Zhan Long Chapter 1096

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The young beautiful woman naturally cannot run, before Lin Wan Er rushes, is one set of skill, opens hand summon silver dragon Little Bai, was lucky that this city main room is big enough, but Little Bai can only roll up as in an corner/horn, the yawn will be a dragon rest/breath emits the hot flag will burn the whole body burned black.



At this time BOSS knows that this group of people were not good to cope, drank one to summon mount lowly, rode the flame warhorse, I directly met head-on by thousand frost wing conditions, speedily the limit divided 9 swords continuously, had the 4 times of attack effects of two butterfly, as for doing the output will be fiercer, does will attack 70% probability suddenly to strike, in addition my Charm addition, 85% violent striking rates, continuously were at least fatal to strike BOSS are not the general pains.

But at this time, I the hot flag forest dry attribute sharing in the team channel, the three stars gods, possibly with ease will not have been massacred by us, must know oneself and other side

【Hot flag Lin Zao】( God level BOSS ★★★)

Level: 206

Attack: 33000-41000

Defense: 30000

HP: 2,2000,0000

Skill: 【Flame third company】 【Hot demon is encumbered】 【Provocative war flag】 【Flame abyss】

Introduced: Hot flag Lin Zao, this is the military officer who excels at the flame attack, the hot flag Lin Zao is a day lighting a fire attribute rare talent, the world of human beings cultivates for many years later, falls into the purgatory by the mortal body, cultivates for ten thousand years in the flame abyss, the blood deep pool dark blue billows seek for him, has defeated him by three moves, the hot flag becomes one of the dark blue billows subordinates senior generals Lin Zao, in the meantime, Lin Zao is preserving every embryo human body, cultivates the hot element to cause in the internal heat to burn, must therefore alleviate heat-producing factors on the female can continue maintains cultivates is, this will also make the fire flag the forest dry. In renowned color devil


Looks that this said that Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue kept mouth shut, Dancing Forest curls the lip, says with a smile: „How did not know technology......"

I am helpless: „Does small dance also want to try?"

Darling Duck adds the blood, while said: „Do not chat again, wanted the deceased person......"

„Stands firm!"

I said that while is Lin Wan Er blocks several attacks, the hot flag the weapon will be the flame war flag, the main body of this war flag will be a handle hot spear, attack power.

„When" Spark spatters in all directions, does the attack of sword resisting opening fire spear stiffly, my equipment is good enough, had the strength to meet the tough head-on with toughness with the three stars gods, but Lin Zao after Lin Wan Er appears the true body as if to her interest compared with East city much worse, the Wan Er figure truly is no wonder hotter, man......

However, was put up the attack by me continuously, Lin Zao was already wild with rage, „" sets up the next provocative war flag in side, reduces surrounding unit 20% attack power, fortunately, is not the defense that reduces, otherwise was difficult to hit, reduced attacks many are makes us kill slowly.


Dancing Forest stands in the corner of room, opened Huang Zhonggong skill, the room space is not very big, almost does not have the opportunity to walk the position avoidance to attack anything, can only come hardly, I have covered the entire room the [Seven Stars Teleportation] position, momentarily can reenforce any point, simultaneously establishes [Azure Dragon Crossbow] in another three corner each , to promote by this to the output of BOSS, loses [Black Tortoise Realm] in the room, reduces BOSS Movement Speed, provides a bigger superiority for us.

The space was too small, BOSS cannot display, after protracted battle next, exclaiming that becomes angry out of shame: „Gives me dead!"


The flame twines me together, is the hot demon being encumbered skill, the flame changes into the devil, formed to me has fired the injury continuously, almost created 7 thousand high and low persistent ignition effects every second, I immediately the complexion changed, filled health potion at the same time sought the treatment of Darling Duck, simultaneously the double sword erupted to ride the wind to cut + [Strength of a Thousand Men] once again, the largest scale output, restored from me by 20% [Drain].

Darling Duck has also spelled, the well of recovery loses directly on the ground, provides one to protect the shield for me, supports for one second not to fall the blood reluctantly.

Luckily, the hot demon is encumbered to maintain for 12 seconds, I also escaped, but HP are too few, withdraws the self- [Cleansing Rain] technique treatment, making Lin Wan Er block BOSS alone.


In the BOSS roar, the lance punctures suddenly, but the Lin Wan Er exquisite walking position, a side moves to the left hand dagger press run on BOSS mount, causes one time to injure passive triggering that the later soul appears intermittently, the stealth 0.5 second, immediately makes BOSS lose the focal point, Lin Zao roars one time to sweep by MISS, next second of Lin Wan Er appears again, surrounds and attacks the eruption output continually, the body dodges one presently, and coordinates to walk the position to avoid the determination attack of BOSS, goes out of the unique small angle broken lines to walk the position in the room, unexpectedly makes BOSS touch consecutively for 7 seconds continually has not bumped into her!

I look dumbfoundedly, was this operation ability too also strong?

Finally, why the experience of this short distance Wan Er has been able to strive to cut the outstanding heroes to win the champion at all -star game, depends is this is the girl exquisite with the game talent that she is in sole possession.

The Cang Tong goddess and Little Demon are the same, does not become famous by the beautiful appearance, although also many this ingredients, but the strength was placed there.


I have fired into BOSS time, one set of skill attracts the hatred, this Lin Zao roars is striking, finally fell to MISS by my [Blade Rush], immediately the forest became angry out of shame dry thoroughly, how many time had been operated by the player continual show, can this shame can it be that this god level powerhouse endure?

What a pity, game advancement to the present, I and Wan Er is a magical instrument, was also far from so being initially big with the god level powerhouse disparity, hardly killed!

Hot flag forest dry blood strip sections is falling, the pitiful three stars gods, the owner in this temporary castle, actually because of East city this fine food will dismis all subordinates for „enjoyment", finally now drearily becomes this unexpectedly links a helper not to have, this really gets what one deserves, has been confirming in the color prefix a truth of blade.

I and Lin Wan Er interlock shield unceasingly, basically does not have what danger, the words that I kill hardly will possibly project on the remnant blood, at this time depended on the Wan Er opening soul to appear intermittently to withstand BOSS, but she has not disappointed me, the attack of peak level, walks the position almost to make BOSS counterattack each time MISS fall by 0.5 second of stealth that the soul appears intermittently, absolutely does not have the danger.

We must wait for that was BOSS HP reduces to certain situation opens the last skill!


Has not disappointed us, finally strikes the flame abyss, when BOSS also 10% HP start, the flame impact flushed the roof of entire room turned, what a pity as before has not massacred us, finally also can only pour in our swords has gotten down, when BOSS HP also had less than 1% I received the hand immediately, said: „Makes Wan Er kill, only then Wan Er massacres BOSS to camouflage his appearance to lead us to leave here safely, otherwise outside mighty force will be will definitely not put us to walk."


Several female call a halt, the Darling Duck treatment, my [Binding Chains] successfully binds BOSS, remove several [Azure Dragon Crossbow], looks that the Lin Wan Er dagger wielded continually cuts away BOSS!


In Lin Zao the miserable howling sound, I rose 194 levels.


Lin Zao dies, outside does not have Hybrid Demon to kill as before, we also relaxed, finally the success solved this demon, moreover Dong Cheng Yue had not loss of chastied, this was one time ends the victory simply.

Lin Wan Er in the system catching fire flag the forest dry illustrated handbook, I starts to look at that Lin Zao to equipment that we blow out, ring that altogether 3, flood the swagger stick of silver light, a flame is lingering, in addition flood the leather armor corsage of flame gloss, is looking at the swagger stick first, attribute unexpectedly also good, moreover belongs to JP staff of treatment department, gained

【Night hopes】( Magical instrument ★★)

Magic attack: 11000-14500

Magic: + 470

Stamina: + 465

Strength: + 440

Agility: + 435

Additional: Promotes the user 145% treatment results

Additional: Promotes the user 20% protecting shield skill effects to restore the speed with 40% magics

Additional: Promotes the user 20000 HP upper limits

Special effect: When wishing, each time treatment promotes 7500 treatment results

Needs the charm: 400

Needs Level: 190


I am willing to lose the night to Darling Duck directly, said with a smile: „Did this barrier compare what kind of you?"

Darling Duck pleasantly surprised holds the night to hope the swagger stick, said: „Did not need to compare, my original staff treatment promotion was 115%, and has not increased HP, the night was willing to promote my each time dosage directly about 1 thousand above......"

„, Really good......"


Continue, looks at second equipment, unexpectedly is a Divine Tier ring, but 9% [Drain] effects, can sell several hundred dollars, has thrown into the package directly , to continue to look at third equipment, that is a fine leather armor corsage, grasps is seeping warm feelings in the hand, when I launch attribute, the small dance beamed with joy immediately

【Flame goddess corsage】( Magical instrument ★★★)

Type: leather armor

Defense: 3700

Agility: + 510

Strength: + 500

Stamina: + 496

Magic: + 480

Additional: Promotes user 70% physical defense and magic defense

Additional: Promotes user 120% long-distance physics attack power

Additional: Promotes user 40000 Max HP

Special effect: Flame shield, when HP is lower than 30%, provides a protection of flame shield

Special effect: Impregnable, 30% probability immunities fall to be hurt

Needs Level: 190

Needs Charm: 700


The attribute of three stars magical instrument is really not general, chest armor provides 120% attack power unexpectedly, who believes that this is real?

Dancing Forest has taken the corsage from my hand time has smiled grins with ear to ear.

When she puts on this chest armor Lin Wan Er has also completed the camouflage, turned into with the hot flag the forest dry exactly the same image, visits us with a smile, said with the delicate masculine sound: „Said quickly that I am the ultra commander-in-chief?"

I nod: „Also good, did not have the chest......"

The beautiful woman young lady lowers the head to have a look at her chest, sound track: „Went out of town I to change!"

It seems like that girl's scale to own chest very much cares, does not care, basically was too slightly peacefully is powerless that and gave up treating to plant.

Actually, chest size is unimportant, regarding a girl, most important is not this, but is...... Rich!

Zhan Long Chapter 1096

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