Zhan Long Chapter 1088

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Next morning, wakes up leisurely, only thinks that the whole body strength is full, strength of Yang Flame the it seems like yesterday consumed restored voluntarily, even, was stronger than before, after finishing eating the breakfast, got online directly, after the country fought, I did not have Cooldown to get online, now finally has free time to handle the matter in game.


The characters appear in Tian Ling Empire, has a look in my individual contact surface, holds the contact surface of spear greatly flood the light golden gloss, has a look inside to have several options, about the matter that the regiment population expands, temporarily does not need me to go to the control, many items were confirmed by shallow forest sovereign personally, what I must do has a look at the Fan Shu City condition.

Direct transmission Fan Shu City, after flash , appear here by the secondary main city of chaos caused by war , the discovery surrounding building was changed beyond recognition, in the system Shua new later city wall and city the construction comprehensively has reinforced, outside city the galvanized iron of casting thick firm, the archer's tower and artillery building that becomes also increased much, even damaged dragon nest and hawk nest restored.

Puts out a hand to wield, the Fan Shu City panel appears in the front, compared with two countries pre-war, the military strength is not as good, but the productive forces, physical defense , etc. had the large scale promotion, rests and builds up strength half a month to one month, Fan Shu City will become the well-trained and equipped army

【Fan Shu City】( 11 levels of territories)

City lord: Xiao Yao Zi Zai

Guardian: Chi Yu Han & secondary Guardian: Chi Yu Qing

City construction: 314

Army: 51230( Heavy Flame Archers × 3000 and Deep Cold Heavy Cavalries × 2959 and Flame Hawk Archers × 22133 and Cliff Dragon Cavalry × 23138)

Laborers: 115210

City scale: Ultra-large

City productive forces

Food: 400000 / hours

Lumber: 400000 / hours

Stone: 315210 / hours


Finally rose 11 levels of cities, this is Fan Shu City and essential difference of player station city, broke through 10 levels, the overall scale had has significantly promoted, the productive forces were much higher, if did not calculate the resources that the city maintenance needed, one hour can recruit 100 + Cliff Dragon Cavalry, a day recruited over 3000, soon after can restore the pre-war levels!

„City main Sir."

In the city main hall, Chi Yu Han is raising the long sword, walked with younger sister Chi Yu Qing together, said respectfully: „During Fan Shu City from the post-war reconstruction, the military strength was expanding rapidly! End will break also the practice boundary."

I satisfy nod, simultaneously has a look at Chi Yu Han and Chi Yu Qing Level, had a scare, maintains later Chi Yu Han to jump to two star gods to challenge unexpectedly, it seems like a battlefield also disciplines for him, the murder are more, the promotion are also more, Chi Yu Qing will be a star god, will have no time to let compared with the Han deep pool, if Lin Qiong has not promoted, Chi Yu Han possibly was strongest Tian Ling Empire NPC, but this country fought the sound to be so big, Lin Qiong was the murder are also innumerable, must promote.

Has a look to hold in the spear contact surface greatly, assigns out the detail of vault of heaven armed forces, commanded the forest arched is the three stars gods has really challenged, was good, this country fought us to be serious in the player buckle, but NPC military officer has almost not hung, the good deed, these person wars were stronger, if maintained did not die, fought several country wars again, can practice into the five-star god, at the appointed time awaited the honor of your presence is this crowd of NPC commands on enough iron skull city and people in Ze deep pool city has a headache.

At this time, the pharmacy of not far away one group of people to gather, and discussed that captured the matter of fire god Shannan Department map, was not others, was Yan Zhao Warrior with one crowd of [Prague] core player, it seems like that this group of people were planned that took Fan Shu City as to fall the full point starts to practice the level in this area.

Progressed the past, I asked: „Can Yanzhao uncle, be good for serveral days?"

Yan Zhao Warrior turns around to look to me, laughs: „Continues to practice the level to hit equipment, is assembling, Xiao Yao are you how is it?"

„In reality had a matter, these two days just had free time to get online. Right, can you reduce heat Divine Mountain? Near fire god Shannan isn't dragon certainly restricted area map? Does not need to continue to explore."

„Ha, you had not gotten online for these days no wonder do not know, after two countries fight, the big map had very big change, the dragon restricted area all dragon crystal mineral lode of fire god Shannan side changed certainly, grows the purgatory flame, there present was unable to continue to collect the mineral, presented troop 6 levels of Hybrid Demon actually, therefore our [Prague] set up following attacking a fortified position in the dragon certainly restricted area with emphasis, the light kills the monster words, nobody snatched with us."

„So that's how it is." I move, said: „Can make the monster of entire big map change, certainly was north the Hybrid Demon territory of boundary has the drastic change?"

„Yes, it is said the first Hybrid Demon king finally broken the shell, but left, this BOSS called the dark blue billows, temporarily nobody has seen the portrait, this soul appeared pale has brought the countless Hybrid Demon new military strength, was starting to invade the human the territory, was right, this matter was probably related with you, was you raises is imprisoning the soul niche to overcome Full Moon City with the aid of the Hybrid Demon strength, therefore caused awakening of this dark blue billows to accelerate to complete."

I touch the nose, said with a smile: „I also think that this matter can conceal the truth!"

Yan Zhao Warrior said with a smile frank: „How this possibly can conceal the truth, Full Moon City over a million players witness you to lead the Hybrid Demon army to attack Full Moon City with own eyes, but you do not need to be offended, regarding them you are the evil person of resorting to all means that but you are a country fights the hero regarding the Chinese players, everybody is not a blind person, saw that in you fight in two countries the meritorious service, relax, at least some domestic people will not point at to you, otherwise our [Prague] first does not comply!"

„Hey!" I smile, said: „Was right, over the two days I had not gotten online, the influence on domain able to move unhindered now how, did the uncle simply tell me?"

Yan Zhao Warrior is pulling the reins of blood and sweat BMW, narrows the eye to have a look at the north, said with a smile: „The Qingyan city of Japanese Han had been attacked and occupied by us, the main city of Philippine and Vietnam was also walked off with another's possessions by us, but these big servers have not given up in light of this, lee and Frost Forest secret has discussed that is leading the tens of millions players of several big servers, in addition about 50 thousand + NPC did not turn over to north the sea the direction."

„, Isn't there the Hybrid Demon territory?"

„Right!" Yan Zhao Warrior smiles: „Said that lee is also a rare talent, bringing several hundred thousand NPC in two days to overcome two wild cities that Hybrid Demon had seized, then sends NPC and merchant purchases the material from Tian Ling Empire and highest heaven city, starts to rebuild that two wild city, they have sent out the manifesto, must rise under the nose of Hybrid Demon, then brings back own thing at three country wars."

I smiled: „What said is Port City and Qingyan city these cities? What a pity did not have their anything matter."

„Yes, you did not need to be worried to be too many, now in our China area fights in the country is in the absolute dominant position."

„Um, that is good, you practice the level, I also went to other busy point matter."



Has a look at equipment, I knit the brows, the overlord coverall has not collected, this is not good, must collect as soon as possible, had better be able before three countries fight the arrival collects the overlord wrap, the threat that I need to face are too really many are too many, eyes covetously Ze deep pool city besides the west boundary and iron skull that city, coveting of this blood deep pool dark blue billows.

The sky roses and brown pupil these people are how proud peak level players, how possibly to endure the shame that two countries fight, certainly will stage a comeback.

And, the player all in Indian war zone move westward, crossed Full Moon City, few people occupied degenerated into the ruins the tears of city goddess, one group of people attacked and occupied Singapore that the hot lion mercenary soldier occupied, moreover according to talking clearly the pupil developed black ink and maplewood to be drunk also sends for finding several ruins cities to start in the Full Moon City southern border region to reconstruct, developed the strategy of black ink to have the possibility of staging a comeback by the clear pupil actually very much.

Thinks that here cannot bear a headache, rises straight from the ground, directly soars the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den direction to fly, no matter that many, having a look at Frost there to have anything news about the blood deep pool dark blue billows!


After a half hour, arrives in cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, as always, the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den sky is fluttering as before the snow in big flakes, the Dragon's den armed soldier face whiten on sentry post, binds the bearskin to weave war armor of collar, is actually not able to play too the role of warming up, but this is also to their tempering, each Dragon's den armed soldier needs to endure coldly, otherwise in the ice-cold city of floating snow will lose the strength in this throughout the year.


Is treading the snowy area, I gradually moved toward the administrative hall, in the gate of hall have been being hanging two handle long sword staggered designs, that was cold uncultivated land Dragon's den rebuilds the later symbol, when I opened the door, the cold wind entered in the hall, then heard the Odelia sound: „Hee hee, this fellow came finally!"

I close, discovers Queen Zi Shu, Frost, Qing Luo also, in addition several Dragon's den masculine NPC military officers, two inferior god levels, a star god level, strength very good appearance, as for Zi Shu and Qing Luo, is the five-star god level strength, the Frost strength could not see that she will surmount in the five-star god existence.

„Sits." Frost supple smiles to me.

I walk, sits down side Frost, said: „I am the situation of inquiring the dark blue billows."

Zi Shu eats to smile: „Solemn day plume empire holds the spear greatly, unexpectedly played the role of scout, was really rare......"

I touch the nose, said with a smile: „Red dragon flour queen chatted, in Dragon's den, I forever is the Frost students, is not holds the spear greatly, said that what sound do the dark blue billows currently have?"

Frost said: „The strength of dark blue billows is increased very quickly, that tyrannical strength has affected Dragon's den seven days ago, but now, I can feel his strength to dominate above me, moreover in the unceasing sharp increase, the dark blue billows is recovering from the purgatory as before, has brought also the devil in countless purgatory."

A nearby full beard military officer makes a fist, said: „I thought that initially Dragon Rider the Sir should not agree Seurre's agreement, goes the Full Moon City murder collection soul with her."

„It is not this."

Frost explained for me that said: „Is Xiao Yao does not go to Full Moon City, the dark blue billows same will have on the Hybrid Demon king of death supernatural power to buy in the strength from silver, Dahlen, Sif these, the recovery also delay for 1-2 days, has not distinguished."

„What to do that present should?" I asked.

Frost looks to me, a star pupil of double-pole beautiful sweeps to sweep off on my equipment, suddenly threw one to smile: „Isn't your mail-armor and helmet the overlord coverall in legend? Really in the chance coincidence, this, receives the duty, is helps you complete the collections of overlord coverall six wraps to be uneven, this can also promote your cultivation to be."

I occur simultaneously pleasantly surprised: „Frost do you have the means to help my collection uneven overlord coverall?"


Beautiful woman teacher very clear tall and straight twin peaks, a self-confidence of face.

Zhan Long Chapter 1088

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