Zhan Long Chapter 1098

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In the afternoon almost the remaining 3 hours You Yi in the mountain ranges, are massacring the monster to be innumerable, we hid in the jungle and jungle go through, shunt the surveillance of airborne unit, the experience attain much, where actually as before cannot find Seurre.


„Looks quickly."

Dong Cheng Yue puts out a hand to point at the distant place suddenly, sees only above the blood red mountain range that the front stands tall and erect to present the hole holes, just likes the limestone cave is ordinary, if there is a person of crowded phobophobia, but also cannot bear such scene.

On map, front map blood reddest, I said: „If as expected, Seurre in the mountain massif of this mountain."

„But, the cave has that many, she in which?"

„This does not know......"

I counted the number, altogether 49 caves, inside spread a faint trace the scarlet ray, which cave god knows was Seurre detained in? And, almost outside every cave has the Hybrid Demon soldier to guard, this was more difficult to manage.

„This duty may really suffice BT." Dancing Forest is raising the long bow, narrowed the eye saying: „Which cave sees unable to look at real, what to do?"

In I shake hand doing, butterfly, entrains the warhorse reins, said: „Does not manage, searched to say again that first started to investigate from the leftmost, how is it?"

„Ok, can only like this."

MD, even if 49 caves goes to look everywhere , must find Seurre, after all she is because I was imprisoned, I cannot evade responsibility, no matter what.


Out of the door, what is responsible for guarding the cave is 7 levels of Hybrid Demon barbaric wolves rides, quantity in 20 +, because is the relations of 7 levels of Hybrid Demon therefore does not need extremely in the discretion, the dance of my direct rushing ghosts and gods + treads broken heavenly thunder double skill to attract the monster, afterward opens [Tempest Sword] with riding the wind to cut to slash, Dong Cheng Yue and Dancing Forest also like such scene, the group kill the skill to tumble, divide the minute to massacre all barbaric wolves to ride.

Enters the cave!

This cave entrance is not highest over 2 meters, riding the warhorse is unable to enter, therefore thousand frost wings, are then holding the dry and scalding hot dike step into inside the cave slowly, inside ray is actually very good, I walk cautiously in the front, Lin Wan Er follow close on to enter, silver dragon Little Bai called the sound outside, is unable to enter to be received in the pet space by the beautiful woman master.

„Has been careful, front has monster." Dancing Forest is the archer, the sensation ability is in us is strongest.

Really, the front flame came, in the open road, a colossus came gradually, unexpectedly is a Okumo of whole body bath fire, was too big, the height over 3 meters, the height is at least close with me, has not waited for it to approach me attribute sharing in the team listed

【Scalding hot widow】( 8 levels of Hybrid Demon)

Level: 205

Attack: 21000-33200

Defense: 24000

HP: 4200000

Skill: 【Stinger】 【Spinning】 【Burns warm-blooded pond】

Introduced: The scalding hot widow, violently poisonous biology of a life in underground rock magma level, the spider of this variation has violently poisonously, the person who as long as was attacked by it little has to be able also to live, and it can weave the tough greatly strengthened silk screen to tie up the match, can put out within the body flame strength condensation blood Chi to come of implication to fire the goal, married man who the legend runs into the scalding hot widow, his wife must turn into the widow


„Oh...... Red widow......" Dancing Forest chuckle: „Guildmaster, you on first!"

I do not pass on responsibilities, the double sword one round rushed, the long-distance range [Great Realm of Desolation] + [Blade Spin] consumption, the poisonous spider was calling, suddenly the whole body shivered, on the back a stinger flew, I looked clearly, sinking body [Blade Rush], ingenious MISS fell this stinger effect, simultaneously the butterfly paddled several golden six glow stars, numerous bombardments on the body of poisonous spider.

Dancing Forest and Dong Cheng Yue also start the point to kill the skill, in the situation that also at this moment, HP of poisonous spider reduces fiercely initiated the revolt, the yawn was one group of white spider raw silk scraps!


The spider's silk mounts, moreover is very moist, tied up my both feet instantaneously, was not right, I had the [Hero's Heart] special effect, how to eat this imprisoned skill?

Changes mind thinks that probably the winding of spider's silk does not belong to the dizziness, confusion and lethargic sleep, to quench one of the poisonous effects, but is a physical property winding, probably is if I crash into the mountain valley, tied down by big pile of vines is the same, in this situation the [Hero's Heart] special effect naturally will not untie the vine winding for me.

Is good because, this spider's silk winding only then short 2 seconds, but the poisonous spider has also released the flame blood pond in my under foot, fights the boots to tread in the blood pond transmits a scalding hot feeling, under the flame combustion HP Shua Shua falls , to continue the blood skill.

I am unambiguous, double sword dance moves continues Pu Gonglai [Drain], 2-3 solve this scalding hot widow, mediocre!



The poisonous spider has not blown out any equipment and gem, blew out a flame card actually, has a look at the attribute, yo, good consumptive card

【Scalding hot widow card】: Holds one to quench the poisonous effect for user in addition, after using the physical attack hit target, weakens its 7% physical defense, and provides one to continue 3 seconds of falling blood effects, the operation requirements Level 180 levels, continue for 120 minutes.


I have wielded the card, said: „Small dance, do you want?"

Dancing Forest shakes the head: „The dark archer card that I used, provided 20% long-distance physical attacks and 5% violent striking rates, was quite slightly little than this."

„OK, I used."

The palm raises, the card changes into a BUFF in addition to hold to me, in any case I am the close combat, certainly must move the monster. The card used, to do and butterfly immediately on flood the faint flame gloss, that quenches the poisonous effect? It looks like very well looks actually.

Cuts to kill the scalding hot widow to go in all the way, the curving nearly 10 minutes, arrived at cave most deep place finally, bypass dike time, the present all made me be shocked

That is a giant blood pond altar, Seurre was sewn on the altar center totem pole, the both arms were bound by the wire rope penetration, among the twin peaks a handle great sword pricks, the blood is completely incarnadine her clothes, but both feet closely tied up by the loud shackle.

Nearby, is responsible for guarding is 10 purgatory lance brave warriors and 1 blood wolf flag health/guard, the battle efficiency seems like also ordinary.


Seurre sends out gently a sigh, but also is angry, has not died.


Immediately, I am burning with anger, a sword blade edge finger, said: „On!"

Solves 11 8 levels of Hybrid Demon is not the too major problem, after I spell [Wall of Dou Qi] was shattered, successfully it completely strikes to massacre, total Cooldown not over 3 minutes, but Wan Er, East city and small dance three female also saw that Seurre's pitiful condition thinks the anger, almost with me same is firepower Qi Kai.


Fights wave in boots blood pond, my surging waves trod the wave to arrive at the altar center, lifted the hand to hold to prick the great sword of Seurre chest, pulled out furiously outward, „clang" drew out it, carried over a scalding hot blood.

Seurre also looks up me, in a pair of pupil does not have a strength.

Wields the butterfly and does, the high and low several twinkles, cut Seurre's shackle completely broken, she takes advantage of opportunity falls falls on my arms, visits me spookily, the whole body is incapable, said: „Thank you, dear adventurer......"

Lin Wan Er said anxiously: „Pig, be careful!"

I am also surprised, Seurre knows me, she will say my Li Xiao Yao, will not call my adventurer, only if she washed off to remember that but should not be impossible.

Also at this moment, bosom „Seurre" the expression becomes fierce, the face bulge fearsome pointed cones, the weak palm changed into the sharp knife blade, „tittering" sends in my Chest, carries over 7 thousand + the injury digit, the fierce squawk said with a smile: „Thank you brings death, ha Ha Ha......"

I retrocede rapidly, lift to fight a boots foot to deliver her, simultaneously looks at the front the wound, cannot bear sneer saying: „Sneak attack? Also on this skill, the sneak attack cannot massacre me!"

This gadget revealed finally true body, the whole body is a pointed cone, looks like looks like a hedgehog of human form department.

Easy shape, 205 levels of star god level accurate BOSS.


„Is this also the new species?" Darling Duck lifts a hand iatrotechnics to top up the blood me, said with a smile: „After blood deep pool dark blue billows first BOSS Shua is new , is really brings to us much pleasantly surprised!"

In I waved the double sword, said with a smile: „Fights a battle to force a quick decision, butchers him!"


Lasts merely is less than 5 minutes, this easy shape accurate BOSS to have poured in my sword has gotten down, because he is really too ugly, therefore Lin Wan Er refuses to manufacture this monster with the disguiser ring the illustrated handbook, is good, the disguiser ring can only manufacture 10 illustrated handbooks, must treasure.

When we go out of outside the cave, enters the second cave, but is exactly the same, Seurre who easy shape to disguise as before, Cooldown has wasted as the matter stands, making people feel that was somewhat worried.

Altogether 49 caves, even if our efficiency is very high, 30 minutes kill off monster in a cave, that also needs 24 hours, was too long, bursts oneself.

„What to do, cannot really seeks?" Dancing Forest said.

I look at distant place You Yi monster group, suddenly heart one bright, said with a smile: „Had, you look at that side, isn't one crowd responsible for transporting the sickle little rascal of corpse and food? As far as I know, the sickle little rascal 2 levels of Hybrid Demon status has been very low, moreover receives the upper-level oppression quite to be also serious, is greedy for money, this...... Wan Er changes to become Huoqi Lin Zao, is bringing the gold coin, digs out Seurre's concrete detention location from these sickle little rascal mouths, like this we were also convenient."

Dong Cheng Yue claps: „Great idea!"

Lin Wan Er chuckle: „Good, you wait a bit my moment here."



Several of us bend down in the thick patch of grass and jungle wait, Lin Wan Er has changed and become the hot flag the forest dry appearance, grasped the lance hot flag to walk, but that crowd transported the sickle little rascal of wild boar corpse to stop immediately, chirp was calling to Lin Wan Er, actually very warm appearance, I even can see the Lin Wan Er awkward smile a very much respectfully, does not know that she can understand.

The PS. cold pledge and [Zhan Long] palace member Schoolmate Death God's Elegy will blow up after one hour the courage, recited BUFF, the attack and defense + 100% to his girlfriend proposes, here, we wish him to propose, to hug the beautiful woman together to turn over to successfully ~~

Zhan Long Chapter 1098

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