Zhan Long Chapter 1090

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Dragon Yi penetrates the cloud layer, in the altitude flying nearly a half hour, on the big map of distant place presented the red ray of twinkle star, that is the mark of high level Hybrid Demon monster.

„Is the sword spirit cavalry soldier."

Lin Wan Er blinked, said: „We go to the ground, airborne met the attack of crowded sword spirit cavalry soldier to be too dangerous, will be massacred by the second very much easily."

I approve, immediately takes possession, five people of squads arrived in the scarlet mountain range edge, then walks and that's the end.



The glide, takes advantage of opportunity on the deep green lawn skices dozens steps, is very slowly steady, Dong Cheng Yue, Dancing Forest and Darling Duck also carry on the back to fall from the dragon, Lin Wan Er stands up from failure to leap Dragon Bei, raises the double dagger to prepare the combat teamwork, silver dragon Little Bai can regard the pet to help in the fighting, becomes the dual attack power quantities.

„Scarlet mountain range, Seurre's lair, but turned into Seurre's shackles now." My mark time to the front mountain valley, said: „Walks, the duty is pressing, grasps Cooldown to rescue from the scarlet mountain range her . Moreover, some BOSS in this map can blow out my overlord shinguard."

„Really?" Lin Wan Er pleasantly surprised [say / way].

„Um, Frost said that, it is estimated that can collect one set of overlord again diligently." My two one, said with a smile: „Therefore asked beautiful woman to help much, can I collect the overlord coverall to look that you give are not powerful."

East city purses the lips to smile: „Overlord wraps, although is only inferior magical instrument, but the attribute is truly overbearing, after collecting one set , can you at least in 90 days maintain invincible?"

I nod: „Um, most is mainly the coverall skill last rebirth, so long as there is this rebirth skill, in I dare to fight in the country go down to the tiger's den, even Level is high enough, spells is dying kills the Hybrid Demon kings not to have the issue."

„Um, come on!"


Is walking, a Dancing Forest pair of sharp ear shook shaking suddenly, the bright eyes looked to the front, said: „Be careful, behind the front red thick patch of grass has the monster, two, Level is very high!"

As soon as I shake to do, threw Going out in the [Blade Spin] way it, the sword blade edge has bound cyclone „crash-bang" to crush one pile of thick patches of grass, immediately the rear area has heard „" cry, was actually a double headed black ink sheep, baa called the sound, in which head spurted the roaring flame to fire into me immediately, another head roared to save the incorruptible strength, unexpectedly was one double attack attribute monster!

„Double headed black ink sheep, 201 levels of 7 step Hybrid Demon."

Dong Cheng Yue sticks out one's tongue, says with a smile: „attack power is quite high, physical defense is not bad, Level is very high, Brother Xiao Yao careful T."

I did not fear actually that grasps the double five-star magical instrument, moreover my physical defense and HP are not general high, basic on the monster of fearless this non- BOSS level, lifts the hand to hold doing that the maneuver comes the sword, boldly thrusts forward to print out the [Strength of a Thousand Men] combo gloss the butterfly, double sword „flip-flop" continuation punctures thoroughly the body of double headed black ink sheep, exceeds the quota the injury figure to jump madly






Finally struck leaves 4 times of butterfly to injure unexpectedly, was really the terrifying, in addition murdered the special effect of god armor, injured to the monster promotes 100% effects, perhaps my this killed the monster speed is Fang Ge Que, Simple and Mu Xuan these top masters saw that also will think blushed with shame?

Dancing Forest digs the small mouth: „Faint, very strong injury!"

Lin Wan Er is raising the dagger in the double headed black ink sheep another side attack, said with a smile lightly: „The injury that two five-star magical instruments erupt is not ordinary, it is estimated that the pig head 6 seconds can kill high-level 7 levels of Hybrid Demon."

I to my output naturally am confident, but the double headed black ink sheep is not too high to my injury, the flame impact and incorruptible impact fall on one after another murdering the god armor, however my body surface reappears the [Wall of Dou Qi] effect, the [Wall of Dou Qi] intensity is taking my attack power as the standard, the [Wall of Dou Qi] defense effect can be imagined at this moment, the double headed black ink chimera is 201 levels of 7 step Hybrid Demon, the injury of hitting is ordinary



Finally Darling Duck lets go, but said with a smile: „Good, light depended on Guildmaster attack [Drain] to make up the vitality, my this Healer looked like more than many!"

I comfort saying: „Meets BOSS time needed you, at this time added the attack condition and community to everybody cures is good."



Solves this double headed black ink sheep with ease, blew out double headed black ink Yang Ka, unexpectedly is a card of magic department , to promote 40% ice fire Magic attack effects, has used to Dong Cheng Yue, the Dong Cheng Yue flame suddenly stone, [Flame Beast Burst Fire] and roaring flame Gang wall and other skills are the flame departments, but [Indigo Sea Arrow] and icicle group peak and other skills are the incorruptible attributes, this card came just well, can the maximum degree output.

Treads the corpse of double headed black ink sheep to continue to think that in the mountain valley marches forward, the front jungle already was scarlet, looked like the entire mountain range the plague toxin was ordinary, however in fact was actually here plant as before luxuriant growth of leaves and branches, in the mountain valley as before everywhere was the double headed black ink sheep of grazing, we cleaned up the past.

After one hour, the double headed black ink sheep gradually became scarce, then generation was 7 levels of Hybrid Demon barbaric wolves rides, was this also Seurre's military strength?

The barbaric wolf rode is the old match, but now is 202 levels of Hybrid Demon, after edition Shua was the new attribute becomes stronger regarding our squads is not anything, Wan Er has counted, on our five people of squads a magical instrument and equipment of magical instrument rank put together altogether 37, but on me had 11, such equipment lineup, jumped over 10-20 levels to kill strangely absolutely is the small gift.

Also has spent for nearly one hour, entered the scarlet mountain range depth place.



The horse's hoof of god fierce fine horse treads the crushed stone lawn to march forward slowly, proceeded to present the mountain range pass again unexpectedly, actually said reluctantly was not considered as the pass, but was the fence that quarry stone built, the Hybrid Demon construction craft basically also stayed in the Stone Age, this crude fence stood and waited for a long time in the mountain ranges, has blocked the north-south channel, but airborne was the sword spirit cavalry soldier who the flight patrolled, from airborne flew somewhat dangerously, once provoked the too many sword spirit cavalry soldiers to trouble, can only kill the past from the channel of ground.

„Look, here monster some are different." Lin Wan Er looks in the stone city wall, blinks to say.

I nod, these guards are put on the human form of green armor are the monster, in the hand are raising the steel and iron lance, flood the spooky blue light, faces are hiding behind the mask, some masks have not worn, can see the rugged bones of the dead, is some high level skeleton soldiers . Moreover, seems the dark blue billows the crack troops that brings from the purgatory.

Draws close to the thick patch of grass slowly, distance less than 100 meters time, I already read an attribute of skeleton soldier, is really the new branch of the services, moreover founded 8 levels of Hybrid Demon time

【Purgatory lance brave warrior】( 8 levels of Hybrid Demon)

Level: 203

Attack: 27400-32800

Defense: 25000

HP: 4000000

Skill: 【Lance projects】 【Purgatory strikes】 【Ghosts and demons are encumbered】

Introduced: The purgatory lance brave warrior, these lance were the terse human soldiers, the death later fell into the purgatory by blood deep pool dark blue billows gave shelter, dark blue billows recast their souls, enabling them to use for oneself, and taught in their purgatory the unique feat of arms, for their recast armor, turned into the nucleus of dark blue billows subordinate these lance brave warriors



I have swallowed a saliva, said: „32800 foundation attack power, was this also founds the non- BOSS level monster the new times? Such high attack, a lance projects, perhaps the small dance must be killed by the second!"

Dancing Forest is supporting 36 C, was not convinced said: „How possible, Guildmaster do not forget me are leather armor, foundation physical defense 1.9 thousand, 11 thousand HP are not false."

I hey smile, said facetiously: „That small dance makes a lance brave warrior give a try, is closer, having a look at your defense to be able to block these lance brave warriors."

„Snort, tries to try!"

Dancing Forest proud directed to blame, I and Lin Wan Er followed immediately, prepared to shield at any time.

Finally our beautiful woman archers arrive under several meters high fence, lifted the hand to use Huang Zhonggong to project the meteor arrow, „" penetrated the statures of three lance brave warriors continuously, the injury figures flew, this Huang Zhonggong attack power truly was not a lid.


Was attacked to cause wildly with rage, three purgatory lance brave warrior storms walked, is fixing the eyes on the small dance, the anger exclaimed: „Had the fresh flesh and blood to bring death, the brothers, we can eat today finally freshly, has given on me, inserted her!"

Instantaneous, three azure, the thick and long steel spear has aimed at Dancing Forest together, „Shua Shua Shua" the electricity shoots to come, speed quickly certainly, Dancing Forest instantaneously there, is not only she, I also had a scare, the speed and effort that this lance projects go far beyond our anticipated, this is 8 levels of Hybrid Demon strengths!

„Puff" two, first and second lance penetrates the chest of Dancing Forest smoothly, carries over a blood splash


„+ 53399!"


Luckily a Darling Duck prompt [Heal] technique, otherwise the small dance this time definitely was killed by the second! The small dance that shocks simply has not thought that the injuries of 8 levels of Hybrid Demon so will be high, before the third lance arrives in the front decisively started the Regent effect, „whish" a body stagnated, entered the playing dead condition, the third lance injury was invalid, this has avoided a tribulation.

However, three purgatory lance brave warriors jumped to leap the city wall to clash, my hurried [say / way]: „Small dance, backlash!"

And a lance brave warrior drew out the ground the steel spear to clash, I covered to kill to shield Dancing Forest hurriedly, but a rear lance brave warrior drew out the lance is a lance projects, this time goal was I!

I start [Combo] and [Strength of a Thousand Men] kill dead ahead the goal, has not gone to manage, result that lance „clang" spatters in all directions getting angry light in my front, murdered god armor and [Wall of Dou Qi] dual defense effect flew to the ball, has not put on the chest.




Dancing Forest strikes a [Seven Stars Teleportation] arrow anchorage lance brave warrior, but at the same time said: „Why, the Guildmaster foundation will defend 3 thousand like this, my foundation defense is 1.9 thousand, but also is insufficient the disparity to be so big?"

East city chuckle: „The fellow has [Wall of Dou Qi], the additional 200% pairs of anti- effects, you may no yo......"


In fact is this, although equipment is the top priority, but sometimes must coordinate to assist the skill to promote to obviously the defense effect.

Zhan Long Chapter 1090

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