Zhan Long Chapter 1091

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Luckily Darling Duck inserts a second of treatment to be prompt, otherwise Dancing Forest affirmed that knelt in this low Hybrid Demon city wall directly has gotten down, this absolutely was the shame of [Zhan Long] first archer, if grasped a picture to coerce her, perhaps the small dance non- thousand li(500 km) delivered may not.

Not the too small dance such tries water, everybody does not dare to look down on these 8 levels of Hybrid Demon, after edition renewal, the Hybrid Demon territory no longer is Dahlen, Sif, silver, Seurre's world, but is a world of blood deep pool dark blue billows person, light the military strength quality that grasped from dark blue billows can look comes out.

Meanwhile, I also cannot help but worry, if not turn over to the sea to make war again, the Tian Ling Empire NPC army can resist this 8 levels of Hybrid Demon really? Ok, is many by the player, after all the coordination between players is more tacit, and cannot kill.


Attracts the attacks of three lance brave warriors rapidly, at the same time wields the double sword to kill, my attack power is too high, in addition murders the god effect, even if 8 levels of Hybrid Demon eats my ordinary sword also at least 14 thousand injuries, absorbs 20% transformation is HP, a person goes against three 8 levels of Hybrid Demon to kill does not need Darling Duck to add the blood as before, this also makes the small dance sigh „the close combat that again and again god installs was the player simply too non-solution".

In fact is also this, the god installs the close combat is the defense and attack of player is terrorist, if has several advance skills, that long-distance was the player has no way to hit simply, my this type only met [Blade Rush] moved 5 yards distance good said that sky rose that Jianfeng advanced three times moved 25 yards calls the terrifying, simply was long-distance is the nightmare of player.

Fang Ge Que is the Chinese war zone first law god, facing me, in addition did not fear, but dreads the sky rose absolutely, is motion effect that because these three times Jianfeng advance, simply is the inborn difficult adversary that the space booklet leaps.

Looks over the entire server, the close combat is in player has the person of continual advance to be also few, I approximately am one, Movement Speed of thousand frost wings has the overwhelming superiority, Old K [Whirlwind Slash], jumps to cut barbarically is the double advance, the Q-Sword hawk strikes to cut + [Blade Rush] is also the double advance, other have double advance the above skill the Chinese close combat are the player are not indeed many, reason that this is also in PK the master has the superiority.


At the same time thought that to solve three 8 levels of Hybrid Demon, the drop rate was considerable, killed three to blow out two day plume merely, the attribute was very what a pity ordinary, was the stall goods of dozens dollars, was given to be killed by weapons by me at the scene, this made Dong Cheng Yue cannot help but sob, for initially a Purple Tier day plan sword can hit life and death, now was good, a sword of handle day plume said that the decomposition decomposed, did not have the natural justice simply.

In the hand the butterfly and does on will not have a blood, these purgatory lance brave warriors were the death are the biology, and died for a long time, the slough was eaten to empty by the insect, only remaining skeletons, therefore massacred them unable to catch blood. Gains ground to have a look in the city wall, the front door with covering entirely the trees of thorn composes, rear troop purgatory lance brave warrior in waiting for us, in addition in city wall, at least over 200 people, if comes hardly, the lance projects, even if perhaps will be I am also killed by the second.

„What to do?" Lin Wan Er asked.

I deeply inspire: „Small dance use firing distance superiority, directs first in city wall, then the crowd how finds the way to solve to guard a gate."


Has spent for ten minutes, in dozens purgatory lance brave warriors city wall solves completely, then attacks the city gate, a troop lance brave warrior visits us behind the board fence gate covetously, once scores definitely to swarm to come out to go all out.

„How then to hit?" Dancing Forest asked.

I without hesitation: „I use purple thunder Ji Che to score, then we fly a kite to hit, how is it?"

„Flies a kite?" The small dance is puzzled: „Lance projection can make us want the immortal, do you believe......"

I smiled: „I carefully had looked a moment ago, the triggering distance that the lance projects is about 32-33 yards, will exceed this distance definitely not to be locked on as the goal, but the long-distance attacks of our several people will be 40 yards, small dance may be longer, therefore we will have 8 yards to be apart from the deviation, will grasp this distance to fly a kite."

The Lin Wan Er nod said with a smile: „Um, pig sees clearly, the lance brave warrior prepares with the lance projected the time 1 second the gesture very much each time, but the goal in this second is separated from the firing distance, their delay 2-3 seconds will continue to chase down, like this we steady can fly a kite . Moreover the moving speeds of these monsters are not fast, which to does not go compared with us quickly."

„OK, prepared to implement the tactic, died greatly." I laugh.

East city and small dance have to prepare to meet head-on according to the word.



The [Soul Army] symbol revolves in the hand, the next quarter flew the Going out condensation is a purple thunder Ji Che appearance, because was the mechanical facility, therefore the lance brave warrior has not attacked, was purple thunder Ji Che inspires the heavenly thunder on the contrary, „bang" the board fence making into stretch of ruins, has handled, scores!

„To, chops their heads, inserts them!"

One group of purgatory lance brave warriors also shout to insert us, but East city mischievous raises staff to fly to draw back, at the same time said with a smile: „Come, how visits you **!"

I retrocedes, while pinches the accurate distance, will throw to do suddenly, will inspire the [Blade Spin] skill to kill.

Dancing Forest lifts the hand to draw a bow, „Shua" projects by the wind arrow rain, fires in the process to retrocede, but the monster is chasing down, formed one to be apart from the deviation imperceptibly, finally front dozens purgatory lance brave warrior 11 arrows, what awfully was Dong Cheng Yue Magic, the flame stone erupts the flame injury of terrifying not to say in the monster group suddenly that she was brandishing Aiersha scepter, left behind an ice piece in the ground, after retroceding several rice, triggered the magic arts effect, immediately „bang" an icicle group peak erupted in one crowd of monsters, caused the huge damage at the same time can also decelerate., These seven revolutions of skills are also the excellent flying a kite unique skills!

The Lin Wan Er long-distance injury skill are few, can only attack with [Ice Pick Whirlpool], is good.

Therefore, in this crisis-ridden Hybrid Demon heavy, Heavy Armor is the male soldier leads four big beautiful women to fly a kite one crowd of ferocious 8 levels of Hybrid Demon, in the entire mountain valley is the war cries and bawl of lance brave warrior, a piece „inserts" drinking scolded the sound.

Near 20 minutes, the following monster are getting fewer and fewer, finally we turn head one set of skill to cut to massacre directly completely, 200 + 8 levels of Hybrid Demon like this became our experiences and equipment, moreover 8 levels of Hybrid Demon empirical values were rich, by my these 192 levels can see that as before experience strip Shua Shua fell, Shua 6-9 hours can rise approximately first-level, here was practices sacred place of level madman simply, turning head should tell the short spear trick to have such a good destination, but this goods estimated that does not dare to come, a person came to court death simply.


Across this blockade line , to continue to forward, along the way everywhere is the defense stands that the dark blue billows set up, generally is 10-15 purgatory lance brave warriors together marches forward, but runs into us also to have the dead end.

We You Yi in the scarlet mountain ranges 67 hours, this map too were in an instant big, as if walks to the end is different, is good is rich because of the monster experience, I rose to 193 levels, Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue and other female also person of first-level, making this travel unable to appear tasteless, even if cannot complete the task, at least Level and experience were gain.

8 levels of Hybrid Demon drop rate are not low, in addition Charm of several of us are many, day plume and Emperor Tier that blows out can leave some small JP frequently, for example adds 13% [Drain] effects necklaces and + 17% broken against effects rings, + 75% to attack the fast boots, because is necklace, ring and other spots, therefore to defending and other attribute influences cannot be too big, even if low-order equipment so long as has the good attribute and special effect is also JP equipment that the middle and upper level player pursues, but as far as I know, that 13% [Drain] necklaces at least can sell 5000 R motherfucker, 17% broken against rings are the pursue equipment of archer and assassin, The value in 3000-4000 R motherfucker, just still fights bravely around the main city while the present stage majority of players, we can actually hit some advanced JP equipment to gain an unexpected wealth here.

At least, in I wrapped the JP equipment range estimate that thought at least to sell 3-5 thousand, daily wage 5 thousand, have to take!


After several minutes, five people of squads have mounted a small hillside following the mountain range of meandering, looked again when front had a scare, in the small mountain valley unexpectedly is dense and numerous barracks, the be continuous ten li (0.5km), everywhere are the lance brave warriors.


Lin Wan Er big or medium mouth: „Good...... Many people!"

Dancing Forest is also surprised: „This how many people?"

Dong Cheng Yue said: „At least 10 thousand famous lance brave warriors?"

I shake the head: „Continues, the west side also has, on the big map red, the dark blue billows at least here are stationed in the soldier over 1 million, and is 8 levels of Hybrid Demon, scratches, is really the great writer!"

„What this first does BOSS want to make?" Dong Cheng Yue blinked.

My chuckle: „Except for conquering seven big main cities, what can also want to make?"

Darling Duck spits the tongue, the breath was somewhat rapid, said: „What to do we, kill the past words not to be simple......"

„Naturally cannot kill, that must kill lord knows when to go, moreover may not kill."

My vision sweeps to sweep off in the canyon, said: „Everybody looks, having a look at their stations to have any crevice to make us pass through here, Seurre had not been detained here."

Several female peaceful looking, crossed for nearly one minute, Lin Wan Er have put out a hand a finger of east side, said: „There, along the mountain range rock climbing in the past, as if can avoid their main forces."

I also took a look at one, the nod: „Um, that from there past, walked!"


This time has to evade its [Vanguard], the unmanned squad passes through the jungle, cautiously is going through in the mountain ranges, when we think can avoid the Hybrid Demon main force army completely, on the front mountain road presents the blockade line that one line of thorn stockades have composed suddenly, and edge also temporary camps, approximately guarding about hundred 8 levels of Hybrid Demon.

„Clang clang!"

Draws out the double sword, this time must kill hardly.

Zhan Long Chapter 1091

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