Zhan Long Chapter 1094

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The ring of assassin department, has given Lin Wan Er naturally, but our beautiful woman vice- Guildmaster as if also cherish this disguiser ring, has held appreciatively with dead keeness for a long time, said to me: „Next BOSS , if not the duty advocates BOSS to give me to kill, I must make an illustrated handbook!"


Must the master kill the goal, can make the illustrated handbook its contour, this request is actually not excessive, moreover after there is this ring, Wan Er also soon carried out some reconnaissances and deceptive tasks. Not only, this two star magical instrument rings' attribute is also so formidable, even if has not camouflaged this skill is also the top ring, is the attribute promotion of player is very helpful to the assassin.


Looked again that BOSS besides blowing out beside three equipment also blows out some strengthened stones, I wanted 7 levels of attack gems, doing promotes strengthened Level of sword to 7, in addition 35% weapon attack power, like this with doing went to the [Blade Spin] lethality naturally to be also more tyrannical the sword.

Continues to proceed, the duty has not ended.

Brings four female to go through in the mountain ranges, the middle of scarlet mountain range, a there scarlet red piece, and also the marking point, that should be my overlord fights the knee to locate in BOSS, moreover if as expected, should be this BOSS is guarding Seurre's captivity place, thinks that Seurre was imprisoned me not to be inseparable from, if not I suggested that she leads the Hybrid Demon army to sweep away Full Moon City, probably the blood deep pool dark blue billows won't put the blame on her?

Does not manage, in any case the blood deep pool dark blue billows are not the good thing, saves Seurre, persuading her to work for cold uncultivated land Dragon's den also well, although Seurre has killed with one's own hand, but the natural disposition should also be not too bad......

Proceeds again, the flagpole that by the hump has raised up standing tall and erect, is hanging two to hang the lantern thing by the flagpole, is dragging in the wind slowly.

„, Does the lantern take advantage to welcome us?" Darling Duck asked.

Dancing Forest is narrowing the eye, the field of vision of archer is stronger, she said: „Perhaps isn't that a lantern?"

Wan Er looks to me: „Pig has a look."


I raise the double sword to fly slowly, circles flies in a recent flagpole, actually discovery these which is any lantern, is actually already the dry-rot number of people, moreover is the numbers of people of Hybrid Demon intermediate and senior military officer, I even also knew that in Full Moon City by a star god who I will direct, but at this time he had been beheaded, the head will be rotten, when I will approach around the head flew the black smog, was actually not the smog, but was one flock of dense and numerous flies.

The knitting the brows head, I looked at one up and down, on a flagpole altogether has been hanging 24 numbers of people, but in this mountain ranges altogether has been hanging over 10 flagpoles, did the senior generals in big Jolan Seurre original subordinate kill off?

I should rejoice that has not seen Seurre in these numbers of people, otherwise this duty ahead of time failed.


I fly back to the ground time, but said briefly: „Is the number of people, do not look, will affect the appetite, we a bit faster walk, a bit faster I did not suspect that Seurre will also be massacred."

Wan Er is wrinkling the delicate eyebrows, said: „Seurre is one of the Hybrid Demon kings, this dark blue billows is actually what thinks that is this must from breaking an arm?"

I said: „Seurre helps me hit Full Moon City, approximately because of this!"

Dancing Forest is stunned: „This dark blue billows look like also are really a tyrant!"

Dong Cheng Yue somewhat worried: „Such looks like, if the dark blue billows lead the Hybrid Demon army to attack the day of plume empire on own initiative, the pressure that our Tian Ling Empire must bear was too big, such a tyrant, under the hand also has innumerable 8 levels of Hybrid Demon, perhaps when the time comes the player camp wanted the life to spread the coal, miserable......"

I grin: „Do not pity all living things here, walks quickly, quickens our steps, breaks through the blockade of Hybrid Demon rapidly, entered the scarlet mountain range deep place to find Seurre, so long as rescued Seurre, we had have certainly grasped, the dark blue billows coped with Seurre this to explain that like this resourcefully he also compared to dread this elf queen, Seurre's value was very huge."



Also all the way, cleans up some 8 levels of Hybrid Demon, when we in scarlet mountain range winding has fought bravely for nearly 10 hours, finally passes through the mountain valley in soldier, proceeds again, actually towers in the mountain ranges a high city wall, stretches across between two mountain ranges, is extremely the sheer precipices, is unable to surmount, in the city wall full is dense and numerous Hybrid Demon is guarding, including 7 steps, many 8 step Hybrid Demon, but in most central is a place black old castle.

I knit the brows, the architecture of Hybrid Demon is always the Stone Age level, this city did look like actually at least has reached why the empire time level?

Carefully looks feels relaxed, shortly after this inner and outer city walls just completed, many artisans are bustling about outside the city, around this group of artisans has the Hybrid Demon army to guard, obviously the artisan who enslaves from the human mainland, this was a little thorny, the Hybrid Demon army knows that the stuffed dummy class artisan's hand enhanced own defense capability.

We stand in the jungle, looks at the distant place busy picture, Lin Wan Er somewhat was speechless, said: „Do this we pass? In the ground has city, the sky has many wings demon and sword spirit cavalry soldier......"

I: „Does not use anxiously, tries to find solution."

Dancing Forest said: „The breakthrough is not quite forcefully feasible, you looked, under the city has the Hybrid Demon cavalry soldier, moves fast definitely surpasses us, when the time comes we want to run away cannot escape."

Dong Cheng Yue tilts the head has a look at the both sides mountain ranges, said: „On mountain many Hybrid Demon armies, this time were also difficult to manage."

I smiled: „This but actually not necessarily."

Dong Cheng Yue visits me with a smile: „Did you have the means?"

„Um." My self-confident nod, is pointing at the dead ahead, said: „You looked that these human artisans are ' the capital stocks that Hybrid Demon ‚ please come, although skinny, but has not died too, this explained that Hybrid Demon regards as important their abilities, we only need a guide, can disguise as the artisan to enter the inner and outer city walls, from other aspect Going out."

„Who is guide?" Wan Er visits me in consternation.

„Hey, you disguiser ring that forgot you just to attain?"

„, Right...... Hee hee, I understood!"

I have a look at the surroundings, said: „We hide, the scouting cavalry soldier who when they send out, comes out to kill one, which settles on to scout the military rank of team leader to be highest, which Wan Er camouflages, then leads several of us to go."



Is less than 10 minutes, really one row of cavalry soldiers graze to come, majority is 7 levels of Hybrid Demon barbaric wolves rides, a person actually hand that takes the lead grasps at the same time the blood red war flag, is 8 levels of Hybrid Demon, called „blood wolf flag health/guard", when their gradual approach, I already attribute sharing of blood wolf flag health/guard in forming a team channel, attribute truly superelevation

【Blood wolf flag health/guard】( 8 levels of Hybrid Demon)

Level: 205

Attack: 28900-34500

Defense: 27000

HP: 4400000

Skill: 【Fights spear to sweep away】 【War tramples】 【Works off anger to break through the enemy lines】

Characteristics: Grasps the blood wolf flag , to promote in 40 yards periphery Hybrid Demon unit 40% attack power

Introduced: Blood wolf flag health/guard, one type rides is fighting the wolf the purgatory cavalry, the hand grasps the blood wolf flag, is high level branch of the services, the blood wolf flag health/guard is the outstanding people in purgatory brave warrior, has the good prestige in the army, but the blood wolf flags in their hand are in the purgatory the symbol of strength, these blood wolf flag health/guard are the guard of blood deep pool dark blue billows, the status are extremely high


„Really was thorny." Dancing Forest has grasped Huang Zhonggong, hides after the dense leaf, said with a smile: „Effect I motherfucker A of blood wolf flag , to promote surrounding unit 40% attack power, but also dislikes attack power that the barbaric wolf rides to be not very high?"

I said: „We make this blood wolf flag health/guard first, the last blade makes Wan Er kill, then cleans up the following dozens barbaric wolf to ride, do not ask them to leave to lose one."


We have hidden on the tree, when this group of Hybrid Demon cavalry soldiers graze from the tree, the Dancing Forest [Seven Stars Teleportation] arrow flew Going out, „" the place wolf of hit blood wolf flag health/guard, finally the place wolf by the dizziness, being brought the blood wolf flag to protect a somersault to fall to leave on the lawn, the [Zhan Long] first bowman is truly intelligent.

I jump to leap, double sword wraps the [Combo] + [Wind Blade] ray to fall on the shoulder of blood wolf flag health/guard maliciously, several other female also 11 leap to make war, although the attribute of blood wolf flag health/guard is also good, but after all HP only then several million, but my each sword wields at least 10 thousand + HP, which his can withstand punches like this fat, 2-3 remnant blood, Lin Wan Er one set of skill massacred!

Quickly makes one crowd of 7 levels of Hybrid Demon again, handled this to scout the squad.

„This does need to make the illustrated handbook?" Lin Wan Er looks in the tread the corpse of blood wolf flag health/guard.

I open his corpse, having a look on the collar to be the military rank of Hybrid Demon army, above is two silver pirate-like skull symbols, therefore shakes the head: „This is not good, but is assorted long."

„......" Dong Cheng Yue both eyes visit me blurredly: „The Xiao Yao elder brother ascended the sky simply, unexpectedly can know including the Hybrid Demon military rank?"

I smile: „Do not forget, the good and evil I initially attacked Full Moon City time is also 200 thousand Hybrid Demon armies' commands, this detail will definitely pay attention, perhaps later can also apply."

„Does that wait again other?" Lin Wan Er asked.



Also waited for a meeting, this time comes out one team of troops, altogether 100 + people of appearances, three blood wolf flag health/guard, but we have used an idea slightly slightly, leads away one batch using silver dragon Little Bai, afterward massacres three blood wolf flag health/guard, spent for 10 minutes to eliminate 100 + barbaric wolves to ride, handles this to scout the team.

More than 100 people of scouting teams, this was scouts absolutely the elite.

Lin Wan Er opens a corpse of blood wolf flag health/guard, said: „This is what is as before long, two silver skeletons."

Dong Cheng Yue also opens one, has pulled out the small nose: „This is also."

Dancing Forest makes an effort to overthrow the third corpse, said with a smile astonished: „Yo, this is three golden pirate-like skull military ranks, this on behalf of what?"

I said pleasantly surprised: „Has been OK, what three golden skeletons represent is hundred husbands is long, Wan Er, makes the illustrated handbook this!"



Zhan Long Chapter 1094

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