Zhan Long Chapter 1085

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Has rested fully for nearly 24 hours, finally raises the spirit that these days has consumed fully, but all in game should be the progress are also usual, after Fan Shu City and Tian Ling Empire Shua is new , the resources have not compared were few before many, only buckle was the NPC military strength, the Dragon's den armed forces buckle in Fan Shu City completely, system restoring much, but is unable with initially to compare as before, needed resting and building up strength of Cooldown to be able the better condition welcome next country to fight.

Moreover is post-war arrangement and other business, besides Tian Ling Empire, fire Yun City, Full Moon City also assigned a group of players to move into, this can guarantee that the major main cities had certain defense strength, even, the Qingyan city, the cold flame city, the fishing city and other secondary lord cities also completely appointed made some guilds move into directly, naturally, these duties were accomplished by Fang Ge Que and rumor, to a certain extent, in their ability to the execution of player wanted by far me.

In the afternoon, comfortable is using the afternoon tea, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue also to accompany in the one side.

„In the afternoon has the arrangement?" My sip a tea, asked with a smile.

„Has!" Lin Wan Er puts down laptop, said: „Afternoon is the core management level group activities of guild, goes to by a Shua Wan Renyuan flame range map, the SSS level map, the monster data approximately in 190-200 levels, this is the second country fights the data after later system upgrade, if you do not go, our success ratios reduce, after all 37 thousand blood and 3 thousand foundation defenses attacked MT little to look high, killed over 190 levels two-star above BOSS also to need to depend on you."

I have drunk tea greatly, said with a smile: „OK, small compliant and that's the end!"

Has stretched the arm, I then said: „Just for a long time had not begun, hey, I also want to know that what output capacity after the equipment butterfly, does me is. Right, the moving into situation of [Zhan Long] palace addition personnel how?"

A Lin Wan Er nod: „Has completed, you look!"

She changes me laptop, above is the page of [Zhan Long] palace, really had two people, is the person who I assign

9 th, to like tracking down, moves into the reason: Little Demon, the Pulse Break Style first person, CBN fights the net 3 rd, the global close combat tactic operates the first person

10 th, the elegy of god of death, moves into the reason: Third point Guildmaster, the second round country war died in battle 5 times, the points rank guild 11 th


Matcha moves into the reason of [Zhan Long] palace to be simple, actually also suffices the component, elegy moves into reason big being inferior Matcha, but is suitable the 10 th this position, and elegy is enough many, such person who [Zhan Long] pays truly needs to praise, but now the [Zhan Long] core level, needs is not money, everybody hits equipment and not to be few with R motherfucker that the wage obtains, what lacks is the affirmation in strength, but moves into the [Zhan Long] palace on is the [Zhan Long] guild players to high glory.

Also looked at a rank of Matcha, um, then my this Guildmaster prime task center of gravity is welcomes Matcha to return to [Zhan Long], her individual strength to [Zhan Long] important, when her Level overtakes the peak level completely, gets so far as one set of extra-superior equipment again, after that ran into the strong match not to need me to begin again personally, at least, met the sky rose again, I can definitely not begin, gave Matcha to handle.

If equipment and Level level is impartial, the winning percentage of Matcha to sky rose absolutely over 60%, this is inevitable, the given name of Little Demon this war queen cannot come by the dew thigh.


Dong Cheng Yue hee hee sexually harasses Wan Er with a smile, but the Wan Er young hoodlum generally pulls the short skirt of East city to touch a thigh, two beautiful little girls both are not willing, when I received the magical powers at present, suddenly my cell phone has made a sound, is the Shen Bing number, immediately in my heart trembles, there is a duty?

Connects the call, the Shen Bing sound transmits: „Does Xiao Yao, have Cooldown to leave duty?"

„Has!" I am astonished however: „Where had an accident?"

Generally, properly speaking wants is not the important case, Shen Bing will not be exhausted my, even, so long as will not be the event that the ordinary police officer is unable to solve will not disturb me.

Shen Bing said: „Our informers obtain the latest lead, carries out the duty place in Wuhan Metro Holdings Ltd international, duty Cooldown is about about 4 : 00 pm, gives you 20 minutes, takes your fellow to come to the base!"


I hang the power failure words time, Dong Cheng Yue somewhat slightly disappointedly visits me: „Can't accompany us to go to the flame range Shua map together?"

„Um, had the duty."

„Careful, looks after itself good." Wan Er said kindly that in a pair of pupil brings to worry, she knows, the duty that needs me to carry out definitely has been each time full of the unknown danger.

I show a faint smile, am holding her fragrant shoulder, said: „Relax, the strength of your boyfriend haven't you known? To be honest, so long as is not I does, in this world few individuals have been able to injure to result in me."

„Knows that early goes morning to return!"



Returns to the room rapidly, took off name brand shirt, changes the brief T-shirt, changes the black specially-made pants again, ties up the shinguard, two handle sabers insert by the calf respectively, traces the ice-cold pistol, for a long time did not have, prepared the nano bullet and packs the three magazines of bullet, afterward tied up the electric arc sword, finally the butterfly grasps the black cloth was wrapping in the hand, going out of military equipment, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue delivered me in the hall, two female looked that my appearance seemed like looking at a hedgehog.

Goes out, opens A4 to directly soar base, disregards any red candle all the way, decisive increasing speed and attractive flickering move, in this that the sharp flinging tail forms a coherent whole were known as in the city that the nation most stops up is galloping, arrives in the base time was just good for 20 minutes.

Enters the base deep place, Shen Bing greets, changes the black uniform that one set of anti-riot special police officer disposes for me, moreover with me, as soon as extracts the duty also more than ten people, Xing Lie also, cracks into a smile: „Boss, today very energetic!"

I do intentionally seriously: „Earnest, leaves the duty!"

A Shen Bing charming uniform, is the flower of protector Hangzhou base, this attire is really swoonsome, the black coat, the cream-colored stomacher wipes the small short skirt in addition, lining is unable more beautiful her longleg milk-white bosom, walks to go forward to pat my shoulder, said with a smile: „Enforces, today's duty is truly vital, is the duty of 7 groups of unions."

I knit the brows: „Exactly what happened?"

„The situation was not quite recently stable."

Shen Bing brief a few words, visit us who is confused, smiled and said: „The development of our country is too swift and violent, many powerful nations cannot allow us to exceed them quickly, thinks that we make this economical and difficulty of military competition game, according to the reliable lead, 4.17, Wuhan Metro Holdings Ltd square will have a malicious offending somebody event in the afternoon, the target audience is common people, has to breed to think of the person to participate!"

„Is breeds to think of the person?" I knit the brows to say.

Shen Bing nods, said: „Which company we could not find to breed to install technical the source are, what can confirm, their A levels bred to install the person experiment survival rate to achieve 10%!"

I am flabbergasted: „10%? In 10 people that in other words attended the experiment 9 will at least people die?"

„Um, is that also what kind of?" Shen Bing has to mean smiles, said: „Life is so difficult, how many people are willing to trade the first splendor with the life? Even if there is little opportunity, they will not let off. Therefore, this time, because has to breed to think of the person to participate, will possibly have A level this terrifying breeding to think of the person, therefore the center adjusts the squads of 7 big protector bases to assist especially together, your bodies put on guards against explosions the uniform of special police officer, this time and other brothers squads of bases carries out the task with Shanghai, Nanjing, Beijing, Shenyang together, do not lose face!"

I nod: „Relax, certainly above will not let disappointed."

The Xing Lie one side, on a face the retired special troops of two able to move unhindered scars of knife wound smile, he called „axe", is member who we recently joined, had the Royal Air preliminary strength, the body condition was specially tyrannical, most stubborn unyielding, said slightly: „Mother, wanted me saying that this group of grandsons only know began to the common people, was really the bastard, had to plant to us, or began to various greater military areas, had mother to live not to have the bastard that mother raised, only then the bastard will begin to cause the turmoil to the common people."

I cheered secretly, scold well.

Shen Bing nods smiles: „Because of our military forces enough, strong has not dared to begin to them . Moreover the special troops of various greater military areas have provided the ultimate weapon and nano bullet of Tian Xin Corporation development, even has also provided the lethality formidable nano track granule artillery, snort, dares really to the words that the military region begins, is they plants."

I: „When moves, Wang Dui?"

„He the morning went to the scene, was good, did not say that all have, go to the aircraft parking area!"


Hangzhou squad altogether 15 people, including me, but in not the far aircraft parking area, two armed helicopters waited for that there, has carried us to fly directly to the airport in distant place, everybody thinks that Suzhou does not have the airport, finally is actually not this, we have the airport, although is not big.

The helicopter falls, a black military transport aircraft waited for there, quite a little likely is the feeling of black hawk fighter aircraft, after jolts fiercely, we broke in the vast expansive sky, Xing Lie and the others is quite excited, after all for a long time has not carried out the task, because of our existences, breeding of Hangzhou installed the person organization to go into hiding for a long time, does not have some people to stir up trouble in Wuhan this metropolis.


About 3 : 00 pm, arrives in Wuhan, special-purpose vehicle-borne is being sailed to the town center by the special police officer again.

When arrives in the town center Cooldown was just good, ** really appears in the control center, after greeting us, immediately distributes the duty, our Hangzhou squad is responsible for north the building in patrol commercial city a region.

The comfortable afternoon, strolls the person in market is not general many, the men.

I am holding the [Assault] (spear gun), vision indifferent brings Xing Lie and axe and the others to walk in the crowd, guards against explosions the special police officer to be different from these, but at the major central hub points of nation, has such equipment, therefore should not be anything.

However, many men look as before to us, female student low voice smiling of wear red skirt: „Oh, the forefronts and are good to lead by right two JCGG......"

What said is I and Xing Lie?

Xing Lie has smiled with joy, this goods may lack prospects really!

Zhan Long Chapter 1085

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