Zhan Long Chapter 1087

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When this A level breeds installs the person linked head harness shoulder hews two halves, the tenacious vitality is quite scary, the right hand waves the fierce sharp claws to delimit my shoulder as before!


Cuts the clothing at the same time, my aura swiftly condensed the armor that Yang Flame the energy has composed in the arm being damaged position, but his sharp claws actually likely are the sharp knife blade of destroying the hardest defenses generally puncture a gap on the armor, on the arm transmits the burning feeling rapidly, has been as before injured, although is only the flesh wound.


His body changes into two halves to drop in the place, actually as in crazy is swaying from side to side, looks like very fearsome, I clenched teeth, rush to the previous foot to tread his head, immediately ** spattered in all directions place , many blood fell on my pants.

„Massacres him!"

The dead ahead, breeds to think of person to hold the [Assault] (spear gun) to strafe crazily.

I not slightly hesitant, speedily migration fends, simultaneously strength of Yang Flame the rises suddenly, condenses skill Yang Yankai that Yang Flame the double boundary has in the front! Armor of scalding hot energy short condensation around body, protects oneself to be impassible.

Result „" sound is unceasing, the bullet of opposite party spatters in all directions the ejection in my body week unceasingly, what substantive damage does not have one to me to cause, I am also simultaneously secret the heart startled, traded to do has not stepped into Yang Flame that time me, perhaps had made into the hornet's nest by the opposite party?

In this time, is hearing one to roar suddenly, was a B level breeds to think of the person, the whole body lives completely sharp thorns, as if the porcupine was common, the facial features twisted fiercely, did not wait for me to turn around to throw to my shoulder on, the both legs resisted my back, both hands grasp my right arm tightly, roared is opening the big mouth, that corners of the mouth have ripped the root of the ear, fierce fang „tittering" one has nipped.

Not is only I, all people shocked, this which person, simply was a monster, a bloodthirsty monster!

Speedily the revolution Yang Flame strength, takes the arm as the breach, I do not return to turn around, drinks around an arm the flame to rise suddenly lowly, fills fiercely from the mouth of this monster, in a flash, where his body can withstand the strength of formidable Yang Flame, pores started to be on fire, the next quarter changed into one group of roaring flame to drop from my body, simultaneously the clothing also almost been assigned away from the capital Yang Flame strength on my arm burnt down.


„On a bit faster, do not let a boss person!"

Broadcasts the sound of axe, he raised a handle saber to clash, bred to install the person beheading a C level rapidly, but floor above Xing Lie „ping" an ambush of (spear gun) (spear gun), will breed to install the brain of person to explode.

The sound of gunfire subsides in three minutes, one crowd breeds to think of the person to fall down completely became the corpse, only then two C levels bred to think of the person not dead, but at this time in the Metro Holdings Ltd international square has sprinkled the blood, had our people, but the majority was to breed to think of the person and coordinates them to attack these of building ****.

All around pulled up the warning line, people quickly is dispersed.

„Boss, are you all right?" Xing Lie held the sniper's rifle to go down the building, looks asking that the wound on my arm was worried about very much.

I took a look at one, although also the somewhat burning ache, these breed to think of the person are the gene variations, was stabbed by them naturally can infect the unknown germ, but had been quenchinged by Yang Flame the strength in my body well, can endure the high temperature, under the ignition of several thousand degrees high temperature, these germs naturally are unable to survive.

„All right."

I knit the brows, look at the surrounding all, somewhat is at heart sigh with emotion, this conflict died at least several common people, was avoidable, but thinks, if pulls up the warning line ahead of time, that these will breed to think of the person definitely to cancel this time have attacked, the person who then this group of people will kill in other place was possibly much more this number.

Not far away, several special police officers transport the iron cage to come, breeds to think of the person installing the C level that two had not died, probably provides to the researcher does the experiment, in order to unties to breed to install the technical the mystery.

** Also led, looks at my arm, in the eye passed over gently and swiftly not to endure, said: „Was laborious, Li Xiao Yao."

I smiled: „That must allocate one duty uniform to me."

„Um, this does not have issue."

„Wang Dui, is the concrete result of this motion how is it?"

** Said: „This time they set out 1 level of A level and 4 B levels and 17 C levels breed to think of the person, other D levels breed to think of the person not to calculate, the total number of people probably sends out to breed to think of the person about 50 people, to plot this attack they are definitely long-premeditated, but was ambushed the uniform by us, snort, thinks that the secret evil behind-the-scenes manipulator is certainly disappointed."

„Attempts to be able from living what does breeding install the person mouth to dig out?"

„Was very difficult, bred to think of the person to wash off the memory in the process of body transformation, somewhat including oneself was everyone does not know that but one crowd was being detained the wild animal of waiting duty."

I sighed: „This duty, not goings to the roots of the problem as before."

** Shows a faint smile: „No, Fox will sooner or later show the tail, do not worry, making everybody prepare, returned to the Hangzhou base, the duty has been accomplished, is waiting for the praise!"



I looked at so-called praise actually pale, but Xing Lie and axe and the others somewhat was excited, after all our servicemen long for the honor, is longing for was approved by the motherland, especially our these life at the dark side of society, unknown special troops, the status extremely kept secret, this longs for honor that some can be acknowledged.

Sits on the airplane of return trip, I look at the people, asked: „Is all right?"

The axe smiles: „Had the boss you injured, other brothers matters, the nano bullet of new equipment truly is not very strong, bred to think of the person to be at a loss to the A level, shot at the target to the B level and C level simply."

I also smile, but at heart actually even more worries that the A level breeds to think of the person is not our special troops can deal with . Moreover, I believe that the method of that secret evil behind-the-scenes manipulator definitely continues these, god knows many A levels breed to think of the person to hide in each city.

Returns to Hangzhou time is around 8 : 00 pm, in the base dining room prepared the sumptuous evening banquet for everybody, Shen Bing and other civilian personnel also participated, but before then, I have changed one clothes first, the clothes of right arm almost completely by oneself burning down, was red the arm is being some is not quite really appropriate.

Wears one new uniform to attend evening banquet, a Shen Bing as before imperial elder sister attire, sits by me.

The dinner is truly rich, unexpectedly also some people in one side roast lamb, but dining room in underground . Moreover the ventilation system had gone bad recently, smokes with monkey.

„I look at the duty scene of having transmitted."

Shen Bing is provoking the food in tray, while said low voice: „The A level bred to think of the person to strengthen to finally officially almost disregards the situation of Royal Air level follower, I do not know really that you words not on the scene, how Shanghai and protector squads of Nanjing these cities dealt with this monster."

„It is said Tian Xin Corporation is developing portable the small granule artillery, the might is huge, will an artillery get down is the A level breeds to think of the person should also to hang?"

„This was very difficult saying that who knows how long this type of weapon can develop?"

Excavation ' how „about breeding to install the person science and technology ‚ to carry on?"

„Has locked the domestic 27 large-scale science companies and research institutes, the military has sent for the secret seeping, includes several large-scale international groups in Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai . Moreover, headquarter is located at the Hangzhou Buesst pharmaceutical company is also listed as the key excavation object, but, did not have any harvest until now, has not discovered and bred in these companies to install the person science and technology related research project."

I take up a saintess fruit to throw into the mouth, said: „Can't their research projects definitely through the satellite storage and computation, use the military satellite to seep?"

Shen Bing pursed the lips to smile: „My goodness, the gentleman do not hold in high esteem on the 3rd, now unexpectedly links this to understand, actually we have formed the related special group, almost every minute, we will process the encryption document that tens of thousands of satellite storage, lead to deliver, but this need Cooldown, is not each document can analyze smoothly."


I wipe the mouth, said: „These I do not understand, can only depend on Shen Bing elder sister your IT elites......"

Shen Bing is somewhat speechless: „IT elite? What said is programmer, tester wait / etc. positions, LO thousand has exploded, our Class are called...... Um, has not thought that called anything......"

„Was right, the papa bar recent business is what kind , is Pei Ying situation that takes over the blue Shuijie Blood Scythe business how is it?"

„Snort!" Shen Bing the milk-white bosom, said: „Pei Yingyue my several times, but had been rejected by me, old lady eyes can look at his anything thoughts, this person......"

„His what thoughts?" I hey smile.

Shen Bing shot a look at my one eyes, said: „Thinks on me, but can also any thoughts."

I said: „That cannot make him go well, after all we are the special troops personnel, must defend the glory of golden shield."

„Bah, slightly does not have the conscience, I also think that you are fond of me!"



After the evening banquet, wrote the duty to report that actually this duty report was the extremely tedious link, but was in did not have the means to shirk, can only write with everybody together.

Returns to Liu Hua University time around 10 : 00 o'clock at night, entered the dwelling time discovered that forgot to wash bloodstain on the butterfly, therefore ran up to the kitchen to go the blood on sword to flush together with the scabbard secretly together, afterward disinfected the basin with the decontaminating solution again, according to the report of Shen Bing, bred to install in the blood of person to include the little toxin, but the power was not strong, 84 disinfectant solution can kill, even if infected has not related, will not have the life threat.

The storehouse good butterfly, the guns and ammunition anything's attire, to take a bath again already 11 : 00 pm.

Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue also in game, therefore reported a news to rest to them, this afternoon almost revolved Yang Flame the strength of whole body, an exhausted feeling raided, heavy entry [Lullaby].

Zhan Long Chapter 1087

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