Zhan Long Chapter 1089

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„Overlord coverall two have not known the trace."

I have referred to the chest and thigh, said: „Fights the armor and kneepad position is emptying temporarily, how Frost do you plan to help me seek for these two parts?"

Beautiful woman teacher confident covers snow white palm after me carries on the back, seeps the intermittent warm feeling, she said: „Each magical instrument has its intelligence, but among the coveralls has the induction strength, after for a long time practice, I have compared to break profound and abstruse principles, so long as has one, I can induce the locales of other parts for you."

I joyfully: „, Tries really now?"


Frost closes the bright eyes, long eyelash shivers slightly, the arm surrounding is dense the light golden gloss, after long time, she opens both eyes, said categorically: „Overlord armor and overlord kneepad in the northern boundary Hybrid Demon site, blood giant Kyle , the kneepad in the scarlet mountain range, there was by Seurre with died in battle was guarding, overlord armor rare, in the Inaida of god demon, was guarded by Dahlen, Sif personally."

I in consternation: „Coverall part on these Hybrid Demon kings? That...... Was that hopeless?"

Frost smiles: „Do not be worried that Dahlen and Sif's strength approached in the superior god, is insufficient to carry this type of goods along, I can induce, these two equipment were collected by other Hybrid Demon military officers, you must do was found these two Hybrid Demon military officers to strike to kill it."

I deeply inspire: „Kills people under Sif and Dahlen's eyelid, this really difficulties."

„You can lead few helpers to go!"

Frost supple sound track: „Moreover, I also need some people able to help me enter in the scarlet mountain range, seeks for Seurre, conveyed a verbal message for me."

„Looks for Seurre?"

„Um, according to my aura judgment, Seurre's strength is getting more and more weak, she seemed imprisoned in the scarlet mountain range, is not out of the anticipation the words, is the dark blue billows behavior."

Saying, Frost slowly takes out a handle from the waist bag flood the Zhan blue color gloss dagger, said: „This is the dragon crystal dagger, quenchings Dragon God Essence Hua Lianhua the Buddhist musical instrument, can explain all devil seal and incantation seal, you can ask 4 partners, the secret to submerge the scarlet mountain range again, goes round the Hybrid Demon informer as far as possible, helping me rescue Seurre, I know that her conscience has not vanished, after this lesson, we could win over Seurre, making her work for us."

I knit the brows: „She is the Hybrid Demon king, will work oneself to death for humanity really? This probability is not big, Seurre kills people like the hemp, is not the fairy tale princess."

Frost throws smiles, the feelings of some peerless grace and talent, said instantaneously: „Relax, I only request her to work for me, will not make her the running dog of humanity, you need to do goes to the scarlet mountain range, rescues Seurre, brings back to cold uncultivated land Dragon's den from there her."

Saying, the Frost delicate eyebrows was raising, shows a facial expression proudly: „Dark blue billows resort to all means that I must make him pay the corresponding price, do not think to be able north a series the boundary, even if he had the strength of antiquity demon god not to be simple!"


System System Notification: You received the ultra master line duty 【The disaster of scarlet mountain range】!

Task definition: Forms 5 people of squads, enters the scarlet mountain range, found the Seurre imprisoned place, rescues it with the dragon crystal dagger, but is certainly careful, the Hybrid Demon military officer who guards Seurre is the dark blue billows selects and assigns personally, the strength is extraordinary, your squad must be able to defeat them tacitly, after rescuing Seurre, you will obtain very rich reward!


The duty succeeded in obtaining!

Frost said to me with a smile: „Close your eyes."

I in consternation, but depends on word to close the eye as before, does she want to kiss me secretly? Cannot, here person be very many, good and evil Frost is also the flying upwards goddess that in the recognition mainland only saves, will be insufficient such will not care about own honor! Finally also this, above both eyes a warmth, Frost covers the palm on my eye, said in a soft voice: „I will entrust with your binocular short supernatural power, in this case, you will notice that whose body hides is being your overlord coverall part, goes, must be careful all the way, I wait for you to come back in Dragon's den."

I open eyes, grasp the dragon crystal dagger nod saying: „Relax, I will certainly not disappoint you!"

Frost smiled satisfactory: „Um, you have not disappointed me."

Nearby, Odelia is eager to try saying: „Actually, submerged this duty I most to be an expert, Lady Frost or did you send me to go with Li Xiao Yao all the way? I certainly will not harass plan, and has a woman also to mediate all the way lonely, Li Youngster did you say? If needed can that you understand, do not make me state clearly, others very shy!"

One side looks plays the god level female thief of single plane, I am somewhat weak: „But I do not have the need temporarily, next time Odelia......"

„Snort, the brat, do not let me run into you in the open country alone, otherwise hits certainly your black and blue!"

The Frost chuckle stops: „Odelia, do not tease Xiao Yao again, you cannot go the scarlet mountain range with him together, I have a more vital duty to give you and Queen Zi Shu."

„, What duty?"

„Silver spear obeys the dark blue billows the command edict, brought the massive sacred big dragons to go to Asura to defend from the wild Dragon Clan territory, heard that the sovereigns in iron skull city send out a substantial number of adventurers to make a long and wearisome journey to enter Asura, plans to occupy that land, the dark blue billows just recovered, regards as important to own thing, he also thinks that Asura is own territory, will therefore not allow humanity to interfere, because of this, we were organic may take advantage."

Saying, Frost breathed a sigh of relief, by the chair, making the tall and straight twin peaks stretch, looks I am dumbfounded time, she continued: „Was the time continues to steal Dragon Rider, after several times fierce battle, our 15 Dragon Rider soldier buckles, only then 12, after the dark blue billows recovered, we needed to grasp the Dragon Rider soldier of sacred weapon to defend imperial Dragon's den, guarded the human the territory, on the need many mount dragons, the dragon egg stock in wild Dragon Clan territory also had, was not at while the silver spear, our opportunities came, tonight three of us, cold uncultivated land Dragon's den have trained at least 100 to ride the big dragon condition satisfiedly Knight, lacked dragon egg."

Queen Zi Shu purses the lips to say with a smile in side: „I really am the cruel fate, in booth this assignment."

Frost laughs in spite of trying not to: „I go with you together, you have anything not to be unsatisfied."

„Good, the queen long live, we tonight!"


The discussion has decided that I also embarked to seek for the little friend.

This duty can only five people form a team, otherwise is unable to trigger the duty result . Moreover the scarlet mountain range in the deep place of Hybrid Demon territory, this definitely is flooding various hardship and danger all the way, words that five people of groups that must seek for [Zhan Long] most peak, the fight composes, the treatment is indispensable, Darling Duck already decided but not yet announced a quota, the long-distance department is a Dong Cheng Yue lord output, a Dancing Forest control outputs, has Aiersha scepter and Huang Zhonggong the words output definitely is not a problem, a quota, um, brings Wan Er, she has silver dragon Little Bai to cheer, but T is steerable, is the excellent candidate.

11 drag into four female team, why also has not said that immediately surprisedly likely was the curious baby

Dancing Forest: „, Guildmaster do not make anything to us, I was helping One Second Hero that boy make a duty a moment ago!"

Darling Duck: „Definitely had the duty."

Lin Wan Er chuckle: „Pig head, what duty?"

Dong Cheng Yue hee smiles: „Approximately is the duty that the failure is pregnant and so on......"

I am speechless: „The heart that East city your this wants to be pregnant really made the innumerable young man wounds pass the heart, you were also the miss of goddess level, must act with constraint much!"

Dong Cheng Yue rascal: „Others have the infertility."

I: „......"

Also wanted the misdemeanor, Wan Er to affirm that must kill people, therefore I have given everybody duty sharing rapidly, said: „Comes, cold uncultivated land Dragon's den meeting, prepares to practice the level to need drugs wait / etc. things."

„, Ultra master line duty?" Dancing Forest is narrowing beautiful eyes, said happily fully: „I could have a premonition, this time definitely is to harvest the travel of magical instrument, I take a magical instrument!"

I: „That well diligently, cannot only not have a dream diligently!"



Waited for about ten minutes, I am waiting in the cold uncultivated land Dragon's den observation post, this is also Frost most likes in the standing and waiting for a long time snow alone the practice place, the result 10 minutes, a big dragon ran out of the snow wave to plunge cold uncultivated land Dragon's den, not far away several Dragon's den armed soldiers has raised the mechanical crossbow arrow, the anger shouted to clear the way: „What is coming? Big dragon?!"

My hurried [say / way]: „Do not fire, person on one's own side."

I in the Dragon's den status am town day Dragon Rider, is only inferior existence of Frost and Qing Luo, these Dragon's den armed soldiers the respectful dangling crossbow bow, said immediately: „Yes, Sir!"

The meat wing of big dragon sweeps across flying snow to arrive on the city, is silver dragon Little Bai, this is the sacred big dragon of genuine goods at reasonable prices, is the [Soul Army] sharp weapon that Lin Wan Er most takes advantage of now, as a result of Little Bai existence, Lin Wan Er individual strength can include first three in the Tian Ling Empire estimate, at least, Q-Sword, Jian Feng Han, Yan Zhao Warrior and short spear trick and the others meets Lin Wan Er not to have the too big stratagem which ensures success, Fang Ge Que also reluctantly, the law of demon dragon anti- extremely high, Matcha the ground rides the war temporarily is a player, not too big stratagem which ensures success, perhaps also only then I can threaten her.

The silver dragon carries on the back, the Lin Wan Er knees kneel to sit there, likely is a adorable foreign-style doll, is Dong Cheng Yue, Darling Duck and Dancing Forest three female, this silver dragon Little Bai is really Shenlong, the manned number pursued the to run quickly commerce.

„?" Lin Wan Er said with a smile.

„Um, I guide."

With doing will receive also in the butterfly the sheath together, I rise straight from the ground, draws the ice wing, directly soars the northern boundary to go, but Lin Wan Er also immediately an order, Little Bai waves the wings to pursue.

Zhan Long Chapter 1089

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