Zhan Long Chapter 1086

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Cooldown every little bit is passing, was set to carry out Cooldown from the duty to be also getting more and more near.

But I determined that they will certainly begin, this flock of crazed bastards as if never know that anything is called timidly . Moreover, so long as this time they dare to begin, showed once more bred to install the science and technology is not together the domestic crime, but was one related to the international and deliberate turmoil manufacture, the situation was similar to such that Shen Bing said is truly getting more and more serious.


I gain ground to have a look at the sky, is JC, can do protects the safety of people with the life, but now we do also this.

„B group attention alert."

In the miniature earphone transmits order in the control center, here is just facing the street, once were attacked, is probably easiest to withstand the firepower the place.

Quick, 4 : 17 arrived, but did not have what sound in all directions as before.

„What's the matter?" Xing Lie somewhat could not endure.

I said in a soft voice: „Calm , to continue."

This was also the crowd most crowded time, control center there did not have what news, but informed us to strengthen the alert.

Several minutes later, in 4 : 25, the distant place walked one crowd to select the shoulder pole, to take the person who the snake leather bag was wrapping, seems like work who came from the rural area, had the male to have the female, but I induced rapidly, this group of people had the vicious tendencies, that type of vicious tendencies could not conceal, to aura cultivated at my many years, can catch very much easily.

„Was careful that group of people, they are the camouflages." I said in a low voice.

Xing Lie has turned around, shows a faint smile: „Looks like is only fellow villager of one crowd of working, all right......"

His voice just fell, not far away that carried the shoulder pole and a face overly cautious and prudent person actually to trade an expression, on the face completely was the color of hatred sea, cried to discard the shoulder pole, pulled out at least 40 centimeters fruit knife from the basket, hugged child's mother to chop to the one side, the mouth scolded the words that some I could not be understanding.


Almost I have made the decision instantaneously, lifted the hand to draw out opening fire of waist pistol quickest speed!


The sound of gunfire resounds, the nano bullet penetrated his forehead, explodes directly in the cerebellum, blood plasma with ** spatters in all directions together.

„?" Xing Lie astonished.

Not far away, about 20 + people almost draw out the blade together, fires into the innocent crowd that escaped and called out in alarm in all directions, the axe is grasping the stock, said: „This group of people...... Does not breed to think of the person, is only the average person, what to do?"

Beyond five meters, a wear „simple" the middle-aged woman of clothes raises the blade, pursues one about 7, 8-year-old little girls, the little girl is frightening hum to cry, runs while cries, I no longer wait for anything, before an arrow step rushes, the fist delivers!


A sad fist, is almost broken to the bang the cervical vertebra of this middle-aged woman, her body after revolves several layer on layer falls to the ground, is killed violently at the scene!

Is the team leader of Hangzhou squad, I commanded in a low voice: „Does not use hesitant, wants what to pity to the person who child starts? Begins to me, the above order has not requested to grasp lives, executes completely at the scene, this person does not need [Judgement]!"

Xing Lie also no longer said anything, draws out the pistol aiming, (spear gun) taking down.

Axe and the others is also the skilled person of murder, eliminates here 20 + people rapidly, but we do not have casualties, even common people also under our lightning attacks does not have a point to injure.


The square ground is stained with blood, but is their. Xing Lie is grasping the pistol of belching smoke, frowns saying: „That little girl was almost killed a moment ago......"

I nod, the little girl is shrinking under the square center huge radiant gasification decoration is sobbing, I walk to go forward, received the guns, touches her head, said: „Child, do not cry, your mother?"

„Mother bought the cold drink......" she to cry saying that gained ground to have a look at me, obviously has scared, asked: „Uncle, you are...... Are you policeman?"

My gentle smiling: „Yes, I am policeman, does not need to fear that policeman will protect your."

„Um." Nod that she makes an effort.

In this time, suddenly in the earphone is actually transmitting ** sound: „It is not good, Southern District has danger, Li Xiao Yao, leads the member to go to Southern District reenforcement immediately! Bred to think of the person to appear!"


I put out a hand to look that immediately a not far away GUUCI shop hides the shop employee after glass said loudly: „Helps quickly, protects this little girl."

Sales clerk female guts but actually also big, ran to hold the hand of little girl to enter the shop, afterward closed.

My head one crooked, is hinting to the people: „, Continues to carry out the task!"


Dashes about wildly to Southern District of market, when we rush, here has just liked is a gun battle big piece is the same, several black Buick commerce stop in the roadside, rear one group of black clothed men to the front fire, but what the dead ahead is responsible for the square security is the member of Shanghai protector squad, three members fall down, bleeds seriously.


Low and deep roaring, an arm of after ringer is hit, immediately entered the beast condition, the whole body grew the crowded green hair unexpectedly, the wound that bullet penetrated rapidly was also healing.

Xing Lie said in a low voice: „Very strong cicatrization ability."

I glance side, almost does not have any good grazing point, has to clench teeth: „Goes to elevator there to seek the shield, Xing Lie goes upstairs, seeks for the best ambush point!"


I behind carry the long butterfly, what Xing Lie behind carries is the sniper's rifle, in the Hangzhou squad only ambush marksmanship can with the person who I struggle high below be he.

After seeking for the grazing point, I also discovered that in the square has been lying down several corpses of common people, it seems like that this crowd bred to think of the person to go well, regardless of the result were what kind, they made the chaotic goal to achieve.



A sad sound of gunfire, some point of Xing Lie in building has opened fire, immediately hid one after car(riage) breeds to think of the person but actually, the nape of the neck place has been hit, but had not actually died, but the unceasing convulsion, the whole body distortion, the nail of both hands was becoming sharp, under grabbed thoughtlessly has torn the western-style clothing and shirt, revealed fully is the chest of green scale.

The B level breeds to think of the person!

I clenched teeth, said in earphone: „Brain as before is their center organizations, Xiao Lie, aims at their head fires, defeated the brain to massacre probably!"

Xing Lie: „Um, understanding!"

Is a (spear gun), this time suffices, a C level bred to think of the person to be exploded directly, ** flowed place, the body does not move.

Finally, bred to install the people as if unable to repress, that nape of the neck was hit roared to crawl to fire into the person of Shanghai Squad lowly, finally went against clashes forward, like fully dare-to-die corps who the fire of innumerable nano ball was only injuring does not die, made the people of Shanghai Squad change countenance.

I could not repress, lifts hand to draw out behind butterfly, immediately butterfly cold [Vanguard] makes nearby axe unable to bear to praise sigh: „, Good sword!"

However, sound that in the earphone actually transmits Shanghai Squad team leader Tang Lin: „Li Xiao Yao, does not need you to help, I can handle!"

Saying, Tang Lin flushed Going out, in the hand the black glove instantaneously by the bracing cold disintegration, in good family fist master, my distant looked that has judged Tang Lin is the Royal Air intermediate strength, but also is good, kills the B level to breed to think of the person, this breeds to think of the person injured reluctantly after all at present.

Tang Lin roars with breeding to install a person of wrong body, the armored hand layer on layer rumbles in the chest of opposite party, brings sound that the skeleton is rupturing, is a knee hits, takes advantage of opportunity to take down the leg is tying the arms the saber, wipes, bred to install the nape of the neck of person to have a wound, but has not punctured thoroughly the nape of the neck, the opposite party condensed the scale.


Breeding of going crazy thinks of the person to be terrorist, pair of claws chaotic dance, directly after Tang Forest carried on the back to leave behind wounds, the fresh pool of blood anchored to flow, he has been injured.


Tang Lin becomes angry out of shame drinks one lowly, no matter also own being damaged, is a fist bang, in breeding to install on the latter nape of the neck of person, draws out the pistol, the reverse breeds to install the body of person to force in his mouth the pistol, „Bang", the blood spatters in all directions from the cerebellum, this B level bred to think of the person also finally is reimburses.

When does not wait for Tang Lin to pant for breath, is one roars, another B level breeds to install the person to delimit his back the sharp claws, miserable howling, Tang Lin body anteversion tumbles, actually is also the man who an iron hits, the saber wields, cuts off this to breed to install the two fingers of person, simultaneously the front was delimited to injure together.

„Go away!"

Tang Lintai foot tramples, the strength of follower cannot be underestimated, is better than breeds to think of the person to be rumbled as before flies to draw back more than ten meters.

But at this time, with a sharp roar, on a face, the nape of the neck place full was person throwing of red scale stands on the vehicle roof suddenly, almost will put in order a car(riage) to crush, his eye degenerated into scarlet, the pupil enlarges infinitely, looked like a wild animal general was roaring, the goal pointed to Tang Lin, overrunning of the hands and feet used!

The A level breeds to think of the person, whole body armor!


„Come, bastard!"

In Tang Lin hand saber one cold, condenses the aura on the saber, is breeding to think of the person to this A level maliciously to strike!

Astounding, this A level bred to think of the person to smile unexpectedly, corners of the mouth slanting rising, looked like strangely also somewhat is somewhat fierce, lifted the hand to cover entirely the fist of thick red scale to deliver Going out!


Layer on layer strikes, naked eye obvious that saber cuns (2.5cm) change into the powder pink / white, but Tang Lin palm is a very obvious distortion, miserable snort a backlash, the arm probably broke.

Really, Royal Air intermediate is not the A level breeds to install the match of person.


Xing Lie ambushes again, but nano bullet actually in this face covered breeding in scale to think of the person shaking flew, merely was the buckle half scale!

I lift the hand aiming to breed to install the eyes of person am a (spear gun), but he raises the arm to come to square to keep off unexpectedly, intelligence quotient also.



He gains ground to have a look at me, in the vision is passing the provocation unexpectedly, stretched out at least 30 centimeters tongue to lick fist scale the bloodstain on Tang Lin, said with a smile: „Your these followers, are some waste! Your attacks, are give us dragon blood soldier flexure to be itchy radically!"

Dragon blood soldier?

I almost smiled, this group of idiots think did one have these variation scales is Dragon Xue the soldier?

„Protects Tang Lin!"

Drinks lowly, I have raised the butterfly to overrun, promoted the extreme at I quickest speed the aura of whole person, the butterfly instantaneously by the positive flame flame package, fired a handle scarlet red long sword, single Zuta jumped, by me strongest struck to divide, was in airborne sneers saying: „Your this dragon blood soldier keeps off the attack of my this follower!"

In his vision passed over gently and swiftly with amazement, actually as before raises fully is the arm of scarlet red scale comes to square to keep off!


The sword light plunders, bringing the arm of miserable red blood to fall to the ground, in the meantime, a butterfly incomparably sharp sword has cut from his nape of the neck place, chops again from the waist.

Divide into two!

Zhan Long Chapter 1086

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