of desolated Tian Ling Empire as before, not far away, Fang Ge Que, Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han, rumor, Yan Zhao Warrior, Ye Lai and the others still, me took a step the past, said to Fang Ge Que: „Congratulates Fang Ge, this time you were the country fight MVP."

Fang Ge Que smiles amiably: „Oh, is taking advantage of own seniority sells, has anything to be good to congratulate, must congratulate Xiao Yao to obtain a while convenient weapon actually."


At this time, the rumor actually much looked at my one eyes, said: „Li Xiao Yao, you determined that you aren't willing to join the day imperial book repository as before? If there is your joining, day imperial book repository time country will fight an overall strategic certainly more perfect implementation."

I smile politely: „No need, my this person of Xiao Yao Zi Zai has been used, does not want to receive many restrictions, the day imperial book repository is doomed to miss with me, but political integrity yue felt relieved that the day imperial book repository has can contact with me who anything needs to coordinate greatly, so long as is not excessive, I will not reject."

A rumor as if somewhat grateful nod: „That was good, thanks [Zhan Long] Guildmaster."

Is farther, Wang Ze Cheng is raising the lance, with three beautiful woman players, one group of people visit me.

I have not said anything to him, summon system elf, same place offline!

Zhan Long Chapter 1084

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