Zhan Long Chapter 1095

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Cosmetics imperial, the beautiful woman young lady of jade nature Tiancheng turned into one instantaneously „dreadfully" the blood wolf flag health/guard, has been completed to camouflage, even the name turned into the blood wolf flag health/guard, this becomes is really thorough enough, the name has become the red, Lin Wan Er is grasping the war flag, said with a smile: „How is it?"

MD, the acoustic ray changed, felt that cannot love again!

Dong Cheng Yue eats to smile: „Then?"

I said: „Our several trade the spare equipment position equipment, remembers that establishes a replacement, one if will hit to put on equipment instantaneously, will take off equipment, the foundation clothing that the start up system will give, like this looked like does not have what difference with these artisans, hurry up, do not waste Cooldown, Wan Er changed the body can only continue for 60 minutes."


My first Cooldown takes off all equipment, when has exchanged the new village cotton garment image, although Level and skill also, but looked like and initially was almost truly same is the new military recruits, really the person depended on the clothing, looked like without equipment Xiao Yao Zi Zai is also a dumb kid in new village.

Dong Cheng Yue is also busy taking off law robe and other equipment, escapes while in consternation visits me: „What looks at?"

I unemotionally: „A bit faster the start up system spare clothes, do you want to enter a city on such bikini?"


She lowers the head to have a look, those who after discovering takes off equipment , the system default is the brief bra + is small in appearance, has saying that the stature of East city very approves, 34 C looks like the aesthetic size of very suitable Chinese, the slender waist is not full the appearance that grasps, the streamline is extremely beautiful, the clear show buttocks very curl upwards incomparably, graceful of school of Eastern young beautiful woman.

Dong Cheng Yue wears the system clothes time, I also took back the vision, Dancing Forest and Darling Duck have also changed the clothes, three female looked like also on the outwardly refined and inwardly intelligent appearance, no longer when likely was put on equipment that natural beauty National Beauty, but this...... Pours also has a unique flavor, but turns into the blood wolf flag health/guard Wan Er is really the insufficient aesthetic sense, pressed the happy expression to say with the thick voice: „Walks, your lazy fools!"

I laugh, went out of the jungle with Lin Wan Er unarmed.

The group moved toward the inner and outer city walls with Lin Wan Er slowly.

Moves unimpeded unexpectedly all the way, looks like Lin Wan Er the hundred husband senior official duties is actually very high, is the subordinate officer, but the ordinary soldier does not dare to detain, the high-ranking officer does not know her, is disinclined to respond.

I lower the head, pray here Hybrid Demon that is anxious at heart which has recognizing ten million/countless my this temporary cutting edge officer, is good because, which Hybrid Demon truly does not have to pay attention to my this „artisan".

„Hey! Does General Fu Lei, how you come back?" An demon spirit big sword master of defense Ha Ha said to Lin Wan Er with a smile.

Lin Wan Er is extremely bright, immediately replied: „Snort, these 4 artisans try to escape unexpectedly, my Going out scouts grasping, look I must have on their entering a city whereabouts to repay, how have a look to handle."

Guards stares: „This also with saying? Cuts by biting their necks, eats their thighs, then throws into the cauldron to make soup the bone to the brothers night! The female, sent to tent to make the brothers end crisply has eaten again!"

Lin Wan Er is stunned, thinks that said: „In this one is a foreman, this matter of great substance, I need to repay upwardly."

„Good, that enters a city!"


I and Lin Wan Er relaxed, almost fell on the dew in city gate, NND!

Enters a city gradually, several Hybrid Demon soldiers of defense look at several female with the evil obscene vision, even, an demon palace rides to put out a hand gently a racket on the outstanding buttocks of East city, blows the whistling to say with a smile: „Oh, the physique of this small girl is really good, if above does not kill her, remembers that informs me, did not need too to waste......"

Dong Cheng Yue wanted the violent to walk immediately, even started to trade the equipment prelude, I walked to go forward hurriedly, grasped her hand, said: „Do not impulse!"

„Hum......" Dong Cheng Yue clenches jaws, said ashamed and resentfully: „Bastard, old lady here has not made the man touch, these souls were pale, have the opportunity I certainly to kill them have killed again!"

I laugh: „In any case is the monster in game, calm, you as before are exemplary in remaining faithful to one's husband until death......"

Dong Cheng Yue shot a look at my one eyes: „Can you shut out me?"

„, How can't?"

The feeling is not quite a little right, walked must turn head to stab to death me in the front blood wolf flag health/guard with the flag, I also corrected hurriedly: „Ha, I am not your boyfriend, how to shut out you?"

Dong Cheng Yue continues to clench jaws, but I darkly sighed myself to be too quick-witted, otherwise was perhaps difficult to run away tribulations, East city and Wan Er were the [House of Prestige] daughters, although was not having what arrogance and temperament with me together, young lady's temper, so long as annoyed the wool they, they may, no matter any duty non- duty, fired off said again!


Enters the inner city, by the city is Hybrid Demon, only then few humanity are cooking a meal, the artisan is not Hybrid Demon, needs to eat food, these meals are probably constructing the artisans in defense archer's tower to prepare for the city outside.

I may not have the plan to bring several female to go to the city main palace, goes out of here as soon as possible is the kingly way, moreover I have also discussed with Wan Er, from the reason of north gate Going out said that the city mainly executes these people, making him draw the Going out solution to be good, the military officer of defense was hundred husbands is also long, the trivial several human lives, should not feel embarrassed Lin Wan Er this blood wolf flag health/guard to be right, after all the blood wolf flag health/guard was the own guard of blood deep pool dark blue billows, even if were the same level, these 7 level Hybrid Demon demon palaces rode, the barbaric wolf to ride hundred husbands not to dare long awkward blood wolf. Flag health/guard.

However, I think that the opening of story, has not actually thought of the story the ending.

When we across inner and outer city walls main road, the distant place came a troop Hybrid Demon cavalry soldier hurriedly suddenly, on the person arm of front line flood the city main symbol, is grasping the war flag that flame lingers, wears the blood red armor, even the warhorse of crotch is also flame flood hot horse, quick, his name presented the hot flag Lin Zao, the three stars gods!

I one thump, said in team channel: „I go, is not wonderful!"

Lin Wan Er turns around, said: „Ended, comes to us."

Dancing Forest said: „If feels embarrassed us, what to do?"

„Follows them!" Dong Cheng Yue hee smiles.

I am somewhat helpless, follows them in the city, perhaps does that have the dead end? This hot flag were too many forest dry Hybrid Demon, many 8 levels of Hybrid Demon, if we fight 300 with him really here rounds, the stratagem which ensures success is not big, these lance brave warrior dense and numerous lance projections of almost made us want the immortal.



The hot flag the flame war flag was walking Lin Zaowo, hey said with a smile: „General Fu Lei, where do you want to go?"

Lin Wan Er was unhurriedly, said: „General, I had discovered in making an inspection tour the artisan who these try to escape, was planning towed to butcher making soup to make the brothers to the north them eat to the full!"

The hot flag has actually swept to sweep off in the chest buttocks of Dong Cheng Yue the forest dry red vision, the corners of the mouth raise, say with a smile: „I looked that such beautiful person killed has eaten the meat rather also to be a pity! Comes the person, leads the female of that wear light yellow clothes to my room!"

Lin Wan Er was anxious: „But, general......"

The hot flag as if got an idea Lin Zao mistakenly, hey said with a smile: „General Fu Lei also thinks...... Good, comes the person, leads in my concubine to rest General Fu Lei, shears one to roast the mutton leg, on several times of delicacy wines deliver again but actually to General Fu Lei, walked, do not say again, otherwise the father wants not to be happy."

Two lance brave warriors walked to go forward, have seized firmly two arms of East city, our young beautiful woman masters must erupt immediately, I said in team channel hurriedly: „East city, do not revolt too intensely, follows them, Wan Er also leads us to pass together, since this three stars god BOSS wants in his room ‚enjoyment' you, we secretly with the past, to solve him in his room, avoid troubled!"

Dong Cheng Yue flustered: „Crying foul, my chastity!"

I almost could not bear smile, said in a low voice: „East city should not be worried, if you lost the chastity in the game, I can be responsible for......"

Dong Cheng Yue is speechless: „This was you says!"


Naturally will not make her have an accident, we very nearly depend.

Entered the city main palace, Dong Cheng Yue by the taking away Lin Zao room, but we were arranged in side, Lin Wan Er quite to be entertained, we as the prisoner accompanied in the one side, before the forest dry room, only then two guards, are the purgatory lance brave warriors, over 30 seconds I cannot solve, but in the team, I have also asked: „East city, how?"

Dong Cheng Yue: „He must take off my clothes!"

„You what to do?"

„I exchanged Aiersha scepter to pound his forehead!......"


„My [Thunderbolt Finger] electricity to him under......"

„I scratch...... Begins!"

Cooldown arrived, we replace immediately, goes out the room in direct impact next door under the leadership of Lin Wan Er, the forest for fear that is disturbed dry, therefore has dismised almost all guards, this simply is our golden opportunities.


2-3 massacre lance brave warrior who guards a gate, my foot tramples the room gate, saw only in the room a sea of fire, Dong Cheng Yue turned on the space booklet to leap to fly the BOSS kite, but the young beautiful woman master cannot with BOSS single Tiao, my diving posture overrun obviously, the double sword came out of the sheath, direct rode the wind to cut to rumble Going out.

The hot flag eats pain Lin Zao, actually looks to my behind Lin Wan Er, yelled: „General Fu Lei, called my own Wei to come quickly, these people at all were not the artisans, they cultivated for the good day plume empire spy!"

Lin Wan Er has actually relieved camouflage condition instantaneously, immediately the peerless grace and talent and cosmetics imperial beautiful woman young lady appears in front of BOSS immediately, the hot flag Lin Zao truly was one by lower part ponder BOSS, the saliva is about to fall: „Originally you are not Fu Lei, good, I must decide you, the young beautiful woman, you may not walk!"

Zhan Long Chapter 1095

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