Zhan Long Chapter 1092

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Near the stockade, altogether about 30 + purgatory lance brave warriors stand there, I counted the number, then will grip tightly started doing and butterfly, just started to kill, suddenly Lin Wan Er held on my arm, the star pupil goes to the place above, said: „Be careful, there also has monster, here is not simple!"

I look up, nearby towering great tree at least also 40 meters high, but on the bough, is crawling unexpectedly whole body swarthy wild animals, right, exactly did not say that is the devils of human form departments, the whole body is swarthy, some face distortions, both hands change into the sharp claws, the back opens a pair of black meat wing, the eye blood red, the corners of the mouth reveal a pair of fang, flees within the speed on the crotch like the electricity.

„That...... What is that?" Dong Cheng Yue raises head to look, small gossipy big.

I reminded: „East city shuts quickly the mouth, was careful that this wings demon draws the cake on the tree......"

Dong Cheng Yue shuts up suddenly, visits me wickedly: „Soul is pale, I want to wither you really!"

As soon as I let go, relaxed comfortable saying with a smile: „Come, I thought how you wither me!"

Dancing Forest is grasping Huang Zhonggong, said: „, First do not flirt with one another, Guildmaster Level is highest, has a look this wings demon anything attribute and skill, knows oneself and other side!"


I behind slowly open the ice wing, body also raising slowly, as far as possible maintains the distance, quick, the attribute of wings demon appears at present, makes illustrated handbook sharing immediately in the team channel, compared with the lance brave warrior, this wings demon is obviously harder to deal with

【Biplane wing demon】( 8 levels of Hybrid Demon)

Level: 204

Attack: 28400-33500

Defense: 24000

HP: 4200000

Skill: 【Flight】 【Demon sound chaotic】 【Beautiful woman changes body】

Introduced: Biplane wing demon, this is demon of a life in purgatory, the cruel living environment has exercised the natural disposition of their chameleon, the wings demon non- male not female, actually sometimes male sometimes female, they are good at attracting the will of the people, and can harass the motion of match by the sound, when certain needs, they can the incarnation be the beautiful women, tempts the match by the body, subsequently kills it


Lin Wan Er threw smiles: „Interesting, but can also change becomes the beautiful woman, in a big hurry, Pig kills strangely, how having a look at this wings demon to change the body beautiful woman?"

I nod, the skill of lance brave warrior we know that now has a look at these wings demons to have any unique element, the wings demons between raising head several airborne great trees, the astonished discovery altogether 120 + wings demons, NND, this time some have killed, this scarlet mountain range is really not the place that the person comes, Frost sends several of us player to come to here to save Seurre also really to think highly of us, but, since is this, that cannot disappoint the beautiful woman teacher, must live the belt to go back Lan Na Seurre!

Looked at a recent wings demon, I opened the palm, started [Great Realm of Desolation] accurate, immediately two handles do, an empty shade of handle butterfly to condense around the monster, a connection punctured thoroughly its body, carried over 17 thousand injury digit, after this wings demon was attacked, immediately whooshed, swarthy face distortion to fierce, was screaming opened the wings to throw.


I spin the body glide to drop the ground, does raises the standard to keep off the sword slightly in the front, in wings demon dive killing does the standard instantaneously keeps off, a body spin evades this attack, simultaneously the butterfly lightning attacks, consecutively three sword seal in its abdomen.

„Attractive operation." The Darling Duck expression said calm.

Dancing Forest chuckle: „In his original reality the skill is good, this was to hang the operation."

I have not spoken, the eye is staring at this wings demon, it turns around rapidly, opens the scarlet big mouth suddenly is roars, is the demon sound chaotic skill, the sound wave sweeps across the surroundings together, our five people of squads were attacked instantaneously together, I, am only the eardrum somewhat am fortunately painful, but Lin Wan Er the lethargic sleep condition, has continued for 3 seconds, Dancing Forest is chaotic, raised Huang Zhonggong to give me an arrow!



Dancing Forest attack power was placed there, the broken against effort was also big, this dozen also really sufficed the pain.

„Small dance, you were silly......" I to say.

Dancing Forest helpless said in team: „I do not have the means that was chaotic, the body is uncontrolled."

Lin Wan Er said rapidly: „Swims, purification!"

„Shua" the holy ray covers all around together, relieves the abnormal state of Wan Er and small dance, the Darling Duck operating speed is remarkable, Dong Cheng Yue has raised the palm, [Thunderbolt Finger] wreaks havoc on the wings demon body, before I also grip tightly the double sword rushes, to erupt combo to attack.

Is killing, while said in squad channel: „This demon sound has certain probability to cause in the enemy randomly a move of skill, swims do not give others [Anti-Magic Shield], only to oneself, wings demon, once demon sound you purify squad all members randomly, try not to delay, otherwise Wan Er and small dance , if together chaotic, besides me, cuts someone dead, that ended."

Darling Duck nods.

Now what our facing is 8 levels of Hybrid Demon, is the beforehand players have not browsed domain, must regard BOSS to treat each 8 levels of Hybrid Demon, otherwise must Yingouli capsize very much easily here.

After several seconds, HP of this wings demon fell below 50%, really Jie Jie was yelling changed the body, Lin Wan Er raised hand to say hurriedly: „Stops attacking, do not kill, has a look to change the body becomes any gadget......"

In the crying out strangely sound, the body unceasing twist deformation of wings demon, covers the surface of black wool to vanish slowly, what replaces it is somewhat black brilliance skin, that full is the chest also slowly ballooning of rib is slightly plentiful, turned into the double breast of gulley, but that fierce face is becomes fine, the eyebrow like the radical, this gadget turned into a 36 D big beautiful woman unexpectedly really......

Although black.

„, Unexpectedly a little feeling of black pearl." Dong Cheng Yue made remarks: „Was the chest measurement is big, a little exaggerated? Like this sways has not worn underwear, making the person envy!"

My double sword one flew horizontally, said: „Looked, should butcher!"

Lin Wan Er smiles: „You do not know that shows tender affection."

Dancing Forest eats to smile: „If Guildmaster knows to show tender affection, I thought Wan Er and East city already by the dual flight......"

„This anything theory......"

During the speeches, my 19 levels of [Combo] skills have printed above the wings demon shoulder, the blood spatters in all directions, „she" recited one tenderly, hidden bitterness visits me, the single-handed request was one time separates the spatial thrown kiss under the chin suddenly.



Fight System Notification: Please note, in you wings demon „attracting" skill, loses controls for 3 seconds, but because your overlord helmet has the [Hero's Heart] special effect, should attract the effect to expire!


Really, after the beautiful woman changes the body, had the new skill.

This devil beautiful woman in I attracted failure launches an attack instantaneously immediately, whips the wing to clash, stretched out the arms grasps me, the slender both legs were open to ride in my waist, the both legs thread up, hug very tightly, naturally, this did not enjoy the romantic time time, she has opened the red lip, I scratched, the belt that the mouth as before was the long fang with twisting punctured the devil tongue, to my shoulder armor was being maliciously one.

Shoulder armor is part of cape, the overlord cape may not have to be attacked easily, „clang", stiffly her fang collapsing, to my injury is only 1.3 thousand, hey, this goods also want to nip me, has a dream, when my defense is the ornaments!

„Oh, the posture good ambiguous yo......" Dong Cheng Yue not to attack, hangs Aiersha scepter to eat to smile there.

Lin Wan Er speechless standing there.

Dancing Forest has not begun, this group of girls well do not have the conscience, looks that I do change wings demon single Tiao of body with this beautiful woman?

However, this posture could not have baffled me , the good and evil I am also in the special troops the near body wrestle great master, the left arm suddenly receive, presses maliciously, the elbow like lightning shoots down in „black pearl" on shoulder, eats while her the pain becomes less crowded slightly, already lifted to fight the knee is in a limit kicks, „bang" makes her eat pain one time, then has been able dispute, drinks shaking lowly she, the double sword fires, the golden light shoots up to the sky together, directly with riding the wind to cut her gives to solve!


At the same time body that in the miserable howling sound, „black pearl" hangs also changed, made the person look that from that turned into one to look at one on the black skin beautiful woman of secretion hormone, let alone was **, appetite no wings demon, in the process that hung this goods also blew out an armor wrister, the flame color.

Separates holds the wrister spatially, has swept one, I said with a smile: „Greedy bracelet, Divine Tier, luck good to exploding, this is in addition 30% kills the monster drop rate equipment!"

Lin Wan Er looked up database rapidly, said with a smile: „Luck is truly good to arrive to explode, in addition 30% kill the monster drop rate price of equipment in the market condition not to be lower than 10 thousand R motherfucker."


I hold the bosom the greedy bracelet rapidly, said: „Turns head to sell out, we divide equally, don't worry, I will not misappropriate."

Darling Duck chuckle: „Guildmaster RP we are always trustworthy, continue! We colored Cooldown on the wings demon were also too long, again a water chapter."

„Yes......" Wan Er also said.

I feel urgently ashamed, after installing the greedy bracelet, starts to direct strangely.


Is very thorny situated in the skill of wings demon, the demon sound is chaotic and beautiful woman changes the body controls the skill, to me fortunately, I have [Hero's Heart] of overlord helmet, does not eat these to harass the special effect, but Wan Er and East city they difficultly said that I do not want to make these [Zhan Long] peak players fall the level here, that owed in a big way, therefore was directs 2-3 wings demons to kill generally together, does not dare more.

Moreover conceivable, if the blood deep pool dark blue billows decide to attack the human territory, this 8 levels of Hybrid Demon wings demons definitely will become the players thorniest goals, the wings demon in groups will start the demon sound together simply looks like a catastrophe is randomly common, the multiple controls, will be waiting for the worldwide chaos in frontal line!

Thinks again this wings demon changes the body effect, a big beautiful woman of scarlet fruits that changes, the double breast shivers all over, triangle to not cover up, ahem, I almost can foresee Chinese Destiny Branch to reprimand headquarters inferior act to teach people bad things immediately our children, then gives China the client side of server to have the patch, after making the Chinese players see the wings demon beautiful woman who changes the body, is not the scarlet fruit, but wears the clothes, if necessary must put on, looks like binds the overcoat to be the same.

Bingo, wants is this effect, your anything cannot look, everybody each other looks like is very chaste!

Zhan Long Chapter 1092

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