Zhan Long Chapter 1093

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Has spent for nearly a half hour, cleans up one crowd of wings demon and purgatory lance brave warrior, let our enemy of front not anything blocking the way.


Does is sharp the sword, a sword has broken out the roadblock of Hybrid Demon establishment.

Continues to proceed, result not far, saw that in the camp also sits a person as before, that is in a hand raises the lance and body to put on the military officer of complete armor, the one side is also crawling several wild animals, finally, we bumped into first BOSS in the scarlet mountain range, moreover this was on BOSS on our road which must be taken!

Halts suddenly, I put out a hand to block in front of Lin Wan Er, said: „Has been careful, here has guarding BOSS."

Lin Wan Er hum said: „Your hand......"

I turn around to look that discovered own hand just turns round above girlfriend fine chest armor on bulge the peaks and ridges, the feel so is no wonder good, therefore calm receives to reach behind the back, said: „I have a look at the BOSS attribute first."

Dong Cheng Yue teased in side: „Also is really calm, feel is what kind, said quickly."

„In any case compared with your good."

„Snort, you have not traced me!"


Also has knelt to her, I do not dare to say again, otherwise and swims by the small dance teases, slowly close BOSS, quick, his name and data reappeared at present, shared rapidly in the squad channel

【Throws spear Girwar】( God level BOSS ★★)

Level: 205

Attack: 32300-40000

Defense: 29500

HP: 2,0000,0000

Skill: 【Lance throws】 【Flame tramples】 【War roars】 【Beacon-fire rocket】

Introduced: Throws spear Girwar, this is a brave warrior of hobby war, crashed into the purgatory after dying in battle, was actually subdued into one of the subordinates combat generals by the blood deep pool dark blue billows, Girwar's strength was very tyrannical, it is said met the match rarely, was good at using a handle lance, pierced the enemy above the lance is his specialty


„Two star BOSS, but is 205 levels, was generally higher than us over 10 levels, attack power is high, the prevention and cure of schistosomiasis also roars . Moreover the lance throws the affirmation long-distance attack skill, once OT were easy to die in battle the situation." Lin Wan Er analysis in a soft voice said.

I hit her shoulder gently, said: „Thornier, BOSS side has altogether 8 wild animals."


Throws in spear ground, is crawling a wild animal of leader whole body blood red hair, seems like the lion, but also likely is body gigantic airedales, 8 step Hybrid Demon, the flame lion beast, the attribute is not ordinary, is not absolutely good to cope

【Flame lion beast】( 8 levels of Hybrid Demon)

Level: 204

Attack: 28200-33200

Defense: 25000

HP: 3800000

Skill: 【Pounces upon suddenly】 【Sweeps away claw to strike】 【Treads [Burstfire Raid]】

Characteristics: After continuous attack goal 3 times, the 4 th attack will have 2 seconds of dizziness effect

Introduced: The flame lion beast, wicked beast from purgatory, was adopted by the blood deep pool dark blue billows, this flame lion beast has the sharp claw with a flame energy, the sharp claws can puncture thoroughly the armor, takes to by the pain that the aggressor tears, and can its dizziness, it is said bumps into the flame lion beast the time do not try to run away, this will only die a tragic death, you must visit it directly, do not act rashly, this, you can die a little dignity


„Do 3 attacks bring 1 dizziness?" Dong Cheng Yue knit the brows, said: „This BOSS is not good to hit......"

I deeply inspire, said: „HP of flame lion beast are quite few, first solved 8 flame lion beasts to say again that I had the special effect of overlord helmet, did not eat the dizziness, met me to come, when T absorbed all flame lion beast attacks, Wan Er directed BOSS with silver dragon Little Bai, first constrained BOSS a half minute, the solution of our quickest speed the flame lion beast said again that swam do not add the blood to me, added the blood to the silver dragon, Wan Er, East city and small dance coordinates me, must in a half minute solve 8 flame lion beasts."

Four female nod together: „Um!"

„Wan Er, Little Bai on, then I attract the hatred value of flame lion beast first, making Little Bai injure with the single body, do not use Dragon Xi, otherwise I cannot direct 8 levels of Hybrid Demon."


The foot pedal earth, starts [Dragon's Whistle of Thunder and Lightning] attack BUFF, afterward opened has blamed, silver dragon Little Bai roared to agree with, sharp claws „tittering" one grasped, in has thrown above the breastplate of spear, immediately BOSS indignant attacked, but 8 flame lion beast distances were too near, was awakened completely, roars is firing into silver dragon Little Bai.

Is now!

I flew to clash Going out like lightning, does will hold the [Blade Spin] effect, „puff" penetrated the statures of three flame lion beasts, [Great Realm of Desolation] starts, long-distance locked the 4 th head, simultaneously holds doing that the maneuver came, coordinated the butterfly shuttle in 4 flame lion beasts, „" the sword blade edge swept continually, attracted the hatred of following 4 flame lion beasts instantaneously, the next quarter, 8 wild animals were attracted to strip the BOSS domain by me, moved 20 meters rapidly toward right, anchored to return to the body is one time rides the wind to cut, 19 levels of god level skills. Wreaks havoc in the monster group, very sparkles, in addition [Thundering Heavens], HP Shua Shua of flame lion beast falls immediately.

Dancing Forest direct [Rising Dragon Shot] + by the wind arrow rain penetration monster group, the Dong Cheng Yue group method also unceasingly wreaks havoc, Lin Wan Er is raising the unremitting attack of dagger in the monster groups, the high quota storms strike the digit to fly, but I withstand fiercely attacking of 8 wild animals, opens the dance of ghosts and gods to attract the firepower, several flame lion beast unceasing sharp claws chaotic rackets, the dizziness effect of but patting was given MISS by me completely, if they will have the intelligence quotient definitely to be irritated, this will be is playing with simply.

The minute minute cleaned up all flame lion beasts, distant place silver dragon Little Bai is already punched less than one-third HP by BOSS, was lucky Darling Duck in the additional blood, otherwise Little Bai affirmed inserting by BOSS.


Throws spear Girwar to roar, the lance in hand throwing Going out, and said loudly: „Tastes the death the taste, your stupid humanity!"

That lance flew directly to Lin Wan Er, luckily was she!

„Shua" takes out the back iron umbrella, the Wan Er speed is much faster, the iron umbrella keeps off in the front, standard stiffly keeps off BOSS the lance to project, but wiped out reaches as high as 7 thousand + HP as before, luckily is she, perhaps changed into the small dance and swims this is struck to the second massacres.

Stucks BOSS rapidly, my doing and butterfly attack frequency too will be really high, will be higher than Wan Er this assassin, quick will attract the BOSS hatred value, but Girwar will be angry, the jumping several rice will bring suddenly the roaring flame to trample, will be the flame tramples the skill!



This injury is also, but cannot kill me, after is only two star god level BOSS.

Has to murder after effect of god armor, my output to the monster was really too high, can lock BOSS to exceed 70% hatred values, radically not OT, but the treatment of Darling Duck has also locked me, the benign development next two star god level BOSS 2 E HP less than 15 minutes fell to about 10%, at this moment, the last skill started!

„You will receive [Judgement] finally!"

The BOSS final dignity is inviolable, has raised the lance high, around the next quarter braves thick smokes, is meteorites mixes with the flame to drop from the clouds, is in one 100 yards the undifferentiated attack.

„Be careful, withdraws the attack range." My hurried [say / way].

The Dong Cheng Yue speed is fastest, two booklets leapt continuously have flown the margin for safety, Lin Wan Er directed silver dragon Little Bai to fly in airborne, blocks attack that she and Darling Duck, Dancing Forest came, meteorites pounded on Little Bai, the wail was unceasing, Little Bai was the Wan Er pet simply too cruel fate, with me same was when T life.

Four female evacuated, I depend Pi Zaorou to be thick , to continue the double sword chaotic dance attack BOSS, result and other Wan Er and other female came back, BOSS HP has been short of a big truncation, after all will be two star gods, the threats to our five people of squads will not be fatal.


When BOSS HP falls to about 1%, everybody has called a halt, makes me attack, about 2000 Charm are not the lids, this drop rate is very astonishing.

During whins, throws spear Girwar to knee down, the lance has also broken off, this two star god level BOSS life has come to the end, actually his life should lead the purgatory lance brave warrior army to push directly into to attack Tian Ling Empire, then died in battle under Tian Ling Empire heroically, what a pity unexpectedly secretly was submerged the scarlet mountain range striking to kill by our five people of squads, quite one type finishes an apprenticeship the victory/quick body not to predecease long, causes the heroic tears full Jin feeling.


Instance that Girwar hangs, blows out equipment also to appear in our front, felt relieved very much that nobody will compete with us here, but East city is the top master, a release dark night meteor of conditioned reflex reconnoiters the surrounding invisible unit to confirm that the security of spoils of war, four nobody, can divide the booty.


I walk to go forward, have a look at equipment that BOSS blows out, a leather armor hard helmet, sur- cloak, moreover is one flood the ring of light golden brilliance.

First looks at the leather armor hard helmet

【Throws the spear hard helmet】( Magical instrument *)

Type: leather armor

Defense: 3300

Agility: + 475

Stamina: + 470

Magic: + 450

Strength: + 440

Additional: Promotes the user 1700 hit strength

Additional: Promotes user 40% physical defense and 20% physical attack power

Additional: Promotes user 3000 point long-distance attack power

Special effect: The anger of war , to promote the user 25% fatal strikes the injury effect

Needs Level: 190

Needs the charm: 500


Grasps this is also being the good hard helmet, I asked: „Small dance and Wan Er, anyone of you wants this hard helmet, the attribute is good, attack power of in addition are very many."

Lin Wan Er shakes the head smiles: „additional long-distance attack power, I am unusable, to small dance."

Dancing Forest eats to smile: „Thanks vice- Sir Guildmaster queen!"

Really, the relations of two female are good, the ROLL point has exempted, after all the equipment promotion of small dance means that the promotion of our team ability, to anyone is the good deeds.

Continues to look that cloak disappoints people somewhat slightly, the Divine Tier cloak, the attribute passed over gently and swiftly, was purely the stall goods.


Last equipment, is that ring, this has not disappointed us, presented a magical instrument again, and magical instrument of ring spot, this was quite rare

【Disguiser ring】( Magical instrument ★★)

Agility: + 490

Stamina: + 485

Strength: + 470

Magic: + 466

Additional: Promotes user 50% attack power and 95% attack speed

Additional: Promotes the user 24000 HP upper limits

Additional: Promotes the user assassin to be the skill 20% injury effects

skill: The camouflage, can be the illustrated handbook the goal system of striking massacring, and spends 100 Rage points to camouflage for the illustrated handbook 60 minutes, altogether can deposit 10 illustrated handbooks in the ring

Needs Level: 190

Needs the charm: 700


This ring, somewhat went against heaven's will!

Zhan Long Chapter 1093

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