Zhan Long Chapter 1097

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Has not met all the way really anything to stop, Lin Wan Er camouflages the hot flag to dare to block the way forest dry appearance nobody, thinks that Lin Zao area this is also local despot same existence, Lin Wan Er performing skill also really good, is maintaining the forest dry that arrogant imposing manner, opened the city gate to go to the north also to us nobody to discover that had any unusual form, but, if they discovered after room Lin Zao corpse, will not know will be what kind, perhaps by that time, our belt Lan Na Seurre to be returning on very difficult old route, some thorny, our players can return to the city avoidance barrier all the way directly, but we have returned to the city blue. Seurre remains same place, duty is unable to be accomplished as before, must lead her to walk.

The horse's hoof of god fierce fine horse is treading the wild earth, I realized suddenly one want to result in some to be too many, the first matter that at present must consider how can rescue Seurre.


About 4 : 00 am, we shuttle back and forth as in the scarlet mountain range, is in the mountain valley as before Shua newly some 7 levels of Hybrid Demon demon palace crossbowmen with 8 levels of Hybrid Demon wings demon and purgatory lance brave warriors, kills to consume for a long time Cooldown all the way, but Dancing Forest, Dong Cheng Yue and other female have breathed as when warming the hands again and again, now is not the country war, does not need to seize every second and minute, I said: „Does offline sleep well? After we 10 hours, gets online on time, um I have a look, at exactly 3 : 00 pm, everybody has the food to get online, completion duty in one vigorous effort, how is it?"

Darling Duck nods joyfully: „Support!"

Lin Wan Er smiled faintly: „Good, I already want to raise, is quite sleepy......"

„That seeks for safety point offline!"

I put out a hand a finger of not far away Gaoyan, said: „On that does not have the Shua new monster, I lead you to come up, there offline comparison security."

The rock from the ground about 20 meters, above is actually very spacious, I open thousand frost wing and to hold the rock Dancing Forest and Dong Cheng Yue, but Lin Wan Er did not summon silver dragon Little Bai, opened the hand to wait for me to hug, when took the rock four female completely on offline.


Before dawn, offline has eaten a thing, lies on the bed, looks at point lights on out of the window street, instead did not have how much sleepiness actually, took up nearby tablet PC to have a look at the destiny the forum!

The forum of Chinese war zone does not have what important matter, is [Legend] starts the expansion hiring and [Hero's Mound] hundred deep pools to ride to enter the ice hot wilderness to receive the obstruction of Indian wait / etc. . Moreover, many Vietnamese and player of Philippine server near the cold flame city and fishing city You Yi, the quantity is not many, but these person of not willingly main cities were seized, therefore still in thinking anything, but has actually encountered [Judgement], [Flying Dragon] and other killing of big Guild, Ye Lai leads 1 thousand + [Judgement] cavalry late at night to kill happy, but Drunken Spear has reassigned 2000 heavy cavalries from the NPC army, in addition [Flying Dragon] 5000 ride to fight. Is a player, in the cold flame city peripheral forest that Ye Lai forms a nice contrast is eliminating the hostile player, although is not the country fights the time, but the murder explodes equipment is also glad matter utmost.

Watched the overseas forum again, the Japanese Han, Vietnam, Philippines and other server of the forum day and night ebullition, the people are ready to fight the waiting next country war that and shared a common hatred, on the difference has sanctified an oath by smearing blood, but these service cores were uneven, some people requested the organization military strength stirring up trouble fishing city and cold flame city, some people thought that should make a matter to make the Chinese players unable area Wu Shenhe the calm and steady practicing level, delayed both sides Level and equipment disparity to expand by this, some people thought that should gather the military strength to attack Fan Shu City first, fought while the country has not opened, killed clean the NPC army in Fan Shu City.

In brief, has wide divided opinions, does not have one to have the person of full authority to come out to pat the verdict, even if the King lee speech of South Korean war zone is also useless, the Vietnamese does not show respect for somebody's ability, they falling into enemy hands for fishing city are still blaming the South Korean, on the other hand, Frost Forest and Yao Yue of and the others Japanese war zone suggested to implement the scorched earth policy, from the iron skull city and Ze deep pool city purchase enough many attacking commands, then gathered the superior force, Tian Ling Empire and fire Yun City surrounding player station city hit, first weakened the strength of player, in two rounds countries fought in the vacuum time the weakening China war zone maximum limit.

Actually the idea of Japanese is truly original, and makes people feel the threat, fire Yun City in the first country wartime is our it'ses in the bag, but in fire Yun City altogether 27 player stations 11 had been attacked and occupied by Chinese major Guild, even the [Zhan Long] guards occupied, these guild stations are our taking advantage, once were attacked and occupied will lose the source of income, making many Guild progress slow, this absolutely is not the good deed.

The later country war, we want to go on an expedition the thousand li(500 km), able to move unhindered the world, must face 3-5 times in our enemies, each Chinese player must become one man guards the pass brave warrior, must on equipment, skill and Level work hard, after all the operation, tactic is related with the talent, does not want to exercise to practice.

On the other hand, day imperial book repository recently also held a conference.

Yan Zhao Warrior suggested to show the sincerity, joined the day imperial book repository the [Zhan Long] core player, the previous country fought everybody to see very much clearly, strength shock entire server that the [Zhan Long] groups of heroes erupted, if [Zhan Long] and day imperial book repository concentric, that Chinese war zone's overall direction had, will promote the battle efficiency high.

The rumor expressed willingness to admit the opinion of Yan Zhao Warrior, is willing to show enough sincerity.

However when Fang Ge Que said my condition, the rumor retracted something said immediately, my condition recalls restrained yue and political integrity yue immediately, then nominated 100 people in the day imperial book repository, then voted, number of votes first held the post of political integrity yue, 2-9 th held the post of festival yue, and so on, but this means the day that the rumor had great power to the end, he may give up the power in hand?

Said that person were many not easy to do matter, the rumor is the dominant wrist skill that the hope day imperial book repository becomes he hands down imperial power from generation to generation, so long as he continues to grasp the power, I will not agree to join the day imperial book repository, the day that country wars, I had been sufficed impede everywhere, currently my in the hand the important person has the person, wants the soldier to have the soldier, why is under the control of others!

The day imperial book repository, is going to by them temporarily noisily, what I must consider is when the Matcha official return, joins [Zhan Long], released authority Port City to the Portuguese goddess purple bagpipe and 7 K Guild person was good, making the cold winter and 7 K lead the Port City army to resist the demon mountain of highest heaven city to be good, like this we can spare more energy to come facing the enemy of west boundary.

Has thought for a long time, to around 6 : 00 am times enters [Lullaby].


Sleep rests the full 8 hours, gets out of bed to take a bath, in the afternoon 2 : 30 time chef has completed the food, but Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue two girls have not gotten out of bed unexpectedly, my goodness, rested for 10 hours still to rest, was this is using the life in the deep sleep?


Has knocked the Lin Wan Er room door, does not have the sound.


Knocks again, does not have what response as before.

I somewhat worried, immediately sways from side to side the door knob, actually does not want to be she has probably forgotten locking a door, „" a glottis opened, when I walk discovered that the beautiful woman young lady hoodwinked the quilt to rest as before just soundly, in the summer came, she rested also boldly, the upper part covered actually completely in the cup, but following snow white slender leg unwilling lonely extended from the night clothes.


I in smiled at heart secretly, put out a hand to touch her beautiful white leg, then entrains the quilt to cover to her, lifts the above quilt, said with a smile: „Wan Er, has gotten out of bed, quickly to agreeing Cooldown, hurry up."

Lin Wan Er blurry opens a right eye to have a look at me, lazy closing, said: „Dear, several points?"

„2 : 30, a half hour, hurry up, East city has not gotten out of bed, I call to call."


When I dial the Dong Cheng Yue telephone, Lin Wan Er has actually climbed my arm to bury my arms the cheek, in the telephone broadcasts the Dong Cheng Yue sound: „Not...... How?"

„Got out of bed Cooldown to arrive, how you said."

„, Rests for ten minutes to be good again."

„It is not good, immediately gets out of bed."

„Good, murderer......"

I lower the head to have a look at Wan Er, she as if must fall asleep, therefore I lowered the head to kiss to her red lip, the palm hovered in her waist, after being stimulated, the breath of beautiful woman young lady became rapid, the cheek was red, when I gripped filled the elastic peaks and ridges, she opens the eye, left my lip, said charmingly: „Soul is pale, very early in the morning plays a dirty trick!"

I have a look at the sunlight of out of the window, said: „In the afternoon, this is anything very early in the morning, has a bit faster gotten out of bed, otherwise executes a captured offender on the spot you."

She throws immediately smiles, draws the night clothes to cover up the plentiful tall and straight pride, a pair of beautiful pupil is passing the provocation, said with a smile: „Executes a captured offender on the spot? You come, how I must have a look at your to execute a captured offender on the spot......"

Out of the door broadcasts the Tang Qi sound: „, Has eaten meal, is quite fragrant......"

Immediately my heart sank all of a sudden, how this also executes a captured offender on the spot, takes cultivation of Tang Qi as, so long as my aura becomes the disorder gets up, he definitely will realize.

Racket outstanding buttocks of Wan Er: „Got up, my Going out , etc. you."



Has eaten in a hurry under the lunch, gets online!


3.011 I get online, discovered that Dancing Forest and Darling Duck sat in the stone as bored cut the knife-shaped copper coin as the stone, perhaps many two people can suspend one table of mahjongs again.

„, You gave up finally!" Dancing Forest visits me: „So to be how late?"

„That two got out of bed is too late." My helpless [say / way].

„Ahem, I also think that you want 3 to remind one round on the cotton suiting!"

„How possible, we so are chaste......"

„Hee, right?"

In this time, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue are getting online together, finally can once more journey that starts us to rescue Seurre.


Proceeds again, the mountainous region becomes steep, the elevation also elevates, airborne is the countless wings demon and sword spirit cavalry soldier is scouting in the altitude flying, the alert good stern appearance of Hybrid Demon territory, if changes into human NPC AI, perhaps we killed already to be discovered the whereabouts.

Zhan Long Chapter 1097

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